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Cedar Point Amusement Park and Resort - 153 Reviews - 1 Cedar Pt Dr, Sandusky, OH - Hotels & Lodging Reviews - Phone (419) 626-0830
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Cedar Point Amusement Park and Resort

1 Cedar Pt Dr
Sandusky, OH 44870
(419) 626-0830
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My family and I royally enjoyed ourselves at the park and also at Hotel Breakers. We loved the feeling of the place with all the old pics on the walls. Our experience in August...


For about 20 years I make an annual trip and this was the worst one ever. I was there in the middle of the week, and it is the 2nd year in a row that they don't have Top Thrill D...

Very satisfied twice this year! 11/11/2011

My family and I royally enjoyed ourselves at the park and also at Hotel Breakers. We loved the feeling of the place with all the old pics on the walls. Our experience in August sparked us to return at the end of October for the Halloweekend. I have never ridden a roller coaster in temps down in the 30's before but it was fun all the same! We invited another couple with us this last time and they have recommended it to members of their family! Adventureland in Altoona, Iowa is so lame compared to Cedar Point! We will be back in the future and our kids will undoubtedly bring their kids when that time comes! Great times! more

Try to Avoid Buying Park Food (Too Expensive). Buy tickets online or elsewhere to get a discount. Great Customer Service. 6/13/2008

I have been to many parks around the U.S. To name a few; Six Flags, Disney World, Universal Studios, Kentucky Kingdon etc. Cedar Pointe is my favorite by far! The lines are long on the popular rides, especially on the weekends, but it is well worth the the money that you pay and the wait. After visiting Cedar Pointe Several Times, anytime I go to another amusement park to broaden my horizons, they always leave me yearning for more and wanting to go back to Cedar Pointe. It your a thrillster like my family, you'll absolutely love this place. Stay at the Candlewood Suites, The Fairfield Inn or The All American Hotel. Their the cleanest. The Waterpark is totally awesome, but is a seperate fee from the park. Try to Take a day for the park and a day for the waterpark. Attempting to do both in one day is possible but just too much! Pros: Rides to satisfy all. The Excitement. Cons: The Food is too expensive. more

best rides 7/15/2006

I have been going since age 15. I am now 63. Cost is high getting in but worth it. This year I will be going with my eighteen year old son, my 30 year old daughter and her children ages 15, 10 and 4 years old. There are rides for all ages, wet or dry. Snacks, lunches, and dinner all top quality. Shops such as soap, fudge, and leather - many things made on site. Highest rated rides. If its a hot day with good weather expect long lines on the popular rides. more

BEST PLACE EVER. 7/14/2006

If I were you, I would definately go to this park sometime in June because there's no lines for any ride or sometime once school starts in like September because then again, you don't really have to wait to ride anything. Last time I went was the 2nd weekend in June & we didn't have to wait more than 5minutes to ride any thing. I would definately recommend this park to anyone who loves rollercoasters & just having fun as a family. Pros: Lake Erie :] Cons: Nothing more

Best Amusement Park EVER! 7/14/2006

I've been going here at least two times every year since I was 6, and I'm now 14. The past three or so years I've been going at least three times a year, once with my immediate family, once with my aunt, uncle, and cousin, and once for Halloweekends. This year my family decided to buy season passes and I would really recommend doing this if you go more than twice a year. They have the best roller coasters on the planet! And during Halloweekends they have some pretty amazing haunted houses that can scare the pants right off of you! But if you're not into those, go during the summer. The only thing that I don't like are the lines, but if you go on a weekday instead of a weekend, the lines aren't very long at all. The shortest amount of time I've waited in line for the Dragster was 15 minutes. And that was on a Monday. They have awesome homemade french fries, the best pizza, their food is great overall! And for the little ones there is Camp Snoopy, everything is just their size. There are even two roller coasters just for them! Snoopy Express and Jr. Gemini. So I hope after reading my review, you will choose to go to Cedar Point, America's Roller Coast! Pros: Roller Coasters, Rides, Food Cons: Lines, But Only On Weekends, And Price more

