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Century West Medi-Spa - 48 Reviews - 1990 Westwood Boulevard Suite 110, Los Angeles, CA - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (310) 475-3488

Century West Medi-Spa

1990 Westwood Boulevard Suite 110
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 475-3488
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Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA
Century West Medi-Spa - Los Angeles, CA


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My wife and I just returned from a month long vacation to California. While we were there, I now admit I did get a little grouchy just sightseeing, not sleeping in my own bed, sp...


After reading all the great reviews I finally decided to make an appt. I asked for a deep tissue massage and to focus on my shoulder and back, which are very tight from working b...

Just Had to Say Something 1/8/2011

My wife and I just returned from a month long vacation to California. While we were there, I now admit I did get a little grouchy just sightseeing, not sleeping in my own bed, spending too much money, etc. So my wife decided we could both probably use a soothing massage to relax out nerves. This was the first time for me but my wife gets massages all the time at home.\r Well, some friends recommended Century West Medi-Spa and I just had to say how it really made a difference for me on our vacation. It was great! The people were really friendly and the spa was really relaxing. We had a couples massage - side by side. I am now a convert after visiting this spa and plan on getting massages on a regular basis. My wife is all for it. Thanks and kudos to Century West Medi-Spa. more

Beautiful atmosphere, very friendly staff, affordable 1/8/2011

I thought the staff was really friendly and I loved my deep tissue massage. I was really stiff and achy after a hard day's work, and I felt so much better, afterwards. The price is nice, too. I'm going to go again. more

A Great Experience 1/8/2011

I was visiting friends in Los Angeles area and after flying and sleeping on a hard mattress was in need of a massage. My friends recommended Century West and I'm so glad they did! Upon entering I was impressed with the beautiful and serene surroundings.\r The reception staff was polite and very pleasant. The best part was my massage. I got a full body massage and it really unkinked me in all the places I needed. What a relief! I would certainly recommend this Spa to everyone. more


Mike90293 - Mike is my real name SENSATIONAL SPA SERVICES ON THE WESTSIDE!! After searching the internet and reading these reviews, I happened across this amazing place! I am retired now, and have had chronic neck-back pain and scoliosis for as far back as I can remember. I even broke my hip several years ago, so it is difficult for me to walk very far. Now, I sit at a computer daily and quite extensively. Century West was able to give me a same day appointment for a one hour massage, as well as a visit with the chiropractor. The place is well equipped with many resources. The Thai-like spa is quite beautiful, but they also have physical therapy and acupuncture. One of the doctors there has placed me on a weekly program of regular treatments. I am very grateful to have found this place. Looks like I will be continuing on with this place for a long time. Highly recommend Century West! more

Massage Virgin 1/6/2011

I had my first massage ever at Century West. I was a little nervous and apprehensive having never had a professional massage. The front desk staff on the phone when I inquired and made my appt was kind, helpful, and courteous explaining all of the types of massage available and the techniques used. I used a gift certificate which was for a 50 minute massage but after feeling so relaxed and loving the experience my masseuse, whose name was Tang, extended it to an 80 minute for a nominal fee. Whats great about this place is you can have chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, facial and massages. I was introduced to one of the Dr. s there, who gave me a tour of the facilities and told me about all the artwork and large Buddah fountain which is a site in and of itself... I forgot to ask how they got it in there. I am now a massage believer and have an appt for this weekend for a massage and chiropractic evaluation . I enjoy reading about businesses on this site and I hope my own feedback helps readers discover this wonderful literally feel like you are in Thailand and will leave totally rejuvinated. I am so surprised at the posting by someone using the name yummyeater or Alicia R. I had a fantastic experience here and the staff was kind, professional, upfront and honest with me...totally opposite what she posted and readers should question her motives when you see the other reviews more

