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Castle Dental - 22 Reviews - 13486 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX - Dentists Reviews - Phone 1 (713) 460-4777

Castle Dental

13486 Northwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77040
1 (713) 460-4777
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Castle Dental - Houston, TX
Castle Dental - Houston, TX
Castle Dental - Houston, TX
Castle Dental - Houston, TX
Castle Dental - Houston, TX


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I would say you are a great dentist to go too and you make people smile again and be happy too.


I was a Florida Castle dental patient of record for 3 years while undergoing orthodontic treatment, maintenance and dental hygenic cleanings, routinely for 3 years. I came out of...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/12/2014

I am not from Houston, but I have been living here for seven months taking care of my daughter who is very sick. Since I was not able to go home for my regular dental cleaning (I go every six months religiously), I looked for a place to have my teeth cleaned that would accept my insurance. I found Castle Dental at 13486 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX, which is close to my daughter’s neighborhood, on the provider list for my dental insurance. I was able to make an appointment very quickly, which I found rather strange. I should have followed my first instinct and stayed away. I thought that I was going to have x-rays, an exam, and a cleaning on the same day like I normally do. I am usually in and out of my dentist’s office within an hour each time. My experience with Castle Dental was a nightmare. I spent over two hours having x-rays, photos, and an exam. Then, instead of cleaning my teeth, they sent me back to the waiting room where I was directed into an office to discuss my x-rays with the male receptionist. He told me that I had periodontal disease, which I have never had before. I floss every day and brush at least two times/day with an electric toothbrush. The receptionist told me that I would need to have a periodontal cleaning, rather than a regular cleaning, which would not be covered by my dental insurance. They would need to schedule this cleaning on another day. I was suspicious and called my regular dentist of over 20 years to discuss this diagnosis with him; he checked my records and said that I have never had periodontal disease. My dentist advised me to get a second opinion from another dentist. After I ran a Google search on Castle Dental, I found out that Castle Dental ""diagnoses"" everyone that walks through the door with periodontal disease whether they have it or not. Of course, I was very sorry that I didn’t run a Google Search on Castle Dental before I wasted my time going there. I cancelled my cleaning appointment and paid $25 to have my x-rays loaded onto a thumb drive for my records. The next week I got another opinion about my dental health from a small private Houston dental office. They completed a regular cleaning and exam on me and did not agree that I had periodontal disease. I will never return to Castle Dental and would not recommend them to a dog!! Beware that this company also goes by Monarch Dental and Bright Now Dental, in addition to Castle Dental. DO NOT GO HERE! more

Very happy 6/12/2012

I would say you are a great dentist to go too and you make people smile again and be happy too. more

They are nice 6/7/2012

They are nice, fast, and concerned with you as a patient and not a number. more

Thanks 1/26/2012

Thank you for making me feel that my best interest is your priority. more

The best 1/23/2012

I have been to many dentist and this has been the best that I have come across. I gave your office a chance and I am glad that I did return. Thank you for everything and I will see you soon. more

Very friendly 1/23/2012

I am really very satisfied so far with the staff at this office. I think that this dentist is a very good and honest dentist. Thank you. more

Very good doctor 1/20/2012

All went real good when i went there. Never had any delay\'s when i went. Staff was great to me. THANK\'S more

1 word Exceptional 1/20/2012

All of the staff at this location are exceptional when it comes to customer service: caring; thoughtful; efficient; and just nice people. You should be very proud of them and let them know you appreciate them as often as possible! more

Castle Dental Katy is the worst!!!! 2/23/2011

No stars!!! Horrible service. Be prepared to wait at least 45 minutes and when you do get back in the chair, wait another 30 minutes. The woman in the front office has no clue what she is doing...scheduled my son's braces and neglected to tell me he'll need a cleaning before they'll put them on. Pulled my son from school early and wasted a whole afternoon and his braces didn't get put on. My daughter is in braces there now and she complains about their horrible service at each visit. I am transferring her records to a new ortho. Never going back to that hell hole. more

6500 North Freeway 11/27/2010

It seems that ALL Castle Dental locations are garbage. Check your insurance for other dentists not associated with castle dental because these people are incompetent and thieves. THEY KEEP SENDING ME COLLECTION LETTERS WHEN MY INSURANCE ALREADY PAID THEM!!! I hired a lawyer and do NOT plan on paying. more

