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Cary Women's Ctr

300 Ashville Ave
Cary, NC 27518
(919) 233-0488
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I am a patient of Dr. T and have followed her from her previous practice. I cannot express my gratitude for her and her passion for what she does. I have an Endometriosis and was...


I too am leaving this ob/gyn office because Dr. Tahtawi is no longer there. She was the only reason I was staying and putting up with unprofessionalism and incompetent staff. Don'...

Does anyone have Dr. T's new office information? 3/10/2009

Dr. Tatawhi followed me during both of my pregnancies (and delivered my second child). I have really appreciated her thoughtful approach to medicine and her willingness to work within patient preferences. If you have new contact information for Dr. T, please post it here. more

Dr. Tahtawi's new office 2/23/2009

Can someone post contact information for her new office: phone and/or address? I agree that she was the only reason to go to CWC! Would love to continue seeing her. Thanks! more

Dr. T 2/21/2009

FYI - Dr. Tahtawi is starting her own solo practice, and will begin accepting appointments in a few weeks. It will be behind the Whole Foods. I am so thrilled, as she delivered my second child and was the only thing keeping me tied to CWC. Pros: Dr. T and Dr. Flanagan were outstanding Cons: Long waits, staff turnover more

Just Bad and now is worse... 1/31/2009

I too am leaving this ob/gyn office because Dr. Tahtawi is no longer there. She was the only reason I was staying and putting up with unprofessionalism and incompetent staff. Don't even bother calling the nurse line if you need some advice or guidance, they either don't call back and say they have lost the message or call back whenever they feel like it. This practice is terrible! Go somewhere else-I am. Pros: Dr. Tahtawi was great. Cons: unprofessional office staff, nurse line incompetent more

Sad Excuse for Medical Practice 1/19/2009

So sorry to see Dr. Tahtawi on leave, but this is a sad excuse for a practice. This was the practice I chose when I moved to the area 4 years ago. With each visit I have become more and more frustrated. Now with Dr. T on leave I will be finding another OB/GYN. As someone who only needs an annual GYN visit it's not like I'm looking for much. This practice changes staff everytime I visit. They dress so casually, you can't tell if they are nurses, patients or cleaning people. They never set up reminders for appointments (scheduled or those that need to be scheduled). I can never set up my annual appt for the following year, and they never send reminders, so I'm usually getting scheduled every 18 months. Dr. T did take time with me most of the time, but on one visit I waited over 2 hours before they told me she was busy delivering a baby and wouldn't be in. They are unfriendly and disrespectful. On my most recent visit for a minor problem I called for Dr. T and was told she was on leave. What a way to find out. The Dr. that I saw recommended scheduling a follow up in two weeks. Wrote the order on the paperwork, and when I checked out all they did was take my $. I walked out and realized they never set up the follow up appt. Now I'm looking for a new Dr. more

Getting better 12/9/2008

I have been a patient of this office for about 4 years now and I must say they are getting better. I have switched doctors within the practice after not being pleased with my first choice. The only reason I have stayed so long is that I love Dr. Flannagan and her nurse Judy (?) and dread trying to find a new doctor. The wait times vary from being prompt and on-time to about an hour wait at the worst I have seen it. \r They have recently done some remodeling which has improved the look of their office, as before it was old, outdated and dirty looking, and have also remodeled their staff to an extent. The front desk staff is a lot better than it used to be (but could still use improvement) and for the first time since I have been going there, I actually got a live nurse when I called with a question. Not only did I get a live person, but she called me back the very next day with an answer! I'm not sure if the office manager is the same, but I found her to be unpleasant and unhelpful, and also very bad at returning calls with issues.\r I hope the changes continue b/c they are heading in the right direction, and I can say this as I work at a medical office very close by and know how things are supposed to work. more

Where's Dr. T? 12/5/2008

I've been going to Cary Women's center for many years now, and I've always had great service. I am saddened to hear that Dr. T had taken a leave of absence. I wish I knew what happened or if she's gone for good? She was my favorite one there. I'd like to follow her to her next practice. more