Go early and enjoy the best park in the World! 7/14/2006

My brothers and I took a trip to Cedar Point this past May (15-18th) and we all believe that there is not another park in the World that is better and I've been to almost all of the six flags theme parks. If, however, YOU DO NOT enjoy rollor coasters or thrill rides, this park is definitely NOT for you. If you can't get enough of them like me, then Cedar Point is a must. We went in early season and mid-week and got a hotel for 3 nights, 2 full-day passes, and 2 evening passes for $180 TOTAL at the Breakers Express hotel which is a short drive away from the park. Another benefit of staying at the Breakers Express or any other park-owned hotel was the early park entrance (guest get to enter the park and ride select coasters 30 minutes before the general public). The longest we waited in line was 45 minutes and that was for the Top Thrill Dragster while it was raining (they shut it down when it rains or lightnings). A few times we literally walked right onto the coaster. I highly recommend you not ride Raptor, Top Thrill, or Millinium Force first because they are the greatest coasters in the world; everything else will seem tame after them. \r That said, plan for at least two days because you will want to ride these three at least four or five times each (We rode Top Thrill 8 times, MF 5, and Raptor 7). The new rides, Maxair and Skyhawk are unique and also very fun. There is just no other park that comes close (ok, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Busch Gardens are close) for extreme thrills. Go early season or mid-week because waiting in line for these rides is no fun, you want to get on them and do it over and over and over. Also, prices are much cheaper and the people seem more friendly than one would think. The only downfall of going early season is that the beach is in horrible condition and you can't rent wave runners or go para-sailing because the water is about 50-degrees. Pros: Rides, Views, Rides Cons: Smoking in line, weather, peak season cost more

Great family place, cleanest park I've been to. 7/14/2006

My parents took me there when I was a kid after Boblo Island closed. The Blue Streak was the main coaster at the time. The Corkscrew opened the next year. It seemed that every year CP opens a new coaster of thrill ride. While I was in the Army CP was always on the list of things to do while home on leave. Once my children were old enough one of the first places we thought of for vacation was CP. My oldest is now 13 and wants to go to CP pretty much every weekend or day that I have off. She is a coaster junkie. She called me at work while she was at CP on a field trip with her school just to tell me about the Top Thrill Dragster. She wouldn't stop talking. From the Millenium Force to the Magnum (my favorite) to the Blue Streak (sentimental value) Cedar Point is THE greatest amusement park! Pros: Coasters, cleanliness, value Cons: Long lines on weekends more

Great rollercoasters as long as your not overweight! 7/14/2006

The cooling fans had to be turned on by customers in line although it was 89 degrees out.\r The lockers outside of the rides that you are almost forced to use is a rip-off.\r Rides that are for thin people only, are you kidding me! A 220lbs man that is 5 feet 11 inches is too large to ride some of the rollercoast at this park. Staff members and customer service is very rude and poor. Although the park does not design the ride it is the park who tells the designers what the want and who the rides are for. Pros: tons of rides Cons: The newest rides do not accommodate average size people. more

Best amusement park in the Great Lakes 7/14/2006

Awesome place to visit. All kinds of rides for every person imaginable. There can be very long lines for the rides and to get into the park in the morning. Best way to get the is to fly into Sandusky airport (KSKY) and take the shuttle bus to the park, its great to drive right past all the cars in line to get into the park and to the head of the ticket line. We then stayed till after the laser light show and flew back home. Park is always clean family friendly and has many great shows to watch to when your tired of waiting in lines at the rides or need some lunch. Pros: RIDES!, ease of transportation from the airport Cons: long lines, but some are getting shade and misters to cool you off more

It's ALL about the coasters ... 7/14/2006

Major CON: this year, Freeway Passes have been discontinued. The park claims this will make it more ""fair"" for all riders, however there is a new VIP pass available ($350/head) that will get you to the front of all lines all day. So how is THIS fair? The park brochure also says lines will be shorter and will move faster; no, the lines are no better than before.\r \r That said, Cedar Point is still, without a doubt, the best park in North America for thrill rides. The coasters are worth the trip by themselves -- add in the MaxAir and new Skyhawk thrill rides, and the awesome lake views, and the experience cannot be matched.\r \r Upsides: the thrill rides; the views; ease of parking; Soak City and beach attractions; you can tailgate or picnic in sheltered areas near the gates; pass prices are down a little this year.\r \r Down sides are: smoking is allowed in the park (and many people violate the rule against smoking in line); the lines are horribly, hellaciously long; the food is lousy (if you're looking for a nice break from the heat, humidity, and noise, and want a nice meal -- this is not your park); this is not really a park for little kids, unless someone in your party wants to spend all day sitting out the real fun (the big-kid rides).\r \r But if you love coasters, you HAVE to go to Cedar Point. Give yourself two days, so you can stand in those lines, and do all the coasters. Pros: Coasters, views, pass prices Cons: Freeway Passes Discontinued! more

