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Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen - 25 Reviews - 10601 Westpark Dr, Houston, TX - American Restaurants Reviews - Phone (713) 706-3663

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

10601 Westpark Dr
Houston, TX 77042
(713) 706-3663
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I've been to Cheddars a few times over the past 2 years because it's so close and the food is great and inexpensive. But the service had always been painstakingly slow in the past...


Went to Happy Hour on April 5, 2007 with some friends from another State. The manager would not seat us until everyone in our party had arrived. Mind you the restaurant was not ...

Inconsiderate and poor customer service 1/2/2012

This review describes the service at one particular Cheddars restrurant located in Independence MO and does not reflect on the service of any other Cheddars restrurant that I have/or have not dined. My experience was both degrading and disrespectful. I took my 76 year old mother to lunch on December 31, 2011 to enjoy a meal and to celebrate the coming of the new year. While waiting 45 minutes for our meal, we noticed customers that had the same server we did and were seated after we were had received their food. I asked our server could she check on our order. After another 20 minutes, she returned with our food. My mothers food was luke warm and my food was cold. She ordered the chicken tender platter and I ordered the 3 cheese hictory burger w/fries. The burger was cold, stiff and dark around the edges and the fries were cold. I brought this to the attention of our server. She picked up my plate with an attitude and walked away without asking if I wanted to re-order the same thing or something else. I asked another server to send the shift manager to our table. The shift manager agreed that the server was negligent and handled the situation poorly. She was apologetic and asked did I want to re-order. I re-ordered a toasted cheese sandwich and a bowl of potato soup. The manager returned in 5 minutes with a cold bowl of potato soup w/ hard potatoes and a cold toasted cheese sandwich as to her own admission "" it was going to another table but was given to me."" Now maybe she wanted me to think that she made me a priority by giving me someone else food ( who now had to wait longer ) but really! Did I want a sandwich that was prepared for someone else? No! I wanted a hot sandwich that was prepared for me and I certainly didn't want to be told that it was someone else's food. I was so disgusted I felt myself gagging. By now the creditability of the manager was in question so I choose not order anything else. Both the server and the manager displayed poor customer service and clearly did not consider me as a customer or a person. I sent an email to the district office in hopes that they will acknowledge my grievance. more

Vastly improved! 6/21/2008

I've been to Cheddars a few times over the past 2 years because it's so close and the food is great and inexpensive. But the service had always been painstakingly slow in the past. It appears they have since corrected that problem! My husband and I were in and out in just under an hour! Pros: inexpensive, cozy, ample parking, great service Cons: a little noisy, not a kid oriented place more

Great waiter 6/20/2008

My daughter, two grandchildren and I ate at Cheddars/Westpark 6/19/08 for dinner. My daughter and I shared the chicken fried steak, grandson had a bacon cheesburger and grandaughter had chicken alfredo. The food was good. The waiter, Kenneth, was excellent. Our meal came from the kitchen on two plates, they had already split our order! That is something we've rarely had done. Usually they bring us the meal and an extra plate and leave it to us to do the dividing. We asked for extra gravy and butter. It came with our meal. My grandson asked for honey was back at our table in just a few minutes along with drink refills. Our table was cleared and the check was brought to us minutes after we asked for it. (I hate it when I ask for the check and have to wait 15-30 minutes for it. After our meal I asked for the manager and again, he was available within minutes. The only complaint was from my granddaughter who felt there was too much broccholi in her alfredo! The whole experience was very pleasant and we will definitely eat at this cheddars again. We've previously eaten at the ones in Ft. Worth, Arlington and one off I-10 on our return from Florida. This was our first visit to this location. Pros: We could not have asked for better service from start to finish Cons: It was a bit noisy. We were there around 7:45-8:15 pm on a weekday more

