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Candlelight Kitchen & Bar - 58 Reviews - 2525 Stow Street, Simi Valley, CA - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (805) 582-9473
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Candlelight Kitchen & Bar

2525 Stow Street
Simi Valley, CA 93063
(805) 582-9473
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Candlelight Kitchen & Bar - Simi Valley, CA
Candlelight Kitchen & Bar - Simi Valley, CA


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i went here for my 21st bday wit 20 people we had the best time ever, great dj, best food, best time ever, we for sure will go back more\r \r i dont get wat all u people write a...


A group of 8 of us went for a birthday party. It was quite cold and we were seated outside. There are NO outside heaters so plan accordingly. It was so cold and several people ...

Cheap beer. 10/31/2011

We stop bye and we had a few drinks the drinks were strong and the bartender was friendly, and cheap beer. more

Don't ever spend alot of money here, and lose something! 8/12/2009

Let's just say, I will never be returning to this establishment again, at least not for a nice evening... Friends and Family dinned here for a Birthday dinner, our tab all together was over $2,500... Unfortunately, I am quite sure I had lost a belonging there during the course of the night. That same night, I called and left a message regarding their lost and found... One day goes by, no call back. I called the next day, was told numerous times that a manager would be in later, and then later, and then later... I then attempted to call the next day, again, with no avail. Third day, spoke to a young man, whom advised he could check it out for me, and give me a call back, regardless if it was found or not... No call.. So, I called in again the next day, and finally spoke to a ""manager"".. Not quite sure where she developed her management skills, for she was very rude, defensive, and short with me.. Even raised her voice at me, and explained they didn't find my item, which wasn't even what I was looking for... Let's just say, if I lived out there and wanted to go to jail, I would personally go up there, and ask her to repeat everything to my face... Who yells at a customer, doesn't allow them to speak, and lashes out on them, due to THEIR unprofessional ignorance? Candlelight Does! Currently seeking further action, and inquiring how to get in touch with the owner or someone other than the manager I spoke with... Yes, that's how bad it is.... Livid! Having management experience myself, I know first hand this is NOT a way to treat a customer.. Actually, a human being period!! Most places ""Can"" people for handling a customer service issue, in the fashion, in which I just had to deal with... If I could....I would go back, hurl my- now four day old dinner in the ""manager's"" face, and get our money back...Ugh! Pros: Confirmation to NEVER return here again! Cons: Management is Rude, and customer service stinks! more

Expensive, Indifferent service 7/19/2009

How can you enjoy yourself with prices 4 times higher than average, and really bad service? Ridiculous place to go. Pros: Parking, attractive bartender Cons: Incredable high prices, ignoring servers more

Bad Experience With a Birthday Party 6/20/2009

A group of 8 of us went for a birthday party. It was quite cold and we were seated outside. There are NO outside heaters so plan accordingly. It was so cold and several people were miserable. The waiter complained about pushing tables together for our party. It was awkward to listen to. We were shocked to see most of the entrees were over $30. Two of the women ordered the cheaper chicken pasta dish (26 dollars). The chicken was dry and bland and they both sent the dish back. The French onion soup (9 dollars) was great. The salads are huge and good. Poached pear was excellent. The lady in our party who ordered Caesar salad asked 3 different wait staff to bring her the dressing that was supposed to be with the salad. Half an hour later she got it. Her husband requested salt & pepper. Twenty minutes later he got it. When our bill arrived a 20% service fee had automatically been added. Unbelieveable. We had really poor service and as a group we were not very demanding. However, the dancing after dinner hours inside was great. It is a pretty happening club. Pros: pretty location Cons: half-hearted service, overpriced entrees more

