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Central Valley Wedding Chapel - 8 Reviews - 814 N Van Ness Ave, Fresno, CA - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (559) 222-2299

Central Valley Wedding Chapel

814 N Van Ness Ave
Fresno, CA 93728
(559) 222-2299
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Central Valley Wedding Chapel - Fresno, CA


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my third marriage one at the clerks office vowed to never do that ugly place again and twice @ FRESNO WEDDING CHAPEL my third and final wanted to go to vegas but i told her this p...


To whom it may concern, I am writing because I have been abused in the worst way. I recently got married (October 2, 2010) and throughout the planning process endured verbal and ...


To whom it may concern, I am writing because I have been abused in the worst way. I recently got married (October 2, 2010) and throughout the planning process endured verbal and emotional abuse by the officiant. He is the owner of Fresno Wedding Chapel, Rev. Carl, and is the most unprofessional, unreasonable and the most unorganized person. Two days prior to the wedding he verbally abused me by shouting at me and belittling me. Because I could not find another person to marry my husband and me, I was forced into using him. The day of the wedding, he showed up for five minutes and then left. He did not show up until thirty minutes after. He was half an hour late in starting our ceremony causing all of our guests to wait and then didn’t bring the vows I provided for him and proceeded with another ceremony, which he didn’t even practice beforehand. He promised us, and we paid for, photography and he forgot the SD card to take pictures. If it hadn’t been for my sister and her camera we probably would no memories of our wedding. He said he would provide background music and didn’t know which track to play. He changed the tracks on the cheap radio he brought as I was walking down the aisle. The music skipped and he not once took the time to learn my name much less my husbands. Then he took my marriage license and after several attempts to contact him and meet with him to get my license back he finally met with me on Wednesday October 7, 2010 at around 4:15p.m. He pulled up in his white truck on the side of the street and not once got off of the car. He practically threw the license at me and then I wanted to ask him a question. I asked if he had made copies. He then began to call me “stupid”, and say what a stupid question I had. He then sped off, almost running over my feet, and laughed as he did. I then called him to try and get the $49 he owed me back and the abuse continued. He called me stupid over ten times and dumb and said that I was the stupidest person he had ever met. My husband overheard the whole thing because he was on speakerphone. I called Fresno police department because I was scared that he would come back to my house and physically harm me. They said they could not do anything as a crime was not committed. The crime he committed, in my opinion, as to make our special day a complete nightmare and then made it thereafter even more of a nightmare. He has been on the top ten worst companies to hire on the BBB before (something I discovered only after already hiring him) and feel that enough is enough. He needs to have his license pulled so that he cannot do this to anyone again. He should not be allowed to treat people this way. He is a crook who takes people’s money and then proceeds to treat them as if they were less than nothing. I am considering filing a small claim against him because this has affected me emotionally and financially. I believe that he needs to be put out of business and I do not recommend him to anyone. more

