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Chico's Tacos

5305 Montana Ave
El Paso, TX 79903
(915) 772-7777
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I live in Horizon and would love if Chjcos Tacos can build one up here...!!!


They ejected gay people from their restaurant because of an affectionate kiss between two of them. They called the gay guys ""faggots."" The business owners won't apologize for ...

call in 4/16/2012

i love this chicos but when i called to make a pick up order the woman i spoke to was quite rude, i work in customer service myself and answering the phone is first thing a customer hears and in hearing how bothered she seemed to be that called to make a simple pick up order was quite dicouraging i was not rude to her at all please answer the phone with a little more enthusiasm more

Love those tacos 2/4/2012

I live in Horizon and would love if Chjcos Tacos can build one up here...!!! more


YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT...literally. Put poison in your body and it's released from your pores. Next time you find yourself at Chicos just observe the greasy and pimple infected faces and arms of it's overweight regulars. I visited Chicos and ate one order and broke out the next morning. What more can you expect from their secret ingredients: Expired tomatoes, Expired tortilla bread, artificial beef, artificial cheese and not to mention bacterea. Only in El Paso would this ever be called a ""tradition"". more

It's all good!! 6/16/2010

About the gay dudettes doing their thing there, even if you were a straight couple, take your crap elsewhere,like California, there is a time and place for everything. If id be the owner id probably do the same. Pros: fairly inexpensive! Cons: bleach the restrooms!! more

Buffalo Wild Wings 8/31/2009

Ok. the food is really good but if you wanna go watch a game have fun drink a beer and have some shots this not the place to go. We arrived at 10 pm asked for some drinks and after a hour were told that state law only allows 1x 24 oz beer or shot per hour per person. We order food which was really good but waiter said we had to slow down. It was a group of 8 of us going there after work. The waiter made it seem like he was doing us a favor by ordering the drinks for us. The bar had to closed for a bit cause of to much ordering drinks from also the customers. If you wanna go eat great place to go. But if your looking for Bar and Grill, go somewhere else. A friend that showed up around 1030 pm and drank his beer after 20 minutes was told he had to wait a hour to drink another beer. Would never go back to watch a UFC or NFL game. We left at 1am. I was really disappointed being it was Grand Opening. Also a note. This is not the first Wild Buffalo ive been to. Being to Orland Fl and San Antonio TX. Never had this issue. Pros: Great Food Cons: Bad service more

Right to refuse service 8/28/2009

I have always been served well at chicos,and never disappointed in the for who they wish to serve,is their business.anyone who owns ther own business should have the right to refuse service.public displays of sexual affection should not be tolerated if the propriater sees it not fit.thats why we have bedrooms. Pros: good affordable grub Cons: need more places to sit down more

chicos tacos TO GO !!!! 8/11/2009

well to start you dont know what your missing till its gone. and in my case that would have to be true for those great tasting lil tacos from el paso. now sure what all the uproar is. i gues becuase after i wen to ChicosTacosToGo dot com an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia came over me. viva Chicos Pros: great tacos Cons: far away from me more

Overrated 7/14/2009

Their tacos are not worth the homophobic aftertaste. It's a hometown sensation that isn't worth the hype nor the bad indigestion. Pros: The food makes for a good laxative Cons: Discrimination more

Would you like hate with that? 7/13/2009

I am ashamed to be associated (by way of the great state of TX) with this kind of discrimination. Chico's denied service, and forcibly removed, patrons for being gay--had mixed gender couples behaved in an identical manner, they would have been left alone. For some reason (?) the police in El Paso agreed, citing supreme-court-struck-down laws as justification. As a counselor and counselor educator, I know that this kind of bigotry contributes to a high suicide rate among gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth. It is both unfounded in law and discriminatory in nature. A trip to Chico's would be supporting a stereotype of ignorance that many hold of Texas (the border region in particular). Please voice your dissent to this company. Pros: Hesitate to offer any considering Cons: Hatred/Bigotry/Stupidity more

Abusive 7/12/2009

Unbelieveable that a restaurant would hire goons to enforce bigotry and intolerance even though they are breaking the law. Pros: Popular among bigots Cons: Condone violence and abuse more