They might lose you ID Card 5/6/2009

I was there on a Friday night and everything was chill. Opened up a bar tab and they asked for my drivers license, which is not uncommon, and when I closed the tab they forgot to give it back. I called them to see if it was still there and it was gone. Got some attitude form Monique over the phone and she said ""it seems like a personal problem"". I think they might have given it to the wrong person or lost it some where. This happened to a friend of mine at another bar and they apologized and comp his tab for the troubles. I guess thats not how they do it at Candlelight. Pros: Cool place. Beautiful women. Everybody seems nice. Cons: They might lose you ID Card. more


i went here for my 21st bday wit 20 people we had the best time ever, great dj, best food, best time ever, we for sure will go back more\r \r i dont get wat all u people write about how its da wrose place get ur facts stright people more

this place s*cks! 3/10/2009

I've been going to bars for years throughout the LA area and i've been to this place a few times. I will never, ever go back to this bar ever again. \r \r As soon as we (3 guys) get there, they tell us there is a private party and that we need to be on the guest list. So I asked one of the hostesses what kind of private party they had and she didn't know anything about it and let us right in. It appeared as though the doorman was looking for a handout. When we get inside, theirs about 40 ppl there! STRIKE ONE.\r Then, after spending a couple of bills on appetizers and drinks, I was asked to leave by one of the bouncers because he claimed i had too much too drink. On top of that, they overbilled me $50.00 and will not refund my money. STRIKE TWO.\r Then, they would not give my buddy, our designated driver the keys to his car because they claim he was too drunk to drive. An hour later, they finally give us our keys. STRIKE THREE.\r F*K this place! Save yourself the hassel. They try to make this place a hot spot but they have no clue how to deal with their clientele.\r I will never ever go back to place. This place s*cks a$$!\r Pros: none - avoid Cons: punka$$ door men & valets more

Best in Simi Valley and San Fernando Valley 2/16/2009

Great place to relax and have a drink with friends or a date. Very romantic atmosphere and the food is awesome too! Highly recommend this place to everyone. more

Fun & Upbeat 2/10/2009

Candlelight is a great atmosphere. Local, great music, classy... just an overall great atmosphere. The owner has been very good to me and my friends and we have hosted many b-day parties and other social events and they have been a success. I vote to keep Candlelight open!! Pros: Good Music, Ambience, Great VIP Service Cons: Parking, Over-Crowded more

Amazingly fun! 2/9/2009

Candelight is a beautiful, energetic restaurant/club. I have been several times over the last 3 or so years and have always been treated with respect and more so catered to. The head of security not only looks out for our safety, he has even offered to have one of his men walk us girls to our cars when we don't valet. They are constantly changing the venue and every time I go back there are a lot of great changes. The VIP tables are great and the servers are very pleasant. I will be back! Pros: Atmosphere, safety, food, drinks, balcony, view Cons: bathroom more

Luxurious & Fun! 2/8/2009

Candlelight has brought class, luxary, and fun to fine dining and a great bar scene in Simi Valley. My family and friends have been there many times. The food and service is great and the atmosphere is amazing. Its a great place to host a baby shower, wedding, or any special occasion. more

Love it! 2/6/2009

I have been to Candlelight in Simi many, many times and love it there! The owner treats my friends and I like queens and kings, the food to great, and the atmosphere is amazing! It's the place we go when we go out for sure! more

Best time I've had at a club in a while 1/23/2009

My girlfriends and I visited last weekend for my best friends bachellorette party. We had dinner reservations and stayed after dinner for the club. The server Jason was so charming and was on top of everything and we were a party of 18! The food was surprisingly amazing (most nightclubs have horrible food). I had the filet and it melted in my mouth. The manager came over and told us that they're building a new restuarant on the outside deck called Villa Rose, she showed us a picture, it looks so pretty, I can't wait to have dinner there. The outside is huge and so pretty- there is an amazing view and waterfalls and candles everywhere. We had bottle service in one of their cabanas, its expensive but so worth it. Everyone was so pleasant, the waitress constantly poured our drinks and the security even made sure that people that weren't from our party were not allowed in our area. Overall, it was a great time, I don't go out much but I will go back to candlelight for sure. more

