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Callahan Drive Animal Hospital

Knoxville, TN 37912
(865) 938-0243
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I took my pet to Callahan Drive Animal Hospital and was most pleased. The staff was friendly and helpful. The office was VERY clean (it didn't smell like a veterinary clinic AT AL...


This clinic has many top qualities like convenience and cleanliness and space. But I have lost a best friend and Dr Hilla should have and could have done much more. I, like others...

DISHONEST!!!!!! 9/3/2016

Either dishonest or has no idea what they are doing......I believe dishonest. Took my baby in for 2nd opinion on a heart murmur my vet found....because I was in tears I believe I was trying to be taken advantage of......with heart murmurs they are graded on a scale of vet said maybe a 3....just starting to hear the murmur....this vet said a 5....which means my dog was in serious trouble......slid an estimate in front of me for $350 for testing and did I want to go ahead and get started with treatment? Well no, I came for a 2nd opinion, not to change vets!!! Went back to my vet yesterday for the test...same ones he said were $ vet cost $149.....and guess dog is at the very BEGINNING of an enlarged heart...not on deaths door like this vet said....stay away from this office if you dont want to feel ripped off or lied to!!!! Waited 45 mins past scheduled appt time. more

Ruined my dog just for money 1/14/2015

My dog had a partially torn ACL and Dr. Hilla sold us on the surgery. He didn't inform us that is would ruin her as our athletic comparing until after the surgery. And then come to find out, chiropractic care could have fixed the problem, saving us $2000. A year later, the same dog got a really aggressive eye infection. After 2 months and 3 rounds of antibiotics, her eye had swollen to 3 times the normal size and he said that was all that could be done. A year later, her eye had swollen to 6 times normal size and she was suffering from migraines. After going to a new vet, who recommended going to the optometrist, she is now having that eye removed. Turns out, she was suffering from a very painful case of glaucoma and if it had been properly diagnosed, we could have slowed it down and she wouldn't have suffered as much as she has. A few months later at her yearly check-up, he only looked at her eye and nothing else. it seems like he let her condition go just so he could eventually remove her eye and get another $2000 from us. more

Demand More 1/18/2012

This clinic has many top qualities like convenience and cleanliness and space. But I have lost a best friend and Dr Hilla should have and could have done much more. I, like others, feel the " come on back for an office visit fee" was the umbrella approach at CAH. As a highly educated adult with high net worth, I could spend whatever it took to care for my friend of seven years -a spirit of such sweetness, only God could have given! But Hilla did not take the time or effort to educate me as to warning signs and dangers of feline diabetics and home care. I pent over $3000 to save my friend 's life and willingly and lovingly. Yet many comments and directions were cavalier and patronizing; most pet owners are not medical practioners and listen to the pet's vet and rarely seek a second opinion due to cost. I admit I failed my beloved friend because I did not demand training on home care for a diabetic cat. But recent experience with another close vet proved to me Dr Hilla has a lot to learn. My sweet spirit from God is gone and I feel Dr Hilla has culpability and for an animal care giver, that is reprehensible. Choose your pet's vet carefully; demand up front methods and expectations. Vets do not have insurance money benefits and need owners's quick payment; ergo, emotions are fragile. Talk in a private office with your vet and list your questions and your expectations and require a Do and Don't List for the malady from which your special friend might suffer. Take control; this vet failed to do so and my pal is gone. Side Bar: days after emailing this vet, Dr Jamie Hilla, DVM, he has never replied.... Telling more

Clean, Friendly & Excellent Care 1/4/2011

I took my pet to Callahan Drive Animal Hospital and was most pleased. The staff was friendly and helpful. The office was VERY clean (it didn't smell like a veterinary clinic AT ALL). Dr. Hilla and his assistant gave me several options in treating my pet, so I didn't feel pressured to spend a lot of money. I could tell that he simply cared for the well-being of my dog. I will absoulutely take all of my pets back to this hospital. Thank you for the pleasant experience. more

Sympathy Felt 1/3/2011

Dr. Hilla and the staff at Callahan Drive Animal Hospital took excellent care of my bird before she passed away. I really appreciated the wonderful & heartfelt sympathy card that they sent me. I have other birds, & I will continue to use him as my veterinarian. more

Happy Customer 1/3/2011

I have never taken my animals to a better vet. I've never felt so welcome, and we will NEVER take our babies anywhere else. They are the best. We really appreciate all all of the staff for their kindness. Thanks for making it a great experience. more

Very good Vet 12/8/2010

I have been taking my animals to Callahan drive animal hospital for about 3 years now!! I have 6 dogs and Dr. Hilla and his staff has always been great! Dr. Hilla will take his time and go over everything with you!! (Most doctors don’t do this!) He has always treated me with respect and cares about my animals!! He has done everything from surgery to nail trims on them and always does a good job!! His staff is very nice and they all treat you like family!! On another note I was reading some of these comments and Im Just floored!! Really I can’t believe someone would complain about the doctor trying to help there g pig and not sending it home!! Wow why did you bring it in and not want him to try everything he could do to fix your “kids” pet?? Its not his fault that you waited to bring it in until there was nothing left for him to do… people really amaze me how they blame the doctor when they wait til the last minute and expect him to be a miracle worker!! He’s good but not god! He is a great doctor and I would recommend Callahan Drive animal hospital to everyone!! more

callahan drive animal hospital 11/30/2010

we have used callahan drive animal hospital for years. our cat was very sick do to an injury and suffered partial paralysis in his back. dr. hilla did not encourage surgery to make money. he was very understanding and offered us alternative treatments, ex, cat chiropractor. i didn't feel he was money hungry in fact his office and our family discussed prices and the possible costs that could be incurred if our cat did not improve. more

