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Catering By Texas Pride - 15 Reviews - 2980 E Loop 1604 S, Adkins, TX - Seafood Restaurants Reviews - Phone (210) 649-3730

Catering By Texas Pride

2980 E Loop 1604 S
Adkins, TX 78101
(210) 649-3730
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Texas pride barbecue is out there, but totally worth it. Especially if you want to make a night of it! We bring our kids (who can be as loud as they want) for a sit down. The ou...


This was my 2nd shot at this place. Not sure how this place gets the great reviews it gets, especially for the food. I do like the atmosphere and decor. It's a decent place to l...

Texas Disappointment 1/7/2012

This was my 2nd shot at this place. Not sure how this place gets the great reviews it gets, especially for the food. I do like the atmosphere and decor. It's a decent place to listen music out back away from the staff. I found the staff far from helpful almost to point of rude. If I ever go back, I'll see if I can't sneak in the back with some Bill Millers or Rudy's. Turkey was good, for bbq. Nice and tender. The brisket left a lot to be desired and a lot of fat too. Cole slaw was just a mix put through a grinder til it was mush, very bland to the taste. ""Pinto beans"", tasted like no pinto beans I'd ever tasted. My date said they tasted like ranch beans with extra pepper. The ""German Potato Salad"" was not German. Not sure it was even potato. I lived in Germany for 6 years and it's usually warm and delicious. This was straight out of the fridge with no taste. I wanted to try their seasoning that was at the cash register, it looked good. When I ask where to get some and why they didn't put it out with the other condiments I was told it was to expensive and it was only for sale by the container. I wasn't about to take the gamble. I did complement one of the staff on their bread. Tasted just like the bread out of the Butter Crust bag, which is what it was. I was starved when I went there but didn't finish any of the sides and left a good amount of brisket fat on the paper that they serve it on. The butcher paper is put in a hard plastic tray like little milk cartons were stored in when I was in elementary school as a kid. Cute but greasy, at least both of ours were. This may sound like I'm just a complainer but I call them as I see them. Basically this is fast food at a higher cost. Not a place I would take out of town guest to for good Texas bbq. more

So, So Disappointed 5/25/2011

I don't think I have ever disliked a restaurant more than this one. The service was extremely slow and slightly rude. After we got our food, it took ten minutes of waiting in line to pay, so by the time we got to eat the food, it was cold. (There were only two other couples in front of us.) You cannot order a cup of water, even if you order a beer or another drink. They only serve pricey bottled-water. Although all the food was cold, the meat was tender. But it grossed me out that the trays that we used had others peoples greasy BBQ sauce and food on them. When I started to eat I had to first wipe the grimy previous eaters sauce off my hands. And flies were everywhere inside. Out of the 30-something napkin holders in the dining room only 2 had napkins. The ""fork machine"" was out of forks, and the BBQ sauces were down to just drops of sauce. I am a pretty easy to please person when it comes to eating out. I can't even think of another restaurant that I don't like, but this was one time I was really disgusted. more

Way to proud of their BBQ 3/7/2011

For a place that considers itself great, the bbq was mediocre at best. Ordered the brisket and the young girl cutting it was unaware of how to cut brisket across the grain. The portions were small and the price is exorbitant! If your passing through sure check it out. Its not worth the drive if your going out of your way to eat there. Stay in town and try Auggies or The Bbq Station if your wanting bbq. more

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives was so wrong 4/30/2010

We ordered the hungry farmer? Got the beans, mac & cheese, german potato salad and cole slaw. The beans and mac were good the german potato salad and cole slaw not so good. The sausage was pretty good but the ribs were so salty I couldn't eat them and the brisket was dry and had no seasoning. One was overly seasoned the other nothing. Crazy I would give the tenderness of the meat a 5 stars too bad the taste wasn't there. \r The bbq sauce was terrible it was catsup with a few spices in it. The spicy sauce was even worse(it's not spicy). I'm truly disappointed in Guy Fieri and DDD recommendation. They must have paid him off to say they had good bbq. Don't think I'll trust his opinion again. DEFINETLY NOT WORTH THE PRICE OR THE DRIVE. \r Pros: the meat was very tender, good beans and mac & cheese Cons: over priced salty ribs, dry brisket, lousy bbq sauce more

