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Cat Clinic At Canyon Park - 33 Reviews - 22833 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA - Veterinarian Reviews - Phone (425) 354-4730

Cat Clinic At Canyon Park

22833 Bothell Everett Hwy
Bothell, WA 98021
(425) 354-4730
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I dealt with both Dr. Gawley and Dr. Goode and they were both warm and caring with my cats. Yes, busy, but definitely caring for my two cats. Both had long term health problems--M...


I took my cat to the Cat Clinic at Canyon Park to get him microchipped. Pros: very reasonable fees ($40), front desk woman was very nice, the cats wandering around the office ...

Horrible horrible vet 10/4/2013

This place has changed. When Dr. Paschal was there she was an amazing vet and she cared a lot about our kitties. Dr. Galway is another matter. She hates purebreds, we only have one purebred and three rescues, but it didn't matter she still hated him and us. She was so mean and said that we shouldn't even have him (These are our babies, and she made my wife cry). She didn't care about listening to us and hearing out our baby's problems, she just judged him and sent us on our way. And now that our prescription is up she wouldn't renew it so we need to find another vet.\r She is truly a horrible person and until they get a new vet I wouldn't bother with this shithole. more

Excellent care for your cats 10/6/2011

I dealt with both Dr. Gawley and Dr. Goode and they were both warm and caring with my cats. Yes, busy, but definitely caring for my two cats. Both had long term health problems--Max with diabetes and Freddie with irritable bowel, interstitial (sp?) cystitis, blind, and deaf--and they received excellent care until they passed to the great catnip field in the sky at ages 18 and 17, respectively. I attribute their long lives to the care they received. Dr. Gawley nearly cried when we had to put Freddie to sleep--but it was time and there was nothing more we could do to preserve her quality of life. Tell me that's not caring! And she didn't charge me anything. I switched to the C.C. from Cats Exclusive (within 1 mile of home) because one of the vets at C.E. seemed more interested in billable hours than cat care. I've been catless a while, but when I do get cats again, I will return to C.C. I drove from Edmonds to Canyon Park for 10+ years because I believed in this place. I still do. more

Cat Clinic at Canyon Park. 8/27/2011

After using the Cat Clinc for the past 15 years I just had to weigh in. For 13 of the 15 years we have had 5 cats at any given time ranging in all ages. I have always been pleased with Dr. Gawley. This office feels almost "boutiquish" I like that I don't walk into a sterile feeling enviornment. The clinic has several "Resident Cats" At this time they have a great front desk. Understand though that at times this can be a busy office. I don't mind waiting if I have to. She is worth the wait. I have NEVER not felt that I received one on one thorough service when it comes time for my cats to be seen. I appreciate this, I never feel like I am "just another customer." Even when Dr. Gawley herself is not available and we have seen the other vet in the office we find her to be just as competent and thoughtful. more

chilly demeanor 6/1/2011

I had a horrible experience with Dr. Gawley. I had to take my kitten in for an emergency. I bought one of my cats from this cat clinic and I had thought really highly of this place until I took my other one in. \r Dr. Gawley was constantly complaining of a migraine the whole time we were talking about what was going on with my kitten. She was horribly rude and deplorable "bedside manner" towards the kitten. I have never seen a vet be so apathetic towards my cats. A very cold vet. Never, ever taking her there again. more

Just Saying 5/26/2011

There are a few reviews on here that I feel compelled to discuss. First, if your cat has tapeworms, your cat has fleas....period. That is the only way a cat can get tapeworms. Second, Dr. Gawley is extremely busy during the day with appointments and surgeries and usually does not return calls until after the clinic is closed. Third, in a perfect world you get a genius AND a great personality. I would prefer to have an excellent and knowledgeable veterinarian then one who has a great personality. If you truly love your cat, bring them to the Cat Clinic. more

Horrible customer service and rude Dr. 11/10/2010

Let me start by saying how horrible their customer service is! I brought my 2 new kittens in that we adopted from a shelter. Our first visit was not that bad, although I did notice the horrible bedside manner Dr Gawley had. I am used to vets that seem to genuinely care about animals. She seems to dislike them in my opinion. Anyway, I recently found out that one of the kittens has tapeworms. So I called to get him some medicine. This is where my horrible experience began. Called at 8 am only to find out they didn't have my name on file- which it turned out they completely entered my name wrong, with different letters- no where near the correct spelling. Then I was told that I would receive a call from the Dr. Hours passed and no call- so at 11:30 I called back, only to be told the Dr had appts till 12 and then surgery till 3. Only then would she return calls. So I waited- 5:30 came and still no call. So I called back a third time and was told the Dr was very busy and would "get to it." more

Awesome 11/4/2010

The Cat Clinic at Canyon Park is awesome. I moved to Everett but still go back to Canyon Park for my cat's vet care. I tried 2 other vets but they just can't take care of my kitty like The Cat Clinic does. more