Worst experience ever! 9/29/2008

This doctor's office is absolutely horrible. The office staff is unfriendly and unprofessional. I transferred in the middle of my pregnancy, and they asked me all sorts of personal questions right in front of another patient! The bathroom is filthy and at one appointment there was a used speculum in an open trash can, right beside the table that I had to sit on in the exam room! They try to make you have a TB test (a PPD), and when I refused they told me I had to have a chest x-ray! I'm pregnant! How safe is that? Dr. Tahtawi was very nice at our first visit (which is the only reason we returned), but when I tried to refuse the TB test and chest x-ray, she turned off that nice demeanor very quickly. Dr. Clayton seemed quite unprofessional and told me not to drink milk or juice while I was pregnant to avoid gaining too much weight. The people in the lab were unable to read my previous charts (they are completely clear), or understand when I tried to tell them which tests I had already had. They repeated several tests and I was charged for them. It is impossible to actually talk to a person on the phone to get your issues resolved. Do not use this practice. They have made my pregnancy unnecessarily stressful. I would certainly not trust them to deliver my baby.\r I did not see Dr. Flanagan, and she is supposedly the best doctor. However, I cannot imagine returning to this practice for any reason, even if she is the best doctor in the Raleigh area. It is not worth putting up with the filth and the unprofessional staff. Pros: short wait time (usually) Cons: unprofessional staff and doctors, dirty office more

Dr. T saved my life 8/21/2008

I am a patient of Dr. T and have followed her from her previous practice. I cannot express my gratitude for her and her passion for what she does. I have an Endometriosis and was diagnosed by her previous practice. I will spare you the details but if you want to know more, I am glad to share. Endometriosis can cause infertility and definitely caused problems for me in many ways. After a year of fertility pills, we found out we were pregnant! I had a 9.8oz little girl that Dr. T delivered for me. After delivery I hemorrhaged and lost over 2 1/2 liters of blo0d. I was administered adrenaline and given an emergency DNC. Not only did she save my life ....I CAN STILL HAVE CHILDREN!! Dr T personally checked up on EVERY day in the hospital and visited my family and myself in the hospital. She even called me at home after I was discharged. I look at life a lot differently that I would have before this experience. EVERY day I look at my daughter I thank God for my second chance and for blessing those like Dr T with such a beautiful gift. My voice may be small but I will use it every chance I can to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. From my heart of hearts, I have never felt more confident or blessed than to have found a doctor like her. \r \r Respectfully,\r Tori's mom Pros: Dr. T is VERY professional, loving, caring and truly loves what she does and the patients can FEEL this! more

worst ob/gyn office ever! 7/25/2008

I would not recommend anyone to cary women's center. The most unprofessional doctors office I have ever been to. I was treated with complete disrespect. Most of the doctors and staff are cold, uncaring, and ignorant. I decided to leave due to my pregnancy, I am NOT going to allow these people the responsibility of my child's and my life. I am telling women this for the same reason that I have told all of my friends and family in the area, because I care and it should be your right to know. Ex. I went in for my first ultrasound and was of course nervous and excited. The ultrasound technician was and always has been very nice. I went to talk to the doctor for a follow up after the ultrasound and she told me that because I was only six weeks that she was going to have me come back in two weeks because I ""may not still be pregnant then"" but she said I could take the enfamil bag that they give you ""if you want , I guess."" During this entire appt, she referred to me as being 15 or 16 years old, I am 21 and had seen this specific doctor multiple times in the past couple of months. I guess they didn't teach her how to read medical charts. Also when I went in and let them know I was leaving, they began to bad talk my new doctors office, which I found to be very immature and unprofessional but it also helped me realize even more that I was making the right decision to leave. If you care about your health and your baby's health, I would NOT go to Cary Women's Center. Pros: One nurse there is amazing and I am going to miss her. Cons: Everything! more

