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Chiropractic Health Ctr - 11 Reviews - 131 N El Molino Ave Ste 140, Pasadena, CA - Chiropractor Reviews - Phone (626) 793-9915
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Chiropractic Health Ctr

131 N El Molino Ave Ste 140
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 793-9915
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Utterly charming! Amazing! Generous! Very affectionate! If you like a practitioner who goes way beyond the usual boundaries that conventional doctors set up between themselves and...


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Must love this chiro!! 5/16/2010

Utterly charming! Amazing! Generous! Very affectionate! If you like a practitioner who goes way beyond the usual boundaries that conventional doctors set up between themselves and you, you will really like Dr. Seth. He knows so much too about things like cold lasers, the healing power of of feeling, and asking his massage therapists to use this really special technique that involves NOT actually touching you. But you get this very special feeling of their expert hand over your pain. They don't touch it, but the amazing healing feeling is there. He knows when a patient should have feeling healing massage with out touch and when your body needs to release it's toxins with touch where the pain is blocked. To do this, he also offers ""scar"" therapy. It is hard to explain, but Dr. Seth works on scars and if there was before numbness and a bump or ridge, after he is done workign it, it is bruised, numb, but no longer no bump, ridge, numbness! It is amazing!!! I had a surgical scar and had no feeling there. After Dr. Seth (GOD!) was done with his scar work, I could feel it! (It was pretty painful, but wow, I was amazed that he brought feeling back when my conventional doctors told me that the nerves had been cut in the surgery and I would not feel again. But Dr. Seth is awesome. I could feel after scar work! It made me cry, but it was great not to have a numb, bumpy scar! It was great to have it flattened into the flesh and to feel again!) Dr. SEth as well tells how one of his clients had psychic blockage and chronic pain and had scar work on her knee or something and she started crying because she could now remember other horrible things in her life. I know this might not sound like you would want to go to Dr. Seth, but this client came to understand why she was in pain and the scar work helped her work beyond it. I feel that way too about my scar. Over all, Dr. Seth costs a small sum more than other chiros or massagers or going to a regular doctor or buying regular supplements, but Dr. Seth is amazing! I know what he sold me was really specail. Also: He is so excited to tell you his autobiography, how he dances, loves the ladies--what a ladies' man is Dr Seth is!!! ;)--but most of all, he makes you feel so special. WOW! He expects a lot of his clients--they need to come in for several hours a week and must take on some hard exercises--I was blessed enough to work myself up to this special neck adjustment that you can not do when you first come in. YOu have to trust Dr. Seth and you will never beleive that you can hold so much weight by your neck. But he helps you build strength and confidence to hold this very heavy weight hanging off your head. You can do it and the feeling of surviving this life thretenign therapy is a real charge. I needed to do many exersises with the cold laser, this cleansing foot-electric bath that drew many toxins out through my feet. The different supplements he sells, the inserts for shoes, and his recommendations for a different mattress gave me a lot to think about. Some of it was out of my budget, but I sure am enjoying all my time at Dr. Seth's office with these nice people and I really can not believe how the copper foot therapy draws a lot of toxins out. And you know that old saying: no pain, no gain: That is how I know the neck weight is working. Anyways, Dr. Seth is so sweet, that even though I feel very sore after my amazing chiro subluctations with the doctor, Dr. Seth always says somethign really specail to me in my ear. I can not wait to come back each time! Totally worth the money!!! I just do not understand why my healthcare insurance does not cover Dr. Seth. He is so much better than any regular docter. Hopefully, health care reform will mean that we can all benefit from the most amazing chiro you will ever meet!!! Pros: no boundaries Cons: my insurance does not pay for treatments more

Miracles Happen with Dr.Seth 7/21/2008

I came to Dr. Seth after having been rear-ended by an 11 ton truck. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and couldn't work anymore because of intense migraines that incapacitated me. I would be intensely sick to my stomach for two days straight with a migraine and then have to go to the hospital because of dehydration. Dr. Seth gently set me on the path to health. Besides honing in on my physical problems with adjustments and exercises, he physically broke the adhesions that had grown along my spine (this process was painless). I was also given a massage with every visit to retrain my stiff muscles to relax. It turns out that the fibro was really a microfiber injury, and it healed. I could walk upright again. The migraines and inability to keep food down went away! I am healed and happy today. Dr.Seth heals the physical body and he blesses your spiritual being with healing too. He is a fabulous healer....beter than the best. Although I now live in Washington state,I visit him every time I take a trip to California and tell everyone I know what a wonderfu healerl he is. Also, he keeps up on all of the latest healing techniques.He's a real winner. Ask him to tell you the story of his father's, also a doctor, little black bag. Highly recommended! more

