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Calvary Chapel Of Costa Mesa - 4 Reviews - 3800 S Fairview St, Santa Ana, CA - Religion Reviews - Phone (714) 979-4422

Calvary Chapel Of Costa Mesa

3800 S Fairview St
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 979-4422
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I love this church. The teaching is magnificant.My dad in fact was around during the hippi days.It really helped him.However ; As compared to what is taught in books or over the r...


Well I would ask that prayer be given up for Darell.He does appear on occasion a bit,overly touchy feely.Primarily as he is consistantly loitering by the female bathroom.His long ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/4/2013

After reading all these complaints, I am sure some are truly important, But some are so pitiful and petty, I now know why Moses took so many hours judging the tribe like this, He must have found some humor and told them GO Home! don't hang around any more! your Tired! I'll eat the cookies said the cookie monster yumyum ThankGOd FOr Pastor Chuck!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/6/2012

THE BURN OUT TECHNIQUES IS LIKE ,CALIF LABOR CODE:2922.SO THAT THE CALVARY CHAPEL SECURITY GANG CAN WEED OUT THOSE THAT THE HIGHER UPS DON'T SEE FIT FOR THE CLICK.SO EX-CONVICTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO VOLUNTEER TO KEEP TABS TO MAKE A CASE.SAY ;""HI BROTHER WITHIN KISSING DISTANCE.OR FOLLOW YOU TO EVERY GROUP YOU GO TO AND FELLOWSHIP IN .LIKE ON MONDAY NIGHTS.THEN WE HAVE THE FRUIT OF THE POISONOUS TREE,THE PLAINE CLOTHES COPS.\r Note: This recent Monday night a male white adult,that calls him self :( Hugh ) sneaked up behind my friend and slapped his shoulder.He was observed walking away laughing.The motive and intent was to instigate provocation.Across the street was Costa Mesa ,P.D.Is this entrapment? Hugh has also followed my friend into the mens bathroom on numorous occassions.Then stands withen kissing distance to say,""Hi brother."" His actions are not Christlike at all.The Bible says to treat people like you want to be treated.In 1rst Corinthians chaper #13 This chapter tells how a Christian should behave:A Christian is not rude,does not vaunt his self,does not behave unseemly.Also a Christian is not puffed up or proud. Also does not insist on his own way. Hugh has short gray hair.He stands about five foot six. He stands with elbows locked to the side.It appears as though he is wearing a sand brown basket weave belt and carying a gun. He could be a plaine clothes cop.His car license plate is pending.Just because he says his name is :Hugh does not mean that it is.When his plate is obtained.My friend will run his criminal back ground and post it online.Why because Calvary Chapel staff like turning a blind eye on trouble makers ,it appears.His gay behvaier of following guests of his liking to the men's bathroom.This appears to be gay behavier ,not Christian behvaier. The fruits of the spirit is: Love ,joy ,peace and kindness.Can you imagine how any male friend would feel if ;Hugh an elder male white adult followed them in every little group he went to fellowship in.As though he is keeping tabs to make a case.He is very new.Possibly part of the Calvary Chapel security gang.He appears to act very robotic and acts like an android. He should be corrected. When people go to church it should be a safe haven.For a peaceful assembly.His actions of sneaking up behind my friend and skapping his shoulder ,this is very in appropriate.He abuses the word (BROTHER).Jesus said,""Don't call any one brother ,but he that does the will of the father."" WHERE DOES THE BIBLE SAY FOR A MAN TO FOLLOW ANOTHER MAN IN THE BATHROOM?WHERE DOES THE BIBLE SAY FOR HUGH TO FOLLOW ANY MALE TO EVERY GROUP HE GO'S TO FELLOWSHIP,TO KEEP TABS TO MAKE A CASE?WHERE DOES IT SAY FOR ,HUGH TO SNEAK UP BEHIND A MALE OR FEMALE GUESTS AND SLAP THEIR SHOULDER? His action is (assualt) a violation of ;Calif Penal Code:240. Because his actions disturbed the peace,this is a violation of ;Calif Penal Code:647.Also a vilation of ;Calif Gov.Code:12900.Hazing.Was his actions coerced and persuaded by the plain clothes cops? Or did he act on his own? His plate of his car is pending.If he is a cop,the public has the right to know: Under the Freedom of Information Act,The Public Records Act.Then we can find out what police department he works for.Then request to see his employee file.Plus see his beat area.The hear what the residents have to say about ,Hugh.His plate is now pending.Along with his criminal back ground.He is not a Christian.How long will Brian and Chuck wait ? Its time for on site cameras.He should be arrested and ex communicated.Unless his actions were coerced?But by who? The office staff or the plaine clothes cops? more