The worst memory of my life. 12/27/2009

The only memory you will have in your mind for the rest of your life will not be your wedding, but how much of a bunch of jerks they were to you that day. They do not care that it is your wedding, only that they have a schedule to keep and you are just another wedding amongst the others that they have doubled booked that day. They don't believe in rehersals. The day of the wedding arrives. In the begining Adam (aka the jerk)told my bride could use the back room to get ready prior to the wedding. My bride arrives thirty minutes prior to the ceremony to find all the gates locked and no way in. So her brides made calls Adam and he instantly becomes irritated and rude to her, saying he will not come until fifteen minutes prior. Then I call Adam and the same thing, he is instantly rude saying he told me fifteen mins prior. Then the ceremony, we had the chapel booked from 2pm to 3pm, our guests were still arriving at 2:05pm. Adam came to me in front of all my guest and harrased me telling me we needed to start the ceremony right now, that he has to be up in the hills in a few minutes to do another wedding. I told him that I had this chapel booked for one hour and that we would be done in time. Then Adam left and I never saw him again, which was a relief. The ordained minister then took over, not to mention he isn't even the same one who we origanally met the first time. When they say they have a professional photographer, lie lie lie. They have a nice camera, but they do not no how to use it. We had pictures with ugly scenery in the background, sun flare, most of the pics are ruined. I took one photography class in high school and I now more then these guys. Then three weeks after the wedding we wanted to pic up the pictures, this is were it really gets good. I call Adam who can't even remember who we are, in fact the only way he could remember, was by what we were wearing that day and what I did for a living. He then proceeds to swear me out for the next five minutes. How I disrespected him in his own place of business and how rude we were to him. I told him that we had a signed contract for an hour at the chapel and that he needed to respect that. He continued on his rant, dropping the F bomb at the end of the conversation screaming at the top of his lungs saying, "see if you ever get the piuctures." Five minutes later I get a phone call from the guy who did our ceremony. The ordained minister begins to tell me how Adam and Adam's father (the owners), were going to charge him $50 for taking too long on our ceremony. First off we finished the whole thing five mins. prior to three and were done early. He kept on harrassing me saying how I should pay the $50. I told him that I would meet him at the chapel to discuss it. My wife and I met the ordained minister at the chapel and again he told me what about the $50, or even that I should at least split it with him, because it was the right thing to do. I told him that I had a signed contract that stated the amount paid, the time period, and the pictures. And that this problem with the $50 should be worked out with him and his employer. He then told me that we could not have the pics. I told him that I will see them in court. He finally gives me the pics and tells me he talked to his boss and to forget about the money. In the end I believe they were playing good cop bad cop trying to squeeze more money out of me. What they don't know is that I tape recorded the whole conversation, and hopefully will be able to attach that online for everyone's listening pleasure. You will soon hear their blackmailing techniques. In the end if you choose this chapel you too will fall into there lies and have the most special day of your life ruined for ever. The only memory I have now of my wedding is this awhful experience, and find it hard to erase what had happened. Pros: none Cons: everything more


I recently got married here sept 12 but i got the worst service of my life. they first promised all these wonderful things but then after they got our money everything started to go down hill our rehearsal was rushed so the day of our wedding we didn't know what to do adam is extremely an imbecil and especially the minister carol who is biggest unprofessional person i have ever met because the week before our wedding there was a broken pipe by their so called dance floor and they called my dad to fix which was the biggest mistake he could of made because he never got paid for the work he did and on the wedding day they were late by like an hour and we were supposed a dvd and we never received and i didn't even see the guy taping anything a lot except taking all these lousy pictures that he supposedly called professional. i do not recomment these people at all so please save your selfs from these monsters because they will only take your money and laugh in your face and by the way i'm reporting them to the better business bearu and i recommend everyone else who got robbed by these people to do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only reason i gave a star is because you have to in order to get on here. Pros: WORST SERVICE IN THE WORLD Cons: Never on time, steal your money, and rude ass hell more

Honesty! Do Beware of this Terrible Place! 9/10/2009

Terrible customer service at this chapel. My fiance and I are supposed so get married in one week. We booked the place for a whole day and payed 1000 dollars. Today they called and said we cannot be there all day because their receipt says otherwise. We spoke to this guy called Adam. He was extremely rude to me and my fiance. He kept interupting me, raised his voice and would not listen to what I had to say. Oh, and he also demanded more money from us. After this, they would't even return our calls. They would call and hang up like a prank call. I plan on taking them to court. These people are unprofessional and do not deserve to have customers. I cannot emphasize enough how extremely rude they are. I would not recommend to anyone. Please Beware. They don't deserve the 1 star I gave them. I give them a 0 for ruinning my wedding. more