Dr Seth is a great chiropractor 4/17/2007

If you are looking for a great chiropractior look no more,this is your guy.Dr Seths office is where its happening.I went in for a neck problem I had been suffering with for weeks, in the first visit I felt better. but the real test was if I was going to wake up in the morrning and be able to turn my head.To my suprise I was so much better the next day I played a round of golf for the first time in6 weeks. I have started to take the vitamins he told me about and i have so much more energy I dont have to drink 2 cups of coffee just to get going in the am.Now my wife and kids see him too and are getting great results . Great staff beautiful office easy parking . Pros: great doctor staff helpfull beautiful office parking free more

Best healing center in Pasadena 3/22/2007

Dr. Mittleman and his staff are always welcoming and up to date with the latest technology. For example, I'm doing a nose treatment for sinus and allergy problems. I used to have a headache everyday and I was not able to smell as well as I used to. After 4 months of treatment I can smell again and I no longer have headaches. I even took a month long trip that would have messed me up with allergies and sinus and I had no problems what so ever. - Honestly, the treatment is not for everyone, but if you rather do that than take a pill and spray up your nose for the rest of your life, I highly recommended.\r \r Overall I recommend anyone and everyone to see Dr. Mittleman. He is the best chiropractor I've ever had and I trust him 200%. It doesn't matter where I live, I always drive to Pasadena to see him. He has such an inviting, comfortable, and happy approach you can't help but love the guy. His team is also very welcoming, attent and knowledgeable. Aside chiropractic services you can get excellent massages and other detoxifying treatment. Check it out, you won't regreat it. more

pasadenas best chiropractor 12/4/2006

Seth Mittleman is a great Dr. I felt instant relief from a back problem I had been suffering with for a year. I was in a car accident early this year and was sent to a chiropractor for my back,after treatment with her I felt somewhat better but never quite right .She was trying very hard but just couldn't seem to get me back to how I felt before the accident .I always woke up with a pain in my back ,it would take a good hour to get going in the AM. After 6 weeks of treatment with her I asked for her advise on a Dr., who might use a different treatment ,as this wasnt working. I saw the person she referred me to for a month with no great improvment. I was told by this new Dr. that I would have morning back pain for the rest of my life. I should come in once a month for treatment to help with this.About three month later I was giving a talk to a group of business associates and I had some trouble getting up out of a chair when I was introduced. I made a joke of it but it was embarrassing. After the talk ,a complete stranger walked up to me and handed me a card . She said that her Dr. could help me.I tried to refuse explaining that I had tried more than one Dr. already ,she wouldn't hear of it and started to tell me her story . Well I thought what have I got to lose except my pain.well several weeks later here I am writing to RAVE about how great Dr. Seth is. From the moment you walk in to his office you feel like everyone cares about your health.I have to say this is not the same experience I had anywhere else, Dr Seth looked at the X-Rays I brought he explained he needed to see something that wasnt in the ones I brought .When he showed me the new X-rays I saw just what he was talking about.He gave me a treatment schedule .Within 3 treatments I felt better than I had since the accident am still improving every visit I am well on my way to complete recovery. I will be forever grateful to this kind man and his great helpers.DLA Pros: very knowledgeable Dr .great location parking validated more

