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Cat Clinic Of Seattle

3842 Stone Way N
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 397-0570
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My cat was very ill when I took him to the Cat Clinic. The care he received there was everything I could ask for. They allowed me to be there for every procedure he had done. I go...


This clinic is so close to my home I have used it despite having had three or four experiences with over pricing and curt treatment. When I have had to board my cats because my ca...

Wonderful Cat Care 1/5/2010

My cat was very ill when I took him to the Cat Clinic. The care he received there was everything I could ask for. They allowed me to be there for every procedure he had done. I got clear explanations of what was wrong. My questions were answered. My calls answered promptly. Care options were explained.I thought the visit charge was reasonable, and procedure costs were estimated in writing prior to agreement. The best thing was how gentle and kind they were to my cat! There is nothing more I could ask for. more

Excellent Care 10/6/2009

After our cat, E, was diagnosed with kidney disease, our then vet said that nothing could be done about his lack of appetite. We had heard good things about the Cat Clinic, so we went there.\nWe saw Dr. Nemec and we told her E's history. She listened to everything we had to say and the first thing she said was, "We'll get him feeling better and then he'll start eating again." We had lost hope that he would ever feel better, but she was totally matter-of-fact that this would happen.\nAnd it did. She did blood tests and recommended several changes in his care: gave him antacids for acid stomach, adjusted his hydration schedule to make him more comfortable, found foods he liked, treated his anemia, etc.\nE thrived with the attention to detail he got from Dr. Nemec. The year after she took over his care was much better for him than the previous year. He got his appetite back, had more energy, and was more playful.\nWhen Dr. Nemec would take blood for a test, the next morning at 10AM she'd call with the results, and explain any changes we needed to make. This way there was a quick response to changes in his status.\nWhen E had surgery they let us visit him in the ICU. When E needed a procedure (blood sample, urine sample, etc.) they always let us accompany him, if we wanted, while the vet techs worked on him. They knew how to restrain him so he became compliant and not agitated.\nDr. Nemec was always prompt in returning my calls, and the vet techs were also available to answer questions.\nWe felt that E was getting excellent care, and we were, too. Any problems that E had were dealt with promptly and expertly. Dr. Nemec was clear and honest about E's prognosis. When it was near the end she told us.\nIn summary, we had expert, compassionate, patient, and attentive care at the Cat Clinic. All the vet techs are fabulous -- knowledgeable, efficient, and kind.\nA month after E died we adopted another cat. The next day we took her to the Cat Clinic for a complete exam and shots. We trust them completely. more

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Look beyond appearances: "Nice" is not always really nice. 6/6/2008

Yeah, they're nice and send you flowers if your cat just happens to die here, but they sure you bill you for it...and as long as you do everything they say. The respected Puget Sounds Consumers Co-op,, gives them a price rating of 188, where 100 is the average price charged by veterinary clinics. This was the highest I believe among the 100+ clinics surveyed. Their overall score for care was 70. We were charged for SIX days of hospitalization, even though our cat was there for only five days. So check your bill very carefully. They had me give my cat injections he never should have been started on, and they did not tell me when to stop, either. They refuse to write medications and instead coerce you into buying from their dispensary, where prices are up to 1000% higher than what you would pay otherwise. Dr. Nemec has an astonishing sense of self-entitlement despite her minimal veterinary skills. The one good veterinarian left over a year ago. more

Caring atmosphere and staff 3/5/2008

I have recently taken my beloved Buzz to the Cat Care Clinic for a checkup and to check on some very suspicious things going on with him. Unfortunately for my beautiful boy it looks like he may have pancreatic cancer. I would like to say that my cat was treated by Dr. Nemec and she was nothing but compassionate and informative. When she noted that my cat would need a battery of tests and I asked for an estimate of charges there was no pressure in any way to just move forward without seeing the estimate. After consulting with my husband we moved forward with all the testing recommended. Dr. Nemec was at no time rude or condescending or anything like the other reviewers have suggested. I think she really does care about her patients. I also made it very clear that if a positive cancer diagnosis is made that there will be no heroic measures taken and that my boy would only receive comfort care and she never made me feel like I was a bad pet parent. She seems very genuinely interested in the care of cats and gave me a run down of her diagnosis in a clear and concise manner. My cat used to be seen at another clinic in Redmond that is much more expensive that the Cat Care Clinic so while our bill at Cat Clinic was expensive, I do believe it would have been even higher elsewhere. more

Cat Clinic of Seattle 8/2/2007

The Cat Clinic is the best. They saved my cat's life after a terrible attack by another animal. I also recommended them to another friend after her cat became very ill and she was thrilled with the treatment her cat received there. I highly recommend them. The staff is terrific! more