Scam Artists. 3/22/2010

Read the reviews for this location and the Kirby location. Citysearch won't let you simply post the link. My girlfriend tried to make an appointment to have a yearly cleaning. They checked her insurance, and told her that since it had been more than six months, (insurance pays for an annual visit, not twice a year), that she'd need a deep cleaning, AND a regular cleaning. They told her that they could not do the regular cleaning without first doing the deep cleaning. Of course her insurance company isn't going to pay for two cleanings, so they explained she'd need to pay for the 'deep cleaning' herself, to the tune of $500, then they'd schedule her for the regular cleaning in the next few weeks which they'd bill her insurance for. Can you say scam? Pass on these guys. Do a little digging and research and you'll easily be able to find someone more reputable. Cons: Asshats like these are why health insurance is such a mess more

Do not trust castle dental 8/18/2009

this place in Humble is just plain shady. We have had 2 separate questionable incidents with this place.!st... Husband goes in for horrible excruciating toothache(1 tooth in back).. was told he just needs a ""deep root cleaning"".. they happily hook him up with their finance department to finance 3000.00 for a cleaning, and thats our share after insurance. Knowing this did not sound right I called the dental schools in Houston and spoke with a few directors. They thought it didn't sound right either. So he endured the horrible pain until he could get seen by UT dental school, where they discovered it was just a cracked tooth and they pulled it for 65.00 total and pain was gone instantly. We notified them and of course as expected, no apologies or any acknowledgment of wrong doing.(I pretty sure the records will disappear too) but we have ours. Daughter needs braces,, we finance and have been paying every month through our cc. Husband takes daughter in recently a, having about 5 months left supposedly to go and finish paying, when the finance girls happens to mention.. ""oh you have a credit of 281.00."" We are like ok great! Then can you stop charging my credit card. They stated they would and would apply the credit towards the retainer. Well, they never stopped charging ccc as they said they would, and I disputed w/ cc company. Now all of a sudden they claim insurance didn't pay something or another, which they never mentioned before.. so here we go again with them.. round 2. I very much dislike this company and do NOT trust them at all. It is all about the $$ with them. Pros: close Cons: trust issues. more

HORRIBLE 4/21/2009

Whole family went, Took 3 months to fill with right ins company, sent incorrect bills entire time, of the 3 who had fillings done, we each had a filling fall out. It has been 3 months my eleven year old is hurting and they will not make an appointment to correct the fillings and the ins will not pay to have the work redone else where. Do not go to Nasa RD or League City branch. Rude and incompetent. Pros: nothing Cons: overcharge, wrong ins, 3 fillings on 3 people fell out more

I Thought I was the only one who had an horible experience! 3/3/2009

I came to Castle Dentle with needing my Braces removed. It was Dec 2005 right after hurricane Katrina. I went there because I had asked someone about her teeth and received raved reviews about Castle Dentle. I contacted them and make my appointment. Well first of all, by the time she removed my brackets I had seen the dentist 3 times. As she pulled the bracket off...3 of my teeth were broken and cracked and the fillings were gone. I asked this lady what was it they were going to do to fixed this. She explained to me about a crown and bridge. Throughout the process I decided discovered that one of the ladies working there and had crowns across the top of her mouth. They were beautiful. I asked the Financial person to give me a price to have that done. She said to me, ""About 3 to 4 hundred dollars more than what you are paying now."" Being a teeth person, I said then I want that...If nothing else all my teeth on the top would be the same and when you smile...You mostly see top teeth this is where the disaster begins...They gave me another appointment to come in. they took a molding of my teeth to make the crowns. then they shaved all my teeth to these points and made a plastic rubber molding to put in my mouth to exhibit teeth until my crowns were made. I then received a bill in the mail for $4500 dollars. (That was my portion of the bill, my insurance paid about maybe double triple that.) When I called them about this matter, they told me that they never told me that, and not only were there a room full of other people that heard the same thing I did(3-4 HUNDRED) BUT THEY REMINDED ME THAT I DID NOT HAVE TEETH. SO WHAT DO YOU DO? YOU PAY FOR THE CROWNS...ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE, I saw the lady that gave me the rave reviews about castle dentle and realized that she WORKED for them...GO FIGURE. more

