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Century Propane

Dayton, OH 45439
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All reviews seem negative


I read all the complaints regarding Century Propane in Moraine, Ohio and I sure am glad that I took everybody?s advice.

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/17/2014

I have read all these negative reviews about Century and I have to say, I bought the house and inherited them as the propane supplier in Feb 2012. They have been the best priced supplier (I called around when we 1st bought the home), typically can expect refill within 1-4 days of calling, friendly customer service woman. There has been only 1 incident that happened recently and it was completely the driver's fault. He delivered propane to the wrong home and we were without for about 10 days. I called repeatedly to figure out what was going and as soon as it was discovered, we had propane the following day. Perhaps Century went through some adjustments or restructuring in the past, but as of Feb 2012, they have been great for our home. And I do know that my neighbor has requested auto fill and auto bill monthly and he is not having any problems with this. more

Century Propane Does Not Respond!!! 1/11/2012

I read all the complaints regarding Century Propane in Moraine, Ohio and I sure am glad that I took everybody?s advice. more


Worst customer service ever! They are rude and left us without heat in 0 degrees weather last winter for 5 days!! They told us since we weren't "auto fill" customers that we were lower priority. Not to mention the OUTRAGEOUS $117.70 fee just to RENT THE TANK! WOW! I would not recommend this company to anyone. We are switching to Suburban Propane and from what I've heard of the fee to remove the tank...well it will become scrap metal. I will put it on craigslist for free and someone will most likely come and get it. more

Century Propane -- Worst Company Ever 6/6/2011

I have been with the company for many years, obviously there has been a restructuring in the company and the employees don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. Every time I call there and ask for a person I've spoken to in the past, they say ""they no longer work here""...wonder why. I live in a mobile home and have a limited income and they refuse to deliver unless I pay in advance the full amount. I've asked for a payment plan and all they offer is that I pay in full or they will not deliver. They have referred me to community action and HEAP, but that doesn't help a tremendous amount. The people at the company, owner, included is the rudest man, I've ever encountered. Beware of this company. They gouge you every chance they get. My friend even prepayed for propane last year and fell short at the end of the year and got collection call after collection call from rude people in the office demanding money. Please look elsewhere, McMahons is highly reputable and their prices are much lower than Century, that's who i have switched to. I recommend the rest of their customers follow suit. more

Unscrupulous crooked company 2/16/2011

Unscrupulous says it best. Signed up with them in spring 2010. Was set up on budget bill and auto fill. Was quoted a lock-in price of 1.899. Paid my bill on time very time. Was called in mid December and was told that my budget bill of $95.00/month may be a little shy when the "catch up" period is due in March. We agreed to bump it up to $175.00/month. Went outside out of curiousity and checked my tank on February 8, 2011. It was at only 5%. We had zero degree weather coming that night. I called Century and was told my account was on hold. I asked why since my payments were on time and I actually bumped up my monthly payment. Discovered that my account actually had a $27.00 credit! I was told that if I wanted gas, I would have to prepay it. I went through the roof! After getting a sob story that gas prices were up and that they have to pay their bills, I told them I have abided by the contract and then some. I was told once again that I had to prepay or no gas. I refused. I had to run more

Worse then the cell phone companies 2/4/2011

I started my service experiance with Century in October and it is now Febuary. The only reason I changed propane companies is because my mother had called and said she had just got locked in at $1.99/gal through the infamous "Brian", and she gave me his #. I then contacted Brian and got the same deal. My first fill was paid in advance at the agreed pricing. My second fill was delivered as if I were on autofill and billed to my door knob at market value ($2.49/gal). My 3rd fill was back down to the agreed locked-in priceing. I called to find out why the second bill was more and they told me that there was no locked in price because I had not signed a contract with them. I WAS NEVER OFFEED A CONTRACT. These people are rediculous. I asked to talk to Brian to get everything straightened out and was told that he wasn't there. I asked if they would leave him a note to call me and that didn't work cause appearently he doesn't work there anymore. I called to get a 4th fill-up and was told "OH more

Do not believe their stories. 1/20/2011

The bottom line...this company's inability to communicate with each other and to honor verbal agreements is going to cost my family over $.70 per unit for the rest of the season (it is January). We moved in over the summer and had never used propane for heat before. I began calling around in October, looking for the best rate. I was quoted a "locked in" price by Brian. I wanted to switch to another company, but they couldn't guarantee the same price. So, we stayed with Century. We did not need a fill until December. We were also advised that they required that the first fill be paid in full, but after that, we could pay in installments. Now that we have had our first fill, they charged us the current price and telling us that we are not locked into any prices, so we are now at the mercy of the oil prices. \r \r If we are going to overpay someone, it sure is not going to be Century. I am going to wait another few weeks and then have someone else bring a tank. If they want to c more