Do NOT go Cary Women's if you want to save your child 7/25/2008

This facility is totally lack of expertise. Doctors treat you like one of the number for them. They don't know how to make a right descison when it is needed the most. They just come and see you to make money from the insurance companies. If you have slightest problem or if you see any problem , they will be most dangerous doctors. PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE. more

Doctors who care 7/18/2008

FYI: Dr. Tiffany Flanagan is now practicing at the Carolina Women's Health Center in Sanford, NC (919-775-2304). Pros: great docs who care Cons: wait time sometimes problematic more

Do NOT go here!!! 6/25/2008

I cannot agree more with the lousy reviews ... wish I saw them earlier. \r \r I had an ultrasound taken more than 2 weeks ago ... but couldn't get anyone to return my calls to find out what the heck is wrong. I have had acute pain in my lower right abdomen for over 2 weeks now. \r \r Here's the story: Having had lots of surgery for ovarian cysts in the past, I suspected I had another one.\r I waited forever to see that awful ultrasound tech (had to take a vacation day!).\r \r Knowing how bad Dr. T. is at getting results back to patients (I still hadn't heard about my annual mammogram done in april - it's June!), I left a handwritten note begging for info soon. I even authorized leaving a message if she was unable to reach me in person. She called a week later - after I repeatedly left her messages - but didn't leave a scrap of info. So, I kept trying to reach her all day, every day. What really got me: I received a letter saying she had tried ""repeatedly"" to reach me! yea, right - LOL! \r \r Two weeks later, I received a call from Dr. T., but she said she only had page 1 of a 2 page report. She only had ""the picture - not the notes"". She said it looked like I had uteran fibroids, but she would call me back when the tech came back b/c she wasn't sure how to get the second page to the report ""out of the machine"". \r \r Well, the pain persisted - and worsened. I began to think I had apendicitis - so I went to the ER and had a CT scan. \r \r It is indeed an ovarian cyst! They gave me some pain meds and told me to follow-up with my Gyn ... I just made an appt. with another practice. \r \r oh, Dr. T finally called back and left a message at my work ... to let me know that I had an ovarian cyst and not fibroids on my uterus. She did not leave instructions about what to do for pain or follow-up ... Pros: Dr. Tahtawi is very nice Cons: she is the only nice one, wait time is long, follow-up is HORRIBLE more

Misdiagnosed me, Performed procedures w/o warning me 5/8/2008

I must agree with many of these patients. Although I was textbook Endometriosis, I was told that I had fibroids and not to worry about endometriosis. The treatment they proposed would have been dangerous for me! Also, I had an abnormal pap and was not told until I entered the office to get my test results, expecting to get them and leave. Well, I watched a gurney roll by with instruments and the doctor said, didnt you get my call. I said no, because I had not. And she said, oh we need to perform such and such on you. Very painful and I bled....I would have had my husband meet me if I had known.\r \r My gut told me this group was wrong with the diagnosis, and always being proactive with my health, I scoured the area for a ob/gyn who specializes in Endo. As it turns out, I was FINALLY correctly diagnosed with severe Endometriosis/Adenomyosis by Dr. Ira Gaines on Blue Ridge Road. He was wonderful. And, was clearly upset that the doctor who works at CWC misdiagnosed such an obvious case. Shame on them. \r I also agree that the office staff was not very professional. I always felt like I was bothering them. \r Save yourself a lot of trouble, time, heartache and money. Go elsewhere. more

Horrible practice!! 10/25/2007

Please don't use this practice!! Dr Clayton is really a very rude doctor. The staff is very unfriendly and never get you to the doctor on time.\r I would not recommend anyone to use this practice\r zainy Cons: everything more

Terrible Practice 10/10/2007

I used them for my 4th child! It was horrible. The staff is very unfriendly...the doctors are not great! The insurance department has the laziest people I have ever seen! There are so many lazy, incompetent people there, it is terrible! \r The wait times are outrageous....everytime!!!! I would not recommend them to anyone...go elsewhere. Anywhere else cannot be worse! more

