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Carmike Thoroughbred 20

633 Frazier Dr
Franklin, TN 37067
(615) 778-0770
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We love this theater! The lines are sometimes long but they move quickly. Workers clean between each show. Seats are very comfortable and not too cramped. Not a bad seat in the ho...


I live out of state and my nephew loves movies so I tried to buy him some gift cards online or over the phone. The Carmike employee who answered the phone explained they don't ev...

I am amazed at how winey people are. I 8/18/2012

I am amazed at how winey people are. I admit I am doing mindless things right now by reading these reviews, but who takes this seriously. With the internet everyone is a critic. Sure, sometimes you are going to get bad service, food, ect; JUST DON'T GO BACK!!! Do you really believe you are doing the general public a favor by wining about your experiences on these websites? Get a life. Social media and sites like chow hound, urban spoon, ect are part of the problem with this country. Get over it! more

Customer Service Lacking 8/4/2011

Big-D theater was not working correctly.....the manager (named Heather) was resistant to give a refund after the movie showing went black several times during the show, also the color was in sepia like color for the first half, then in strange brilliant colors and finally normal color (I think.). Eventually she did refund our $25 (for two tickets) but was not polite or pleasant about it. Her response was, ""you watched the movie"". Sad to see such a lack of customer service at a nice place like this. We go here all the time. more

Unfair to Employees 5/27/2011

For months if not years, this theater mgmt team (and I use the term looslely) has abused their minor employees by working them off the clock and shorting their hours on their checks. Unhappy employees and constant employee turnover due to this unfettered abuse leads to a very unopleasant movie experience. more

Worst movie going experience ever, and I didn't see a show. 5/7/2011

My husband and I attempted to attend a movie at Carmike on Saturday Night. The ticket sales girl was rude and disrespectful. The bathrooms were horrible, my husband had to walk across the street to the McDonalds to use the rest room due to the condition of the place. When I called the manager to complain about the facilities while he was polite I left with no real sense that he even cared and no apology was offered. I will be keeping my business in the Spring Hill area moving forward. more

Stay away from movies in Theater #1 5/1/2011

There is a noise in theater #1 that sounds like air leaking from a pipe. The noise comes and goes but very irritating. We left with refunds in our hands. more

Carmike Doesn't let you buy Gift Cards Over the Phone 12/17/2010

I live out of state and my nephew loves movies so I tried to buy him some gift cards online or over the phone. The Carmike employee who answered the phone explained they don't ever take credit cards over the phone and the only way one can purchase gift cards is in person. This is the only theatre that I've ever had this issue with; it's not very good for their business, and it's also a bummer I am left without a good XMas present for my nephew :-) more

Completely disrespectful 11/23/2010

I recently took my family from out-of-state to see Harry Potter, opening weekend. We got there in plenty of time to ensure that we could sit together and have an enjoyable experience. When the movie started, we began to question why the lights were not dimming to a point one would expect at a movie theater. I watched several people leave to find out why the lights were not going off, only to find out that they were having electrical issues. I sat there for a few minutes into the movie wondering why they couldn't turn some of the lights off to make it a little better. So, I eventually went out to ask if they could turn some of the lights off. I also wanted to know if they were aware of the problem prior to us being sold tickets. The manager was BEYOND disrespectful saying that they were aware of the problem and they had a scheduled electrician for the next day. I asked her why we weren't told this information before entering this particular theater. If we would've known, we would've simply chosen a different time to see it, in a different theater. She had the gall to look at me for asking these logical questions and made a comment like, ""You're the only one that's complaining"" or ""We haven't had any other complaints."" I basically told her that wasn't true and that wasn't even the point. You don't sell tickets to a movie in a movie theater if you can't turn the theater lights down low enough that I can't see every face in the place. If I wanted that I would've saved the $50 and watched my TV instead. Luckily I was able to speak to a different manager who took the time to explain, in a kind way, what the problem was and apologized for the blatant disrespect of the other manager. Rudeness and condescending attitudes of managers should not be tolerated by its customers of any business. I can't wait until Spring Hill gets a movie theater! more

Save money by drivinig to Nashville 4/4/2010

We got small drinks which turned out to be $3.95 for 12 oz. The kid filled the cup to overflowing with ice. When we asked him to put less in, he laughed at us. The he added coke. He wouldn't wait till fizz went down and add more. So we got virtually dops of drink for that amount. Then we tasted the popcorn. It had to have been made last year. That was the worst popcorn I have had anywhere. T Pros: Concession was ridiculously overpriced Cons: still a fairly new theater more

Plan ahead 2/17/2010

Took my wife to a movie on Valentines Day at 1:00 pm. They ran out of their ""promotional popcorn buckets!"" Great planning or was it by intent? Ticked-off a lot of customers. more

