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Cherryville Animal Hospital - 8 Reviews - 496 Willow Rd, Walnutport, PA - Animal Hospital Reviews - Phone (484) 263-5832

Cherryville Animal Hospital

496 Willow Rd
Walnutport, PA 18088
(484) 263-5832
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THIS IS A COPY OF THE COMPLAINT I FILED WITH THE AMA: In the early morning hours of Tue. Oct. 25th. my dog JayCee woke me from my sleep. He was crying and standing at the door to...


My dog was looked at for a very short time by Dr Russell Myers and we were told he is having trouble breathing out his nose which we could already tell. He told us that he would n...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/21/2013

The story below did not happen at Cherryville Animal Hospital in Walnutport, this same review was given for a Cherryville Animal Hospital in North Carolina also. Get your facts right. We bring our 3 cats, and two lizards to this facility and know the staff quite well..they are always kind and we have never had any issues. Two thumbs up to this crew! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/29/2012

DO NOT take your animals to this vet. They prescribed a $60 round of ""probiotics"", when I told them and they had a stool sample showing Guiardia! One of the puppies died as a result and I and they suffered a week of extreme diarrea. Only after the death of one of the puppies did they prescribe the $10 cure. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/14/2012

I visited this vet for my 2 dogs to get the bordetella vaccine. While I was there a boarded dog (not mine) urinated on the floor 2 separate times, a technician simply wiped it up both times, no cleanser or anything, just a dry paper towel!!! While my dogs were being ""examined"" the vet asked NO questions, gave NO advise, and referred to them as ""cowards"" for being scared. He checked for fleas, looked into their eyes & ears, and gave them the shot. Maybe 2 minutes ea. (seriously it took longer to get them on the examination table!) I paid 32.00 ea for an ""exam"" and 14.00 ea for the shot - TOTAL RIP-OFF!!!!!!!!!! also, my dog ""expressed her anal gland"" while being examined and THAT was simply wiped up also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DISGUSTING!!!! more


THIS IS A COPY OF THE COMPLAINT I FILED WITH THE AMA: In the early morning hours of Tue. Oct. 25th. my dog JayCee woke me from my sleep. He was crying and standing at the door to go outside. I took him outside but all he did was stand there and shake, so I took him back in the house to get warm. This happened a couple of times during the night. Around 7 a.m. he started to pant. At this point I became severely alarmed because we know someone who said that their greyhound began panting severely and it was a heart related problem and he died. I then took him directly to Cherryville Animal Hospital for treatment. I knew one of the girls would be there even though they weren't open yet. I spoke to one of the girls and told her his symptoms and that I was concerned about his weight loss. I told her that I had to go to work and I would not be able to bring him during regular office hours for treatment so I figured I could board him and have the doctor look at him and perform tests during the course of the day. I gave them full permission to run any test needed and even signed a paper to that effect. I got a call later that day and they told me that they did xrays of chest and abdomen and everything looked good. They said his sugar was a little high but nothing to worry about. As far as the weight loss he said just to feed him more. The only thing they could find was that he had a UTI. I picked him up that evening and they sent me home with injections of penicillin to be given because he did not take pills well. One of the techs gave him his first shot of penicillin before we left. The next morning he seemed to be favoring the leg in which he got the injection. I called to notify them and they told me that is the leg he got the injection in, so we chalked it up to just being sore in the area of the injection. They offered to recheck him but again I had to go to work and was unable to take off. When I arrived home that evening he had really taken a turn for the worse. His leg was swollen and purple. I called Cherryville, but at that time they were closed so I called Highland Animal Hospital. Dr. Adolf saw JayCee that evening. He stated that he was in a very bad way. There were a couple of things wrong with him. He thought it could be a tick born vasculitis and the injection set things into motion and his blood was not clotting. They did another chest xray even though we had just had one done at Cherryville the day before. Dr Adolf noted a mass or tumor around his heart. He also stated that his heart was unusually small and could not sufficiently pump enough blood through his body. We decided at that point that it was time to say goodbye to our friend. HOW DO YOU TAKE AN XRAY THE DAY BEFORE AND NOT SEE A TUMOR ON AN XRAY? HOW DO YOU HAVE A DOG IN YOUR CARE FOR THE WHOLE DAY AND NOT EVEN WEIGH HIM WHEN THAT WAS ONE OF THE CONCERNS I EXPRESSED? I called Cherryville on Friday and told them what happened. They did not seem very sympathetic at all. I told them that I would be in to pick up JayCee's xrays and notes. I took them to Dr. Adolf at Highland Animal Hospital and he said he could clearly see the tumor on the xrays that were taken at Cherryville the day before. more

Don't ever take your pets here 3/22/2012

My dog was looked at for a very short time by Dr Russell Myers and we were told he is having trouble breathing out his nose which we could already tell. He told us that he would need plastic surgery to open his nostrils up. He then did a blood test and gave him xrays and everything came back alright. The dr. sent us home with a antibiotic and steroids. After taking them his breathing only got worse. We then tried cleaning his nose with a wet cloth, which the Dr. never tried or recommened to us. After that we noticed his breathing seemed to open up, but he still wasent acting himself he seemed very shaky and weak. We then decided to return to the vet where he was looked at and giving another blood test which showed his sodium and choride levels where high. The Dr. wanted to keep our dog for a few days to be put on iv. We agreed and asked for a copy of both blood test which showed the levels being high even on the first visit, which he failed to mention. The next day we went in finding our dog near death on iv that looked like it wasent even going in. We had them check the iv and they assured us it was alright. We left worrying about our dog but felt better after he told us he was adding another iv to make sure he got the fuilds he needed. he aslo said hes beathing better and he will be alright. A few hours later we received a phone call that our dog has passed away. I went in demanding for a refund which i received after saying some choice words. I just cant help but feel like he hardly tried to do anything. He was unable to give a real answer why our dog died and only said that its not a car you cant just fix everything. I highly recommened not going to this vet. Please take my advice, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. more

