Carmike Park Place 16


9525 Chapel Hill Rd
Morrisville, NC 27560

(919) 481-9686
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Matinee prices and student discounts are great. Generally they have all of the new releases (except for smaller independent films). Seats are comfy enough for me and usually it's...



FREEZING! Might as well watch the movie outside! 1/18/2009

This is the worst movie theater I've been to, unfortunately since it's the closest one to my house. It was dirty and had soda cans and popcorn on the floor everywhere. I was so cold it was hard to enjoy the movie - my nose was actually running, and I was shivering - even though I wore my heavy coat through the whole thing. There really is no reason for this. Saving money on electricity at the expense of the comfort of your patrons only makes you lose money by losing patrons! If they really want to cut down on their electric bill, they should seriously consider turning down their air conditioner in the warmer months -- THIS they don't do, so why not turn up the heat, especially since we're hitting record cold temps? I will never ever go there again - it was truly an uncomfortable experience! Cons: Too cold & dirty (soda cans etc were everywhere on the ground) more

A place to avoid 8/17/2008

Went in for an 8:30pm Sunday movie 8/17/2008. I've seen a lot of movies here due to location only. It's never been a great place to go but tonite was the worst of the worst. Staff stood around talking to each other, no one took our tickets or told us which theater our movie was in. Popcorn and trash all over the floor. Every trash can in sight was overflowing. Walking into where our movie was playing (we finally had to ask, times displayed on signs were incorrect) was like stepping in to the city dump. Trash was EVERYWHERE. Pros: Close to where I live Cons: Poor service, management, cleanliness more

Might be too hot for comfort. 6/27/2008

I went on Saturday, June 14, to see a matinee for _in the City. The air conditioner in that particular theater was either turned off or not working. We were given several different stories - some said that the manager had turned it off to save money. The manager said it was broken but that they couldn't move the show to a theater where the AC was working. After being questioned more, the manager said that the district manager had come through and set timers on some of the theaters and that he, the manager, had no control over them. Instead of offering to help us in any way, he only complained about the grief it was causing him. You might want to call before going to check and be sure that their heating or AC is working properly. more

Unkempt building, disappearing staff 11/13/2007

This theatre used to be so nice. It was the big place to go whenever something new came out. Now even the highschool kids don't want to loiter around it on weekend nights. Pros: It's always empty so you'll never have to worry about a show selling out Cons: Staff, building, technical equipment, food, comfort, cleanliness more

Good value for your ticket, just don't expect much else. 11/27/2006

Matinee prices and student discounts are great. Generally they have all of the new releases (except for smaller independent films). Seats are comfy enough for me and usually it's not crowded unless you arrive at peak hours, but even then you generally don't have to sit next to a strange if you don't want to. Food prices are too high (like with every theater) and popcorn is nothing special. Bathrooms are scary. Usually it seems like the staff would rather be somewhere else, but I guess that's the nature of working at a theater. Go for the movie and don't expect much else and you won't be disappointed -- I have simple needs. Pros: Good value, all the new movies Cons: Food is overpriced and plain, bathrooms are dingy more

Great for people in wheel chairs! 7/19/2005

My mother and I get in free, because she is in a wheelchair. No other movie theater does the same. Everyone is very kind. The seating is great; ask for hot popcorn and you will get it!!!! more

Good if you're in the neighborhood 7/1/2005

There are more popular theaters around, and some even have better screens. But since I'm past the age where I think standing in line for theater tickets is fun, I've come to appreciate the Park Place's wide selection of movies, abundant parking, and lack of crowds. I've never had to wait much for a movie here, and the experience has always been pleasant (other than having to listen to the occasional moviegoer who hasn't quite figured out that they're not in their own living room...but you find such folk everywhere). Sure, it's odd to consider a 16-plex a neighborhood theater, but the park place fits the bill. Pros: uncrowded, good parking Cons: average concessions more

go anywhere but here! 2/3/2005

went to park place 2 weeks before christmas. took our children (5 and 8) and their 2 friends. when we walked into the door my kids were ran into by 4 pre-teens chasing each other and yelling. when i complained to the manager he was apologetic but ineffective. during the entire moving the same group of kids +5 or 6 others continuously ran in and out of the theater yelling, kicking seats and talking loud. the manager did nothing. after the moving, i complained again and he apologized and said parents drop their kids off and stick him with them. i told him it says something when its a friday night and there are only a hand full of people in the lines. more

disappointed 11/19/2004

They charged a .99 surcharge for using a debt card, the soda was warm and flat and there was 5mins. of commercials before the previews. Very disappointed, choosing another theater next time. more

LOUD!!!!!!!!!!! & COMFY 9/27/2002


Much better than Crossroads 20! 9/22/2002

This theater is SO much better than Crossroads 20 and others around because it has better parking, lower prices (all around), and when they sell you a large combo-pack (drinks/popcorn/etc), they don't close the concessions as soon as the last movies start. (Others do). So you can go back out for more food / drinks if you forgot something, or have hungry kids, or just want your ""promised"" refills. You can also go to get Pizza or Golden Corral in the same plaza. Great overall! more
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