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Cats Vermont-Veterinary Clinic For Cats


292 Pearl St
Burlington, VT 05401

(802) 863-2470
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Linda Moore is the best cat vet I've ever met and I've had cats all my life. At one point, my cat had a lump and she spent more than 45 minutes on the phone with me discussing op...


I went to this clinic twice only because it was just around the corner. The vet, Dr. Moore, was so vulgar and the standard of care was so lacking that I quickly switched vets. On ...

Cats of Vermont - Great service 12/15/2010

I have had my cat for about 5 years now and have taken her to Dr. Moore from the beginning of my ownership. I have found all the staff and doctor very friendly, courteous, patient and engaging. I board my cat there a few times a year and she always comes back clean, calm and relaxed. I look at the experience as she's at a spa. The kennel fees are reasonable and the cat always gets a good report, which makes me feel more comfortable about leaving her there. \r \r I really am glad I found such a good vet in Vermont! more

expert care 8/20/2010

I was grateful to have found Cats Vermont for the care of my kitty. My first encounter with Dr Moore was when she graciously spent ~20 minutes of her time on the phone with me offering advice for allergy-proofing our home as my boyfriend had never lived full time with cats. Dr. Moore has always provided compassionate and expert care to my cat and has always been available for my ?s and concerns. more

Long-Term Experience 7/29/2010

I find it interesting that most of the reviews of Cats Vermont are either very good or very bad. I think I can add some much-needed perspective. \r \r I've been taking my cats to Cats Vermont since 1995 and I am generally very happy with the clinic and with Dr. Moore. I do find that at times Dr. Moore can be very short with both customers and her own staff, and I think many of the reviewers focus on this rather than on the quality of care. However, she is an excellent vet and to paraphrase another reviewer, "going to the vet isn't a social experience."\r \r Many years ago, I had a beloved old cat who had diabetes and hyperthyroidism simultaneously, which is about the most difficult combination in the world to manage because they are both metabolic diseases that affect each other. I probably had Joseph to the vet an average of once a month over a period of about 3 years and he not only survived but flourished under Dr. Moore's care, chasing mice and climbing trees well into his late te more

Terrible service, terrible vet 6/15/2010

I went to this clinic twice only because it was just around the corner. The vet, Dr. Moore, was so vulgar and the standard of care was so lacking that I quickly switched vets. On both occasions Dr. Moore acted like she really didn't want my business and that my cat and I were intruding on her precious time. Each appointment lasted less than 10 minutes and Dr. Moore gave me the bums rush. I understand that most doctors and vets are very busy but there is no excuse for treating a client with such blatant rudeness. more

bad, bad service 6/12/2010

I took my 12 year old Maine Coon cat to this vet because I was new to the area and didn't know any better. The customer service was always severely lacking unless you want to be treated badly. On every visit over a 2 year period Dr. Moore was impatient, abrupt, and sometimes downright rude. Her clinic was always dirty. The floors looked like they were never cleaned. She would literally spin my cat around on the exam table and I once heard her actually yelling at a client in the waiting room. That was my last visit. I finally got smart and decided to go elsewhere. The people at Green Mountain Animal Hospital have restored my faith in the veterinary community. more

Horrible is an understatement 6/10/2010

We took our new kitten to Cats Vermont for his first exam and shots and the whole experience was so horrible as to be traumatic for us and the kitten. First of all there is NO parking at this downtown dump. We had to park a half block away on the street at a meter and walk to the clinic. The staff was pleasant enough and we didn't wait long to see the vet. That is when things took a real turn for the worst. The vet-Dr. Moore-was rude to us and rough when handling our 6 week old kitten. She told us our kitten had fleas and ear mites and her manner was so nasty and accusing you would think she believed we gave him these paratises on purpose. This was our first kitten and we later learned through our own research that fleas and ear mites are not uncommon in kittens. At one point during the very brief exam Dr. Moore was called out of the exam room and had to rush out back and we could clearly hear her yelling obcenities at her assistants. We really wanted to leave but felt obligated to see more

Not even worth 1 star 6/9/2010

I can't believe anyone is giving Dr. Moore and her clinic a good review. She is one of the most incompetent, rude, and unkempt veterinarians I've ever met in my 20+ years of pet ownership. The clinic is a dump and she treats her patients and clients with an abrupt, condensending attitude. I can't help but wonder what animal abuses go on behind closed doors. If you care for your cat don't ever take him/her to Dr. Moore. more

Good care for bad kitty 5/21/2010

Although she can be abrupt, Dr. Moore and her staff are very caring about the health of your animals. She takes the time to explain proceedures in detail when necessary. Cats VT has been very good to my large male cat who is extremely difficult and even dangerous to handle when he is upset. (Which is how he acts everytime he needs to go to the vet.) more

THE BEST! 5/9/2010

Linda Moore is the best cat vet I've ever met and I've had cats all my life. At one point, my cat had a lump and she spent more than 45 minutes on the phone with me discussing options at no charge. She really does care about animals and she knows her stuff. If you're treated like you neglect your pet, you do. Going to a vet is not a social event. You're there for the well being of the animal. more

Best ever 3/27/2010

By far the best vet we ever had. Staff is caring and knowledgeable. We are able to board our cats there when we go on vacation and can be sure they are being well looked after. We have had cats all our lives and have never been as happy or comfortable as we are with Cats Vermont. We wouldn't go anywhere else with our 3 cats. more

