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Caribbean Tan

2 Willowbrook Rd
Cromwell, CT 06416
(860) 635-0834
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Caribbean Tan - Cromwell, CT
Caribbean Tan - Cromwell, CT


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I don't get the bad reviews on this place. I have been to many tanning salons over the years and first started going to this place years ago when it was owned by the previous own...


This is one of the worst tanning salons I've ever been to, and the sad part is it's got potential! The other sad part is I'm from Nebraska and I've seen better! It's all about the...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/17/2012

I don't get the bad reviews on this place. I have been to many tanning salons over the years and first started going to this place years ago when it was owned by the previous owner and I lived in the area. It was ok back then but I stopped going when I moved to the Farmington area. A little over a year ago I stopped in for a spray tan and was hooked! I met the new owner Liza who gave me a the best spray tan I've ever had. I can't express this enough when I say nobody on the planet gives a spray tan like this woman! Her technique is hands down the best I've ever seen. You would never know you've been spray tanned it looks so natural. She is spot on with shadowing and your tan comes out so even. I go to a lot of work events for my job and one time I was forced to go to Coconuts down the street from Caribbean Tan when Liza wasn't available and could not believe the difference in quality and product. The spray tan from coconuts was uneven, streaky and just all around bad compared to Liza's. HUGE DIFFERENCE! I now schedule my spray tans in advance to ensure Liza's available. Also, I love the attention she gives to her decor in the salon and have you seen all the cute products they sell? Accessories, Jewelry, lotions, homemade candy lollipops! Plus she has red light therapy!! That pod is awesome! Trust me ladies, this salon is the real deal! more

THE BEST! 5/2/2012

I can proudly say that I have been a customer at Caribbean Tan for the past 7 ? years, not only am I on the Caribbi bandwagon, but I?ve gotten my daughter, husband, son-in-law & a few of my close girlfriends to tan as well. Since it?s been under new management I?ve felt the place has improved drastically. When you walk in, just the way it looks, with its bright colors & immense amount of comfy seating arrangements, you?re already drawn in. It?s the most pleasant experience when you?ve been an avid customer for so many years & can walk in & the girls know your name by heart. I can honestly say that I have not once experienced, nor seen poor customer service. The girls are always smiling & happy to help. For the people who feel the need to be-little the staff, you should think before you speak. It?s prom season, so most tanning salons are very busy, so there?s a high possibility of a little wait or that a staff member is on the phone with a customer answering questions, or they are running around cleaning the beds & getting clean towels so the next person can go in; learn to have some patience & respect. I have nothing negative to say about this salon or it?s staff, but what I will say is don?t read the negative comments & automatically assume the worst, you don?t know until you try. On that note, I?m going to tan! more

Listen to these reviews - DONT BOTHER 3/13/2012

This is one of the worst tanning salons I've ever been to, and the sad part is it's got potential! The other sad part is I'm from Nebraska and I've seen better! It's all about the customer service - and their's STINKS. The prices are like bait and switch, they tell you one thing and then charge an arm and a leg! There's no music and the staff is just terrible. They ignore customers, they're loud, rude and unfriendly. Walking in is almost awkward. Everyone just stares and YOU have to approach THEM for service. Shouldn't it be the other way around?? If they wiped out their staff, replaced them with people who know how to run a business and cleaned up a little better it could be an amazing salon! The beds aren't all that bad and they've got a wide selection of lotions but the girls there RUIN it. I do NOT recommend this place! Instead I drive all the way to wallingford and go to a place there! more

Disappointed 3/3/2012

Used this tanning salon for 2 years. I had purchased a high minutes package and had over 400 minutes remaining. Was never aware of an ownership change and was informed the owner would honor my minutes, but deduct 100 from my balance. I wasn't too happy with this, but I accepted because I wanted my remaining 300+ minutes. 2 days later when i returned I was informed the owner would not accept any of my minutes. I was told there was absolutely nothing they could do for me and needed to purchase a new package. I spent a lot of money and I'm definitely disappointed the owner was unable to accept ANY of my remaining minutes. I have seen dogs in this salon more than once, which I know is a complete health code violation. I have recently taken my business to Tommy's Tanning in Rocky Hill. I never realized how dirty Caribbean Tan is and how unprofessional the employees are until Tommy's Tanning. Tommy's is extremely clean and the staff is amazing - friendly, helpful, and they seem like they really want to work! more