One BIG problem 3/9/2010

Bottomline- I don't care how good the mac and cheese was, I'm not going back. Those were the biggest roaches I've ever seen in a restaurant or ANY sort of kitchen- one was frolicking in the inside dining area, one was hanging out in the bathroom. That said, ribs and sausage were good, pork was good (tho' I'd swear it was turkey), and the brisket was exceptionally dry. Mac an' cheese and beans were good, cheesey potatoes were boring, and the German potato salad tasted like plain mashed potatoes. No issues with the staff; friendly and polite. Pricey for the quality and quantity. Pros: Good sausage and ribs Cons: Roaches more

Great Place for BBQ 2/24/2010

Food was outstanding. Ordered the brisket dinner with green beans and cheesy potatoe sides. My wife ordered the baby-back ribs. Both dinners were excellent.\r \r The location is less than 10 minutes off I-10 and not hard to find. Well worth the few minutes driving time if you are traveling thru.\r \r I recommend this to all BBQ fanatics.\r \r Pros: Off the Beaten Path Cons: None, but 10 Minutes South of IH10 more

over priced....sauce is gross 6/2/2009

Again, we made the mistake of trusting Guy from DDD on this place. We ordered our food for pick up, and were not at all pleased. I ordered a jumbo sausage sandwich, to share with my came with 6 thinly sliced stips of sausage....For $ kids had all the sausage, and I just ate the roll...the only good thing from the place. They were out of mac and we opted for cheesy potatoes...the potatoes we hard, under cooked basically. My husband's coleslaw was warm, he did not eat but one bite. He ordered a two meat combo, and didn't finish any of it.. and my husband can throw back some b-b-q..The sauce tasted like tomato sauce..we had to use sauce we bought from another place. The kids and my husband ended up eating cereal...and to think I spent almost $30...There are far better places to enjoy some real Texas b-b-q. Cons: way over priced...nasty tomato...oops...bbq sauce more

Great food! 3/7/2009

I also went to Texas Pride after seeing Guy Fieri's show. I can't complain about the food at all and I think the bad review here was from someone who is used to tasting more spice than meat...which usually means the meat is poor quality and someone is trying to hide that.\r \r I ordered the four meat combo with ribs, sausage, chicken and brisket and it was more food that I could handle. When the server picked up the ribs one of the bones actually slid right out of therack, amazing! The ribs were incredible...not overpowered with rubs or sauce, just a good classic barbeque flavor that you could eat if you didn't have teeth. The brisket, sausage, and chicken were also great, but the ribs were by far the thing that made it worth the drive.\r \r For sides I had pinto beans and cole slaw, the cole slaw was good not great, but the beans again were amazing. They had a flavor in them that I can't place, but that I'd never had in pinto beans (almost like a chipotle smoke?).\r \r All in all, worth the drive and worth what I paid since I'm getting two full meals out of it. Only big critique I had was that the sauces weren't my was two sweet and the other (The spicy one) I couldn't quite cage myself to. On the upside, you don't need the sauce...just leave it alone and enjoy the meat with a Lone Star beer. Pros: Good food, great place, AWESOME people Cons: Kinda weird sauce? more

Better BBQ other places 10/6/2008

My husband & I ate lunch here on 10/4/08. There's plenty of parking & outside seating. However, the inside dining area is small. I saw this place featured on the Food Network's show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Therefore, I was expecting the BBQ to be great, but it wasn't. We ordered a combo meal with ribs, turkey, German potato salad and pinto beans. The only positive thing I can say about the meats is they were tender. The turkey was on the dry-side while the rib meat almost fell off the bones. However, both lacked in flavor (we didn't taste any seasoning) and were a BIG disappointment to us. To be honest, my hubby does much better BBQ at home. Their BBQ sauce isn't anything special. The German potato salad was really good. But this was our very first time to have any, so we can't compare theirs to others. The pinto beans were seasoned well and tasted great to us. We found the portion sizes of everything to be small. Therefore, we did NOT got our money's worth. This is a family restaurant, which has been passed down to future generations. With the decor (inside and out), coming here was like going way back in time. The history and nostalgia of this place is cool. However, their BBQ itself should be more the focal point here. My hubby & I were both born and raised in Texas, so we know good BBQ and this AIN'T it! We don't plan on ever going back. Pros: Nostalgia, parking Cons: Meats lack flavor more