my third wedding once @ clerks twice @ fresno wedding chapel 5/20/2009

my third marriage one at the clerks office vowed to never do that ugly place again and twice @ FRESNO WEDDING CHAPEL my third and final wanted to go to vegas but i told her this place did me beautifully last time so convinced her not to want vegas. 3 time married 2nd great time at fresno wedding chapel. thank you guys my photos came out great and my dvd did also is it possible i can buy a second copy of my wedding on dvd? they took care of everything one stop shop just like vegas except bigger nicer no drive and every one got to come to my wedding... good luck and other reviews dang i no they do more weddings then ne body and im shure if something didnt go right it wasnt the chapel fault just probably a flaky customer i got married twice there and both of my aunts did also. thank you fresno wedding chapel...johnny and samantha 4 ever Pros: you get everything everything for un beleavable prices Cons: large, beautiful chapel free pictures both times and dvd more

my wife wanted to fresno wedding chapel i listened 5/19/2009

these people no nothing of the wedding business they dont no what they are doing i wish i went to las vegas or fresno wedding chapel the people who ran this chapel like 12 years ago. they new what the were doing these people were 23 minutes late letting us in to are wedding and the ceremony was something out of a horror movie and i could understand him with his hispanic accent Pros: non ugly rude people that have no idea what they do Cons: they ruined my wedding there rude to go to fresno wedding more

con artists 5/3/2009

do not waste your time or money with these so called wedding people. i am getting married on sat , may 9th and had these people booked to officiate and i called them today , mon, may 4th , to aks if they could come out fri nite for a short rehearsal since my wedding is in our home on the 9th. the boy adam, ranted and raved and sweared at me on the phone and wanted an additional 20.00 dollars for a rehearsal. when i refused to pay him he said for everyone to be ready to go on sat at 5:00 and they would rush in and perform the ceremony and rush out because they had 8 or 9 other weddings to attend to. I argued with him that my wedding was not to be an assembly line wedding and again he ranted and raved and REFUSED to show up at all on the 9th. He told me to pick up my deposit money at their new location on Van Ness ave. and then he didn't even give me all of my money back, saying their former employee Roderik, had taken my money and I would have to get it from him. so now i am 4 days from my wedding and no officiant or photos, nothing. PLEASE, PLEASE brides to be , DO NOT waste your time nor money on these losers. Like the other review said they are money grabbing, rude, unbusinesslike,pushy and do not follow through with what you pay for. If I had the money , I would start my own wedding chapel service and run these jerks out of town. And the ONLY reaason I gave them a star was in order to publish this review, I had to give them some kind of a rating, even though they deserve nothing except to be put out of business. I think all of us who has been taken by them, should picket and protest in front of their new chapel so others will see that they are no good. Pros: none Cons: everything more

BEWARE 3/14/2009

We were married here last month (feb, 09), If I new then what I know now I would not even wasted my time talking to these people.We recieved nothing that was on our reciept that we paid for. No seating for 75 people as they promised, no video of the wedding and no pictures at the reception, and all of this was paid for and put in writing on our reciept, when we called them to ask were they were, when we were at the reception and they did not show, there first response was they were waiting for us at a catholic church, and they would see what they could do for us. Every phone call after that went to voice mail.Every time we have contacted them about getting part of our money back, we were getting the run around and they kept promising to give us our money, now nothing nor will they even answer our calls.We are now headed to small claims court with them. We trusted them for pictures and a video that we paid for only to get nothing. If you do go to this place, do not believe anything they say, to be safe just dont go there. As far as the marriage license who knows if it has been filed yet, we asked about that because they had no one sign it and they said oh we sign it and send it in. They are also very pushy for the money and herd you in like cattle and herd you out right away. Very disrespectful people working for them.They will promise you the world and give you nothing. So please if you are thinking about getting married there plese beware and at least check out the ventura wedding chapel, she is very truthful and upfront, we should have stuck with her.I didnt even want to give them a rating but I guess you dont have a choice you have to give them something, even though they are worth nothing, not even a half of a star. Pros: CHEAP Cons: WASTE OF MONEY more
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