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Chaplin's Bellevue Subaru-Volkswagen - 129 Reviews - 15000 SE Eastgate Way, Bellevue, WA - Automobile Dealer Services Reviews - Phone (425) 641-2002
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Chaplin's Bellevue Subaru-Volkswagen

15000 SE Eastgate Way
Bellevue, WA 98007
(425) 641-2002
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Chaplin's Bellevue Subaru-Volkswagen - Bellevue, WA
Chaplin's Bellevue Subaru-Volkswagen - Bellevue, WA
Chaplin's Bellevue Subaru-Volkswagen - Bellevue, WA
Chaplin's Bellevue Subaru-Volkswagen - Bellevue, WA
Chaplin's Bellevue Subaru-Volkswagen - Bellevue, WA
Chaplin's Bellevue Subaru-Volkswagen - Bellevue, WA


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I had a great experience at Michaels VW. I didn’t have an appointment but I still was able to get my car in the shop. I drove the car home the same day. Very helpful and knowledge...


I made a reservation for an oil change the week before my appointment (you knew I was coming for a standard oil change). I get there on time and wait an hour for them to tell me t...

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A Hardworking Dealer 2/8/2011

During the last twelve months I have purchased two vehicles from Chaplin's Subaru and referred another customer who purchased a car. The reason for the repeat business is salesperson, Tim Hunley. While others were polite and helpful during the process, Tim's honesty, knowledge, and care made the deals work. Chaplin's works hard to create a pleasant atmosphere and honest deals. Tim takes it the highest level and will continue to earn the business of myself and my friends. more

Chaplin's Exceptional Service 10/28/2010

I received exceptional service from the dealership and service department. I brought my car in for service, full of rattles, and got nothing but great service. The service manager explained everything to me and calmed me down. They even brought out the foreman to show me where the rattles were coming from. Everyone took care of me and my car. I could not be happier! more

Service Department Is Wonderful 10/27/2010

The employees at the service department have always been a pleasure to work with. They have displayed superior customer service. They have had the work completed in a timely manner, respecting my time. Thank you! more

Ton of fun buying a car 6/24/2010

I had a "ton of fun" buying my new Passat at Chaplins. Wanted to let you know. My initial inquiry was by e-mail asking about the new Passat. Vasco Rubio and I really enjoyed talking cars by e-mail and in person with Vasco. He's one likable guy. All questions were answered promptly and I was given a fair price. To get the car I wanted Vasco ordered one from Germany and he e-mailed me where it was between Germany and Houston. Then our Passat arrived, Vasco told Judy and me all about the car the day we picked it up --- and when I had a question about the navigation system he helped me again last week. Thanks for making this a fun time for me. more

Superior Selection, Affordable Price! 6/22/2010

What a friendly team of sales people without the expected pushy atmosphere of some dealerships. Our family has purchased two used vehicles here, and traded in two. This was by far the most pleasant and easy car buying experience I've had. I wouldn't hesitate to send everyone I know your way for a Subaru. It was worth coming down from Seattle and avoiding the typical car sales experience.? more

Remarkable Customer Service 6/15/2010

I am the proud owner of a GTI, my first VW and I'm very happy. What a remarkable job Wilson has done in helping me find the right car. Willson took the time, several days actually to listen , let me drive a variety of cars, both ones that I thought I was interested in, and ones that were off my radar, the R32 and the BMW330, the WRX, the Mini. My previous car buying experience was regretfully rushed, but this Wilson made sure, absolutely sure that I had driven enough cars to make getting the right car a priority over just getting a good deal. He is a shining example for your dealership and VW. ~Patrick C. more

Satisfying purchase of vehicle 6/15/2010

I would like you to know that this was the most satisfying purchase of a vehicle I have ever made. The entire process was efficient, respectful and courteous. My sales person, Derek Walker, was exceptional in meeting my needs. I can tell you that I visited essentially every other Subaru dealership in the Greater Seattle area and it was the treatment I received from Derek that convinced me to do business with Chaplins. more