I love this church. The teaching is magnificant.My dad in fact was around during the hippi days.It really helped him.However ; As compared to what is taught in books or over the radio,it appears some of the security have:( Be haved very in appropriately . The elder male white adult with the white truck.He bumped into a friend with out saying excuse me.Then stood in his face,in a chalenging a dueling manner. The male black adult .That go's by Darrell.According to some.His nephew indicated was a cop.Attempted to kick my friend in the head at a event. While my friend sat on the cement.This is the African American adult that stays in the back ;He enjoys hugging all these women ,holding their hands a very long time.He also likes giving them a mesage on the right shoulder. His very perfect prefered location is by the female bathroom.He also punched my friend on the back laughed ,this occured ,according to a Thanks Giving homeless to the needy event.Perhaps he wanted a reaction .Perhaps like cops do on the street.When they want to accuse some one of resisting arrest. To falsly accuse them.They even lie to the judge .Then they perhaps have golf and dinner together.This occured on a feed for the homeless event.This is ok with Chuck and Brian.Mike is the male white adult.He could be ; Lesly's personal body guard.My friend is a male Hispanic adult. My friend said,"" God bless to Lesly,"" Mike was standing in the shadows responded,"" You're comming on too strong."" She was'nt wearing a sign ,that read don't talk to me.Now Kieth: He likes loitering with permission at: The doughnut area,which could be a very good view of legs for the possible pervert that likes to come to a church building for vary different reasons.His other locations he is allowed to loiteter with permission is: The man made water fall ,and the gym table facing the sanctuary.He attempted to force my friend to hear about his Muslim past.Where he was instructed over and over about all this hatred. Also forced Kung Fu lessons.When my friend did not want to hear about his past he walked away. Then Kieth aggressively walked after my friend and grabed his shirt three times.His actions were condoned of. He just could have recruited a new deciple.This male Hispanic adult.That enjoys wearing black short sleeve shirts.Also levis. They sit and talk about past events possibly. Now ; Hugh ,its not known what his real name is.He likes keeping his shoulders tucked in ,as though he is carrying a gun.Could be a cop.The kind that perhaps likes planting something to get an arrest,its very possible ?Well my friend has indicated;This guy was like a germ .In other other words if no one was looking he would love to investigate whats going on under the bottom side of a human.Then check back in with Brian or Chuck,possibly ?By radio. He followed my friend to evey group and this included the bathroom. Perhaps to eveluate the frequency and duration of select sound effects ,of those visitors with extensive breaking wind techniques. His nose did some how appeared to be,extensively brownish. With ,vip status. Then we have ; Mike again, is he the personal body guard of; ( Lesly).She is elder looking, blond. She appears to have a wig and too much make up.This is according to my friend. She and Mike appear to make a great couple.They perhaps can go home and both salute a picture of ; Hitler. Mike pointed his index finger as though it was a gun. Jesus said,"" Don't love in word,but in deed and truth."" I love the teaching on the radio. But action speaks ( LOUDER THAN WORDS ). Jesus said,""Don't be a hearer of the word ,but a doer.""\r I love hearing the teaching on the radio. FM .107.9. Yet would I invite my friends no!Don't want ,Darell the African American adult touching my daughters ,by the female bathroom.Maybe ; Chuck and Brian can have him direct trafffic .Or stand in a suite waving ,as people drive in. In stead of posted by the female bathroom. more


