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Chalmers Wellness - 14 Reviews - 6988 Lebanon Rd, Frisco, TX - Chiropractor Reviews - Phone (866) 604-6998
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Chalmers Wellness

6988 Lebanon Rd
Frisco, TX 75034
(866) 604-6998
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Chalmers Wellness - Frisco, TX
Chalmers Wellness - Frisco, TX
Chalmers Wellness - Frisco, TX
Chalmers Wellness - Frisco, TX
Chalmers Wellness - Frisco, TX



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I finally found a great chiropractor. I have been to several chiropractors as I have moved around the past few years. I really like going however I don’t like being pushed into s...


I was referred here by Dr. Bain (also clueless BTW) with a VERY sick child. Chalmers suggested we try "mudding". We said, ok sounds interesting, but he's a doc, we'll try it. W...

Fantastic Chiropractor 8/30/2011

I finally found a great chiropractor. I have been to several chiropractors as I have moved around the past few years. I really like going however I don’t like being pushed into some huge multi visit plan that I have to pay for up front. The thing I really like about Dr. Chalmers is that he doesn’t make anyone sign up for plans like that. If you want he will make you one but I told him I would just call and reschedule on my own and he told me that was ok. I didn’t hear any big stories about how I would have all these problems in the future if I didn’t come back a bunch of times. Very refreshing to find someone that lets me have a say in my health care. more

Great Place For Post-Cancer Patients 8/21/2011

Just a short note to thank Dr. Chalmers and his staff for helping me to regain my health and strength post-cancer... I recently had my quarterly CT scan and the oncologist's nurse said that the results were clearer than the last scan. I told the oncologist that I was cleansing under direct supervision of a chiropractor. Surprisingly, he thought it was a great idea! I know my clearer scan results are directly attributed to the cleansing prescribed by Dr. Chalmers. Thanks again for everything and God bless! more

I feel amazing 7/1/2011

Let me start by saying that I feel better than I ever thought I was going to be able to feel again. Dr Chalmers really has made a very significant change for the better in my life and my family’s lives. I will say go with an mind because the things they do there are different and when I went for the first time I wasn’t sure about all the things they wanted to do. However, I have several friends that swear by him so I went ahead and did everything he suggested. Now I will agree the mud thing was kinda far out there for me however I felt quite a bit different the next day. It took me about 2 months and I am now taking about 1/6 of the supplements that I started on and I still feel amazing. I dont have any more heartburn, my anxiety is pretty much gone and my energy is through the roof. I have sent several of my friends to see him and the ones that have been able to get over the fact that the things they do there are different and sometimes very odd feel a ton better. All I can say is that things take a little time. It took me two months but I feel amazing. more

Stick to adjustments (maybe) 8/3/2010

I was referred here by Dr. Bain (also clueless BTW) with a VERY sick child. Chalmers suggested we try "mudding". We said, ok sounds interesting, but he's a doc, we'll try it. WOW, what a waste of time, what's next leeches and a revival? It says a lot to me that Bain would trust such a huckster. This guy has been out of school for 1 year, and all the sudden he's a child expert? Since he's so young and clueless he'll try whatever makes money. Avoid... Pros: Nice Cons: Young, snake oil salesman more

The Course of Fibromyalgia in my life 7/6/2010

The course that fibromyalgia takes depends upon the individual. Typically, fibromyalgia begins with some minor aches and pains. Gradually, pain will become more pronounced and noticeable. You'll begin to lose some muscle strength and movement, which may affect your mobility. For instance, you may find that you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning or completing your responsibilities at work, that is where it started with me. You will also begin to notice other fibromyalgia symptoms popping up. Once you have fibromyalgia, it does not go away. Recovery is difficult and my health was declining quickly. Dr Chalmers has a full body infrared bed that relieves the pain, sooths your body and makes the cycles less frequent. If you are looking for relief for fibromyalgia pain, call Dr Chalmers in Frisco today. Pros: FULL body infrared machine Cons: none more