My experiences at Century West 1/5/2011

rooms, and complimentary amenities are great. Final word re City Search. I use it for unbiased consensus reviews of businesses and find it shameful that people who have their own axe to grind or bias make it an avenue for their vendetta to hurt a business and / or the people it employs... shame on the husband-wife team of yum and blebeef... Happy 2011 and people advice is go with the consensus on these review sites. more


New Year's Day, and I couldn't feel better to start the year! I had a massage at Century West yesterday, and was so relaxed that I could not stay up to celebrate New Year's Eve! It has been a little while since I have been here, but I am delighted to say that their service is still as good as I remembered it the last time!\r \r My therapist Dey gave me an excellent massage, and managed to eliminate the tight neck and shoulders I have experienced these past two weeks. I am a CPA, and I sit hours on end in front of my computer. Needless to say, I was badly in need of this.\r \r I did not come in a Living Social promotion, however, $55 for an hour massage is already a deal in and of itself! I have read some of these reviews, and it appears that the 2 very negative reviews (YummyEater and BleBeef) I am seeing here are not only inappropriate, but they are ridiculous! Obviously they get their kicks in slandering a great business. Don't believe what they say, it simply is not true. \r \r As I was checking out, the manager met me and others in the lobby to ensure that everything was to our satisfaction. They truly care about their customers. For those of you reading this, please come in and experience Century West for yourself!\r \r more

Loved It!!!!! 1/3/2011

I recently got an appointment at this facility on a Living Social promotion. Yes it took a month to get in, but if you regularly purchase any massage or spa package (ie Groupon or LS), you can expect a wait to get in. I have been getting massages for many years now. I am a loyal customer of Rest & Relax Bodyworks only a mile away (which happens to be owned by the Dr. Fox, the owner of Century West) so I decided to try out it out via this promotion. \r \r The staff at Century West was very professional and friendly. The office was very clean and decorated with beautiful artwork (similar to their other location). I was escorted to the back by a young lady named Lucy. She was extremely friendly and accommodating, and knew to ask me precisely where I was in need. Took me to their back “spa” area, which is almost like going into an entirely different location. I was taken aback by the rather astonishing Buddah waterfall at the entrance to the rooms. The room itself was rather large, lovely Zen-like music seemingly all around, and perfect lighting…….that being soft and dim, the way I like it for letting the mind drift to lala land. Lucy knew EXACTLY where my issues were, and focused where I needed it most. The session was 80 minutes and she was able to do a full body, including working out a chronic shoulder spasm. I hate to compare to other places, but this truly was a magnificent massage! One of the best ever. I felt like a new man when I left, a perfect way to end the year!\r What a deal this was $37.50 for 80 minute massage, clearly as good as any of these “high-end” spas at hotels, minus the locker room and Jacuzzi. Although Century West does offer a shower, robes and towels. I even purchased a gift certificate for my girlfriend as I left. Even without the reduction in price, very reasonable. \r \r Although I am dedicated to their newer facility I will definitely be re-visiting Century West.\r \r ***Lastly although I am not I regular reviewer, I only write comments when I feel there is merit for them. I happened to see some recent reviews written by an apparently very disgruntled customer and his wife. They are known as “Yummyeater” and “Bleebeef”. I see their reviews and I am outraged! This makes no sense to me whatsoever. I have been in the restaurant business for over 30 years, and I KNOW CUSTOMER SERVICE! The service industry is a difficult one. Realize when you read their comments, the owner nor the staff cannot respond to these “accusations”. It is easy for them to write such volatile and hurtful comments about this business, and yet it makes no sense to me. There is always another side to every story, and as you can see by the vast majority (95% of the reviews here, theirs are the only really negative ones. It is my understanding that the husband had a massage earlier the same day and was completely delighted with his treatment as well as therapist! His wife akaYummyeater on the other hand really was late for her appointment and she had a “screaming” child-like tantrum in the front office, in front of several people including the staff as well as 2 customers. She used hostile and vulgar language directed at another customer in the waiting room who asked her to calm down) and was asked to leave the premises. THAT IS THE TRUE REALITY OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED according to the staff at Century West Medispa. \r I am seeing that these 2 people are now on a “mission” of slander and a smear campaign. I am ashamed for their behavior!\r This was truly a very wonderful establishment and the owner clearly has done his due diligence to hire professionals. \r \r Again, check this place out. Make it part of your New Year’s “resolution”. Keep the stress at bay. HAPPY NEW YEAR!\r more