barbecue,bands and bikes 4/18/2008

Texas pride barbecue is out there, but totally worth it. Especially if you want to make a night of it! We bring our kids (who can be as loud as they want) for a sit down. The outside covered area is huge with juicy and spicy food . We can order the two meat special and feed all three kids with it. They have picnic tables with lots of napkins and a lighted playground for the kids to play while my husband and I look at the awesome bikes(there are always some cool ones to look at) and listen to the live band on stage. We can chill out, let the kids be as loud as they want, (the band is always louder,so noone complaines) the atmosphere is casual, security and service is great. They have the nicest guy who comes and cleans up your table, very polite. The bands are all local and so far they have always been good. I highly recommend anyone going there.(whether you own a bike or not) Pros: kids can be loud Cons: no plates more

Overpriced, mediocre BBQ served by argumentative kids. Takes half a tank to get there 2/13/2008

On our latest (and definitely last) visit, my husband and I ordered the ""Hungry"" whatever meal - $30 (!!!) for just enough food for two people. My husband asked for an extra sausage link, and the kid cutting the meat was having problems with that request. I made the comment that we didn't need to get the sausage if it was going to be difficult. There was a very, very young girl behind the counter working the cash register who just blurted out that I was the one who was difficult. I got a little riled about that comment and asked to speak to the manager. She said she has just become co-owner of the place and I would have to deal with her. There was an older man standing just behind her whom I believe was the true owner, but he never got involved in the discussion. \r \r At that point my husband and I just left. I've tried calling a few times to speak to the owner of record (it's not that little girl), but can never get thru to him. \r \r My husband and I have to drive 45 minutes one way to get to this place, and we pass some truly good BBQ joints along the way. I am no longer willing to drive completely across town toa place that serves over-priced, mediocre BBQ served by rude kids and has an apathetic owner. \r \r Apparently the place has too much business and is looking for ways to decrease it. Baed on our last visit, they are succeeding. Cons: Over-priced, mediocre food served by rude kids, owner is apathetic more



Bad News 6/3/2006

Food is only O.K. Employees are all punk kids running (and ruining)the place. Owner is arrogant and detached. Want to get treated badly, then you get your money's worth. I'LL NEVER GO BACK! Cons: EXPENSIVE, RUDE more

Best Atmosphere and Entertainment here! 4/18/2006

I have recently went back to this awesome Barbecue restaurant, on Bike Night. They have everything Updated to your biker standards. There is Now a 1000 square foot covered Pavillion in the back of the restaurant, where they have the fish fry, the bar and two Stages where musicians perform for your entertainment. The First time I went to bike night, there was gravel on the ground where you have to pull in your bikes and park at. But last week when I went there is now paved parking and a paved driveway! This Place is Growing so quickly! I have seen over 60 bikes attend just in the first 2 hours of Bike Night. Bike Night is one of my Favorite nights for entertainment. Anything from Live Blues Music, to Classic rock, Rock music Hits. Even though there are so many people attending bike night there is plenty of room for Seating, parking, and beer drinking (2.00 a beer! They also have buckets of Beer)\r All you need to do is park your bike, order a beer then go to the front of the Restaurant and Order the best barbecue you'll ever have, and take it back to the live music, relax, sit back and check out all of the awesome Choppers, Harleys and Cruiser bikes that pull up that night. Eddie and the Boozers and Jimmy Spacek are my favorite bands on Thursday. So if you want to take a great ride on the scenic and uncrowded Southeast side of 1604 Come out! Texas Pride Barbecue has the combination of the very best entertainment, to the very best Texas style barbecue and memorbilia- Tuesday through Saturday.\r \r PS- There's a rumor that Kinki Friedman is having a fundraiser benefit at Texas Pride Barbecue for his running for governor. It definately must be the spot in San Antonio, if Kinki is willing to come out! Pros: Inexpensive, Best Barbecue you'll ever eat, Great Service Cons: Come Early, Call ahead for Groups over 25 more

Rude 8/7/2005

Rude kid taking order got it wrong and refused to correct it I asked cashier to correct it. R.K.threw the bun and bbq, cussed and would glare at me and looked combative. Bill came to $29. for 1 sand, 1/2lb sliced bf, 1/2lb of sausage, 4 drinks.(Overcharge) At this point I didn't argue, paid bill. To keep an incident from happening, my wife, 2 grandkids and I left. Don't waste your time with this pod of bottom feeders. more
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