DO NOT take your cat here 7/2/2007

ok this is the second time i've been here .. yes i'm an idiot i moved here recently and needed a vet for my babyso the 1st time i went my cat had swollen gums... the vet tried to guilt me into having his fangs extracted ..telling me " i was HURTING my cat" what are you kidding me .. i fished for tons of info asking about alternative procedures .. draning his gums around the infected fang .. asking for a specialist and the only answer i could get was no, there is no alternative and no specialist. so i let them take blood to see if he was a candidate for surgery .. which he was and then got a call the next day telling me to bring him in ... WAIT i DIDNT OK ANYTHING i kept him home .. and watched him for 3 days .. when the gum began to drain i was there to clean it out take care of him disinfect him and hold him ... yea he still has his teeth 2 YEARS like an idiot i bring him back with his brother for a check up... here we go again with the f#** in Teeth... he's lost wait she says how much i ask 1/4 of a pound yet his brother has lost 2 pound ( he was on a kitty diet) his gums are inflamed .. again with the fangs .. yes but he is NOT need to have them both removed she says .. and again i ask all the questions .. is there an alternative cant he just have a deep cleaning what a bout a freakin X ray is he running a fever ..NOTHING once again like an ass i consent to blood work costing me 250.00 i feel TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF EVERY TIME I GO THERE im treated like an IDIOT .. and yea i am for going there twice but DONT GO more

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Pretty Good 5/12/2007

After being overcharged at another vet, I found Cat Clinic of Seattle. Their prices were lower, they were willing to work with me on things--doing a few tests, not a whole battery of 'em, and were really good with my cranky old cat. They showed concern, even when my cat came in for a "psyc" visit (she screams like a rooster at sun up and sun down--no joke). While Cat Clinic isn't dirt cheap, generally, if you say up front "Look, here's my limitations..." they work with you. Dr. Johnson is esp. good with freaked out cats, calling them "Baby...ohhh....little friend...every things going to be OK...." and just cooos at them. I appreciate that they send my prescriptions to be compounded (my cat HATES pills), and took the time to do a quick re-teach on giving fluids (I was freaked out--poking my cat with needles was NOT OK with me). Be sure to bring your cat in a carrying case of some sort, as they're required in the waiting room. more

Avoid 12/8/2006

I made the terrible mistake of boarding my sick cat with the Cat Clinic and I would advise others to avoid this vet. After being made to wait for almost two hours past my appointment time to check her in I was presented with an estimate for care that was more than twice what I had been quoted over the phone. I waived some of the medical testing they had suggested with the qualifier, "unless, obviously, she looks like she needs it." Doctor Nemec seemed to take my displeasure at the wait along with my unhappiness with the increased estimate as a personal affront and decided that since I had a "hostile attitude" that Cat Clinic's hands were tied in the care of my cat. Unfortunately they waited until I returned and my cat was on the verge of death to inform me of this. My wonderful cat sitter who went to visit her while I was gone told me that she repeatedly told the staff that my cat looked very ill and needed more attention. The only information conveyed to me by the staff at the clinic was that she was not eating regularly and that they had made the decision to force feed her. No suggestions as to additional care were made. Upon my return I immediately transferred her to ACCES Animal Hospital in Lake City were she was brought back to health over the course of seven days of intensive care. As if all this wasn't enough Cat Clinic sent me home with medication for someone else's sick cat, an immunosuppressant that I have no way of knowing if they were giving to my cat in error. At this point I am looking into legal action against Cat Clinic and would advise anyone seeking vet care to seek elsewhere. more