Fantastic care, great people 10/5/2010

After several other vets were unable to properly diagnose and treat my cat's weight loss, I brought him to Dr. Gawley on a friend's recommendation. She was amazing. Low cost and the FIRST treatment she provided brought results. My cat is healthier than he has been in years, and I wish I had saved my time and money and come here a long time ago. Reading the other reviews here, I have to believe that not only do mistakes happen- we're all human- but an uneducated person can strongly misconstrue a situation that may have been medically inexplicable. It's just not possible to "cook" a cat's internal organs with a heating pad. After the wonderful treatment my cat- and I- recieved at this clinic, I'm surprised at any negative reviews. In addition to the vet, the rest of the staff was fantastic. The front desk gal was cheerful, pleasant and helpful; the kennel? staff I encountered made a point to greet me; the techs were knowledgable and friendly, and I felt warmly welcomed and appreciated. I would recommend this clinic to ANYONE that cares about their cat. more

Cat Clinic Very Responsive 7/30/2010

Brought my Mau in for eye issues. Front desk was pleasant and happy. (Different person than last time and much improved.) Dr. Gawley was very good with my skittish Mau. Listened to what I had to say. Made sure that my cat was fine. She was very busy, dealing with several cats at once at the end of the day. But, gave my cat all of the attention he needed and looked into one concerning matter. My cat was the last patient of the day and, at the end, the doctor sort of forgot about me but I'm going to chalk that up to a long day. When I asked if I could go, the front desk lass apologized for the inconvenience and made sure to get my insurance forms filled out. Follow up call was handled very quickly and professionally. Pros: Friendly front desk, quick response, good follow up Cons: Busy vet more

BC 5/31/2010

Dear Dr. Gawley and staff, I cannot begin to express how deeply you are appreciated for the excellent and loving care you have extended to my four legged family member of 16 yrs, BC. Had it not been for you, Dr. Gawley, BC would not have had the past year and more to enjoy life. You have consistently provided superior medical care in a kind and loving manner. I have and will continue to spread the news of the wonderful care you and your staff provide. Again, thank you doesn't express the deepest appreciation I have for you and and your staff. Also, thank you for the paw print that came in the mail this last week. That was an exteremely kind gesture and one that touches my heart deeply as well as the card that you (Dr. Gawley) sent. You are a special person who truly cares for the four leggers (and sometimes not four leggers) that walk through your doors. Many blessings to you and all your staff. more

Not recommended. 10/30/2009

I took my cat to the Cat Clinic at Canyon Park to get him microchipped. Pros: very reasonable fees ($40), front desk woman was very nice, the cats wandering around the office are very sweet Cons: Dr. Gawley has an appalling bedside manner. Like other reviewers have said, she kept walking out of the room as she was explaining things to me. Our appointment was apparently over, since she left the room and stopped talking altogether. She was not very affectionate towards my animal. The most negative aspect, though, (and the reason I will not be going back) is that she didn't believe me when I discussed some symptoms my cat has with asthma. "Well, he'd be dead if he did that." Really? Because if I tell you my cat wheezes and then sometimes sits with his mouth open as if he's trying to get air but then he's okay, do you think I'm just making that up? I need a vet that listens, not one that tells me I was obviously mistaken about what I saw happen. We won't be going back to this vet for r more

A place that truly cares about animals 10/24/2009

I've been taking my cats to the Cat Clinic since I adopted them 8 years ago. There's no place I would recommend more highly. Dr Gawley and Dr Good are by far the most knowledgeable and caring vets I've ever met. They are always upfront about costs, they are kind and gentle with my animals, and they are great at following up. Yes, sometimes I do have to wait to get an appt but it's usually not long and I can always drop my cat off to be seen ASAP. Obviously, the clinic is busy and their services are in high demand so they must be doing something right. more

My mom's cat died because of this office! 9/19/2009

I question the capabilities of this veterinary office because they k;lled my mom's cat this week by cooking her to death. After the cat's teeth were cleaned they placed her on a heating pad that was set too high and basically cooked all of her organ's. This didn't k;ll this sweet cat right away either. She suffered for almost two full days before dying. DON'T EVER TAKE YOUR CATS HERE IF YOU CARE ABOUT THEM!!!!!! I am so upset and sickened by this words can't even begin to explain how I feel. I know that the vet is upset about it but there comes a point when you have to be accountable for things like this. I am just so heart broken, and I barely spent any time with the kitty, so just imagine how my mom feels about this. Everytime I talk to her she starts bawling. RIP Lil Bit. Pros: HORRIBLE Cons: EVERYTHING more

My cats go no where else! 3/29/2009

My cats are more than just pets and I wouldn't take them anywhere else. The vets give so much attention to each animal that yes, you may have to wait but, for me, it is worth it. Dr. Gawley and Dr. Good both have cared for our cats from adoption to the ends of their lives. I have been involved in every decision and they have explained all of their procedures. I have not had bad experiences with the staff, but I am patient and I know that others with gravely ill cats may be needing extra time. I have no doubts that the CAT is their primary concern and that is the way I like it. more