Well I would ask that prayer be given up for Darell.He does appear on occasion a bit,overly touchy feely.Primarily as he is consistantly loitering by the female bathroom.His long hand hold ,extented hand shakes.Then it appears that he then gives that shoulder masage to confort the weak female flock.Those very long hug and hold squeezes.It definately appears no different then a night club.Are these extensively depressed women so in factuated in the back of there mind get some private time alone.As Darell ,appears to drive slow and cool in his black truck.Acting hoiler then then the rest.My friend told me he was frisked by this African American plain clothes cop.Yet Darell forgot to frisk all the male white adults.In a church that should lots of love to the hippies? Does Brian and Chuck know?Or was that with approval.Again ,it was a special event.My friend was sitting on the cement.Then Darell attempted to kick my friend in the head.Calif Penal Code:664. Again it was Darell that sneaked up on my friend and punched him in the back at a Thanks Giving for those in need? It again was Darell that almost triped and stumbled when he came into the room called the after glow room.He had some new friend go to the front. To play the part he was a pastor. In the very back seats for back up for what was going to take place sat. Kieth an African American adult.He sat to the far left an in the back row. To Kieth's right was this male Hispanic adult that has been observed wearing black short sleeve shirts and blue levis.He likes facing the sanctuary.Hanging out with Kieth .So this was to the right and part of the bouncer squad.Next was the new white short adult.He likes following around like a puppy dog.Its called the burn out technique.For the security team.He gos by the name : Hugh.Its probably not his name.But the name he wanted to use. Well the after glow was finished.My friend sang a song.Yet this was not ok for staff and the guitar player.He started playing the guitar immediately.Yet when a few certain male white adults sing this is ok.Any way the big event that they were waiting for was: So Jose could sneak up from behind my friend and smack my friend on the back.First he slapped him on the shoulder then the back.This was very amusing.So amusing ,Jose then gave the black in the back a high five. Then my friend reported this to the staff the action was blessed. Jose not long after gos to the near by gym.He smiles and wants to say he is sorry with a smile on his face.My friend explains that what he did was not cool not to speak to him any more.Also that night there appeared to be this fat Hispanic adult.He was in lots of hysterical laughter after Jose had did this. Prior to this ,it was on a Tuesday night new believers class.This Hispanic adult walked out very fast ,again slapped my friend on the shoulder and back. He works at the Red Waggon. Red Wagon ,provides food to the primarily ex convicts that reside at the Light House ,Church of Nazarine of Costa Mesa.Lately my friend has been out of work .So this Hispanic adult name is unknown at this time.Red Waggon won't give up the name. His name and plate of his car is pending.For a continued complaint for consumer affairs.My friend indicates : He forgives .Does not forget. Now we have Kieth .Likes to say the word brother alot.He is not a brother ,but to those in his circle.My friend first met this African American adult at the dough nut serving area.No doubt part of the security team.He loved talking about his very dark Muslim past.He kept talking about all the hate ,all the hate that was instilled in him.All the Kung Fu classes and all the hate instilled in him.When my friend walked away .Kieth walked after him. Kieth grabed his shoulder three times. Will not appologize.I hope Kieth does not do this to the wrong one. Now we have the other portion of ;Calvary Chapel Security Gone Wild: The big white guy .He has a white truck. He saw my friend walking one time with a back pack on Mcarther. more


