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Carrsmith Auto Repair - 23 Reviews - 2205 Sw 13th St, Gainesville, FL - Auto Repair & Service Reviews - Phone (352) 378-7830
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Carrsmith Auto Repair

2205 Sw 13th St
Gainesville, FL 32608
(352) 378-7830
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Carrsmith Auto Repair - Gainesville, FL
Carrsmith Auto Repair - Gainesville, FL
Carrsmith Auto Repair - Gainesville, FL
Carrsmith Auto Repair - Gainesville, FL
Carrsmith Auto Repair - Gainesville, FL
Carrsmith Auto Repair - Gainesville, FL
Carrsmith Auto Repair - Gainesville, FL
Carrsmith Auto Repair - Gainesville, FL
Carrsmith Auto Repair - Gainesville, FL
Carrsmith Auto Repair - Gainesville, FL


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I highly recommend Carrsmith! Their staff members are very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They were very descriptive and willing to go above and beyond to help!


I had a mixed experience at Carrsmith when my car needed a new part. They were very honest about the price of the part and reassured me that it would improve my car's performance....

Worst Ever 8/21/2013

This was really the worst business transaction I have ever been forced through. Passing through Gainesville on my way south, I took my car in to Carrsmith to have the power steering pump repaired on my Camry. I was in a hurry, so I trusted review web sites like this one to point me in the right direction. I feel like the least I can do at this point is write a review that will hopefully discourage people from letting themselves get ripped off.\r It took Carrsmith more than a week to do a two hour repair job. They never called to let me know the status of my vehicle; I was always forced to call them and inquire as to the whereabouts and well-being of it.\r I initially requested a written estimate of the cost, but the owner, Ray, insisted quite strenuously that I go with a verbal estimate. Trusting his knowledgeability, I accepted the offer of a verbal estimate. When I got the estimate (finally), after waiting for a week for my car to be inspected, it was just upwards of two hundred dollar more

Criminal Business 8/21/2013

I cannot even begin to describe how unimpressed I am with this business. In fact, I won't. I will begin by saying that my car was repaired satisfactorily. However, that was the ONLY good thing I have to say about this business.\r Carrsmith took just more than a week to repair what was a 2 hour repair job. Carrsmith also only called once throughout the week to get permission to start the repair. Carrsmith also quoted a price that would ultimately be HALF of the total bill, in spite of no additional services being provided. They were slow, they were uncommunicative, and they were liars.\r Never before have I felt so taken advantage of by a business. Take your car ANYWHERE ELSE, the mechanics here are crooks. STAY AWAY. more

Auto Owners Beware 8/17/2012

If you want poor customer service, charges for technician's mistakes, lies, & to get your car back in worse condition than you left it, take your vehicle to Carrsmith. Where do I begin?! My Jaguar wouldn't start; Carrsmith came up online as a Jaguar repair shop & I had gotten the oil changed there before. Had the car towed to Carrsmith. They ran diagnostics for two days, couldn't figure anything out. When ever I wanted a status update I had to initiate the call. I communicated primarily with Lisa. I was initially told diagnostics was $100, then told they had to do "extensive" diagnostics which would be $300; I refused to authorize $300 diagnostics at that dump! I went on to communicate with a live Jaguar technician. I forwarded that info to Ken and Lisa via email. They never responded to me, but I checked with the technician working on my car and he said they tried those suggestions, it didn't work, and he didn't know what was wrong with the car. Neither Ken nor more

Best Repair Shop! 5/24/2012

I highly recommend Carrsmith! Their staff members are very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They were very descriptive and willing to go above and beyond to help! more

reual 5/21/2012

TRUSTED***The one word I will use for THIS COMPANY. I have trusted them with repairs on 2003 MINI for years. Thank you, Lisa and ALL the staff there! more

A relieved Gator mom 9/6/2011

I am a new Gator mom and needed to find a place for my sons black 2002 car with 180,000 miles. I was not sure I could be helped because I was uncertain if they tended to GMC cars. What a Delight!!!! They assisted me immediately (LABOR DAY) and fixed a seemingly simple light bulb issue to them at no charge. I was shocked! I returned to my sons apartment and shared my story with him and his roommmates. It is WONDERFUL to know that he has somewhere to go should there be any problems wth his vehicle. I will certainly take mine there as needed when in Gainsville. What great Hospitality towards a new Gator mom! Thank you again. more