Do not go here 3/10/2012

my cat was diagnosed with diabetes by Dr. Russell Myers. He was kept for 3 nights to be stabilized, I was told he must eat expensive food and was given instructions for insulin shots at home. Within a week of this diagnosis I found my cat near death. At the emergency vet and the regular vet who is now treating him I found out the following: we were instructed to give him 4 times the amount of insulin than he should have been receiving which almost killed him; the insulin that Dr. Myers touted as more expensive but much better insulin had actually been temporarily pulled off of shelves for quality control purposes and our new vet will not prescribe it, and the initial 3 day hospital stay was completely unnecessary and a money trap. I am convinced that my golden retrievers life could have been extended and made more comfortable if I had gone to another vet. I am so sad that I just put the pieces of this puzzle together now. I can only say that the vet techs were very nice. But Please Do Not take your pets here. more

we love our vet 12/29/2011

we are a family of four cats and we love our doctor myers at cherryville animal hospital :) the staff is one of the best. definitely the nicest group of girls around. their hours are convenient, open late some nights, and saturdays. but it seems they can always fit us in when someone needs to be seen. more


I have also had serious issues with Russell Myers & his wife. I took my cat Pooh, there for the first time with a skin infection. They gave him a steroid shot. Two weeks later I took him back for rapid weight loss. After 3 expensive tests revealed Diabetes, he told me that the steroid shot casued his pancreas to fail. I was really upset and on a seriously limited budget. I made an agreement with them to pay a specific amount per month for insulin, needles, special food, glucose checks every week, and I lived up to my end. When additional procedures were done to that cat and another that got sick, (I had 2 at the time) and my rabbit, the agreed amount was not enough for them and instead of trying to work with me by discounting or offering to come to another arrangment, they demanded the entire balance all at once and when I got upset, the screaming wife started insulting me and when I brought up the fact that Dr. Myers incompitent steroid injection caused the pancreatic failer in the first place they told me to leave never come back... I was happy to oblige. (I also stiffed them on the balance) ..oops my bad\r \r The single star rating is in defense of the girls in the front office. They were very nice, caring and always accomidating. They loved my pets and took excellent care of them, always. They also used their charity pool to help pay for some of Pooh's treatment. Bless all the lovely girls I had the pleasure do deal with there. I hope you all find better veterinarians to work for. You know who you are. \r \r DO NOT GO TO DR. RUSSELL MYERS OR HIS WIFE AT CHERRYVILLE ANIMAL HOSPITAL more

Cherryville Animal Hospital have been VERY good to my Dogs 4/27/2009

I take my 4 dogs there for boarding and they are wonderful to them. And I can relax when I board them knowing my "kids" are in good hands! So much better than having a friend watch them because the Vet is right there if anything happens. When I pick them up after vacation, they are always happy and healthy. I never worry! The staff is loving to my Dogs and that means so much to me. They take GREAT care of my kids! Thanks Cherryville! more


WARNING: IF YOUR PET NEEDS CARE, SEEK HELP ELSEWHERE. \r This is the most incompetent clinic I have ever seen and they charge more then others. If you don?t want your pet to go undiagnosed and SUFFER, seek help elsewhere. My cat wasn?t eating so I took him to the vet. They ran blood work and took x-rays. The vet?s exam was substandard and he didn?t seem to mind my cat not eating. All the vet gave me was a big bill and no reason for my cat?s problem. It turned out that my cat had a tumor that was visible on an x-ray, which the Cherryville vet missed and it was even found during the initial palpation exam? Nice that another vet has to find the problem! \r Not only did the Cherryville vet misdiagnosis my cat, but he failed on 2 visits to diagnosis an infection in my puppy that was also visible on exam. \r So, for the love of your pet AVOID CHERRYVILLE ANIMAL HOSPITAL and SAVE your pet more

Negligent Care 6/4/2008

Dr. Wayne Hachton, an associate doctor with Cherryville has been outstanding over the years for his care of our large animals and house pets. Let me make that clear. \r \r Dr. Russel S. Myers should be avoided if you care at all about your pet. We have always been hesitent about his care. Our concerns were justified recently when his negligence and misdiagnosis of one of our house pets resulted in prolonged undo suffering for the animal.\r \r Russels wife; Dr. Carla Myers, though obviously much more competent with her secondary diagnosis, made a blatent attempt to cover up and excuse her husbands errors, just before she botched our pets euthanasia.\r \r Do not take your pets here. more
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  • Cherryville Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical and boarding facility, located in Walnutport, PA. We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients. Your pet is an important part of your family, and when he or she is ill, you want the best medical care available.The veterinarians and staff at our clinic are ready to provide your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care. From wellness exams and vaccines to advanced diagnostics and complex surgical procedures, your dog, cat or ferret will receive high quality care at our hospital.