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Capital Christian School - 21 Reviews - 9470 Micron Ave, Sacramento, CA - Education & Instruction Reviews - Phone (916) 856-5611

Capital Christian School

9470 Micron Ave (at Located at Highway 50 and Bradshaw Road)
Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 856-5611
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Capital Christian School - Sacramento, CA
Capital Christian School - Sacramento, CA
Capital Christian School - Sacramento, CA
Capital Christian School - Sacramento, CA
Capital Christian School - Sacramento, CA
Capital Christian School - Sacramento, CA
Capital Christian School - Sacramento, CA
Capital Christian School - Sacramento, CA
Capital Christian School - Sacramento, CA
Capital Christian School - Sacramento, CA
Capital Christian School - Sacramento, CA
Capital Christian School - Sacramento, CA
Capital Christian School - Sacramento, CA
Capital Christian School - Sacramento, CA


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All I can say about the reviews of CSMobileUser3 and bud4jo is I don't know what church they went to that gave them the opinions they expressed. It certainly wasn't the Capital C...


Many years ago in 94 or 95 I attended Capital Christian Center as my first church in Sacramento. Glen Cole was the pastor at the time. He was filled somewhat with the spirit, and ...

Capital Christian is the BEST of Christianity 8/7/2011

All I can say about the reviews of CSMobileUser3 and bud4jo is I don't know what church they went to that gave them the opinions they expressed. It certainly wasn't the Capital Christian Center I've known and loved for several years not. Pastor Rick, and the other pastors at the church, DOES preach the Bible. He reads directly from it virtually every Sunday and then opens it up for the congregation. What he DOES do is try and bring Holy Scripture into the present day world of his church. He relates it to what is going on today in the lives of Sacramentans. He is "warm and fuzzy" if you call telling people of Jesus' unconditional, unending love for them warm and fuzzy. He is political if you call telling people that they might consider Scripture in their daily lives, including their voting choices. But he does NOT tell you what you should think or how you should vote, or even how he votes himself. What I get at CCC is good, sound, biblical teaching and inspiration. It is better than what I've heard or received anywhere else and I grow in my faith and my love of God every time I am at CCC. I do NOT feel that loving God, or His love for me, gives me license to do, think, or say anything I want to. God sets clear boundaries on our behavior, but He also knows that we will fail regularly in our efforts to abide by His boundaries. He loves us ANYWAY! And Pastor Rick teaches THAT lesson. I love it, and I love him, even as I grow stronger in my love for Jesus every day. more

Honest Facts 1/23/2011

I have spent about 20 yrs with CCC and I've lived in many parts of the world. I have been to many Churches, Capital gives me HONEST DOWN TO EARTH and HONEST facts and information about our Lord. They do a great job with tieing these facts in with our every day lives and whats going on in the world and how it is effecting ous all. I hope they stick to the facts about every thing that is happening in our world. Great Job and keep up the good workJust. more

*Hurting!* 5/21/2010

I am twenty years old and I worked in the capital christian center nursery for two years. I loved my job!! Recently, I moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and because we live together and are not married they laid me off!! They told me I was one of there best teachers but they just let me go! this whole situation really hurt me and i am still without a job! I loved those children and i loved the woman i worked with! The situation just was taken the wrong way! : ( more

Huray! For Capital 2/18/2010

Capital Christian is a wonderful place, even though the Church of the Divide says different, but please pay no attention to them. they are angery with Capital Christuan church/school, because Capital's outreach went to a gay-lesbian pride parade and give them water saying jesus loves you on the label. I wouldn't doubt that i will receiving numerous messages or comments about this post due to our friends the Church of the Divide; lovely name by the way! well they might have changed it, but thats what they were called when they protested Capital wearing shirts basically saying homosexuals will burn in hell... oh so condemning for being followers of Jesus.\r Also in the services they do not speak out againt memebers of other religions or other religions for that matter. For some reason peope have said that; well they are intitled to their opinions so maybe they perceived it to be that way, plus 95-96 was about 15 years ago. \r the only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is because i don't be more

Capital Christian Ctr is Reviewed by Readers 12/3/2009 Read the Reader Comments at the end of this article for more information about Capital Christian Center. more