They saved my health! Possibly my life! 6/23/2010

I had gotten very sick on a Saturday and thought it was just a stomach flue, by Thursday I could not walk and had lost a lot of weight due to NOTHING allowing me to keep food down. I practically dragged myself from downtown Dallas to this Chinese Herbalist/ nutritionist office for some QRT testing to see what was up. I curled up in a ball when I got in there and they lovingly gave me some Alo to stop me from Gagging, and placed me in a cool room till my appointment ( the wait was about 5 min) . Once they did the testing to see why I was so sick, it ended up being ECOLI AND a Parasite in my intestine. I am a bariatric paitent so something in a combination like this could have killed me. The herbal remedies they gave me made me feel better within an hour and after my third treatment in 24 hours I was back at work. AMAZING Doctor/ Chiropractor / Nutritionist and Friend. His Assistant even offered to drive me home because I was so sick. This is the only Nutritionist I will ever see and to drive from Dallas to Frisco is worth the price of the tolls. If you are sick and want to try a herbalist first , run to this man in Frisco, he is the best! Pros: I was better within 24 hours Cons: only in Frisco but worth the drive more

LOVE This Chiropractor and Herbalist 3/4/2010

I was referred to this frisco chiropractor in Frisco from someone at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. I currently go to a Chiropractor in Dallas but he has other services that most chiropractors in Frisco and Dallas do not have. I am currently using the Nutritional suppliments he offers . This is an amazing process of balancing out your body and the energy and nutritional requirements. I pasted the clinical information from his frisco web site so you could read more. I HIGHLY recommend This Frisco chiropractor ! QRA is a marriage of traditional Eastern Medicine and 21st century Quantum Physics. Ancient Chinese medicine recognized that just as there was blood flow throughout the body there was also energy flow through channels or meridians. Acupuncture uses these meridians to influence not only blood and lymph but the specific energy channels as well. This type of therapy dates back thousands of years and is used all over the world. The modern from of QRA began over thirty years ago when Dr. Yoshiaki Omura developed the Bi-Digital O-Ring test. Dr. Omura, M.D. was engaged in brain and circulation research for the heart disease research Foundation, in Brooklyn NY. Dr. Omura’s research proved that abnormalities of the body cause minute forces that weaken the “O-Ring” formed by the Thumb and one finger of either hand thus showing the functioning state of the body’s organs and systems. Dr. Ommura’s research has been verified in a number of university studies since the original publication of his findings in 1977. QRA, as it is practiced today, has been redesigned to incorporate specific whole food supplements over the past 30 years by Dr. Bob Marshall. Dr. Marshall holds a PhD in biochemistry and is the former president of the American Association of Clinical Nutritionists as well as being a board member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. His life’s work has taken him all over the globe to discover the highest quality as well as the purest samplings of herbs and nutrients that have been recognized for centuries as the answer to many common health concerns. The combination of the work of Dr. Omura and Dr. Marshall have resulted in a test that will help to not only determine organ strength and health but will also give an insight into what the body needs to heal. With this information it is now possible to address long term chronic issues as well as maintain health for years. Pros: VERY educated and has alternative options Cons: none, love him more

Be Careful 11/18/2009

I suppose these products that they sell so fervently are helpful to many people but they are really interested in selling them and not necessarily what is going to happen to you while you are taking them. They are quite strong and can overload the body--putting you into a worse place than when you started. That was the experience I had with a family member and when pressed to help further with the difficulty that was caused, they were mute. Some of the pronouncements made were inaccurate and there was disaggrement between the father and son on diagnosis and treatment. There is almost a cultish attitude about taking their extensive supplements (and they are not cheap!). Isn't the first rule of medicine to do no harm? Pros: Nice office Cons: Overload the body with way too much at one time more

The best nutritionist in texas! 7/15/2009

I went to Dr. Chalmers for a QRT test because I had cramps and really bad gas all the time. He did the tests and found a blockage in my lower intestine. If you are not familiar with QRT it is a muscle reflexology test that works with the energy in your body. It is an amazing Chinese herbology and really works. Since I have started going to this nutritionist in Frisco he has also started to offer Keagan Water as well. This alkalized and balanced the water that is calibrated to the acid in your body and helps eliminate waste and reduce the acid in your body. This is only in Frisco and I have seen people come as far as Waxahachie to see him when I was there. Dr. Chalmers is an amazing Chiropractor, Nutritionist and healer. You really have to go see him in Frisco to get the full effect, but you will not be sorry. Pros: Fixed my problems with no d r u g s Cons: none more