Chico's was an experience I won't forget! 7/10/2009

I loves me some good ol' cheap mexican food. So when I was on a road trip to Austin I stopped by Chico's for quick bite. Pros: I didn't die, but lost weight Cons: Throwing up for hours more

They hate gay people 7/10/2009

They ejected gay people from their restaurant because of an affectionate kiss between two of them. They called the gay guys ""faggots."" The business owners won't apologize for the thugs that they contracted to be security guards. Go elsewhere until they change their policy. Pros: Good food. Cons: It's a discriminatory business more

nonstraight people not welcome 7/10/2009

you can not say the g or h word on this site it says its inappropriate language this post is not here for debate just wanted to warn nonstraight people what you could be in for By Andrew Kreighbaum and Darren Meritz / El Paso Times EL PASO -- Two men men kissed at a Chico's Tacos restaurant, prompting guards to eject them and a police officer to endorse their ouster. Civil-rights lawyers say the security staff was out of line. Police, though, contend that a business such as a restaurant can refuse service to anybody, any time. In all, five men were ordered to leave the restaurant. They say they were forced out by homophobic guards. ""It was a simple kiss on the lips,"" said Carlos Diaz de Leon, a non straight man who was part of the group. De Leon said the officer told the group it was illegal for two men or two women to kiss in public. The five men, he said, were told they could be cited for nonstraight conduct -- a law the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional in 2003 in Lawrence v. Texas. Pros: they have security Cons: didnt get to try the food more

Discriminatory Place. Boycott it!! 7/9/2009

A gay couple was kicked out of the restaurant because they kissed. How backwards is this place? Cons: Gay people are denied service more

homosexuals not allowed 7/8/2009

so is it true chicos no longer allows gay people in their rest. is it the rest or is it the security i guess we will soon find out. this just puts a damper on my life because i always loved chicos but if im not allowed there i need to know more

Made Taco Bell Look Sophisticated 5/24/2009

I will start off by saying that I am originally from Houston and used to Tex-Mex (what the rest of the U.S. calls Mexican Food). I have lived in El Paso for about a year and have adjusted to what is truly authentic Mexican food. I had the ""special"" experience of eating at Chico's Tacos and I will never eat there again. Their ""hand rolled tacos"" are what would be considered taquitos in Tex-Mex cuisine. The beef in them was dry with no flavor and they were covered in a watery taco sauce topped with cheese that was compliments of the U.S. government. The upside is that you can feed a family of 8 for $20. If you are under the influence of something you have been smoking or have been drinking heavily this might be a good late night stop. Otherwise I recommend that you steer clear of Chico's Tacos. Pros: Cheap Cons: The Food, service, atmosphere, etc. more

YUMM 1/26/2009


Still On My Mind 10/14/2008

I was passing through El Paso on a road trip through the Southwest and saw Chico's Tacos and stopped in for a late night snack. There was a full house and a long line to boot and it was almost midnight so I knew this had to be something good. Oh how was I correct! The crispy rolled beef tacos were so good I literally went back in line again after finishing my first order for seconds! It has been a month since my road trip and this meal is the one that still lingers in my memory. The combination of those tacos, the sauce, the cheese and the green chile sauce on top is overwhelmingly good. Pros: Best rolled tacos I have ever tasted more

CHICOS TACOS 5/30/2008

I totally agree that Chicos should come to Austin (Houston, Dallas, San Antonio etc.....) and reign supremacy. You could make up a small community with all the people that have moved to Austin from El Paso and I for one would love for Chicos to come to Central Texas. I only wish that there was a petition I could sign for them to open a franchise here. I would be there everyday, I love that place so much! it's good, it's affordable and it's fun. CHICOS OWNERS IF YOU READ THIS, PLEASE COME TO AUSTIN- WE WILL WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS!!!!! Pros: Thumbs way up!!!!!! more

A LAW SUITE ??? 5/12/2008

Chico's, El Paso is suing Chuco's Austin for attempting to copy and satisfy the numerous El Paso trasn-plants to the Austin area. Obviously the Chico?s folk have not had a Chuco?s ? ok, so it?s rolled but that?s where the similarity ends. Pros: Wonderful - if your in El Paso Cons: Chico's is suing Chuco's (an Austin copy) for trying to satisfy trans planted El Pasoans more
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