Many years ago in 94 or 95 I attended Capital Christian Center as my first church in Sacramento. Glen Cole was the pastor at the time. He was filled somewhat with the spirit, and preached on witchcraft and the occult... Having lived on the dark side for a large part of my life, I was fulfilled in going temporarily til I realized what they were about. 2 of their students that had attended the school there for over 8 years, ended up breaking into my dad's house (in another town, and robbing him of many things.) After one year of attending, I realized I knew NO ONE! Rick took over and was one of the phoniest preachers I had ever seen, and I left the church 2 weeks later to never return. In the past 10 years everyone I have ever spoke to about CCC has had a bad experience in one way or another (mostly with the way the children are mentally severely unstable when they get out of their private school, whether it's violent tendencies, drugs, etc...) This is a very money hungry church, with ma more

God's Wrath against Capital Christian Center 8/25/2009

Daniella,\r The wrath of God is about to come down on the Satan worshipping liars at that business center, known as Capital "Christian" Center. Those people are not aware that God has been watching them pad their pockets with cash using the sacrifice of his son,Jesus Christ, as a marketing tool for about 20 years. My heart goes out to you for what you suffered. Know that divine justice is absolute for you, for me, and for all truth students. more

They allow child molesters around children and will turn their back on you! 6/1/2009

I attended Capital Christian School and Church since I was 2 years old. My family was very involved with the church and their gatherings. At the age of 17 I was molested by the husband of one of their bible teachers. I did not immediately report it due to the fear of not being believed. A few years later after several discussions with my fiance he talked me into reporting it. He said there is no way they would turn their back on me. Guess what, they did!!! The teacher is still teaching there and I don't know if they ever even talked to her or her husband about what happened. I was told that I would be given free counseling and informed of what steps would be taken once they had spoken with Pastor Rick Cole about the situation. After a couple of weeks of no response I started emailing and calling with no response. Then I contacted Pastor Glen Cole since that is who I grew up with as the pastor of Capital Christian. He remembered my family and I and said he would look into the matter. He more

Emergent church seeker sensitive 3/10/2009

Dear reader The crux of the matter is that instead of preaching from the Bible in a systematic expository manner the pastor and others like to have talks about the theme of the month or whatever other social issue that is popular that month. Preaching the Cross and the price Christ paid for OUR SINS would actually honor God and actually set some people free. This Christianity thing is spiritual first folks not 'warm and fuzzy let's not make people feel guilty' kind of thing. I can go on and on but please please google 'emergent church' for yourself for more info. May God bless you and may the King Eternal Jesus Christ and His Word be praised! more

diluted gospel and feel good seeker sensitive agenda 3/6/2009

Dear people\r \r I know it feels good not to be told about sin and dying to self or that absolute truth exists. I understand that being preached to or at doesn't feel very loving. I mean even though the BIBLE says that without CHRIST we will die in our sins - and that the apostle Paul talked about dying daily by the power of the CROSS or that men of GOD are to 'preach' the word in and out of season. This church and its 'talks' (not preaching) is part of the emergent church heresy that's endangering the souls of many.\r \r Don't believe me dear friends? Google 'emergent church' and while your at it search 'the shack reviews' as well - which is another danger that this and many other churches are espousing in these last days b4 the return of the One and Only King - the Lord Jesus Christ.\r \r Finally, dear people, one of the main warnings of Christ for believers during the last days is to be very careful (watchful) about being deceived. I love u all and - humbly write this review to Go more

I Love Capital Christian Center! 2/18/2009

I, my husband and our children have been attending Capital since our youngest child was 6 months old and we absolutely love it there! We connected with a group called Threshold, for young married couples with & without children. My daughter is involved in the group 'Champions' and is very allows her to be more involved in Kidsville and I couldn't be happier. Also my son just loves the Oxygen group for 6th through 8th grade...hes growing so much in his Christian faith and its wonderful! more


About 5 months ago (April, 2008), my wife and I, our Daughter and grand daughter began attending Captial Christian Center's 11:15AM Service. Our first and lasting impression is that these are real people: both those attending in the audience, the singers, instrumentalists, and song leaders, and especially Rick and Cathy Cole. Rick and Cathy's messages consistently portray that God loves you now, where you are. Rick is a fundamentalist who follows Jesus' example to bring the Good News that God is not mad at you to the people who need to hear this. From the pulpit, Rick says, "Look, I'm struggling too. Come on in here, join with us, let's figure life out together." I hear this as hope. I hear that as someone who DOES NOT judge me. I can't get enough of Capital Christian. God will do the judging. Rick and Cathy, and our family too, will just accept you and walk along side of you. Come join us at the 11:15AM service. My name is Scotty, my wife is Rhonda. You can reach me on my cell phone more