Not the place for me! 2/27/2012

I have seen dogs at this location many times. If I had not purchased a package (and did not see a dog during my first few visits) I would not return. Now that my package has somehow magically expired, I will not be returning. The beds are great quality, but I have a severe allergy to dogs, do not enjoy waiting 30+ minutes for a bed, and I do not appreciate rude and clueless saleswomen. I have worked in a tanning salon in the past (different state) and perhaps standards vary from state to state. Everyone has a different opinion and experience....this is just mine! more

HANDS DOWN- THE BEST!!!! 11/19/2011

I am an avid tanner & have been to my share of tanning salons- UNTIL.... that it is.... I found Caribbean Tan. I have been tanning there for 3+years. I experienced the old owner & the new owner. In order to keep this review current I will speak only about the new owner & her staff. The salon has vibrant colors- very welcoming smiles when you walk in & feel as though your part of the family.. they take the time to learn your name & address you by it when you arrive. That, to me is the #1 sign of great customer service!!!! Now lets get to the really business..... There beds- They change there bulbs ""BEFORE"" they actually need to be. They are very aware when the bulbs are up & they change them ASAP. Which is HUGE as my fellow ""professional tanner sistas"" know its not ""style"" of the bed that tans you- it all boils down to the bulbs, & of course your skin type, product you use... Now lets move on to product ~ the selection is AMAZING.. they carry a wide selection for all price ranges & the range of tan you are trying to acheive. The girls @ Caribbean Tan are well versed in their products & will help you choose the best product for the tan you are trying to acheive. In each room is a fan which is bed side- cozy, comfy rooms- as pleasent as each room is- they are each decorated differently-which I happen to really like. The staff & owner go above & beyond to make sure you have a great experience & achieve the tan you are looking for. There prices ROCK!!!!! Hands down the BEST spray tan in town- hell anywhere- its hand done & lasts a full 10days WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, clearly I am hooked on Caribbean Tan & you should be too!!! Get your buns down there & get some rays on them :)))) HAPPY TANNING!!! more

Not impressed!!! 10/25/2011

I started coming to Caribbean tan prior to the new ownership and it was a horrible experience with an unviting atmosphere and weak bulbs that were not seemed to be changed as much as they should, with no fans in the bed besides a floor model. It seemed to take session after session to see any time of results prior to the new ownership as well as now, especially when I am native american and italian which is not the norm. I figured I would revisit because of the new ownership and the appearance of the salon has made a huge upgrade, however, they really need to invest in new beds rather then supposly changing the bulbs. They are old school beds that do not provide the results that are expected from tanning on a reguilar bases. The consultant had no knowledge in regards to the slimpro but to read the manual and no idea the walts on the bulbs. They did not even try to upsale a package or over lotion or eye wear. I am extremely disappointment in this salon regardless of the new ownership accept the fact of the addition of the slim pro which I still have no real idea of how it works. I have been in this new salon twice and both times scheduled appointments that ran late when the real purpose of appts is because of previous obligations. The clean up of the stand was unexistance as the bars were not even wiped down. I have tanned in probulary every establishment within 10 mles of Cromwell but because of thr conveniance gave this salon another shot. It is unsufficient and not worth the money regardless of the suppose GREAT package deals. This establishment needs to be re looked at in terms of quality and not neccessarily anything else. I hope this review is taken serious or OSHA may need to be contacted about the cleansing of this eastablishment. However, on a positive note the girls are very presentable just needed a little bit of knowledge whether it is a new course or reshresher course and and a class on custoner service. more

rude! 3/27/2011

i am very dissapointed in this salon. they have great deals but the girls are rude. i wish i had the name of the young ladies working there. they are more interested in texting on their phones, and having there friends there, than on customers and not mention drinking alcoholic beverages, many of these ladies look very young. they are serving wine, but they are not carding individuals. the 2 times i came in last week absolutely stunned me. a girl who was at the register was in the room that says emloyees only wich was rite acoss from the bed i was in, and handed a girl a bag of lotions that she stuffed in her bra. but then again they are employees? the second time i went in to visit the grls were arguing in front of customers. its a nice place but these girls are nasty and sneaky. more

never again. 2/5/2011

must i say this is the most un sanitray place i've ever been to. there is a dog there alot who is on the counters, and such. i waited 5 mins for a room and the girl that was there was very un educated i was there last thursday the 3rd and i asked for a membership and she said umm well im new so im not sure of all the prices, then had no clue as to what she was doing. doesnt there website say all there staff is traines by some company? bogus. cassy i dont think its har to figure it out.. then it took her about 20 seconds to clean my bed, is that even sanitary ad use the same towel she cleaned the bed before that with. never again. i DO NOT reccomend this salon even if they are cheaper than places, i rather not catch all types of gems from othrs than to save money. and to top it off a dog there i am calling the health department and seeing if thats allowed in a buisness as such. more