Best for overall health and well being, compassion and expert care. 9/11/2006

Dr. Seth and his staff have the most amazing and wonderful healing center ever.\r I was introduced to Dr. Seth in March of this year and his compassionate care and exceptional skills and knowledge have made me a renewed person. \r I'd been in chronic pain from a major cancer surgery for 8 years and a bit depressed as a result. I'd been told by my regular Dr's that increased pain medication (more and more pills) was the only answer...Not So!\r Dr. Mittleman and his expert staff have listened to me, understood me and helped rebuild me in a way I never thought possible. I've gone from 2400mg of ibuprofen per day to virtually no pain meds. I was listing to the right when I stood, had almost no flexibility or core strength and in just 5 months my stamina and strength have increased and I feel 10 years younger.\r I'm a pianist and with the amazing care and attention I've received at the Health Center I'm now performing at Disneyland as well as Palm Springs, as many as 30 or more hours in a week, whereas in March I was barely making it through 8 hours a week at the keyboard.\r If you are in pain, if you are down and don't know why, come to Dr. Mittleman's Health Center, you'll be astounded at the changes that can take place in your well being and life.\r Pros: highly skilled, caring, attentive more

best chiropractor ... 9/10/2006

I have been a chiropractic patient for most of my adult life. If I move to a new town the first thing I do is get recommendations for a new chiro. I got two referrals Dr. Mittleman was the second one I tried. He came highly recommended by more than one person at work he seems to have quite a fan club there. I knew I was in the right place when I walked in the door.The calm relaxing office was just what I was looking for. his staff was very friendly and concerned that I understood everything about their office and( their doctor)They are also Dr. Seth fans.Dr Seth introduced himself and asked the usual questions but that was where the usual ended. He was able to (in just a few minutes) tell me where I was having pain and what he could do to fix it. And in just a few visits he had done for me what at least 5 other Dr.s(medical and alternative) had not been able to do. Relieve the pain from a football injury I had suffered with since I was in Collage. You know I cant explain how the quality of my life has changed since meeting this man but he is my doc from here on out. Hands down best Chiropractor ever Pros: this Dr. and office is top drawer more

A Great Chiropractor 11/15/2005

Dr. Seth gets results. This guy is caring and concerned, and his treatment of my most recent problems has brought me relief from neck and back pain that prevented me from being able to work. I have been a patient for as long as he has worked in Pasadena, sometimes for a longer-term treatment for a chronic problem, sometimes for a few visits to correct a little injury. He has always been the one that makes it feel better. He spends the time it takes with you to get you healthy--a real contrast to the 'production line' attitude in other offices and with my GP. Pros: Effective, Knowledgeable, Caring more

Pasadena's Best Chiro 11/15/2005

As a professional dancer of over 30 years, I am subject to chronic injuries. After years of trying dozens of DCs, orthopaedists, Physical therapists, and accupuncture, DrM was the first one that was able to treat the condition and not the symptoms. Over 80 of my world class skaters and dancers have gone to him and swear by him. Never have I found so genuine and caring a doctor in all my travels. If you ever have to wait a long time in a room it's because he'll take you without an appointment and LISTEN to what you have to say. Unlike some doctors who will give you an appointment a week from Thursday when you're hurting TODAY, he'll often work through his lunch to get you in. His treatment has saved more patients from unnecessary back surgery than I can tell you. Want to stop hurting? Go see him. \r Unlike what someone said about old technology- the Erchonia cold laser is THE cutting edge in laser therapy. My skaters use it and the results are immediate on me. My mom was dying of pancreatic cancer taking three morphine shots a day. I asked Doc to treat her with the cold laser- Each night he came over after work and from then until she passed she didn't need the morphine except when Doc was away for 4 days at a conference. Pros: Extended hours Cons: closed Fridays more

Dr. Seth is the BEST 11/13/2005

I met this amazing Chiropractor on a referral from a friend. I was a bit afraid to go to a Chiropractor but once I met him he put me so at ease and his techique was painless. I am grateful to learned so much about my body and I appreciate his compassion and commitment to his patients. Pros: Friendly Staff, Calm environment, Knowlegable Cons: A bit of a wait more

I like him 7/7/2005

I think this chiropractor knows what he's doing and what he's talking about. I would definitely agree that he sometimes talks too much, but I think his stories are interesting rather than annoying or boring, and I personally haven't been held up there very long when I've gone. My appointments have not been precisely on time, but I haven't had to wait very long at all either. He explains things well with regards to his treatments and he's been helpful relieving my pain. If you want to get healthy, it's going to take awhile...I think that's the case with all chiropractors, but so many people just want to feel better and be on their way. Anyways, I would definitely recommend him. Pros: care, knowledge, parking Cons: time spent in office, talking more
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