Capital Christian Center Should Stop Appearing to Support Sodomy 2/9/2008

I will never attend this church again. Looking at "Anonymous'" complaint about Capital Christian Center's banning of the Bible from a t-shirt, why would anyone ever go back.\r \r I saw this incident on TV as well, so I know that his complaint is real and they actually removed him from the service for wearing a shirt that said "Sodomy is Sin - 'Men leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust toward one another... receiving in themselves the penalty for their error. - Romans 1:27" The shirt also opposed hatred, and proclaimed the saving message of salvation in Christ that is available to all.\r \r It makes me wonder what God they serve over at Capital Christian Center. more

When a teenager likes going to church, you know its good 1/3/2008

I haven't been to this church recently but I grew up attending it and miss it very much. I was in Jr high and High school when we lived in Sacramento. Those were difficult years for me and I remember looking forward to going to church because I felt so welcome and loved there. I didn't like the youth church because I felt the kids were fake-praising the lord then out in the parking lot swearing and listening to rock music with awful lyrics. But I Loooved listening to Pastor Glenn Cole who was pastor then (Rick Cole's dad). He was so uplifting and real. He reached out to everyone and wasn't money hungry or materialistic or phony. I would right him letters during my worst time to which he would immediately respond personally which was something in a church of thousands that he cared about one troubled teen. He didn't refer me to the youth pastor or someone else either. A couple of times he even met with me face to face even which meant a lot from someone who had lunch with Billy Graham. more

Preschool Babysitters 12/21/2007

The preschool is where my complaint lies. The school has no tolerance for temper tantrums or children that do not fit into a particular mold. I found that they were not very accepting and many of the teachers gossip consistently about the children and parents. The staff receives some sort of discount for their children to attend because during play time you see the staff members engaged with certain children consistently...their own. I knew one parent that received countless phone calls on a daily basis from the staff regarding their child. I heard staff members discussing the child with another parent. The child is no longer attending. more

confusing 12/15/2007

I dont understand "Christians" who take Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, who go to church several times a week, want others to accept Jesus, read the Bible daily, sing praises to his name and yet Pros: lively Cons: believe in bigotry, death penalty and going to war more

Iloved it 12/8/2007

I attended this church for a few years while I lived in Sacramento and although it is a very large church with thousands in attendance I loved it there. The pastor, Rick Cole is a great speaker who not only preaches from the bible but also makes his sermon relevent to life as it is now. I have moved and I'm having a hard time finding a Pastor as good as Rick Cole so I still drive over an hour whenever I can. My daughter went to school there and as a single mother I was having a lot of trouble with my daughter who suffers from ADD and had previously been expelled from other private and public schools for negative behaviors but her teacher and more importantly the resource teacher took her under her wing and made her feel special and for the first time since she had been in school we both had a pleasant experience. I will always feel indebted to capital christian center. I would highly recommend them more

Kicked me out of their building for wearing an anti-sodomy, Bible t-shirt 9/14/2007

I wore a t-shirt to their service that read "Sodomy and Hatred are Sin - Christ can set you free." The back of the shirt quoted Romans 1:27, "Men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another... receiving in themselves the penalty for their error." It also quoted from John 1, "He that hateth his brother is in darkness."\r \r They gave me "63 seconds" to get out of their building before the police would be called. The head pastor, Pastor Rick Cole called the shirt a "hate message."\r \r Watch a video online of this at:\r\r as well as:\r more

Capital Christian School 2nd grade teacher 5/7/2007

My review is about the school not the church.\r My son attended Capital Christian for 1 year, during which time he had a teacher that was more concened with how much work was involved in grading papers than educating the students in her class. I'm very disappoited that she chose to give up on not only my son but other students in the class. My son has always struggled academically, that is why we chose Capital Christian (it's supposed to be the best?), unfortunately, my son will no longer be attending Capital Christian, if this teacher is any indication of how the faculty attempts to educate children. more

Not very friendly 9/6/2005

This chruch does do community projects, but once they find out that you are of a different faith, they aren't very friendly anymore. They preach anti-other faiths from their pulpit. The cars leaving from this church aren't very polite to other motorists as well. I've had friends that went here at one time, and they don't have nice things to say about it either. more
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