Carrsmith deserves a 10-Star Rating! 6/26/2011

I receive fantastic service every time I go to there. They have the best mechanics I have ever seen. These guys are great! A lot of my friends have had Check Engine Lights and other things fixed at Carrsmith they could not get fixed at any other shop. I totally trust Carrsmith. They are super helpful and take the time to explain what they fixed. They have even taken the time to shown me how to do some simple things like changing fuses and light bulbs- and then refused to charge me for the fuses and bulb! They are a great value and their quality is excellent. When my mother brought her car there they washed it for free. I highly recommend Carrsmith to all my friends and family. more

Working moms best choice 1/10/2010

Hello working moms (like me) if you are seeking a repair facility that you can trust, that has certified mechanics on staff (that aren't trying to rob you) I can't say enough good things about the Carrsmith team. A family friend recommended them to me a few months ago (when it was still hot out outside), I had some AC repairs done at Carrsmith and am completely satisfied. They even were able to get my husband a ride to work the day he dropped off the car. One of the best things about Carrsmith AAA auto shop was that they called me before they even did one repair. While deciding on if we could afford the AC repair, I called 3 other local shops (to find out how there prices were) & they beat 2 of the 3 other mechanics prices, but honestly- the cheapest guy was a bit sarcastic with me (maybe because I'm a women). Anyhow, Carrsmith got my business & will for many years to come. \r \r Sincerely, Jan H.C. more

These folks really go the extra mile!!! 1/10/2010

I must say I was very surprised at the extra attention to detail these guys did. I was spoiled by the mechanic I had back home in South Florida and was not sure if another shop would be as honest and trust worthy as my old shop. I am a local pizza driver and student here in Gainesville, so I have to have a reliable car. I recently had an issue in which my car stalled out and died while on the job, it turned out to simply be an alternator, new battery and a fuse. I initially was stressed out, but Faye in the front office was a big help at welcoming me to the shop and explaining to me each step of the diagnostics thru repairs phase. A few hours after I had the car checked in, Patrick called me back promptly with the information about my required repairs, as well as what maintenances I could expect in the near future. The whole system from sign in to picking up my repaired car was fast, proffesional and friendly. Glad to recommend these guys whole heartedly! I feel like the shop did go th more

Best car repair shop in gainesville (honest, friendly, quick, reasonable) 5/7/2009

I've lived in gainesville for 10 years and tried several car repair shops, where I've had, at best, so-so service. Carrsmith is the BEST place I've found and I would highly recommend them. I've actually had two experiences here-- ~1.5 years ago I was interested in selling my car. I called them, they said they might be interested in it. They checked it out and found that the 4wd doesn't work properly (i don't use this ever); they made me an offer, which was fair but lower than I would have liked-- they said that they'd have to fix the 4wd and that they wouldn't sell it broken (i took this as a v. good sign). Even though I decided not to sell it to them, I was very happy with the experience-- they were honest, upfront, and professional. So, when my car needed service recently, I decided to take it to them. Again, they were incredibly professional and courteous. marvin patiently explained what my car needed-- I asked him which things were essential vs. not, and he was very good about tell more

No job beneath them 4/7/2009

I brought Carrsmith my 1970 Dodge Dart project car which was sitting for far too long. Marvin, Patrick, and the rest of the service department where thorough and attentive when bringing this classic car back to life. They were good about letting me know what had to be done & what they recommended. I will be back to them for repair needs for all of our vehicles. more

nice folks, poor service 4/1/2009

I had a mixed experience at Carrsmith when my car needed a new part. They were very honest about the price of the part and reassured me that it would improve my car's performance. This was a welcome change from other shops I had been to where they wanted to sell me extra things or overcharge me.\r \r However, when I went to pick up my car at the end of the day, the front desk staff very apologetically told me that they had not been able to get to my car all day (despite having an appointment and being told it would not be a problem to fix it). I was shocked as no one had called to tell me this. When I took it in again, the part was put in, but my brakes were poorly adjusted in the process, making it difficult to operate the emergency brake.\r \r These seem like very honest people, but the level of skill seems to be suboptimal, at least in my experience. This is obviously just one opinion, but I wanted to share it. more

Very Satisfied! 12/17/2008

I bought a car from Eddie at Carrsmith. Eddie was very helpful in working with me from out of state when I had never driven the car or seen the car except for pictures. I was coming from Texas and Eddie met me early in the morning so I could get on the road as soon as possible. I had difficulty registering the car in Texas due to a problem with how the title was processed by the state and it required a lot of help from Eddie to get me the proper paperwork from the previous owner to correct the error. I highly recommend Eddie and would not hesitate to buy another car from him. I had no surprises when I picked the car up and Eddie worked with me until we got the registration issues resolved even though I was 1000 miles away. Gary F in Texas more

