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Charter Communications

17 Lindsay Ave
Greenville, SC 29607
(864) 991-8641
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Charter Communications - Greenville, SC
Charter Communications - Greenville, SC


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Before switching to Charter Cable, I had read that they had bad service from some but decided to risk it anyway since they had better deals than Dish Network. I switched 2 years ...


This is a terrible company to deal with. I have recently started service with them just last month and since am in the process of moving. I had called to get my services tansfered...

Very pleased 8/13/2010

Before switching to Charter Cable, I had read that they had bad service from some but decided to risk it anyway since they had better deals than Dish Network. I switched 2 years ago and have NOTHING BUT GREAT SUCCESS with their digital cable and customer service. I find the reps to be helpful as well as the online help. The quality is good and I have not had an issue yet. Overall, I would reccomend Charter; however, if you want a lot of HD channels, you may be disappointed. It fits my needs. more


This is a terrible company to deal with. I have recently started service with them just last month and since am in the process of moving. I had called to get my services tansfered to the new address and it took them over 2 WEEKS to even call back to get someone out there to check the lines...... the tech said my house was to far from the pole and had to send a supervisor out. well the supervisor then stated that charter does not service that area. Meanwhile my neighbor who lives no farther then 100 feet from me has charter, cable internet and telephone the whole package... plus she is farther from telephone pole then i am! I have recently found out that they were trying to connect me to the wrong pole. They are the techs. they get paid to do this you would think they would know what telephone pole to hook the service up to!!! They dont. not even the supervisor! I then tried to call charter back and they said i would have to call the main office here in greenville, problem is THE PHONE NUMBER THEY HAVE LISTED IS DISCONNECTED. To top it all off they wanted to charge me 300 and some odd dollars for the service i told them i have only had the service one month and the customer service reps response was that they bill one month a head. I said NO WAY your not billing me for service that i have not yet used and plus my service isnt even hooked up because who ever they have working there is incompitant! I DO NOT RECOMMEND CHARTER. DIRECT TV MAYBE OR DISH NETWORK. DEFINATELY NOT CHARTER!!! Pros: NONE Cons: All more

Horrible Company! Worst customer service! 12/17/2008

Horrible company to deal with. Worst customer service, great routing equipment (Netgear) but support techs do not know anything about how to configure settings within equipment. The techs may know how to troubleshoot basic issues and turn on and off UpnP but do not know anything beyond that!. Techs are not knowledgeable at all and have no common sense. Local charter office does NOT answer phone at all. Too bad we don't have another option for cable services in the upstate. Pros: None Cons: Everything! more

Charter needs some good ole' fashioned competition! 9/28/2008

I've had almost ALL bad customer service, from them taking a whole day and never showing up to not being able to get a person to assist me in paying a bill while I was on vacation and couldn't pay on the computer.. I become anxious just dialing the no. for Charter. Once I was told that the reason my internet service wouldn't work for that one day was because Microsoft was downloading upgrades just for that one day. I waited and day and called back. I got someone who actually helped but by then, well, you just kind of wish you had an alternative. How in the world did Charter get a monopoly on cable in Greenville SC? The last time(s) I called to pay the bill. They said I was giving them an incorrect phone number. 3 times, I called and asked for a supervisor so I could pay my bill and 3 times, I was put on hold, the first time , for 20 minutes, then I was disconnected. The 2nd time I was put on hold for 15 minutes and then disconnected. The third I gave up and told them to just turn it all off. The one person who gave them a good review has obviously never owned a business that depended on giving the public excellant customer service! WE need to ban together and run them out of Greenville SC! How can we get another cable company here? more

This company is awful 7/24/2008

We had charter installed and they missed 4 appointments and when they showed up for #5 he didnt have the equipment that I ordered. He set up what he had and had to go under my house and broke my door the crawl space, he never even told us we went outside and saw it. He was at my home for over 5hours because he kept going outside to smoke. He finally had the equipment that he brought with him installed and now we have another all day appointment on July 31 for phone and another one on August 4 for internet THIS COMPANY IS HORRIBLE GET DIRECTV more

Not too bad 4/11/2008

As with most other people I was warned about the horrible service from Charter too. And like others I decided to try anyway. Luckily enough I didn't experience the rash of problems that most complain about. The only problem with my install was that the tech only brought one cable box instead of two. I scheduled another appointment, on a Saturday, and everything was fine. The cable works, the phone works and the internet is great. I might be one of the lucky ones but my service has been great. more