Everyone is entitled to their opnion heres mine!!!!! 4/9/2008

I love the fact that cheddars has great food at a low price. Its a small casual resturant with not that much space for large parties but there is a banquet room where you can hold larger parties of course there is a small room fee but its a small price to pay for the amount of people that can be held in the room and the low prices...People seem to expect a great deal from such a small sized resturant. Do not get me wrong some things should be expected like good food, friendly waiters/waitress and staff and great customer service...but at small resturant such as theirs that does not except reservations should not be expected to be able to seat a party of 10 or more in less the 45 minutes a more realistic time is maybe 45- 1hr and a half especially when there is a wait of 1hr...but like I said previously that does not mean that people should have to deal with rude staff members or unfair service! As a waitress I know that costumers should be treated with respect and no matter how many tables that a person has those tables should be treated like top prority..but on the other hand staff should not be treated poorly because the customer had a bad day or is just mean and that goes for any place you eat at! Pros: Great Food, Lovely resturant Cons: ...... more

Best American food, cheap prices, big quantity, so-so service. 3/8/2008

Around January 2007- Pros: Parking, food, service, ambience, value, family-place. Cons: No reserved seating, won't seat til your whole party is there, lack of seating for those waiting to be seated. more

Customer Service Is not good at all 2/25/2008

I went to Chedder's The day after Valentine's Day because we knew that it would be back that day so we went out the next day it was not a good night!! First off the Host told us that there werent any booths left when there was one right at the table she put us too all she had to do was get someone to clean the table damn that only takes a second but I see she out someone else there later and we were hot!!!!! Then they waiter act like something was wrong with him instead of focusing on us he was focusing on others and triying to focus on us yes I was mad he wouldnt even let us it all up on us...I was like I dont like the wsy this night is going we need to get the hell out of here so we decided to leave I guess he thought he was getting a tip ha thats funny...That Chedder's on Westpark needs to have meeting with staff members and go over Customer Service Skills and satifaction. The Chedder's off 45 pass Almeda have wonderful service they know how there clients are to be treated....Take notes Pros: parking was ok not that bad laws were pulling people over in Chedder's Parking lot Cons: Thumbs down more

First and LAST!!!!!! visit 2/9/2008

We went to Cheddars today 1/9/08 for a birthday gathering for my sister. They were told that they could accomodate a party of our size (36 people) with no problems and paid $75 to hold the room. Well that was a different story when the kitchen manager came in the room with 2 Constables and DEMANDED A chair back. Once he got the chair back he proceeded to the kitchen and cancelled our order, but he didn't have to do that cause we had already made up our minds that we weren't eating there and had started walking out. I am sure the waitress was upset cause she missed out in a pretty good tip. more

horrible customer service 6/26/2007

Our waiter was more interested in visiting with his friends than in being attentive to the customers. We had to ask to have our tea glasses refilled. Lots of waiting between courses and final payment. Had to ask to have our plates removed. My husband's order was wrong and it was not corrected. I won't go back. more

Horrible customer service; Mangers are the worst 4/9/2007

Went to Happy Hour on April 5, 2007 with some friends from another State. The manager would not seat us until everyone in our party had arrived. Mind you the restaurant was not full, they had at least 25 tables available, we explained that rest of the party were coming but since we were only waiting for 2 more people could he please seat us; he finally agreed. We ordered several different appetizers including salsa, cheese and chips. Once the cheese was poured over the chips we discovered that the chips were very stale, when we brought this to the mangers attention he said he would get us more chips(the second batch was also stale) but we would have to pay and extra $1.35 for the cheese. I thought this was ridiculous since in was their stale chips that lead to us needing more cheese. The manger was adamant about us paying for the cheese, he was not a customer oriented manager. Sad to say this appears to be the norm for Cheddars. The food is great but the horrible customer service is not worth it. I will not visit Cheddars again because I have had more bad experiences than good with them. They are pitiful! more