Best Amusement Park 7/14/2006

My favorite amusment park ever!\r This place has something for everyone- the aderenaline-addicted can ride roller coasters to their heart's content, while small children can play in Camp Snoopy and others can ride the Ferris Wheel or any number of gentler rides.\r \r Just a note- I go in late May/beginning of June, and the lines even for Top Thrill Dragster and Millenium Force are rarely, if ever, longer than an hour and a half. Often, lines for good but older rides like Mean Streak and Magnum don't exceed 15 minutes, including wait time for the front car. Pros: Attractions, friendlyness, clean Cons: Expensive, long lines later in the summer more

it rocks! 6/2/2006

a coaster buffs MECA! Or a family place. It is always clean and it has it all. Been going here since I was a young boy and have watched it develope into what it is today. Absolutly fantastic!!!!! Pros: coasters, coasters, more coasters Cons: lines, lines , more lines more

CedarPoint is wicked cool 6/1/2006

I have been going to cedarpoint atleast once every year since I was 15 and I am 19 now. I haven't been to other parks, well...SixFlags/GeagaLake. Yet CedarPoint is worth it. It has rides for everyone. I never get bored with it and even the old coasters are fun. I love the trolly. Food can be high but overall I never got sick from it, which is good. If you live in Ohio or Michigan it is the best place to go and well worth it. I travel 3 hours atleast to get there. Pros: Coasters, Less Mascots, Less Frill for your $ Cons: Parking Lot, Less Shade, Food/Water prices more

This is really the AMAZING PARK!!!! 8/12/2005

You if you don't have a GREAT time at Cedar Point it is impossible for you to have fun!! I am 39, hubby is 34, my parents are 79 & 80 and we all have a BLAST. Best Food, Best rides & best way to spend your vacation. DisneyLand/World DO NOT even compare to the RIDES, FUN and ESPECIALLY THE PRICES!! It even has a beach if you want to pretend it is in Florida. Pros: Rides fit to all ages, selection of food, BEAUTIFUL Landscaping Cons: price is $45 adults, Food prices HIGH, LONG LINES IN HEAT more


We just arrived back home to Boston from visiting Cleveland and the highlight of our trip was Cedar Point. The place is so big that even with large crowds there is plenty of room to roam and there is so many varieties of food to eat and very reasonable. My two 15 year olds had to wait in some lines for the coasters but they said it was worth it. You definetely need two days to experience everything the park has to offer...rides and shows. I wish we lived closer so we could go every year. more

Lots to do... that comes in handy! 8/12/2005

I've been going to the park for quite a while now, and this past time was like no other. I got woozy from too many rides after a while and couldn't ride for a while. Good thing this place has more than just a huge selection of rides! The rides are amazing, and if you ride a little too hard, there's still things to do until you until you're back up to riding. Pros: Freeway Passes, Tailgater friendly, Non-riding activities Cons: Pricey parking, BAD background music more

Best Amusement Park EVER 8/11/2005

I found out about cedar point 3 years ago and i went that was the best experience in my life. ive been to orlando and a lot of other places and nothing (i really mean nothing) beats cedar point absolutle the best Pros: Rides, Roller Coasters, The Whole Park Cons: None, None more

My biased opinion--Cedar Point #1! 8/11/2005

I was born in Sandusky, Ohio--home of Cedar Point--so I must acknowledge my bias up front. I have visited King's Island, Six Flags Over Texas, Disneyland, and Knott's Berry Farm. Besides the overwhelming quantity of rides at Cedar Point, the relative location of Cedar Point adds a lot to its allure. The other parks I visited were all bulldozed and constructed on vacant land that became landlocked fixtures in bland suburbia. Cedar Point is located on a narrow peninsula that juts out into one of America's Great Lakes. The water-meets-land scenery can really be appreciated at the top of those coaster hills. There is a beach on one side of the peninsula, a marina on the other side of the peninsula, and an RV camp at the tip of the peninsula sandwiching the park itself. Suburban amusement parks just can't compete on this level. Pros: Lake Erie, Coastermania, Adrenaline rush Cons: Pricey, Traffic jams, Closed in Winter more


We moved our boat last year to Cedar Point Marina, best decision we could have done for our family. They have more to offer (an entire amusement park) right at your dock's door. 2 season combo passes for the park and Soak City, three parking passes with parking in the marina parking lot, discounts at the restaraunts the nice sitdown ones, discounts at selected shops, fuel dock discounts & free pump out come with seasonal dockage, plus it is less expensive then the marina we moved from with out all of the above. If you are a stock holder they give you more perks not offered to anyone else. You must own 100 shares or more in Cedar Fair (FUN) Pros: Clean, July 4th fireworks, Marina more

Without question, the best in the land... 7/31/2005

the front seat on the raptor is the best roller coaster ride in the world. a close second would be the back seat on the millenium force. Cedar point is so great not only becuase of their coasters, but because of the views at the top of the hills. more
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    If you feel the need for speed, 16 breathtaking roller coasters guarantee a good time. Once Memorial Day weekend begins, expect lots of fun and large crowds. In addition to the...

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