Satisfied customer 6/14/2010

Last November, I had to buy a new(used) car after mine was totaled in a car accident. I had been frustrated in my search. Once I encountered John, however, the experience became much easier. He was helpful, direct and honest. In the end, I bought a 2004 Subaru wagon and am very happy with it. I just wanted to let you know. I'm sure that many others receive similar treatment, but may not communicate it. more


I am expressing my appreciation of Chaplin's making available to me the purchase of a new Forester at a special price. Vic had John Goodfellow handle the arrangements and Joh did a good job under adverse conditions. I was very pleased and would highly recommend them to my friends and family. more

Great sales team 6/9/2010

Bought a 2005 Dodge from Chaplins about a year ago and I had a great experience buying from these guys. from the Internet Sales Manager, Vasco Rubio, to the finance person. Overall a good place to buy a car. more

front desk with 3 money suckers and an attractive lady 1/21/2010

I used have a VolksWagen Golf 2001 model. That damn car has been serviced at this damn center many times. No use. otherwise useless. All my money gone. very expensive they only show a beautiful girl at front desk. Guys please don't go there. If you go you will definitely see the same picture. 1 to 3 money sucking body builders at front desk with a nice exposing lady just besides them. One go only go there their to loose money. But surely they will make you come back with repair coming back again and with that attractive front desk lady. Good luck... more

Tried to get me to replace the breaks when they were new 7/31/2009

3 part story. part 1 - purchased the car from Chaplins and was sold into the idea of the extended warranty. They told me that if a radio knob fell off the car, they would replace it. So after 2 weeks, the steering wheel wabbled and a chome door seal plate fell off the car. In the end, they wanted to charge me for both, but after yelling at the sales mgr in the sales room, they fixed the breaks part 2 - Turbo failed in the car at 70k miles. So i took the car in and they immediately denied me. Telling me that i need every oil change receipt sense i purchased the car. This was eventually resolved, but took over 2 weeks with a sour taste for Chaplins in the way they handled it. part 3 - Previous to the turbo failing, i had the car in to Chaplins a few time for oil changes. Every time i got the car back, they told me that i really needed to have the break pads changed. That they were almost grinding on the disk. After quoting me $800 to fix the breaks, i decided that i would do this my self. So off to the auto part store to purchase some pads and off with the old breaks....only to find out that 75% of the pad was still there!!! This was 6 months after they had first told me I needed to replace them. They literally tried to get me to replace the pads, when they were almost brand new. more

Verizon Wireless Bellevue WA jobs 3/20/2009

karmveer singh manager If any one lost their job at chaps or else where and have H1 please contact and join in verizon wireless eastgate way bellevue wa or Sand Canyon Ave Irvine CA. verizon wireless is stickly encouraging h1's giving pink slips to usa citizens and green card holders. more

Service 3/9/2009

Excellent service group! Very friendly people who went out of their way to make my experience a very positive one. Especially found the service manager, Boris, very helpful and friendly, and not to mention cute too!! :) more

Awful dealer 8/16/2008

I had a bad experience here. The salesman was rude, didn't know anything about Subaru's, and was pushy. Typical car dealer BS. more

High-pressure tactics! 12/6/2007

My sister visited Chaplin's today. At first, all was well. She test drove a car while they evaluated her trade-in. Then the negotiations began and things deteriorated quickly. Fortunately, my sister had shopped around, so she was knowledgeable about the market. She told them of the other vehicles available at other dealerships. They (grudgingly) improved the terms of their offer. They kept saying "What will it take to complete this sale TODAY?" They clearly were desperate to make the sale, but kept piling on the bullsh*t about how great the car was (** it had higher mileage than the other dealer's) and how reasonable the price was (** higher than the other dealer's), etc. The last straw was when Chaplin's retained custody of my sister's car keys, so she couldn't drive away after deciding not to sign on the dotted line today. THIS CONSTITUTES COERSION! Then after she got home, they called to say that they "accidentally" kept her registration. They said they needed it to verify the VIN number. This tactic prevents my sister from trading in her vehicle anywhere else until she has either (1) waited for them to mail the registration to her, or (2) made another trip across town to retrieve it. THIS IS A DISREPUTABLE ESTABLISHMENT! If you are considering doing business with them, RUN - do not walk - in the opposite direction! more