Waiting on Disaster 8/25/2008

As you first walk in the experience is very inviting the receptionist sweet. I arrived early so that I didn't hold up anyone by filling out my paperwork, since it was my first visit. I had to wait an extra 30 minutes however the receptionist was sweet and apologized. I was sent back to get x-rays done and that's when I realized they were only doing a half exam, because it said emergency, when I was really in for a first time visit full exam. They changed it even though they weren't happy. I sat in the chair for another 30 and when they saw me they said nothing to me, they looked in my mouth for 2 minutes spoke to one another in spanish and then said that the front desk would give me my total. I found that very upsetting I like to know what is wrong and I think the dentist should tell me. After all that, I was upset but I just wanted to know what the damage was. So I sat down and spoke with the Front Desk and they explained I needed a route canal on my wisdom tooth, along with several different cavaties and I needed a deep cleaning because I hadn't cleaned my teeth in 6 months. Which would normally only require a regular cleaning. Not to mention my wisdom teeth would need to be pulled. That's when I knew they were not good, why would I get a route canal for my wisdom tooth when 3 months later they would be pulled. Very bad Customer Service by the dentist and there associates. I would not recommend this to anyone! Pros: Wonderful Receptionist Cons: Dentist doesn't discuss your mouth, and products weren't packaged properly. more

Less than great customer service 11/29/2007

Crown fell out after 20 minutes. Not forthcoming in payments and actual time it takes to perform a surgical procedure. You may not end up with the dentist you started with. Pros: Great location Cons: Not all doctors the same; You just don't know what you'll get... more

dentist 8/3/2006

Friendly staff. No long wait for appointments. Staff is very friendly and helpful. The cost for care is reasonable and the job is done in a professional manner. PROS: easy to get apoitment CONS: none more

orthodontist 7/31/2006

My ortho Dr. Whitley does not care if I have pain, as far as he is concerned, I don't exist at all until I come in for appointment, he retains about 2 mins of memory for each patient. there is no plan for my treatment, as doctor said: "Treatment will be assigned as we move along". They wanted to take my braces off in June because my contract was over in June, but we are far from completing my treatment: my front teeth were asymmetrical, back bottom teeth torqued in. Today I am going for an ER appt because my gums are so inflamed that I can't eat! They kept telling me for 2 months that my gum is inflamed because my teeth need to be cleaned, my dentist said that my teeth are clean and fine, and it's a ring on my tooth that is soo deep in my gum!!! I can't believe my ortho wouldn't notice that! The truth is that he does NOT care about his patients that's why he works for Castle, and not for himself. PROS: none CONS: horrible service! more


I was a Florida Castle dental patient of record for 3 years while undergoing orthodontic treatment, maintenance and dental hygenic cleanings, routinely for 3 years. I came out of ortho with rampant decay throughout all my teeth and further came to know I had advanced periodontal disease that went undetected while under their care. I have spent 20 K in crowns, root canals, tooth extractions and periodontal surgeries to date ( full mouth rehabilitation) in hopes of now saving my teeth. For the well being of your teeth, I would highly never ever recommend going to any of these corporation dental offices!!! Seek a dentist or orthodontist in private practice , a dentist/ orthodontist who has his hers name on the front door if your seeking standard care so not to end up like I did! more

They will charge you for things you don't need 1/9/2006

Went to the Sugar Land office for a root scaling i.e. deep clean. After examining me, they produced a long list of ADA codes and said this is what I needed. Most was not covered by insurance and the total cost was going to be over $800! I asked if I really needed everything and they never gave me a straight answer. Then I went to a good dentist. They looked at the list and said everything beyond the simple deep clean was not needed. They did the work and it only cost $240. PROS: Great if you like to pay for things you don't need. CONS: Beware: They will charge you for things you don't need. more
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  • We know that choosing your next dental provider can be a challenge. Here at your local Houston dental office Castle Dental team will take the stress out of scheduling your next dental appointment. The friendly and knowledgeable Castle Dental staff provides the utmost in dental care. If you'er looking for a dental cleaning, check-up, teeth whitening, braces, dental crowns, root canals, and more you've found the right place. From pediatric dentistry to emergency dental work, Castle Dental Houston dental specialists are ready to take on any of your dental needs. Review the full list of offered dental services and dental coupons.

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