Avoid 9/11/2007

After long waits, I was brought back to a room where other patients were having their vitals and weights checked. I didn't appreciate having all of these things done in front of other patients. Either their ultrasound tech does not know what she is doing or their equipment is ancient because I was constantly being told that my baby's head size was too small and they would refer me to Carolina Perinatal Associates next door to have repeat ultrasounds. They never understood why I was referred there because they confirmed that my baby's head size was within normal limits but they made me have it checked twice. One of the staff members, would retrieve me from the waiting room, not smiling or asking me how I was or anythinjg - simply miserable demeanor and start taking my pressure reading and walk away and then someone else would return to finish it up. One time she brought me into a room and checked the baby's heartbeat and then she left the room without saying a word to me like ""the doctor will be right in with you."" She also would read my chart in front of me and make grunting noises and sighs like she was really studying my chart. It made me feel horrible and worried. The very last straw for me and this place was when I was not gotten back to for over a week with the results of a 24 hour urine collection to screen for toxemia/preclampsia. That is when I decided to go to another practice. I was over 33 weeks pregnant. i knew that I could not have any one of these doctors have any part in delivering my baby. Pros: Ivy and Tasha Cons: Too Many to Count more

Very unprossional staff, untimely, disorganized and does not return calls or perform duties. 7/27/2007

DO NOT GO HERE........\r \r I have been seeing Dr. Flanagan for 6 years and at the practice for 9. I guess I am a glutton for punishment because I have never worked with a group of more unproffessional staff in my life.\r I really enjoyed Dr. Flanagan's no-nonse straight forwardness, but the incompetence of the staff makes continuing at the practice a non-option. You call for records or an appointment and either they do not return or call or return it days later.\r \r I need to get a copy of my medical records and it took complaining to the office manager to get anyone's attention. I was recently diagnosied with a condition that requires an outpaitent procedure and I was to be scheduled by their scheduler ""no later"" than Friday. I call on Friday and leave a message.. it takes 3 hours for someone to call back. I missed her call but called her 2 seconds after she hangs up. I leave another message and she doesn't call back. I called at 3 and their answering service message says they are open till 4pm.. However when I finally get a person on the line I find out they all left the office at 12p.\r \r I think that Dr. Clayton has forgotten what ""cutomer service"" is. After all I AM STILL PAYING FOR A SERVICE, not the other way around.\r \r I went 4 years without seeing them, this time I will find someone else.....and leave for good.. Cons: none......... more


DO NOT USE THIS PRACTICE!!! \r \r I went to Cary Women's Center (Dr./Owner Christy Clayton/Dr. Tiffany Flanagan/Dr. Samira Tahtawi) in June '06 & was told that it appeared by my ultrasound that I had lost my baby (""it looks like an empty sac"") and it was suggested that I go ahead and consider a D&C (which I refused). They did not check my hormone levels (pretty standard practice, especially when the doctor thinks you are at risk of losing the baby and needs more info), so I went back to the practice and asked for this to be done. After two lab draws, I was told that my hormone levels did not rise as they should have and this was not good news. A couple of days after the first ultrasound, I had another one & was told the same thing - no evidence of a viable fetus. My husband and I, at this point, told our families what was going on. I cried for days - woke up crying at night. It was horrible. Seven days after the first ultrasound was read, I went to another practice after insisting on something more being done to be 100% sure. Imagine expecting nothing from this, and then hearing a little heartbeat & seeing a ""non-empty"" sac showing on the screen above. It's now January, and my husband and I are having a little baby girl in 7 weeks. If I had listened to these folks, I would have aborted a child that is due in February '07. \r \r On top of everything - a month or so ago, this practice actually sent us a bill for my deductible they say we owe from the two ultrasounds read incorrectly & the bloodwork I insisted on and was also read incorrectly? This is AFTER we attempted to rationally (!) discuss the matter with the practice manager & were told we still had to pay!? Unreal. \r \r Obviously, we'll be in touch with attorneys regarding this matter after our little girl is born. Do yourself a favor and PLEASE DO NOT use this practice! Cons: Everything more
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