Decided to use Charter Communications, what a mistake. Everyone told me stay away. Setting up lines to house, they set up the wrong lines, missed an entire day of work. Missed another day of work, they had to rewire everything all over again. TV and internet service still did not work. Made appointments for them to come out and fix, they never showed up for appointment . Missed another day of work. Modem for internet not working, another appointment, they did not bring a new modem to replace bad modem. Still no internet service. They came out several days later, replaced modem and messed TV up. Now TV not working. Made another apppointment with Charter. No show or call on appointment from Charter. Called Charter, they forgot appointment. I missed more days of work. Several days later Charter fixed TV, now phones won't work. No dial tone. Another appointment. Got bill, bill was over $45.00 more then it was suppose to be. Called Charter, they said they would credit account. Next months bill, they did not credit account. Charter forwarded amounts to next months bill. They did the same thing the next month, and the next month, and the next month. Had problems for over 6 months, and they won't make things right. Still having problems with phones and TV services. They have not corrected overcharging on bills and keep adding to it. Problem after problem each month. When you call they put you on hold, never come back to the phone or they transfer you to someone else after you have pleaded your guts out to them. Your on hold with Charter for 45 minutes, the phone goes dead. They tell you they will call you back and they never call you back after waiting from 8 am to 8 pm. Did not get credits Charter promised. Going on 10 months now, Charter still has not made things right and now Charter is charging me for service I don't have. Go figure. Pros: As soon as I can find another internet service it's bye bye to Charter, never to return. Cons: Con is right. more

I LOVE CHARTER - 1/30/2008

All you people complaining need to get a life. Charter is a business and just like all companies its open to provide a service to make money. Charter is not required to give you a promo or discounted service. Do you call and complain to the bank that your pay your car note to each month? Do you call the farm to complain about the price of milk? Do you call THE PRESIDENT to complain about ... pick one with HIM. So stop whinning like a baby to Charter or take you butt to Direct TV.....HELLO Charter is not a charity. Pay your bills and stop complaining or cancel your service. more

Abysmal quality of service for internet, cable TV, and phone service 1/5/2008

The internet service, when working, is good. However, there is a lot to be desired regarding other aspects: - video on demand rarely works ('error initializing - try again in several minutes') despite three separate attempts by service technicians coming to the house to solve the problem - customer service calls to assist with e-mail password reset resulted, in all three or my attempts, in mis-directed telephone call transfers and 'dead lines', literally wasting hours of my time - their live chat help was difficult to use and resulted in the same manner of frustration and dissatisfaction - the charter internet phone service sound quality was so low and 'lag' was so slow despite multiple attempts for them to rectify it that we were ecstatic to shift back to Bell South. I am normally pretty mellow and understanding when it comes to service, but Charter has done nothing other than make it easy for you to allow them to take your money with little or no recourse for what is quite shabby product/service and poor/scripted customer service. I recommend going anywhere else. I intend to seek other service providers. Pros: Large national organization Cons: Abysmal service with respect to both quality and customer service more


I set up an account with charter for tv, internet service, and telephone service for $99.99 a month promo special for one year. The appointments scheduled were no shows, when they did come out installed wrong cable wires. They had to do over, missing days of work. Internet, TV, and Cable TV not working properly. Made more appointments. Took months of relentless calling and appointments, with no shows, not bringing correct equipment. People coming out not fixing problem or did no know how to fix problems. They might fix one problem and destroy another. When calling customer service making appointments, no show, they would make excuses for no shows or failed equipment. First bill was over $60.00 more then the agreement. I had the agreement in writing. If I had not had the agreement in writing, it would have been worse. For almost a year Charter has billed me for more then the amount agreed upon. Every month I call and ask them to call me back to correct the bill, so I can pay the bill, they do not call back, calling repeatedly, they still don't call back. For eleven months now, I have tried to get Charter to make things right. I sent a certified letter to the Vise President and President of Charter to no avail. I have a file folder with over fifty pages of complaints to Charter with their employees names, phone numbers, dates, times, filing complaints. Charter is still billing me wrong. Charter employee stated he would extend the special rates of $99.99 to August 2008. Bill is wrong this month, over $20.00 over. I called Friday, Monday, and today with no call back. They will not give me a name of any person to call back. Can not reach the billing department after trying for an entire day. Now they are reneging on the extension of August 2008, said they never said this. At time had friend listening to their agreement. So I have a witness. Go to www.wikipedia type in Charter Communications to see criticism in free encyclopedia on the internet. more

Horrible Customer Service 7/25/2007

I just moved to the Greenville area and was warned by at least 10 people to stay away from Charter because of their poor customer service and various other issues. I didn't listen and now I wish I had because they were right. I placed my order on-line and had an orginal install date of July 3rd. The tech was a no show. On the second install date of July 7th, the tech arrived early but did not have DVR box and second digital box as I requested on my on-line order. On the third date of July 14, the tech never showed up but a note was on my account that he came by and no one was home. My family and I were there the entire time. The fourth install date July 18, another no show tech but customer service claimed my appointment was for July 19. The fifth date of July 19 at 6:15 someone was coming but at 7:00 they couldn't come by because they were out of DVR boxes. My husband and I have yet to receive any satsifaction or requested services. Now I'm told that I'll have to go my local office here but no one at the toll free Customer Service has a number where that office can be reached to verify their hours and if they do indeed have the correct box. They have the worst customer service, technician service, and organization of any company I have ever had to deal with. If you are considering Charter, do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY! Pros: NONE Cons: poor customer service, lack of organization and communication more
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