Well a very good friend informed me how he was treated at this click,Calvary Chapel gang. He on one occassion met this African American ,black guy.He beleives gos by the name Kieth.This guy started talking to my friend about all this hate he was instructed to have as a Muslim. My friend thinks its the Nation of Islam.My friend did'nt want hear this guy talk about his past Muslim hate.So my friend walked away.The the Muslim at Calvary Chapel aggressively followed my friend and grabed his right shoulder three times. My friend did not go to Calvary Chapel to fight.He went to fellowship and hear God's word.My friend is veteran.He served in the Marines.In Desert Shield and Operation Restore Hope.Black Hawk Down. This Muslim still has not appologized.He likes to loiter by the cheer leadrers area where they serve coffee.Also sit with his new recruit at the pick nick table by the gym door ,facing the sanctuary.The other area the Muslim likes to sit at is on the man made waterfall.He likes to pretend he is very interested in the teachings. So can talk the talk .Does he walk the walk? Has any one asked him about his former ties with the Nation of Islam? Look in his left eye.He does'nt talk too much .The reason is it sounds as though he was castrated for Alah .Or did what Michael Jackson did to have a high voice.Sounds like :Mini Mouse. Lately has been wearing a very long skinny beard.It looks like a black dildo with fur.Totaly sily.My friend says its a way to honor Alah.Its a tribute. Only if the wear a black hat. Well my friend stated he was in the : After Glow. A place of worship.After the Sunday night Bible study. Then after the Sunday After Glow.This male Hispanic adult he had just met walked up and slapped him on the back.This was as my friend was talking to some one.My friend indicated he met this guy earlier that day at the near by gyn.LA Fitness. The guy indicated his name was Javier. My friend indicated: He let this guy know at the gym he does not work out ,because he has neck and back injuries.That night my friend spoke to this guy.He was standing out side selling tamales for some missions trip to South America. This guy named : Javier, gave his friend Kieth the Muslim or possible still Nation of Islam connect a big high five.Both had smiles.As though its a type of protocall.The Calvary Chapel gang's way to get rid of those that don't fit in the click/gang.There was observed another male Hispanic adult standing out side by the little stand.He could not stop laughing after what his friend did.So this Kieth is standing there with his Hispanic click. What are the chances of this being part of the Calvary Chapel security? Very good.Inside the After Glow Room,was the male Hispanic adult that sits out side at the pick nick table facing the sanctuary. Also this very new recruite.A male white adult.My friend has indicated he shook his hand one time.He indicated his hand felt synthetic like a used condom abused by a pimp on Main Street.He indicated the guy talks and walks like a celeberty.ET ,from Encounters of the Third Kind.Now on DVD.Since that time ,my friend does his best to avoid the possible anroid.Why ?His concern is : It could be a robotic robot with a micro chip. Well this android was sitting in the After Glow. They all congratulated : Javier for hitting my friend on the back. Pastor Mike was informed of the assult.His responce was:"" With an open property like this touching will happen,we can't see every thing.""So basically what he really meant was come here at you're own risk. Or was he saying:"" This was condoned of? Recently ,Javier came to LA Fitness.He said he was sorry.This was with a grin on his face. Can you imagine if he slapped you're wife on the neck ,back,hip or knee. Causing extra pain if they have previous medical issues in those areas? Would that be very funny.My friend asked him not to ever talk to him ever again. Also my friend informed him ,that what he did was not cool or funny. more

LOVE =AGAPE=VERB:MATTHEW CHP# 12 V.36,37 10/21/2011

I have recently going to the Friday night Bible studies.Tonights teaching in Acts was great.But pastor Mike Smith should offer more specific cleraity when he implies some church organizations are the same.Let us not forget: Rev.Chp# 22 v.18.Also ; Galations Chp# 1. The following organizations have added or subtracted: The Appocrapha.., Council of Trent 15 and 16th century to Catholic Bible. The Mormons re-wrote their book more times then I have changed under garments. The Jehovah witness have the New World Translation. The 7th Day Adventist have the Clear Word. The took out Mark Chp# 7. Christian Science. Scientology. The list gos on.These and many more have attacked the diety of Christ .Their are not Christians because they added or subtracted. So he should be very specific when he teaches we need to unite as one. If this is what he meant? Next: I fail to see the sin in bringing some cookies to a Tuesday New Believers fellowship.Joelisa and Britney were not allowed to share the cookies I brought.I could see this very elderly white female adult slandering behind the counter.If they were concerned that they were bad.They should have asked me to taste one in front of them.Also I also don't under stand how Britney could appear to act so very concieted. Last week a new brother shaked her hand .He introduced him self. He left. She remarked: "" I so tired of guys hitting on me."" Maybe she should stay home and get saved. Or see a phychyitrist to over come her paronoia that because some introduces them selves to some one ,this does not mean they are flirting.She is not drop dead gorgious. Like she might think she is. But in her mind she is. This is not Christian behavior. Next this Friday I brought some cookies. I gave them to Delaney .Scotts duaghter.Scott is an usher.The elderly white adult female could be his wife. She no doubt told Delany to not serve the cookies I bought from Von's. Why is it a sin ? Delany put the cookies out after every one left.Then I noticed the same male white adult that likes to make long drawn out prayers like a Pharasee to impress the girls. He was commenting to a female at the counter the cookies I brought could be poisoned. Well ; Matthew Chp# 12 verse : 36,37 ,says ; For every idle word a man says the will pay an account .They will be justified or condemed. He does not have the fruits of the spirit.Galations Chp#5. I like Mike Smith's teachings .Yet he should be very specific in what organizations are brothers.Realizing what false doctorines are taught. more
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