20 Theaters-Great Place 2/5/2009

We love this theater! The lines are sometimes long but they move quickly. Workers clean between each show. Seats are very comfortable and not too cramped. Not a bad seat in the house. Restrooms are huge and very close to theater doors so if you have to run out during the movie you don't miss much. Don't be fooled by the small restrooms near the entrance-once inside the ticketed area, each wing has its own. There is a big 'lobby' for waiting if necessary but I have never seen people hanging out as if they were looking for trouble, thugs or nasty looking people lurking anywhere. There has always been a police presence in the parking areas which are huge when we've been there. I feel totally safe going there. Looks to me like a well run place. Pros: Very large, Clean, Plenty of options Cons: Kinda pricey but matinee and senior discounts help more

Good Experience 1/12/2009

Took my daughter this past weekend for her birthday. Read many of the reviews here. The Theater was very clean and continued to be cleaned while we were there. Staff was friendly. Bathrooms were adequate. Popcorn was stale, even though we were originally not going to get any, based on some reviews (we got a kiddy pack). The theater is definitely overpriced, especially all the snacks! more

Long Lines, Overpriced, Dirty, Inadequate & Untrained Staff 1/2/2009

We went to the restroom when we first arrived. There were only two stalls and only one had toilet paper. Needless to say the line was about 10 people deep. Luckily, we had arrived early. After waiting in that line and then the line for the concessions for an additional 30 minutes, I wasn't sure we had arrived early enough. Once we got to the concession counter, I noticed the staff was handling both the money and the food--YUK! Also, the scoops they were using to serve the popcorn from the counter bins were sitting on the counter that the customers were using instead of hanging on the santized bin--DOUBLE YUK! When I addressed these issues with a manager who was standing by me, he simply dismissed it all as they were short staffed as they always are on January 1--one of their busiest days of the year. I told him if he knew it was one of their busiest days of the year and they are always short-staffed that day, a good manager would have been more prepared. It is a shame that such a nice theatre is getting run in the ground so quickly!!! Pros: Good Movie Cons: Long Lines, Inadequate & Untrained Staff, Dirty, Overpriced more

Carmike's problems run deep 8/19/2008

My son works at the Carmike Cool Springs and has been there for about a year. He likes it but the management treats him with very little respect as I see it. Nine weeks ago he drew his regular paycheck but unfortunately it was damaged before he could deposit it(they will not do direct deposit). He returned the check to the Theatre Management and was told a replacement would be issued. He is still waiting. I don?t know how those people work or how much they care about their employees welfare but if this is an example and I had the power they ALL would be fired for dereliction. During my work history I have been responsible for millions of dollars of equipment and dozens of employees and their wellbeing. The way I see Carmike Cool Springs operation it is the poorest of examples of employee / employer relationships and service. Its no wonder the company has so many problems with the young people they hire to conduct business. They figure the boss is not going to look out for them so they might as well do it for themselves. The results are problems you find in the day to day operations. Pros: thinking?? Cons: Bathrooms are inadequate for the number of patrons using them. more

No way 4/21/2008

This theatre is horrible. I live near Franklin and was really hoping it would be better. :( The staff are totally rude even if you just call to ask a question. But the main problem...the popcorn is bad! I went the first time and ate the popcorn and started feeling a little bad before the movie was over. I thought it might have been a one-time incident. I went back again several months later, ate the popcorn and got really, really sick to my stomach for the whole weekend. It was definitely the popcorn because I hadn't eaten anything else that day. They need to start cleaning their popcorn machines regularly and the staff practice correct sanitation procedures because they are making people sick. My sister went another time and got sick as well. I'm about to file a sanitation complaint against them. There is no excuse for this kind of laziness. Cons: Horrible sanitation, rude staff, this place is super gross more

Best quality theater around 1/5/2008

I have been going to this theater for years and it is easily the best theater I have been to in middle tennessee as far as ambience and luxuries go. Even the smallest of their theater rooms have huge screens, great sound and comfortable seating. Thoroughbred 20 offers a wide selection of films at all times. The only negatives things about this theater are pretty minor. Such as, they play mostly mainstream films. So if you are looking for a particular indie film, you will have to go to Regal Green Hills or the Belcourt because you mostly likely will not find it at the Thoroughbred. The main gripe most people have about the place is the rude, loud, obnoxious rich kids that take over on the weekend nights. This is a valid gripe to have and I can say it is my biggest problem with the theater too. But I've found that can be easily avoided by just not going there late on Friday or Saturday nights. It is what it is. So, if you choose to go see a film here at those times just be prepared to be annoyed throughout the entire show and spending more time telling people to be quiet than paying attention to the movie. Seriously, these kids act like they are hanging out in the middle of a mall as opposed to a movie theater. It is unfortunate but there's nothing anyone can really do about it. Despite this, it is still easily the best theater around and one of the best theaters I have ever been to. Pros: top notch audio/visual quality, wide selection of films, comfortable seating Cons: play only mainstream films, loud teenagers swarm on weekend nights more

Here is the Truth behind the scenes at T-20, Health, Management, operations. part 2 5/19/2007