horrible, horrible, horrible 2/11/2007

We happened to make the mistake of coming to this restaurant on 02/11/2007. We had called a few days ahead to make reservations and found out this is not possible, they do not take reservations? So we decided we would just show up with our party of 15 and expect to be seated. WRONG! We told everyone to be there at 6 because that?s what time our friend?s going away party started? They did not seat us until 7!!! So 8 people standing around for an hour was not comfortable. Then when it came time to be seated THE MANAGER was rude to us telling us that since our entire party was not there we could not be seated. We explained to her that not everyone shows up to a party right on time and that they could expect some of the members of our party to be showing up a little later? When we got to the table the tables were not together? so we asked if the tables could be pushed together and the manager told us that this would mess up the flow to her kitchen? WHATEVER!!! She finally told us that she could push them together just as long as we understood that one table?s food would come out 5 minutes later than the other tables? We looked at her dumbfounded and said? ?We don?t care.? Since she was upset she began to snatch the tables around trying to pull them together and ended up dumping our friends cake into the floor (luckily? not too much damage was done). After the cake was slung to the floor she ended up getting mad and being short with one of our guest for no apparent reason? My friend had to tell her to not get mad at her and not to be rude? SHE HAD TO TELL A MANAGER TO STOP BEING RUDE!!! The manager ended up taking the cake to the back and tried to do reconstructive pastry surgery on it but it still didn?t look good. Now I wish these were the only problems we encountered but there were many more? this just set the tone: Pros: ha ha ha Cons: really??? more

Cheddars Restaurant - Houston, TX Westpark location 11/21/2006

On 11/21/06 I visited the Westpark Cheddars Restaurant for the first time. Four of my co-worker went there for a birthday lucheon. One co-worker received her food long before any of us. I asked to speak to tne manager, however the waiter was about to explain why she received her food before anyone else. He stated that he incorrectly gave her someone else food. Once we received our food, one other co-worker steak was burnt and so was my ribs. She sent hers back and requested a salad. I returned my ribs thinking that he would bring some ribs not burnt. The waiter return an informed my co-worker that her salad would be out soon. He never said anything to me. Once she received her salad and I did not get my ribs, I asked for the Manager. I informed him the waiter did not bring me any ribs. He stated that the waiter did not say if I want more ribs. He than asked me if I want more ribs. I asked why would he ask me that when I came there for lunch. He stated that sometimes people do not want what they send back. I told him that was okay. He never asked if I wanted anything else. I had onion rings and cole slaw and a roll for lunch. I asked him for the Corporate office information. He stated that Cheddars was a franchanise, I asked for the owner's name and his name. He gave me a name with a phone number and his name. Then the waiter came out and gave me a bill for $.27. Yes, 27 cents. I informed him I would not pay the $.27. He returned and discussed it with the manager. The manager returned and I told him I would not pay the 27 cents that he could call the police if he wanted too. He than returned and stated that I was not welcome at Cheddar. I asked why should I want to return? This is the worst restuarant experince in my life. I have read other reviews on Cheddars restuarants and It is true, Cheddars need to train their kitchen staff, managers and servers about quality food customer service. I will never eat at a Cheddars Resruarant. more

Good Food, Poor Service 8/19/2006

I recently dined at the new Clear Lake restaurant and I agree with a lot of the other reviews that have been posted. The food was good although I do not recommend the ribs. The prices were reasonable, dinner and drinks for two under $40. The service was bad, the order was wrong and waiter not attentive by filling water glasses and no silverware. If they plan to stay around, they need to address their poor service Pros: Good Food, Reasonable price Cons: Poor Service more

Disappointed 3/28/2006

Upon our fourth visit to the resturant we were very dissapointed at how unfreindly the resturant had become with groups. You are no longer allowed to put enough seating together to accomodate a group gathering as we had on three previous occasions. No exceptions would be made as we had members of the group driving 70 or more miles to get there. The service was extremely slow, orders incorrect and waitstaff was mechanical rather than warm and freindly. Only one young man tried to be apologetic realizing our dilema. We sat at two tables trying to coverse with each other. The oringinal waiter who took our drink orders but only brought drinks for one table. We later got another waiter at the second table. Highly Not Recommend for Groups. Pros: Good Food, Very Clean, Not Bad Prices Cons: Not Friendly, Unacommodating, Slow Service more

