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Catts & Doggs Pet Boutique - 22 Reviews - 2833 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (323) 953-8383

Catts & Doggs Pet Boutique

2833 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 953-8383
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Catts & Doggs Pet Boutique - Los Angeles, CA


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This is my favorite dog store, they have even ordered out of stock items for me!


Okay, I have been taking my pups to Catts and Doggs for over 3 years now. The groomers were Armando and Francisco and they ARE the best groomers I have ever had. 3 weeks ago I g...

Stay Away 5/6/2012

Stay away. My dogs hair cut was so bad I cried. He had lines all over him. They didnt fix it or appear to be sorry about it. The store is very over priced as well... more

Better places in town 6/1/2011

I just found the vibe here to be cold and rude. The prices are out of line too. I went here for grooming for a while, but since WOOF dog boutique started a grooming business, I've been going there and the pups are happier. Also happier with their prices and kindness. more

Clean Puppy equals Happy Owners 5/20/2009

I'm only going to review my grooming experience here. I take my Am Staff here and they did a great job with him. He's a big baby and hates water and he was wagging his tail and happy as could be when I picked him up. I LOVE the fact that even though they tend to cater to the ""small trendy dogs"" of Silver Lake, my Am Staff was treated with the same attention.\r \r Thank you for not judging my dog by his breed and seeing the true gentle giant that he is :)\r \r The grooming (bath, brush, ear and glands) was reasonably priced at around $45. He smelled great and looked great. We'll be back! Pros: quick, and great with my pitbull! Cons: a little pricey, parking lot is horrible!! more

Great 3/19/2009

This is my favorite dog store, they have even ordered out of stock items for me! more


This pet boutique is truely unique. I could say that because I think I have checked out every pet store in town. From SM, to Beverly Hills, to WEHO. Even the valley. I have yet to see a store like Catts & Doggs. They carry pretty much all the natural and herbal remedies to keep my babies (well my dogs) in the best shape. From grooming services to helpful and wonderful staff, this is THE store.\r \r Zen like ambiance.... Very Clean...great prices, I just had to write a review and give them a well deserved five stars.\r \r Keep up the great work Catts & Doggs. Pros: Everything Cons: Nothing more

The best pet store 9/17/2008

This store is amazing.Truly there is nothing like it. The staff are great. The place is clean, and low key. The parking lot can be a nightmare, but after shopping for my girly at catts and doggs, I chill out with a pink berry. \r \r Love these guys. They deserve a six stars. Pros: Grooming, clean, best selection of herbal remedies Cons: Parking more

My injured dog and the owner's lack of responsibility 9/16/2008

Some people are one time I was one as well. And then they hired a new groomer. Tristan, my cocker spaniel rescue, was detained for 4 + hours. In the past I'd drop him off and buzz through Trader Joe's, browse the products at Catts and Doggs and he'd be done. One hour or so tops...In addition to keeping him for an unconsionable amount of time, he was burned during the grooming. I was told by my vet--where we spent over $100 treating the burns--that faulty or poorly maintained equipment may have been at fault or a careless technician. Either way, he suffered--absolutely not acceptable. When I called the owner, she said they were incredibly sorry and certainly would take care of any vet bills and refund the fee I paid for grooming. That sounded like a responsible position for an owner to take. Well, it was just lip service. After that she wouldn't return my calls--10 total, the groomer,was absolutely belligerant and I'm in the process of filing for money spent and not refunded through small claims court. \r \r I'm very distressed by the owner's behavior and the trauma and pain my little guy needlessly suffered.\r \r FYI--if you use them as a groomer, please double check your pet following the grooming. The burns do not show up immediately. Throughout the day, Tristan's became more and more pronounced.\r \r I'm appalled that anyone owning a pet store could be so ruthless. indifferent and irresponsible.\r \r Regards,\r \r more

Worst store ever! 7/21/2008

This store has such RUDE people! The owner / manager needs to take a vacation or some time off to become a better person! more

Great Staff and Great Business - I've become a regular 7/1/2008

I have taken my fifteen year old, long haired tabby to them three times for grooming. Each time, the people working clearly displayed a love of animals and care for each one that comes through the door. Everyone in the staff is friendly, and helpful. They do great work, know their product as well as other vets and businesses that cater to pet owners. I will be back, as my cat is feeling good with her summer trim, a lion cut, that looks like what I imagine Rick James' cat would look like, or maybe like she was an extra in the ""White Wedding"" video. more