Worst Propane Company..Unbelievable horrible company 1/10/2011

OK here goes. It is a sunday morning when we woke to a 54 degree home. With a two yr old and a chronic ill wife they refuse to come out to fill the tank. Mind you, we are on auto fill, they took our last payment out two weeks ago from our account we wanted to send them the paper showing the evidence from the bank but they did not want that and still insisted on getting $600.00 upfront. The driver came made no mention of a ?leak test? and charged another $50 plus, $130 for emergency delivery on a sunday. more

Worst Company Ever (0) RATING 1/9/2011

This a bad company period! I live in Miamisburg Ohio and had an issue with my tank. The Customer Service is absolutely terrible and they act like I was doing them a favor with my business. I switched companies and this was the best thing I could have done. My only issue is that I wasted as much time as I did with such a bad company. more


All of the other reviews about this company are exactly right. This is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. They have zero customer service and are "fee" crazy. They fill up your tank when you ask them not to and never fill it up when you need them to. I paid over $300 just to get out of my contract with them so that I would not have to use them anymore. Do yourself a favor and avoid Century at all costs!!! more

Bad Experience 9/15/2009

The customer service was always one lady, she appeared to be the office manager as well as the billing person and the authority speaking in name of Century Propane. For several years, I would call Century Propane, they would deliver, regardless of anybody being home or not and leave a bill on my door. I would mail check payment. One day, Ms Office lady decided that she wasn?t going to send a driver unless I was home?!?!?!? After several attempts and not understanding AND not being able to speak with a Manager... Oh wait, she did let me speak with Brian (who introduced himself as the manager) Century Propane came to my home while I was at work, and left a PAST DUE YELLOW SIGN on my door, meanwhile my home was on the market for sale...WoW! The problem was, there WAS NO PAST DUE BILL, but she made sure she told the driver absolutely not to deliver unless the gas was prepaid AND the amount on the bill was paid first!! After I came home from work and found this sign on my front door without even having a PAST DUE with Century, I decided that was enough of this lady?s ""Customer Service"" and decided to pay them to pick up their tank, as long as I do not have any further dealings with Century. When the gentleman picked up their tank, he agreed that they were having too many complaints about this lady. more

Century Propane Inc. 4/9/2009

My client has been with Century Propane for about one year. In the beginning they were on auto fill, but had to call Century every time for the first 4 months to get them to fill their tank. Between the call and them coming out would take between 2 to 4 days. My client requested that the tank be empty during the summer but Century came out and filled the tank for the summer. Last winter Century called an offer a deal of, ?same cost for the same amount of propane used last winter.? My client signed up for this and told them, when they got to the end of this contract to call before anymore service. Century without calling came out and put propane in and sent a bill at last year?s rate. My client called asking what was going on that this wasn?t part of the contract. Century stated that they were on an auto fill. My client stated ?no we are not.? Century wanted there money anyway, I believe at this time propane may had been at a lesser price on the economy. A short time later after the call, Century came back and tops the tank off and sent another bill. My client due to the economy wanted to work something out on paying this even knowing that Century was in the wrong in continuing filling the tank without permission. Now Century was telling my client pay or we will come out and remove the tank even with the weather still being cold. Pros: There are other Propane companie in the area Cons: Don't care. more

Terrible customer service with overpriced propane 1/29/2009

This company has terrible customer service. The people who answer the phones are very rude and confrontaional, when you actually have a problem, they refuse to allow you to talk to anyone else in authority. They do not communicate at all with their customers regarding billing or service. When I informed them I was going to discontinue service when I could get a new company to come out, they came out imediately to fill my tank up completely. They also refuse to give credit for any unused propane which made me stuck with this propane company longer. They also charge to come out to pick up their own tank. Their prices are extremely high compared to other companies and they have no regard for their customers. Cons: overpricing, rude and confrontational employees, no regard for their customers more

terrible service 12/5/2008

I have been using Century for the past year and a half. I inherited the service when I bought my house. Their customer service is dreadful. It would take on average two weeks after I called to refill the tank. Also, when I had maintence issues they outright refused to repair the guage on two or occasions. The first time I was under the impression that it was fixed but as the next heating season came I soon found out it wasn't fixed. I asked again for it to be fixed but for some reason they filed the tank then said the gauge couldn't be fixed until the tank was empty again. To top it all off even though it took them weeks to respond to my refill and maintainence requests when I asked them to remove the tank it was gone in 1 and 1/2 days. This tells me they are more interested in the money than in their customers. more
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