Crap 6/8/2007

Felt very sleazy, pushed around and pressured. I left questioning my decision to ever go to Chaplins. more

Terrible, inconsiderate service department 5/4/2007

Your car is not ready when they say and they never call to discuss problems, solutions or when your car will be ready. I used them before and was disappointed but thought I would give them another try since they are located close to where I live. Never on for more details. So my car was due for the 60,000 mile service and the check engine light was on again. It has been going on and off for the past 1.5 years since I moved back to the area and been in multiple times for this problem. Funny thing is that I lived with it in Georgia for 3 years and the check engine light came on only once. So they said the car would be there for the day. I dropped it off at around 3pm and left it overnight. They said they would call when they found the cause of the check engine light. Well, no call the next day until I called about 3pm and was told the the MAF meter needed replacement again (I had it replaced 1 year ago) and there was carbon build up in the throttle valve. To fix this, they needed to keep my car until the next day until around 12:00pm and I would get a call when it was done. Never got a call. Well, I called the next day around 12:15 (service advisor at lunch, would call backl, never got called). I called back at 1:00pm and was told my car would not be ready until 4:30pm and I would get a call. I also asked how much my bill was. Was told would have to look it up and would call right back. Well, I waited 40 minutes with no call so I called back and was finally told how much the bill was going to be. Ok, so 4:30 comes and goes and finally at about 5:30, I call yet again and am told they just finished with my car and need to road test it and it would be ready about 5:40. Well, I get to the dealer around 5:45 and low and behold my paperwork is not ready and I sit around waiting 15 minutes. Then, I look through my paperwork and find on the maintenance inspection something that says cam adjuster seal under report major oil leaks. No one pointed this out to me, no one talked to me about it. So I asked and was told it would need repair although not immediately. So they ask me if I want them to get me an estimate and I, of course, tell them NO!!! more

completely unhappy with their careless custumer service 1/8/2007

their service, department just can't get it together , i made an appointment since beginning of December 06 just to find out a day before my appointment that they did not have an appointment for me because wasn't in their system, even do a service specialist made it for me.i rather fix my car ,my self then taking it back to Chaplins.really poor service all they way around. more

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Cars are for Closers 1/2/2007

On behalf of my Former Boss (FB), whose opinion I respect greatly, I must submit this review. His lease was about to end and he decided to renew at the same dealership where he had leased his two previous cars. From that fact alone, they probably thought it was gonna be a slam dunk. When FB arrived, he knew EXACTLY what he wanted in terms of model, edition, and price range. He was willing to commit to a lease that day if they had the car he wanted and offered a fair price. He scoured the lot for the specific edition he desired. It wasn't there (and he's extremely throrough) so he asked Salesperson 1 if there was one available in an area close by. And mind you, it took 20 minutes for a salesperson to even breathe in his direction in the first place. S1 hemmed and hawed that the car he was looking for was on the lot and led him to several cars that FB had already verified as NOT the car he wanted. FB is all about efficiency and low hassle, so he was pretty steamed about S1 giving him the runaround in an exercise of sheer stubbornness/stupidity. S1 even had the gall to insult FB thrice in the form of "I've been working here X decades and I blah blah blah Master of the Vehicular Universe blah blah". It became obvious that S1 wasn't listening to a word that was being said so FB asked for another Salesperson. Salesperson 2 saunters along 10 minutes later WITH THE LEASE PAPERWORK of all things without having discussed the numbers or even FINDING HIM THE CAR HE WANTED TO LEASE! In a baffling turn of events, S2 begins to badmouth S1 like a pimp with a mortgage. What kind of idiot does that in front of a potential customer? When they finally did start talking numbers after 25 minutes of waiting around, FB's request for "lower monthly payments and $1K down" was interpreted as "Pickles and mayo on a camel's backside". It just made you want to reach over and adjust the poor little guy's helmet. And if that wasn't sad enough, he pre-empted any attempts at haggling by declaring that the ridiculous price "is what it is". I mean, where did this chump learn to close? At a crack house? Suffice it to say that no car was leased that day nor shall ever be leased again at this Nitwit Factory. Causing aneurysms one vein at a time. more
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