Love this tanning salon 2/5/2011

Just letting everyone know that I went to Caribbean Tan today with my friend and got the BEST Airbrush Spray Tan Ever!*!*! for only $25 !*! My friend got her makeup Airbrushed and it really looked like she just stepped out of Hollywood :)..This place is so cute inside, you have to see it for yourself. I rate Caribbean Tan a perfect 10 :) more

Best Tanning Salon 1/31/2011

I Love this place!! They always have new bulbs in the beds, and the best prices I've seen anywhere! I always leave there with a great tan! The people are always so friendly and helpful, I would never go anywhere else. Caribbean Tan is the BEST! more

FABULOUS 10/16/2008

I just moved from NYC and needed to find a tanning salon. After visiting 2 others, I finally found my salon! Caribbean Tan is seriously fabulous! Love Love Love the beds, in 3 sessions I have gotten so tan. I bought lotion, that I normally pay $100 for in the city for less than HALF the price! The girls are so nice and know what they are talking about! I am so happy! if you need to tan, you need to go to Caribbean Tan in Cromwell CT. Pros: New Bulbs, New Carpets & Fresh Pain! Friendly! more

Great Salon 7/15/2008

I went to Carribean Tan with a friend a few days ago. We were sick of trying to tan outside because the weather has been so lousy. The woman who helped us was so NICE. She gave us both a FREE packet of lotion to use and gave us a tour of the salon. The beds we used were base level, but so good. They definitely put good bulbs in those regular beds because I even got a little red from my session. I think too many times people are so quick to write a bad review or to complain, and not enough people rave about good times or expiriences. I will definitely go back there, they have good packages and seriously the LOWEST prices on lotions. There lotion prices are seriously the best kept secret around...... even if you don't tan there, you should buy your lotions there! Pros: Great Prices on sessions and lotions more

Horrible Customer Service!! 6/18/2008

So I went into Caribbean Tan about 1 year ago to try their base bed so I could get back into regular tanning. I will admit I was not the tannest person ever, but I definitely had a base. I asked to try their base bed, and to go in for the full time (15 min). They argued with me telling me they could not let me go in the full time b/c I wasn't tan enough. I assured them I know my own skin, and I was going to be fine. They kept saying no, and that they wouldn't let me tan unless I went in for the 7 minutes they suggested for me. Since I had already paid I just said fine. I was already upset they tried to tell me how long I could tan for, and then their bed was a piece of cr*p! It was the cheapest bed I had ever been in, and it didn't even heat up enough during the 7 minutes- I had goosebumps from the fan the whole time! Pros: absolutely nothing. Cons: Bad customer service, Very low power beds, Not enough beds, No music, Too bright... more

I'd skip this salon! 10/31/2007

I came here with a friend that got a gift card at a raffle. Their equipment options were limited - only 2 high end units (one with a 30 minute session that you have to turn over in half way through, and another 15 minute stand up booth that would have had a bigger changing room if it was placed in a closet). We asked for a tour of the salon and they told us to just walk around and look for ourselves. One of the hallways had boxes of what looked like tanning lamps lying on the floor. The salon looked clean when we first walked in, but once I got into the tanning room I was totally turned off. Thank goodness I didn't pay for the session! The dust rabbits (too big to be considered bunnies!) were hanging on to the walls behind the beds and the fans in the equipment (I even found some in the bed with me after my session...ewww!) Not to mention the bed they put me in had 5 bulbs out and a few others that took forever to come on! When I told the attendant about the bad bulbs after my session, she didn't even offer to refund our money. There was no place to put your clothes when you got undressed (besides the floor and a tiny hook that was only big enough for my sweater). The salon also didn't have any music while tanning, so unless you plan on sleeping - bring your iPod, or you can just listen to everyone else's conversations through the walls. I would definitely skip this salon! more

awesome tan for the $$$ 7/21/2006

this tanning place rox!! so many beds and HOLLY is amazing!! you get dark for such little money! and the staff are so nice Pros: great value more
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