Spinal Decompression was the best thing I ever did 1/2/2009

I have been an amateur athlete most of my life. I have played football through high school in Frisco, wrestling, golf, and body building. A few months ago I was doing a heavy leg exercise and seriously compressed a disc in my lumbar spine. The pain was immediate and unlike anything I had ever experienced. The pain extended from my low back and down both legs and I thought surgery was my only option. I found Dr. Chalmers from his web page and decided to at least try Spinal Decompression to avoid the surgery. This turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. My back feels great and I am back in the gym. Dr. Chalmers even helped me with my weight lifting program so I will avoid re-injury. Thank you Bill Gale Pros: very helpful and knowledgeable Cons: nothing more

Herniated disc 1/1/2009

I am a mother of 3 young children. I have a herniated disc in my low back that makes it very difficult and painful to lift and care for my children. I didn?t have time or money for a back surgery and thought I would have to live with the pain or take pain meds for life. I checked into non surgical procedures for disc problems and found Dr. Chalmers Chiropractic website on Spinal Decompression. I went in for a free consultation and found I was a candidate for the procedure. It was painless, affordable and most of all gave me lasting relief from pain. I can enjoy playing with my children again. Thank you Dr. Chalmers, Mrs. Rogers Pros: Free Consultation Cons: none more

Spinal decompression treatment. 1/1/2009

I had a bulging disc in my neck for 8 years. I did not remember what living without pain was like. I had given up everything I enjoyed in life and was considering trying to go on a physical disability at work. I heard about spinal decompression but did not believe it would work for me. My neck, shoulder, and left arm hurt so bad I was afraid the treatment would be unbearable. I was wrong, the treatment did not hurt and I felt the difference after the 1st visit. I am now pain free and doing the things I enjoy. Thanks Dr. Chalmers and his spinal decompression treatment. Mr. Mounce Pros: Fantastic Chiropractor Cons: None more

Pain free! 1/1/2009

I had a very painful disc in my neck that caused my left shoulder and left hand to alternately burn or go completely numb. Since my job is working with Doctors everyday I know that surgery was the last thing I wanted to do. Dr. Matt Chalmers was recommended to me as a chiropractor in Frisco by a friend of mine who had a similar problem in her neck. I am so thankful that I took my friends advice since I am now completely pain free and all the numbness in my hand is gone. Now I am happy to recommend Dr. Chalmers as a chiropractor to everyone in Frisco. Ms. Miller more

After just 2 decompression treatments I felt so much better 1/1/2009

I am a professional author of children?s books. My career requires that I attend book tours from coast to coast. I developed a herniated disc in my low back which caused such intense pain that not only could I not travel I could not even write. I called Dr. Chalmers in desperation when the other treatments I tried had failed. After just 2 decompression treatments I felt so much better I knew I had found the solution. I completed Dr. Chalmers recommended plan and now I am back on tour feeling better than I have in years. I have told everyone I know not to live like I did with back pain when there is a solution. Thank you Dr. Chalmers for giving me back my life. Sonja Pros: Fantastic solutions and takes insurace Cons: none more
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Owner Message

  • Chalmers Wellness is a holistic family chiropractic and natural nutrition facility, located in Frisco. It's your one stop clinic for chiropractic & spinal decompression (for disc pain) & nutritional supplementation for your dietary needs.

    Dr. Chalmers is very proud to be one of the very few chiropractors to be certified to work on the pain caused by slipped & herniated disc using spinal disc decompression. He is a certified chiropractic clinical neurologist, key for any chiropractor to have when working on the spine, muscles & nerves of you and your loved ones.

    Find relief from ADD / ADHD, allergies, back pain, digestive problems, fatigue, slipped / herniated discs, stress & Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

    Dr. Chalmers, of Chalmers Wellness, is a QRA Nutritional Specialist, offering specialized testing for organ need and function to help return you to optimum health.


  • Dr. Chalmers of Chalmers Wellness treats patients with various back pains as well as digestive problems, fatigue and more.

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