My favorite VT vet and I've been to 10 2/17/2010

I am so glad we have Cats Vermont here. I've had two cats with cancer over the years and Dr. Moore has been marvelous in getting them the right diagnostic services and pain relief. She's responsive and caring to the animal, patient in working with difficult patients, devoted to keeping them comfortable and accessible in emergencies. And she believes owners who are going on nothing but a hunch, instead of some of her competitors who blow you off because the cat "looks normal to them". If you want someone to wish you a nice day, go somewhere else, but if you want the best advocate for your cat go here and don't take her brusqueness personally. more

This Vet knows cats. 9/25/2009

If you want to be pandered to, go somewhere else. Many vets treat their customers better than the animals. But if want great care for your cat from a woman who knows about caring for cats, take your kitty here. Yes she can come off as rude, but she loves cats and, like a cat herself, she is not always concerned about your feelings. I have had many cats and many vets, but Dr. Moore has been the best at helping me care for my cats. She always designs treatment plans with the cat in mind -- minimum invasiveness, safest approach, etc. Many vets think too medically and don't consider the impact on the cat or the risks involved. Dr. Moore is only agressive when agressive treatment is called for and other steps haven't worked. That's more important to me than small talk. more

Cats Vermont-Veterinary Clinic is Worthless and Depressing 9/24/2009

Cats Vermont Veterinary Clinic is a terrifying place for new cat owners. First of all, everyone that works there is incredibly condescending, overbearing and intrusive; they treat you as if you were a negligent individual without the will to provide for an animal as if it were your own child. They look at you with cold eyes. They look at you as if you were to continue caring for your cat it would inevitably perish. Second of all, they rip you off. I brought my kitten there and spent 6 minutes with the veterinarian and was rushed out of there and my kitten did not receive the full care which I paid for. The assistant did one ear swab, until my cat and I were rudely interrupted by an obnoxious receptionist arrogantly poking her head in, saying, "the next cat is ready for you." The assistant proceeded to throw my kitten into his carrying crate without finishing the second ear swab. I asked her, "could you please finish the second ear swab?" She responded, "No, bring him to the recep more

Cats Vermont is terrible... 8/12/2009

The convenience of Cats VT being right around the corner from my house is the ONLY reason I kept coming back. The main Vet is rude and condescending. No matter what kind of pet owner you are, this crazy cat lady elitist will give you a hard time. I just switched vets! more

Cats Vermont-Veterinary Clinic is THE WORST 7/25/2009

I have never been happy with this clinic. From day 1 I should have gone elsewhere. The receptionist is dopey and the vet is clearly judgemental from the beginning. The vet barely looks at me when she talks and she is always condecending when she speaks to me. She tried to tell me that when my cat breaks into a tightly closed closet and breaks into his bag of food that "it's on me...It's my fault"! She had me in tears today and I would love to never go back! If you are thinking of bringing your cats here (because it's close or because you think since she only does cats that she will be an expert with yours) DON"T! more

Bad experience 7/6/2009

When we first brought out kitten there, we got a guilt trip for our cat being underweight and for feeding her "kitten junk food". Also, on their orders we came back every 5-7 days, which wasted over 100 dollars because all they did was tell us our cat was still underweight (Literally, it would be a five minute meeting, the vet would say she was small, and would say come back in a week). Eventually, we stopped going there because we felt we were being taken advantage of, and were tired of leaving there constantly feeling like we were incompetent cat owners. more

B Z 3/2/2009

This place is awful. I had been taking my cats here for years and when I had a situation and needed to kennel my cat for a few days, they refused to take him. I spoke with the vet who nearly had me in tears - she berated me and accused me of being a bad person because I could not find alternate lodging for my cat on short notice. \r \r A friend of mine also told me that she had a cat that needed to be put down, and the same vet ran her through an extensive guilt trip because she would not do an extremely expensive surgery that would leave the cat with a significantly diminished quality of life. \r \r These people do not care for the true well being of the pet, and care even less for the owners. They are both unkind and rude. more

Should change to "Greed Vermont" 2/3/2009

I was told to call Cats Vermont when I noticed a lump on my cats neck and he rapidly lost weight. With the economy, I was tapped. We offered $150-$200 to look at him and I could give them however much more in 4 days when I got paid. They would not see my cat. They coldly stated that they don't take payment plans, and they said I would need the whole amount, but they had no clue how much that would be seeing as they would not even check him out. It is hard to have all the cash, when the vet can't give you a guess. In the end I got him to a wonderful vet Dr. Gunther at Champlain Veterinary Clinic, He got my cat in did a urine test, 2 blood tests, and sent him home with two meds, all for less than what Cats of Vermont said was not enough to even check him out. I guess it's greed that driver Cats, and not a love for your pets. This is not the kind of Vet I would trust my "Family" with. more

Good Help 9/23/2008

I brought my cat in with a paint chip in his eye and they took him immediately. No appointment or anything like that. They talked to me first and comforted me, they kept me informed with everything that they were doing to him. I went home with a happy and healthy cat. more
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  • Offering veterinarians and emergency veterinarians services.

    Welcome to Cats Vermont - Veterinary Clinic for Cats!

    Cats Vermont - Veterinary Clinic for Cats, located at 292 Pearl Street in Burlington, Vermont, has been providing quality veterinary care since 1994. Our services include medical care, diagnostic tests, wellness vaccinations, surgery, treatment of illnesses and injuries, medication, boarding, and grooming to cats of all types.

    Cats Vermont - Veterinary Clinic for Cats is a full service veterinary hospital for all aspects of feline health care from the first kitten visit through the special needs of senior patients. Because we work only with cats, we are able to provide a greater variety of services in a quiet and less stressful atmosphere ideally suited to the feline temperament. Our goal is to provide veterinary care customized to meet each individual patient's needs, as well as fitting into their family's lifestyle.

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  • Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 8am-12pm
  • Neighborhoods: Old North End