Never have had a good experience there 1/20/2009

I go to a lot of bars and night clubs and never have a problem getting in. However, this place is horrible. The door staff constantly tells people in line that they have reached capacity and aren't letting anyone in for the rest of the night. If you ask about the wait or even complain to a friend and they hear they will kick you out of line or just leave you there waiting. When they finally let you in they will make it seem like they are doing you a HUGE favor and they will give you a lecture about how better attitude gets you in faster and that you better behave yourself inside because there are no second chances. \r Without fail everytime there is at least one guy outside complaining that he put a few hundred dollars down to get a table and they won't even let him in or refund his money. Often the door people charge cover randomly and then so obviously pocket the money. \r The only parking available is valet. It is $5 and the line is often close to 45 minutes long. The crowd isn't always that great, neither is the music. The dance floor is waaay too small and the outside bar is now closed for construction. The bartenders are not overly nice and the drinks are SO over priced. I mean like $9 for a Corona... seriously? \r There is one women's and one men's bathroom and the line is always long. I have seen bouncers kick people out many times because they aren't in a straight line and claim that the clubgoer is attempting to enter the other sexes bathroom. \r This is a seriously lame attempt at recreating a Hollwood type club and they fail desperately. Mostly if they replaced the door staff it would make it about 70% better. I definitely DO NOT recommend it to anyone. Pros: Location Cons: Staff, parking, price more

Horrible staff, poor service, tiny overcrowded dance floor, high prices and overall bad experience 1/18/2009

Went there this saturday for my girlfriends birthday. The security staff was overly aggressive and very classless. They kicked out 5 of my friends for no reason, just rent a cops on a power trip trying to look cool in front of everyone. Anyways that pretty much ruined the night because they kicked my girlfriend out, who was completely sober and did nothing wrong...absolutely nothing wrong! So I had to go back in and get the rest of the 30+ people that were with us, close out everyones tabs and leave (it was only 12 o clock so at least we had time to drive out ot hollywood to go to a REAL club)...they sure lost a lot of business because of their classless security!!!\r Also we had dnner there and it took over an hour to get our food, they waiter kept forgetting our food and drink orders and was very slow.\r I have been to this place a few time before and was not impressed by the rude security and poor service, but only went again becuse my girlfiend wanted to go. What a mistake! \r I will not go back to this place, it was such a waste of time and money.\r \r And dont bother with bottle service, the booths are overcrowed with people you dont even know sitting on your couches, and theres no security to keep them off...theyre too busy being jerks to everyone in other areas of the club.\r Pros: Cant think of any Cons: High prices for poor service and terrible staff more

Awesome place to dance 1/4/2009

This is my new favorite place to dance. There's no cover and the DJ plays all dance/hip-hop music. There's only valet available and it's $5. The large outdoor section of the club is really cool because there are candles everywhere and beds with pillows. I could see how it would be really romantic if you met a dude you were digging and you wanted to go somewhere a little more quiet to talk. The only problem is at the end of the night, it takes forever to get your car. Other than that, I've had really good times here. Pros: music, romantic atmosphere Cons: valet slow at the end of the night, long line for ladies room more

Best Valley spot!!!! 12/1/2008

I love this place! Although I'm more into the hollywood scence, this is a nice change! I place is nice and the music is great! The drinks are the typical hollywood price but there is no cover! Best thing to come the Valley by far! more