I'm impressed! 5/28/2008

When my Jetta started to overheat on the highway I panicked. My family has been with AAA for years so I called them & was towed to Carrsmith. Not only did they give me an estimate down to the penny (which really made my dad happy) but there warranty is the best in town. It was so nice of them to pick me up from campus when it was done & I was shocked to see that they even washed it! I can easily see why AAA stands behind them. I reccomend Carrsmith to all my girlfriends. more

Terrible Service!!! 3/19/2008

The mechanics seemed to use my car as an experiment to learn from as they continued to replace numerous parts in an attempt to see if it fixed the problem. I got numerous calls saying we replaced this part, but essentially nothing has changed. My bill ended up being enormous thanks to a bunch of new parts that I did not need. After my car was finally "fixed" they claimed the cruise control did not work which I had used only a few days before I brought it to them. They manager ultimately called me a liar and said he would not fix what they broke. \r \r The manager displayed little knowledge of what the initial condition and problem with the car was. I drove the car there with an issue to be fixed. He claimed the car was towed there and never worked. Clearly something the manager and mechanics should know. Conveniently for them because the car "never ran for them" there is no proof that the cruise control worked prior to them working on the car. Therefore, the clients word over C more

Very courteous 2/29/2008

When my car broke down, I looked up online for a very good service. What I received, was nothing less than the reviews I have heard. Not only did they make sure my car got the proper service, they also made recommendations as to what I should do next. The staff was extremely courteous on explaining step by step, and always made notice how my car is doing.\r \r Nice to see a business living up to the reviews. more

$39.44 oil change 12/18/2007

Hello? $39.44 for an oil change?? Yeah, they didn't give me a laundry list of potential repairs, but I had the check engine light on and parking break light broken (always-on even the break is lowered), and they still told me my car is in good shape and only needs a few repair...blah, blah, blah...and the most amazing thing is the check engine light and parking break light is not on the list:-)\r The front desk staff was courteous, and the service was fast...location is also great since I can take bus #13 back to UF while the car is being worked...but $39.44 for an oil change, still kinda incomprehensible. more

Wife - Stranded - Happy Ending 11/7/2007

Monday my wife was on her way home from a Dr. appointment in south Ga. Her route took her near Gainesville via I-75 on her way to the beach. Her van lurched, made a noise and shortly began to overheat. She pulled off at the nearest exit & called me at work. Describing the symptoms I surmised the serpentine belt had failed. I called AAA for roadside assistance. They expained the towing charges & I estimated it was going to cost me $400 out of pocket just to get it to my home town, so I asked them to recommend a local Gainesville repair shop, AAA recommended Carrsmith. I called Carrsmith & they said they could do the work that afternoon. As luck would have it the tow truck had problems & what should have taken less than an hour took 2.5 hours. I called Carrsmith & related the situation & asked them to be patient & she would be there ASAP. Carrsmith waited, correctly assessed the problem, ordered the parts, expertly made the repairs & suggested additional repairs be made at our home locat more

Stood By Warranty - rare and appreciated business attribute 10/31/2006

I was traveling from out of town through Gainesville, and had tire problems (one flat and also the donut was rotted), so we were stranded late at night. The AAA tow truck driver recommended Carrsmith. They were kind and helpful. It took all day to find a replacement tire and a donut, so we waited at a hotel. Ten (10) months later (back in my own home town)when I had my next flat and went to use that donut (that we had never had reason to use yet), it was the incorrect size and would not fit our car. Since I lived in another town, I purchased another donut. After chancing a call to Carrsmith, even though they were out of town from me; they would have found a place to replace my donut locally. However, since I had already purchased another donut, they sent me a full refund on the cost of the donut I had purchased from them. I was thrilled and surprised at that quality of warranty, and would use them again if I am ever in the area or know of anyone else in that area that needs car more

Incredible service. 10/19/2006

I have used this branch twice while in Gainesville, and both times left me completely astonished with the service and the quality of work i recieved there. One of there members even recognized me upon walking in, even though there had been no contact for a year. \r \r They gave me a fair and honost evaluation of the repairs (each time unrelated repairs were needed) and took the time to me to explain exactly what was wrong, and how i can go about having it fixed.\r \r I was never pressured to have my vehicle fixed by then right away, and was evne told which issues could be resolved at a later time since it wasnt an immediate or emergency problem.\r \r It was fast friendly and excelent service done in a timely manner. I highly reccomend them. PROS: Fast Reliable service. Honest Opinions. Friendly crew. CONS: None. more
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