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Charter Communications

205 Industrial St
Denton, TX 76201
(940) 566-2901
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My husband and I just moved to Denton to an apartment on the West side, did some research and found out that Charter offered the best service for the best price. We had heard a l...


Super bowl Sunday and I can't get channel 4 to stay on so I can enjoy the Super bowl. Most of the time channel 5 isn't working. I just turned off the cable box and now I can wat...

New Customer Service Priority 10/6/2011

My husband and I just moved to Denton to an apartment on the West side, did some research and found out that Charter offered the best service for the best price. We had heard a lot of stories about Charter's terrible service but we were looking for the best price so we took a chance and signed up for their ""up to 12 mbps"" package. While we were on the phone with the customer service rep., she was super helpful and informed us that at that time we could get basic cable for roughly around $.40 extra per month, which we did putting our total at about $50/month plus some set up fees that first month! The installation guy came and was super nice. He noticed we were playing Lego Pirates of the Caribbean and talked with us about his daughter, family, etc. He told us about the new customer service program Charter had started this past year and that their main goal would be customer satisfaction. He took our number and said we would check on us in the next couple of days and make sure we were satisfied with our service and you know what, he actually did. The install itself didn't take too long and he was in and out in about 30 min. Since then, we have had no issues with bandwidth, monthly charges, or our practically free basic cable. We're even thinking about upgrading to an HD cable box so we can take advantage of our HD TV! Overall, I'm glad we picked Charter. They have developed a great Customer Service report and they really are the best service in Denton for the price! You could go with FIOS and pay twice the price or you could give Charter a chance to change your mind about how customers should be taken care of in a business! more

If you want to be ripped off, get Charter! 6/20/2011

We had Charter internet & cable tv for a year then canceled because of moving to another town We had our own modem so what we needed to was just to return the tv box and we did in early morning on the day of moving. A month later, we got a bill for unreturn equipment. We got to talk to the Denton local officers and they confirmed with us that they received everything back but Charter themselves owed us some money. In contrast,when we talked to the 1-800 customer service they said we bought equipments from them and we owed Charter money! That's strange, huh? They told us they would investigate this case and let us know the result in a couple weeks. Another month passed. Today we received not only another bill from Charter, but also a letter from a debt collection company wanting $144.98 from Charter. They screwed us big time! more

This company has improved so much 5/16/2011

I have tried charter in the past and had problems, lots of problems. Last year a tech stopped by and talked me into trying them again. He said they have improved the system and have are more stable. Well a year later and I have had few problems and the tech who installed me basically rewired my house to make sure everything is up to date. I have been very impressed and happy to save money compared to the other options in town. more

Don't let them bundle you 3/10/2010

My phone line at charter hasn't worked for months and I called to find out why just to find out that they disconnected my phone line for nonpayment but I have a zero balance! Now I'm not able to receive bundled rate and to add a phone line it would cost about fifty more a month.... Makes no sense! I'm so done!! more

We just switched to Verizon FIOS 2/14/2009

After endless problems with Charter we finally switched to FIOS on the day Charter filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. When all the tv stations started running those digital conversion tests, we kept getting the color bars and the message that we were not digital ready, even though we have digital cable. Those messages always instruct you to contact your cable or satellite contractor. Of course the local number was always busy, so we'd call the 800 number and get the total runaround. The icing on the cake came when I was told, very emphatically, that the TV stations were giving out erroneous information and broadcasting the wrong frequency signal during those tests. Knowing the call was being recorded, I asked the young punk to repeat that, and he did. I said, ""you mean to tell me that the TV stations, doing a test that is required by the Federal Communications Commission, are all doing it incorrectly and giving out wrong information?"" and he said ""Yes."" So I said, ""You're saying they're lying?"" and he said ""Not exactly, but they don't know what they're doing."" I then called the TV station that had just done the test and spoke to the chief engineer, who just laughed and said ""I wonder how long they think they can get away with telling that story. I've been working with them for months and they can't get their settings right."" I thanked him and my next phone call was to Verizon. Cons: Too many to list more

It's bad, but try this 8/13/2008

I had installed a splitter to connect to both cable and internet at the same time, but for some reason, my t.v kept saying ""One moment please, this channel should be available shortly"". Well it never was. I waited a full day to see if it would work. I tried calling the normal Charter office, and like so many others, I got a busy signal. The phone numbers listed in the phone book and on this site were wrong or led me to the same busy signal. However, I called the ""automated machine"" at this number, 1-800-314-7195 and press the keys: 1 for resedential services, 1 for English, 3 for cable box help, and 2 for technical help in order throughout all the menu choices. Right off the bat I was able to speak to someone. Now, It took him about a half an hour to actually fix the problem, but I was still able to talk to someone. It beats a machine. Now, knowing that Charter clearly can't get their stuff together because one splitter makes the cable go out, I would never recommend them. I guess it is as the saying goes, ""you get what you pay for"" Pros: talked to a person Cons: getting there more

The worst service ever seen 8/11/2008

This is the stupidest company i have ever dealt with. They provide the worst internet connection we have ever had. We took the internet connection 5 months back. It keeps going on and off. we've complained n number of times and neither could they fix it nor do anything about it. They have a horrible customer service who don't have a clue as to how to deal with their customers. I strictly recommend not to sign up with charter and look for other alternatives. Cons: worst internet connection and horrible customer service more

this company is a joke! 7/11/2008

Whenever i called to have our account switch over to our new place after we moved, it was a frikin hassle. Pros: they sure can argue Cons: they like to make you feel dumb more

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!!!!! Overall bad experience 5/27/2008