The box office is usually busy, that is the place where most of the management stay. They do not help with problems. They argue and then if you argue too much they tell you to leave the building. Projections have problems everyday. However with digital it might be better. Storage area for trash cans in the employee breakroom are near popcorn seed and popcorn supplies. The employees spray chemicals all around and they collect in the popcorn seed. There is mold on the walls. Sinks in the break room area are used with cleaning objects from the concession stand. They only use HOT WATER. No cleaners. The Popper that pops popcorn is dirty, has machine oil in the popcorn. Metal scrappings appear in some of the popcorn. They clean it usuing chemicals that are harmful when food is near. They scrap it until black dirt comes off. There are dusty vents and dust hanging everywhere. One of the coke machines leak into the lobby causing a flood of coke. Floor staff push popcorn and other trash under the seats after a showing. Hallways are littered with popcorn, straws, and other trash. Trash is not taken out after each showing so it piles up. Employees smoke outside of the north exit, Some do illegal substances. management is never ready for the work day. They yell at staff and yell at customers that get on their bad side. Operations of the place are bad. They have one maintainance person who walks around in the morning just walking around. He rarely fixes things ontime or when they are needed. The water for the coffee they make is cloudy and tastes terrible. Frozen Coke machines are dirty and leak on the floor. They don't clean anything unless told by a manager or supervisor. This place is worse than resturant kitchen. Take my advise. If you go here to watch a movie and only a movie do so, but don't eat the food or use the restrooms. If you want cheaper food and ticket prices go to regal, but i am sure they have the same problems too. Cons: everything more

Here is the Truth behind the scenes at T-20, Health, Management, operations. 5/19/2007

What i am about to tell you all is going to make you never want to step in this theater again. Out of my experience as a staff member there i couldn't be more upset with the place. The Health concerns. There were constant floods in the bathroom, hot dogs, and other supplies are not kept in a safe area that is clean. Management have employees during the weekend clean the bathrooms every 15 minutes but they don't do anything to make it kept clean and water free. Concessions is a total mess, floor doesn't have proper drainage systems. There are machines that break everyday and leak on to the floor. There are rodents in the the walls, there are nats flying over everything in the breakroom area where the sink is and where most of the food is stored. They also live underneath the coke towers which most of you get your drinks. The drink fountain is rarely cleaned. It is full of moldy coke syrup. Coffee shop over there is just as worse. There are marks on the floors and walls, impoper storage of items. Flies everywhere. They don't have proper methods of sanatizing things. They use only hot water. No soap or cleaners. Cons: Everything more

Disappointed in Franklin 4/15/2007

I just moved here from Florida and really love the Franklin area. I came to this theater expecting a higher than average experience and was extremely disappointed in the lack of service and condition of the theater and bathrooms. The service was slow and inconsistent at the concession stand where the young man behind the counter was more preoccupied with flirting with a customer who had already paid and received there food instead of waiting on the next person in line. The condition of the theater was disgusting - the floors were full of popcorn, sticky and it seemed the floors were not cleaned in a very long time and the garbage cans overflowing with trash. The white handrails in the movie theather (auditorium #16) are in need of painting since the paint was all chipped black and looks terrible. The bathroom seemed to be consistent with the condition of the theaters - the stall I used had no lock and the paper towel holder was broken. The floors also were dirty and the counters full of water and soap even though the checklist behind the door reflected the bathroom were checked by an employee about 1 1/2 hours before. Pros: Great location Cons: Dirty with below average service more

Good theater. Nice seats, sound and now DLP on many screens. The usual high concessions prices. 2/19/2007

I take the kids to a movie and it works well for me. There's a McDonalds and other fast food places very near by for some quick food. Pros: Nearby house and good theaters Cons: High concessions more

Great theatres, great concessions but pricey, great service 2/8/2007

I have been to this theatre many times and I am friends with many of the workers. This is a great theatre and the people there work hard to keep everyone happy. Yes some of you may have had bad experiences with management but if you had to deal with all the kids (workers included especially since most of them are minors) and fussy customers there, you would probably be stressed out too. And besides running a theatre takes a lot more than you think especially with all the district managers looking over their shoulders and bitching at them for every little thing. Now about the actual theatres, they are kept very clean and the seats are very comfortable. They are definitely roomy and the audio/video is always great. In the biggest theaters there are a few seats where the visual isn't quite right because of the railings but that's my only complaint about that. And for those of you who are complaining about the unruly kids there on friday night, don't go there. This is a very popular hangout for the teenagers and is considered a social gathering. And on to the concessions...yes they are expensive and you may feel like they are robbing you. Basically they are. That large popcorn only cost them about 1.10 and they are charging you 6.15 but it's always going to be like that. Yes I know how annoying it is when they ask you about the combos and try to get you to upsize or use suggestive selling to make more money but they HAVE to. Sometimes random plainclothes management that they never see come through and act like a customer and if they don't do everything right they get fired and their supervisors and managers get bitched out for it. So just go along with it and don't be fussy. It helps them out A LOT. I know this might sound harsh but I know about these things firsthand. So all in all I recommend this theatre. Pros: Movie selection, Audio/video, Seating, Cleanliness, Atmosphere, Variety of Concessions Cons: Concession Prices, Crowds on Fridays more
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