Unique shop with a loving environment 5/23/2008

I came across this place by chance and I am so glad I walked in. The atmosphere at this boutique is great. It's a very hip shop with a vast selection of pet supplies. Leash and collar selection is unique. The store is obviously very pet friendly and they make you feel that your pet is as important to them as he or she is to you. Very welcoming and loving environment. Run by true pet lovers with a high selection of organic foods and treats. I would highly recommend this shop. Pros: Knowledgable staff, great selection of organic food & snacks and loving environment Cons: Parking can be difficult at times more

Cutest Pet Boutique EVER! 5/23/2008

I'm not from this area, so this was actually my first time in the store...However, if I'm ever in need of a sweet gift for a pet lover or if I just want to spoil my Lhasa Apso, Kobe, this is where I'm headed! The staff was super nice and helpful and the crew running the grooming services were so sweet to all the animals waiting to be primped. I only wish I lived in the area so my Kobe could experience their services too! more

Professional and Friendly - FANTASTIC grooming for even scared pets! 12/22/2007

I adotped a beautiful, quiet, 2 yr. old Russian Blue from the SPCA last Christmas and, for a few months was taking him to a cat-friendly Petco in Encino for claw trimming. They were super friendly and did everything right except, they had many dogs in waiting in kennels for their owners to come and I could barely think over all the yapping and barking. As for my cat, the barking totally freaked him out. This on top of the SPCA letting me know in advance that he was unhappy getting his claws trimmed and that he required two people .. the whole scene was overwhelming to him!! Not to mention the long drive from Los Feliz.\r \r Then I discovered that the store right around the corner from me, Catts & Doggs, did claw trimming for cats! Yeah. So, despite a few reports on Citysearch saying the people were not friendly .. etc., I took him in. They were professional, fast, and very understanding of an otherwise gentle and patient cat who was particularly sensitive to claw trimming. He was never treated roughly or yelled at, despited his attempts to bite out of fear ... and his ocassional hissing and howling. They were gentle, patient and knew how to handle him in a caring and patient way. They even let me come into the grooming area to help hold him and calm him. Their rates are very reasonable as well.\r \r I once worked for a vet in Penfield, NY where I had to help hold pets during exams - the cats were particularly tough when shots were required. We did grooming for the kennelled cats and dogs as well. So, I know it's important to be gentle and understanding ESPECIALLY when handling a frightened pet. The people who work at Catts & Doggs are simply fantastic. I can't recommend this place enough! Please give them a try. Pros: SUPER Customer Service. Quality Products - ONLY. FANTASTIC groomers! Cons: Finding parking in the small lot can be difficult. Sometimes there is a valet. more

Great Care for Your Animals 8/27/2007

I have been going to Catts &Doggs for over 10 years. The owners Virgina and Rania have been there from the start and they have always welcomed me and my animals with open arms and generous enthusiasm. Their shop has all the latest organic and holistic treats, remedies, and food. Their grooming staff recently changed but their new staff is equally kind, patient and gentle with my dogs. And I have one that can be quite sensitive.They all made a fuss over him and instantly won over his trust. Every time I have needed advise on any area of my animal care, they have taken the time to offer me samples, treats and guidance. Even though I no longer live in the neighborhood, I go out of my way to take my dogs there. \r And the service does not stop there! They are great supporters of local rescue organizations and often do a collection for dogs in need, as well as have given discounted services to newly rescued or foster animals. I have often seen them offer their space to groups needing an adoption center.\r All in all, these women are amazing and completely caring for you and your animals. Pros: Friendly staff, good selection of products Cons: Limited parking more

Catts and Doggs Rule. 8/14/2007

I have been a customer of Catts and Doggs for the past twelve years, and had the pleasure of meeting and working with the the two ladies who have and still own that wonderful store. It upsets me to see some people trying to diss the store and it's owners for no reason other than pure jealousy. \r \r Catts and Doggs Rules, and I say to these people ""Good riddance to you and your negative energy.""\r \r Always loyal to Catts & Doggs more