i love this place! 10/3/2008

i need to start by saying that i think the majority of online reviewers are spiteful. i am new to online bashing but in reading some of what people say is crazy!! i have been a foodie, and pretentious lover of martini, and avid wine taster for lets just say a long time. i have been to every place from hollywood to santa barbara and have had really terrible nights, and wonderful nights. i have been treated terribly at places like the green door, and kress yet people are expecting the attitude, and therefore are okay with how terrible food/ service/ atmosphere. i cannot understand for the life of me why a place like candlelight that does an amazing job, and has created an amazing place, and has all these unique areas, and private dining areas, and amazing outside areas, AND lounge beds, AND great drinks, AND amazing food AND AND AND... would be cause for anybody to say anything bad?? \r \r i thank the people of candlelight for bringing something with this much quality, and ambiance closer to home. i dont get it. i am there 4-5 times a month and am proud to know that a little town like simi valley can support such a unique, romantic place. \r \r i think the bad reviewers need to loose the ego, get off their power trip, understand blasting an amazing venue because they were too fat to get in doesn't make them special, and wake up to what is really going on. I now have a place that makes me feel like i am on vacation that is 15 minutes from agoura. unbelievable!! Pros: unique for a town that is not Cons: unique for a town that is not more

Beautiful place, good music and drinks 9/27/2008

I went to candlelight last night 9/26/2008 for my 21st bday with 20 of my friends..i had been there once before on a really quite night and the place was beautiful with the waterfall and candles and very spacious but i was a little worried of how it would be on a friday night....i also was trying to get away from the typical hollywood scene... I spoke with them several times about questions i had and also about reservations they were very helpful and patient in speaking with me. they have many lounge type beds and chair outside also tables to dine. My friends and i sat near the beds which was overlooking the view of the valley. Our waitress was very nice always coming around checking up on us, we ordered some appetizers and drinks. I have to say the food was fair i found it kind of odd that the hot wings we ordered form the appetizers were each the size of a turkey leg NO JOKE imagine munchin on that in a pretty dress at a club loll ....honestly i always see ppl leaving reviews of how amazing a restaurant was or a club they went to but i end up going and having the worst experience not in this case though for once i can say everything was great from begining to end it was a great 21st BDAY.... Pros: spacious and beautiful ambience Cons: Try kind of to hard to get you to buy bottle service but then again what place doesn't more

An OK Change from your Typical Hollywood Clubs 9/11/2008

We visited Candlelight on Saturday 8/30/08 for a friend's birthday party, who had bottle service in one of the cabanas, right off of the dance floor. (Bad idea- if you ever get bottle service, reserve in the cabanas ABOVE the dance floor! To get in/out of your cabana takes forever- and random people think they can sit down on your sofas!!!) I didnt know such a place existed in Simi Valley, so it was a surprising and nice change from the hyped-up clubs in Hollywood (believe me, we done did Hollywood and are SO over it). We live in Northridge, right off the 118 so it was the shortest drive we have ever taken to somewhat of a club-atmosphere, outside of Hollywood. The place is really pretty-- but I do have to agree with the others in saying that the bar tenders/waitresses are freakin retards. Dont get so drunk that you cannot count your change or add!!! lol. ( I gave the chick at the bar a $50 bill for a $10 drink...yeah she gave me $20.00 back) Luckily, I have the talent of catching retards in the act while drunk, otherwise I would have been bamboozled!!! The dance floor is crowded- the lines to the guys/girls restrooms are crowded.. but isnt that at every bar/club???? Just deal with it. I've seen worse. I have no comment on the security staff, we didnt bother them, they didnt bother us. There are steroid-crazed security and bouncers EVERYWHERE at EVERY club.. dont take it personal. Me and my girls danced in our cabana, so we had plenty of room (I wouldn't even attempt to dance on the floor! No room!) I personally needed a couple shots of tequila in order to deal with the crowd. All in all, an alright place to chill, if you can get bottle service that's a plus. If you live in the local area (as in no more than 15 minutes away) go there and have a good time. Check it out. Oh yeah--- dont valet, the valet line on the way out is INSANE. Last word of advice to all the complainers & buzzkillers: dont start no sh!t and there wont be no sh!t!!!!!!!!! more
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    This spacious restaurant and bar lounge has two personalities: By day, sunshine beams in from the glass walls and onto the plethora of white wicker chairs and white-linen covered...

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