Read this and decide if you want to give this place your $$. A) My wife and I got 2 massages through Living Social, a 10a for me and a 1:30p for her. I got a call the morning of, me at 10a and my wife for 1:30p. At 1:05p, I get a call. ""Where is your wife?"" I said, ""Her appt is 1:30."" The woman rudely, ""Actually NO, I told you 1p."" She left and was there in 11 mins. The following is my wife's retelling: B) The staff was BEYOND rude, refusing to resked my wife in the future even though this was THEIR mistake that caused my wife to be late. They told her that even though she had paid for an 80 min massage, she would have to settle for 60 mins (and ticking...) or leave right now and forfeit the entire massage. Why should she have to lose 25% of her massage because the staff at this place made a sked error? I agree with her. C) She raised her voice and became visibly upset. Who wouldn't at this point? She is small, 4'10"", so take ""raised"" with a grain of salt, lol. At this point, who WOULDN'T raise their voice? You made a mistake so I give up either 25% or 100% of my massage? No thank you. They said ""take this or LEAVE."" D) I called them myself and the ofc manager told me that she ""had already made up her mind without even hearing my side of the story, they do not tolerate raised voices in their waiting rooms and they were completely unwilling to work with me or to reschedule her for any time in the future."" I said, ""It is really sad, that you oversee a business, and have made up your mind without hearing from the customer first or at all for that matter. Please, I am not asking for anything unfair or unreasonable. The scheduling error was your fault. I am simply asking for you to reschedule my wife at ANY TIME, sometime in the next 10 years, you can't fit her in for a massage? I am just asking you to do the right thing. We've already paid you, this was just a big misunderstanding."" The office manager responded: ""We are doing the right thing."" And then, she hung up on me. She HUNG UP ON ME. I even called back, I said we must have gotten disconnected. She said ""No, I hung up on you. I was letting you know that this conversation is over."" She said ""I've already spoken to the owner and his answer will be the EXACT same and HUNG UP ON ME AGAIN."" E) Dr. Scott Fox also owns Rest & Relax Bodyworks. His staff left a msg for him yesterday and I left a msg there for him today to call me. If he ever responds, I will post an update. Do you think my wife had ANY reason whatsoever to be rude to anyone unless she was first treated in SUCH a disrespectful way? Dr. Fox, if you are reading this I would like a phone call response from you to discuss this. I left my phone # with the ofc at Rest & Relax. more

Disappointment 1/17/2009

After reading all the great reviews I finally decided to make an appt. I asked for a deep tissue massage and to focus on my shoulder and back, which are very tight from working behind a computer all day. Everything was great until the last two minutes where my masseuse Tang starts telling me that working on the back the whole time is boring, and that she prefers to give a whole body massage. And that my body is not balanced if I only focus on one area. Their website even states ""it is possible to spend entire session on one area."" The whole point of this massage was because my back was hurting. What a disappointing end to a good massage. The last thing I want is for my masseuse to complain to me once I'm totally relaxed. Pros: great price, easy street parking Cons: service more

Great Massages & Fantastic Price! 11/15/2008

\r ""I have been going for years and the massages are the best you can get for the price! Extremely professional, clean quiet and well kept in a medical office. Great location and a variety of services."" more

Affordable Massage in Westwood 11/6/2008

I'm so happy I found this amazing massage place within walking distance to my home! It's amazingly affordable, just $45 for a 60 minute massage. They do deep tissue and pregnancy massages as well! They also offer package deals as well as 90 minute massages. I've tried 3 different people and they've all been excellent! Pros: Location, service, price more