Beware! New owners & groomers 8/7/2007

BEWARE: UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP & GROOMERS! That should be the sign posted at the door of Catts and Doggs Pet Boutique. I've been taking my cat to be bathed there for the last 8 years. I'm sorry to say it will be our last. I left with a bad vibe after dropping off my cat today. I dismissed it and expected to pick up my happy cat within a couple of hours. After 2 hours, I called the new groomers expecting he'd be ready because the previous owners had him ready to go in an 1 1/2 hours. I couldn't believe it! They told me he was just getting a bath @ that moment. I was LIVID! Instead of the 10-15 minutes w/ the previous owners, my cat had been in his carrier for 2 hours . The groomers wouldn't even give me a time to pick him up. So, I decided to pick my cat up an hour later without a phone call from them. The owner greeted me by telling me,"" You shouldn't book him during the day. He was scared to death with the other animals."" My thought, ' When would I have booked him otherwise?' I told her he never had a problem with the previous owners & they always complimented him. I didn't appreciate her blaming my cat rather than taking responsibility for the overbooking and inexperienced staff she has. I paid my $45 and told her to pull my card because we weren't coming back. The new owners seem like they don't care about the animals, but rather about the money they can make. In my opinion, DON'T SUPPORT THE NEW OWNERS! Cons: customer service & parking more

Best bath and brush ever! 7/26/2007

Hurray for the grooming service at Catts and Doggs! We'd been regulars elsewhere for years but when the quality slipped, went searching elsewhere. Finally tried Catts and Doggs and won't be going anywhere else! Our shaggy, long-haired dogs came out looking like they'd had extreme makeovers. The matted snarls around our collie's ears were completely combed out, the heavy winter coat on our retriever brushed out so thoroughly, you'd think he'd lost five pounds. Both of them always itch after going to the groomers, this time, first time ever, scratch-free! Virginia, a staffer, showed me the high-quality conditioning shampoos they use and that obviously made a difference Prices are a bit higher than what we've normally paid, but the attention to detail is so extraordinary, it's worth it. Parking is a bit of a headache since the Pinkberry went in next door, but there were two attendants in the lot helping direct the chaos last Saturday, so perhaps the situation will improve. \r more

The best grooming shop in LA period 7/21/2007

I am from NY, and just moved recently to LA. I took my five year old Schnauzer to Catts and Doggs to get groomed yesterday, and WOW.. what a job. I do not think I ever seen my baby look so good. The groomer ""Nadine"" is absolutely fabulous, and true perfectionest. She sure knows what she is doing. Two thumbs up to Catts & Doggs for a great job. This is definately my store, and my grooming shop Pros: Very very clean Cons: the parking situation more

WAS a good place 7/9/2007

Okay, I have been taking my pups to Catts and Doggs for over 3 years now. The groomers were Armando and Francisco and they ARE the best groomers I have ever had. 3 weeks ago I get a phone call saying Armando and Francisco are no longer with them and they had to cancel my appointment. I am crushed! I loved them! They were fast, clean, and caring. I am totally lost as to who I am going to take my pups to. If anyone knows where Armando and Francisco went, please state it because I really trust them with my dogs and don't like the sound of the new groomer at Catts and Doggs. If Catts and Doggs changed their way of business then they lost another loyal customer who would often rave to their fellow dog lovers about this fabulous pet boutique. more

New Rude Groomer Says 6-8 Hours Is Average Turnaround Time 5/5/2007

It just goes to show how far good service can take you. I have gotten 3 years worth of good dog grooming service from Catts & Doggs and in return they have gotten a loyal customer- but today changed all that. In 3 years I have always brought Lucy in for a bath a shave and gotten her back between 30 and 60 minutes later. Today, there was a new groomer there and I'm wondering if there's a new owner as well because good, fast, and friendly service is no longer a part of Catts & Doggs grooming boutique. \r After two hours and a couple phone check-ins, I insisted that I had to just take Lucy in whatever condition she happened to be in at that moment because we had a previous engagement. My fiance went in to pick her up and the rude groomer did not apologize and informed him that 6-8 hours was the average grooming time and if I didn't like it I should go elsewhere.\r They obviously don't care about me- so what does that say about the care they're giving my dog? Why make appointments to keep animals locked up in a cage all day on a Saturday afternoon? And why are they so flippant about sending long time customers out the door?\r So long, Catts & Doggs. Pros: Got a good haircut Cons: rude groomer, expensive and long turnaround time for grooming more

Fabulous Pet Boutique! 3/22/2007

Fabulous Little Shop! Great staff who took such care with my little Pug, Sir Earl, while grooming him. They are a definite YES if you are looking for a Pet Boutique who cares about the people as well as their pets! Pros: Friendly, caring staff Cons: parking (but what's new in LA) more
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