Charter has the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. I would highly recommend finding another source for your cable, internet, and phone unless you want to be subject to the inevitable beating you will have to take when you contact customer service. And you will have to contact them because something will be screwed up. Trust me. And by the time you get it fixed, if you get fixed, you will be so frustrated that you will regret ever signing up with charter. It will then be too late to switch because you will have already paid over a $100 in connection fees so you will just have to give up or keep beating your head against the, customer service, wall. Watch out for extras services billed to your account and if you want itemized billing, forget it, they haven't the ability. Oh yea, and don't forget to tack on about another $20 to $40 to any promotion you might see for taxes and misc. If you do decide to get cable you will want to get more than basic because you only get about eight usable channels and with anything other than basic you will need a converter box, FOR EVERY TV, which will cost $5 each per month. I do not recommend Charter. Cons: Service more

Can't view super bowl game 2/3/2008

Super bowl Sunday and I can't get channel 4 to stay on so I can enjoy the Super bowl. Most of the time channel 5 isn't working. I just turned off the cable box and now I can watch the super bowl game. Cons: no one explains how to install. Directions are not easy to follow more

Don't sign up Charter service, bad customer service and internet support, billing is terrible 1/24/2008

I have been using charter for half years, but i have problem every month! more

Outage call becomes a sales pitch 10/12/2007

Right now, all our premium cable channels, including CNN, MSNBC, Weather, etc., are out with a message that says ""One Moment Please This channel should be available shortly."" Of course, when I called the local office, incessant busy signals. So I called the 888 number, and after telling the woman 4 TIMES that we were in Texas, she asked us to perform a couple of tests, check all the tvs in the house, and then, after all that, said there is a partial outage in the area. She could give no estimated time for restoration. Cons: nobody answers the phone at the local office more

WORST customer service EVER!!! 6/7/2007

I do not even now where to begin with Charter. I had received a promotion for cable, phone and internet, which was suppose to be only 69.00/month. Well for the last FIVE months they have been charging me separately for each service, totaling around 400/month. So you call and call and call and get NO WHERE. The customer service is horrible. When I thought my problem was solved the next bill I would find out it was not. I have probably talked to over 30 different customer service reps, countless Supervisors and even went to Corporate office. I was NOT able to get any explanations, no apologies, no HELP. I have had people hang up on me, put me on hold for 30 minutes without even telling me to hold on THEY WOULD JUST PUT ME ON HOLD IN THE MIDDLE OF ME TALKING. They would tell me that there was no such promotion, BUT THEY ARE THE ONES WHO OFFERED IT TO ME. I can not stress how unprofessional they are. I still owe them money, but they can not seem to get the CORRECT amount right. I am so frustrated. I ERGUE ALL TO NEVER NEVER USE CHARTER. Pros: NOTHING.. Try Verizon PLEASE not Charter Cons: Customer Service, Price, EVERYTHING more

Terrible Customer Service 4/6/2007

When I originally wanted to set up basic internet (at the lowest speed) I was told that it would be around $35 a month. At no point in the conversation (which, by the way, it takes half a day just to contact a real person) was it communicated to me that this it was a promotional offer. So about 6 months later I get a bill that charges me nearly $60. I called (and went through the stupid automated menu probably 8 times) and asked what was up. After some toggling and trying to sell me extra things I didn't want (for even higher prices) I finally got it through to them that I was NOT going to pay $60 just for internet, and eventually I found myself signed up for another promotional offer for basic cable TV and the same low-speed internet for about $40. They set up an appointment on a Tuesday for someone to come to my apartment... and they didn't show. That wednesday, out of the blue they call to confirm an appointment for ""all day"" Thursday. So I wasted the next day waiting... no one showed. I called to make one last appointment (and to complain) and I was bounced around from department to department 5 or 6 times until I finally talked to some woman with a bad attitude. She actually argued with me for 10 minutes like a broken record saying that they had a ""work order"" stating that someone had come by my apartment and installed all services (but I had been there all day and no one even called), and then suddenly changed her story and said that no one even had to come by the apartment to hook up the TV and they could do it from their location. Terrible conduct for a professional. Pros: It's practically the only option in Denton Cons: Service is the worst more

All I wanted was faster Internet, all I got was headaches... 8/31/2006

First, talking with customer service just to get cable installed was very frustrating. Found an online offer of $19/month for cable Internet with a free modem and installation, then I signed up for digital TV service through another Internet offer. Install date was two weeks later to allow time for the modem to arrive in the mail. Later that night I called to request cable installed on both our TV's. They couldn't find the work orders, and offered to go ahead with the install but it would cost more per month and the installation would be over $100 and I would need a certified check when the installer arrived. I told them to not bother. The next day they call my wife and offer full cable service with Internet for a lower per month cost and only $43 install fee on our first bill. So they came on the scheduled date, ran a new cable from the box in the back yard to the front side of our house; bright orange, just laying on the grass. They said someone would come later to bury it... not. Found out later the ""installer"" also detached and remove (stole) my Dish satellite connectors and wiring in the attic. Afterwards we sit back and try to enjoy a movie on Cinemax, only to lose the cable signal halfway through. Internet service was gone as well. Why? Because it was raining, they said. Rained for two days, cable TV and Internet was intermittent for three days. So two days after the install date I told them to come pick up their equipment and cancel everything. They said someone would be there Friday; they never showed. Called Monday asking why they didnt show up. They said no one was home (wife was home all day) and our account was closed and would cost around $35 to reopen it and get someone out to our house. Two days later we get a bill for almost $300 for unreturned cable equipment. So now I have to leave work early to drop off the equipment before they close at 5:00, then pay someone $68 to reinstall my Dish. Pros: Fast internet access Cons: Internet is not consistently available more
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