Dr. Patricia Gawley is wonderful!!!! 12/9/2008

I have had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Gawley at a previous practice many years ago. She was always the one who could diagnose the most bizarre syndromes with my cats. She was always the one who knew the most comprehensive treatment plans to implement. As a fellow lover of felines, I would follow her anywhere just so she could be near. I now live in Texas and will always wish I still had her here for my cats. I haven't found a more compassionate, caring, nor medically proficient veterinarian in the 17 years I have lived in Texas. Diane Grimm more

Save your money and your time! 12/1/2008

1) Never met the vet 2) Was charged WAY too much for a simple battery of tests- they are definitely in it for the money 3) The vet tech was not too pleased she had to actually explain to me what was wrong with my cat (instead of reading the "form" she gave me about the diagnosis). 4) Never recommended a follow-up on treatment even though all research online and with people who have cats with the similar diagnosis said a follow-up should always be done. 5) Only time they smiled was when my Visa was approved for $$$. 6) Cat still has the problem- NOT taking him back there- saving my money and trying to find a vet that actually cares and is "present". Cons: too expensive and unprofessionalism more

Most compassionate Vet EVER! 11/19/2008

Having a 19 yr old cat already in kidney failure, I hoped she only needed another irrigation. I took her to the Cat Clinic & after an overnight stay & tests I was told the inevitable. After many sobs & tears, I called my son who'd grown up with her & the Vet allowed us to stay for hours to say goodbye to my best friend of almost 20 yrs. Dr. Good asked us many questions about our cat & sat & listened compassionately to our stories. Dr. Good & her staff were amazing in our time of inexpressable grief. I can't say enough about how wonderful they are. Dr. Good even sent us a lovely hand written card. You can't find a better Vet. more

Great Veterinary care!! 7/3/2008

My two cats have seen Dr. Gawley for the last 4 years (their entrie life). One has a chronic tooth/gum problem. They are very knowledgeable and very passionate about getting your cat well. I've read a lot of complaints about their front desk staff, but my experience has been fairly postiive. That said, they are not great about calling you after a surgery/etc, but if you call them, they have always promptly and politely given me an update.\r \r In addition to excellent care, i've also found that their prices are reasonable and their passion for getting your cat healthy is admirable. I recommend them. more

cats only, horrible front desk staff 6/24/2008

it was recommended to me by 2 different people and the fact that it only allows cats sounded great to me. we have been in for 2 different exams and also to have some of our cat's teeth removed. the oral surgery seemed to go well.after many disappointing experiences we are leaving the cat clinic. the first thing that struck me with this clinic was that the usual front desk lady (i think her name is jody) has HORRIBLE customer service skills. she will just go off and talk to co-workers in the back, leaving patients waiting to check-in and out. the 4-5 times I have called she has put me on hold for 5 minutes before even hearing the reason for my call. I hang up after 5 minutes and call back, so who knows how long she would let me patiently wait on hold. she told me they lost all of our cat's records at my last appointment, but the vet. said they were right where they should have been. i am also not certain that their rooms get sanitized between each cat - our cat got a horrible upper respiratory infection the day after he came home from his last visit! i was given plenty of time to look around while waiting for 30 minutes in our exam room during the middle of our appointment that ended up lasting 2 hours! of course, i was also taken back to the room late. when i called to tell them our cat had gotten very sick jody said, "oh, that is no big deal. it happens all the time because the cats are so stressed when they come to the vet. he probably has herpes, we can give you a prescription for lysine" WOW! she could care less about the fact they got my cat sick! that is not the type of vet i want to be going to! our cat has never gotten sick after visiting a vet and i'm sure he was more stressed at other vets with dogs looking at him from outside his carrier. i would highly suggest looking for a vet elsewhere. Pros: cat only allowed Cons: horrible customer service, questionable sanitation more

If you want genuine care for your cat, go to this clinic 6/4/2008

The two vets at this clinic are Dr. Gawley and her assistant, Dr. Goode. I have only had dealings with Dr. Gawley. I have taken my animals to her and seen how conscientious she is with finding out what is wrong with them. This is a very busy clinic and sometimes they get a little frazzled, but their first and utmost concern is always your animal. I haven't had any negative experience with them. I find that if you're willing to be patient you get good care for your animals and after all, isn't that what's important? Some people have problems no matter who they deal with - I think that's because of how they act, not how they are treated. The people at this clinic always try to be professional - sometimes its a little hard. People who go to vet clinics sometimes feel they don't need to keep a respectful attitude when dealing with the doctors and staff. I very much respect them. Would you know how to heal an animal? Well then - I thought so. I have also done fostering for this clinic and more
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  • Cat Clinic at Canyon Park serves cat owners and their cats who reside in the Eastside area of Bothell, Mill Creek, Woodinville, Kenmore, Brier, Mountlake Terrace. Dr. Patricia Gawley DVM and Dr. Sonia Amador DVM are highly experienced in the care and treatment of cats. We can help with vaccinations, wellness check-ups, spay and neuter, flea and tick treatments, dental, geriatric, emergency surgery and more. We carry several brands of prescription and non-prescription cat foods. We also have available vitamins and supplements to keep you feline friend healthy and active. We offer kennel services to our current clients.