WHEN THE CAT IS OUT-OF-SIGHT, THE MICE SCURRY AND GET OUT-OF-HAND, WITH OR WITHOUT THE CAT'S ENCOURAGEMENT. The Cat Clinic is nice to you but only if you "play ball" with them. After eight weeks, they changed the "rule" without offering ANY explanation. They decided that only my friend (who bears the brunt of the bills) would be allowed to speak to their vet techs, make appointments, pick up supplies, etc.). My friend has a 60-hour-a-week job and just doesn't have the time do the things that need to be done for a seriously ill cat with CRF. I am the primary caretaker and the cat lives with me. I have worked very very hard to keep him alive the past three months. Since I had already been the primary caretaker and the one communicating with them for TWO AND A HALF MONTHS, THIS SUDDEN CHANGE-IN-POLICY was inappropriate and inconsistent . IN FACT, after five days of expensive hospitalization, our cat was released with medication, syringes, sub-Q equipment, canned and dried food, etc. and only very CURSORY instructions (except for the sub-Q demonstration). I felt they were certainly in a rush to get us out of there without really explaining clearly the new regime for our cat. They are obviously doing very, very good business and are VERY busy. The vets know a lot. One, Dr. Johnson, was exceptionally kind and generous to us. The office manager was quite difficult (even when you're REALLY nice to her,as I was) and I was treated quite rudely ONCE when she made a big deal about getting a copy of the latest lab report . "But I gave your friend a copy (she had already given my friend a xerox of their own handwritten chart)." I suspect there was some RACISM; this may never have happened if I were white After explaining WHY I needed the lab report, she abruptly relented, saying in a nasty tone of voice, "Well, you'll have to wait." There was no one else in the waiting room so it can't be she was too busy with other clients. My friend (humanities Ph.D., old enough to be the father of one of the young office staff; I have a MA in history) was taken aback that during the third vet visit, after we had been waiting in the room with the cat for 15-20 minutes for his blood test. when he asked one young woman (commmunity college degree??) how much longer it would be and if they could possibly expedite the test, her answer was "No. You can't.." We waited another 10 minutes. (The blood test itself took only a few minutes). Simple courtesy goes a long way but apparently this person has never heard of such a thing. (My friend had been taking time off work to come to the appointment and had to get back to his office as soon as possible). Even my animal trainer friend was stupified that they could charge $60 (according to my recollection) for a 40-minute demonstration of doing sub-Qs. I felt "talked down" to and very uncomfortable--it was like being in grade school with a cheery but authoritarian teacher. I am SHOCKED that they can treat clients in such a cavalier manner "if you don't like what we're doing, go somewhere else and don't come back)" and get away with it. Lots of attitude: "We've been you giving you service, you've got to do X, Y, and Z". The fact that I've tried to be super-nice to everyone there and to demonstrate to them my devotion to my cat and my need to control costs has NOT made a diffference.. . That you've already spent over $1800 (estimate) and contacted them when absolutely necessary (the vet techs a half a dozen times) and doesn't seem to matter to them. Also, many of the things they sell there are MUCH more expensive than what you might find elsewhere. Ex: Vitamins/mineral supplement $18; on the web, as low as $6! . As a consumer, we have the RIGHT to seek reasonable prices where we can. UPDATE: 10-19-06 The receptionist Anne "posed" as the co-owner and made some patently false statements to me and then hung up the phone. There were "just too many people talking to the vets and there was misnformation being passed." (UUH?? Like WHAT??). I have been super-nice to everyone in the clinic. SOME of the people (I don't know WHICH ones) are ETHICALLY CHALLENGED, deeply, in my opinion. There are lapses of responsibility. The first time I visited my cat during the operation, two of the techs were "shooting the breeze" (talking loudly, laughing uproariously.) the whole time I was there while they sheared a poor howling cat. I pretended NOT to be offended but I WAS by their not-very-serious, not very compassionate attitude. A bevy of sophomoric young women PLUS a bilious overweight middle-aged one (who knows where the management was) have left an indelible impression on me. Seriously... I LOVE MY CAT VERY MUCH and this experience has been mostly DEEP pain and frustration for me. The lack of respect shown us still hurts. more

Highly recommended 8/13/2006

Since 1991, I've taken all my cats to the Cat Clinic for routine checkups as well as treatment for serious conditions such as cancer and kidney disease. The doctors are knowledgeable and compassionate. more

kitty doctor 10/21/2005

cat clinic of seattle should be called best cat clinic of seattle. they are wonderful!!!!!!! no matter what is wrong with your kitty, they will make you both feel at ease. this place is also wonderful because unlike most vet's offices there are no loud and rowdy dogs to disturb your finicky feline! they will be loved and cared for almost as well as you take care of them. almost! more

cat clinic 8/11/2005

The Cat Clinic of Seattle is the ONLY clinic in Seattle that I will have take care of my cats. They specialize in taking care of cats and they know ALL there is to know about them. They offer exams, vaccinations, boarding, surgery, hospitalization, and dentistry for your special cats. Very loving and gentle. Excellent service and reasonable prices - although I could never put a price tag on my cat! more
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Owner Message

  • The Cat Clinic of Seattle has been helping to keep your feline friends happy and healthy for more than 40 years. Conveniently located near I-5 in Seattle, WA, we were the first feline specialty practice in the Pacific Northwest. Our team of experienced veterinarians and vet technicians are all cat lovers and it shows!

    The Cat Clinic of Seattle veterinary cat care services include:

  • Preventative care including vaccinations
  • Internal medicine
  • Behavioral consults
  • Surgical procedures
  • Intensive care
  • Dentistry
  • Grooming
  • Boarding

    At the Cat Clinic of Seattle our cat-only environment ensures that your cat won't encounter the frightening sounds and smells associated with dogs. Our doctors and staff are always focused on quality care and making cats and their owners feel comfortable during visits to the clinic.

    Our veterinarians include: Dr. Carrie Nemec, Dr. Jeff Nevin and Dr. Kimberly Lamb.

    Each day, research findings bring us new treatments to keep your cat healthy and well. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you suspect a problem with your cat or wish to or make an appointment for a regular check-up.

    Call the Cat Clinic of Seattle today!

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    Lake Union, Wallingford