Great Prenatal Massage 11/1/2008

I came here for my first prenatal massage. Staff were quite courteous and sensitive to my needs. I will definitely go again! Pros: great price more

Century West Medi Spa 10/15/2008

The best therapists in town.....the place is very relaxing, and of all no more back pain for me\r thank you :) more

Best massage, Friendly staff, Pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, Great price. 10/3/2008

I had the best massage at this great place in Westwood. The price is very reasonable, the ambience very relaxing and the staff were very friendly. I plan on becmoing a regular customer. more

Terrific Massage Reasonably Priced 9/13/2008

I was MOST pleasantly surprised with the quality of the massage and the cleanliness. Everyone was friendly and the masseuse was TERRIFIC. They were on time and I had a wonderful experience. I have been back since and plan to go more! more

great place 8/25/2008

I really enjoyed my massage. I've been to see many of the therapists and each one is great. I like the combo best. The enviroment is very relaxing and spa like and the prices are unbeatable. I have never been somwehre before with such a great quality and enviroment at such a reasonable price. It's my favorite spot. more

great place 8/20/2008

I went in to have a massage and i got a lady named Jackie, for deep tissue. it is not often that i find a good deep tissue masseuse most people hurt me and over work some arias. Jackie was great. as far as the place, very relaxing and decor is great. easy to get an appointment. and best of all, prices are great. more

Jackie is a Godsend! 8/19/2008

I'm new to LA and have recently been experiencing pain in my knee/IT Band/hip/hamstring area due to running (along w/ other activities). My yoga instructor suggested I find a good massage therapist in town to work on the problem for me, so I went to citysearch and found Century West. The reviews were very positive so I called and made an appt for 2 days later. I now join the club of believers who thoroughly enjoyed their massages! This place is incredible! I am still in disbelief that the quality of work is so high (and very professional) and the price is so low! \r \r Jackie was my therapist and I have to admit, I was skeptical upon meeting this tiny young woman. I didn't think she had it in her to provide the pressure and intensity I needed in my quads but WHOA - she sure proved my doubting mind wrong! She worked me over! I would highly, highly recommend her to any and all. In fact, my mother is coming to visit in a couple weeks and I'm making appts for us both to see Jackie b/c my mother is also a runner and has had some sciatica issues for nearly a year now. Anyway, this is an insane ""buy"" - highly recommended and ask for Jackie! Pros: PRICE, PRICE, PRICE more

Best massage at a great rate in town 8/17/2008

My first massage experience at this place was asolutely fantabulous!!! I was in great need of some tlc for my body felt as if someone had rammed it up against a brick wall. My masseuse did an excellent job of listening to my needs and took great care in making sure that she paid attention to the areas that I was having problems with. It is very clean and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I have told all of my family and friends about this lovely oasis on the westside of town at an affordable price. Pros: Plenty of parking and the ambience is very soothing. more
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Owner Message

  • Welcome to Century West Medi-Spa. Clearly, our goal was to offer the most nurturing environment for treating patients and clients. Here, you will enjoy the finest in Zen-like ambience and "escapism", while recieving amazing services from highly qualified and skilled professionals. Services include a vast variety of Massage & Skin Care, as well as Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Acupuncture. Most amazing of all, are our incredibly reasonable prices!! ***Additionally, many Insurance plans will cover "Doctor-prescribed" massage. At Century West Chiropractic Spa, many of our patients enjoy this extra convenience and savings. Additionally, we offer a multitude of Specials including a One-hour Swedish massage + a Dermalogica Facial for only $99.00!! We are open 7 days per week. Walk-ins and same day appointments are welcome.


  • Aching bones aren't the only thing pampered at this Zen-like chiropractic spa where clients can also stop by for a rejuvenating facials and waxing services.

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    Mon-Sat 9am-7pm Sun 10am-6pm
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    West LA, West Los Angeles