Horrible Service 2/18/2006

My family and I were very dissappointed with the service we had. First, the waiter served all of my families food and then told my husband that the meal I'd ordered they were all out of and did I want something else. He should have told me right when I placed the order meaning the cooks should have advised to all the wait staff of the statis of this item, or the waiter should have had better communication with the kitchen. Not done my daughter's hamburger was brought out with no fries we had to ask for them, my husbands monte cristo had no rasberry preserves but was offered strawberry. If we were told of these circumstances we would have gladly ordered something else. But this left a very bad tast in our mouths, we well never go back, with such tastless service. more

First Timer 9/12/2005

The hostesses were very immature and like half of the waitstaff was standing in the lobby when we arrived (there were other patrons in the restaurant). It took 15 minutes after we all got seated for our waiter to come by and ask for our drink order, 15 for our drinks to come (party of 4). He also got all of our orders wrong, he didn't keep our drinks refilled, and when we were looking around for our waiter another member of the waitstaff notice and asked ""whachu need"" (yes I spelled it correctly) in an unfriendly tone like how dare we look for our waiter.On a good note the food was good. I doubt if I will ever go back. As a matter of fact I know I won't. Oh and we went on a Thursday night so I would hate to see the service on the weekend. Pros: Inexpensive, Good Food Cons: Bad Service more

Great Food, Horrible Service 5/9/2005

I have been to this restaurant 5 times and each time I have had the worst service. They are slow and I rarely get a drink refill without asking for one. And what is worse is that the manager had an ""I don't car attitude"". The food is GREAT and at a great price but it is not worth the service and I think that 5 visits was enough. I will NOT be returning to this restaurant till it is under new management. Pros: Food, Price Cons: Service, Service, Management more

AVERAGE! 4/26/2005

All these ppl claiming cheddars is soo good, must be talking about a different location. I ordered a simply chicken sandwich with onion straws, which was BIG none the less, but whats the point if its nasty. The onion straws taste like chaf and I think they would spend a little bit more money and buy REAL onion rings and real napkins. THe bathroom is Very clean though! Honestly, just go there for the margaritas or the fries, END OF STORY! Pros: PRICE, PORTIONS, CLEAN BATHROOM Cons: LOCATION, TASTE more



cheddars 4/1/2005

Went today with 2 of my children and my real estate agent. Took forever to get an order placed and forever to get our food. The food was great but we needed several things and it was harder than heck to get our waiter's attention. We sat there with empty drinks for about 10 mins while we waved our hands about. Even the other waitstaff didn't seem to care very much about what was going on and 5 of them passed by regularly. We sat at the front for about 10-15 mins and then 15 mins at the table before our waiter took our drink orders and then after delivering them he left for another 15 mins. We were late to our closing of course. The food is great but really not worth the wait in my opinion. Even the kids were ready to go before the food got there. Pros: good food, good parking Cons: service too slow, crowded, not family friendly more

Great Food! 11/29/2004

The food is great! The give you good portions. Try their dessert! I wish I remembered the name...but it was enough for two ppl. and even had 2 scoops of ice cream. The only bad thing was the service we got that night. I had told our waiter to pack our food to go. He never came back with it. It ends up he threw it away. I was disappointed he didn't even try to compensate us or suggest it. He even blamed us saying next time we should tell the waiter. Needless to say I made a complaint to the manager. I only ate HALF my food. The manager was understanding and gave me and my husband a gift certificate. Pros: inexpensive, good portions more
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  • Casual eatery features steak and chicken dinners, pastas, salads, sandwiches and other American fare.

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