Can't Recommend this Vet 5/27/2010

I took a young guinea pig there - as this was the nearest vet to treat exotics. The guinea pig was suffering from diarrhea which is dangerous for these animals, we reacted immediately upon finding the condition of my children's pet. Callahan Dr Animal Hospital made the appt for early afternoon. We sat in the waiting room a long time with no one else there; the vet & staff returned from a joyful lunch & when the vet finally saw our guinea pig, instead of recognizing that the small creature was most likely not going to survive he ran multiple tests & administered antibiotics on site. The teste revealed it was not bacterial or viral & most likely the pet was sickly to begin with- with a weakened immune system & must have ate something didn't agree with him. (We owned the mother & the siblings btw, they were all heatlhy. Result of buying a pregnant G. Pig from the store unaware. We still have his healthy mother & 2 sisters after about 1 year.) During the entire visit my children & I watched the pet deteriorate quickly, I almost asked the vet to just "stop" with the tests & let us take our pet home, but then how would my kids feel if I had? I knew things looked bad, but had hope, after all, wouldn't an ethical vet tell us there was nothing they could do if things looked bleak? In the end, I paid an outrageous bill of nearly $200 & we took our pet home - he died within 2 hours of visiting the vet. In consideration of the fact that guinea pigs can't last long with illness, I don't blame the vet for our animal dying, I am upset that we waited nearly 40 minutes in an empty waiting room while he & his staff leisurely returned from their lunch & still took their time once they arrived, I am upset that he should have known from experience that this animal would not survive & at least explain, giving me the option to make an informed decision about tests/procedures before picking my pocket & giving us antibitotics for several days, misleading us into believing there was hope. I will never return there, I can promise that more

HORRIBLE...Pet died...Thank you DR. HILLA!!! 5/21/2010

Very bad vet, unexperienced and only after your money. He will promise that he can fix anything, but in the end you will find out from another vet that Dr. Hilla just lied to have the surgery done and get paid. Please stay away from him - he will not be able to help your pet, but take your money! more

BEWARE of Incompetence! 3/13/2010

I would rate Callahan Drive Animal Hospital -- the one on Barger Pond RD in Knoxville, just so the vet can't come on here and claim some mistake, as the WORST most INCOMPETENT veterinary service I have ever been to in 30 years of owning pets. As a new patient, I brought a senior aged dog into the clinic for a dental proceedure, in which the largest tooth in the mouth had to be removed. The removal went fine, but upon picking my dog up, the vet never came into the patient room to talk with me. And, the incompetent assistant insisted that my dog did not need to go home with an antibiotic. Good thing I was persistent. I insisted to see the vet, because I knew this was incorrect. Sure enough, the dog DID need an antibiotic. The vet never apologized for the screw up by the way. So, I took my dog home, and no body from Callahan ever even bothered to call to check on how the dog was doing after surgery. This dog is old. I can tell you that my regular and, thankfully, very considerate and competent vet called me several times to check when one of my young dogs got injured from another dog. But, Callahan's never even bothered to check on a senior dog after a major, three hour surgery. Today I met a lady with a G. Pyranees pup who told me that the morons at Callahan's told her she would stunt the dog's growth if she neutered him before 13 months. Totally untrue and dangerous FALSE information. I cannot believe that Dr. Hilla would give such utterly false information to a dog owner who A.) has a breed that is known to become potentially aggressive at sexual maturity B.) wants to avoid bringing unwanted puppies into the world. It is totally FALSE that neutering a G. Pyranees before 13 months would stunt his growth! Unbelievable just how incompetent this vet is. AVOID and tell everyone you know to AVOID. He is an idiot. more

Horrible and sad experience 3/7/2010

Dr. Hilla is a nice vet "to talk to." He is a good vet for minor shots, updating your prescriptions etc. However, do not use him for ANY or MAJOR surgeries. We ended up paying a huge amount of money and he lied to us about the results. If you love your pet do not have him do surgery on your pet! Otherwise, he is a nice "general practitioner." more died...unprofessional 12/30/2009

Good: It was clean.. Bad: They charged us $250 to "treat" a Guinea Pig and assured us that w/the treatment he would recover. 4 hours later he died. Upon calling to discuss the matter w/the office manager, she became irate and broke down in tears on the phone! Totally unprofessional, and out to grab a buck!. Improvements: Maybe some compassion for the owners as well as the appropriate charge and treatment for the type of animal involved.. Other: We only went here because they were the only "Exotic Vet" (hamsters etc) in Knoxville. We have since found out that our regular vet (we have 3 dogs and 2 cats) Dr. Butler, has an exotic vet on staff .. more

HIGHLY Recommend this vet! 4/28/2009

I have used this vet for over three years and have taken my dog, cat, rabbit, chinchilla, and reptile there. I have always had a wonderful experience there. On more than one occasion I have called and Dr. Hilla has returned my call himself. He has always been very thorough and has always answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend this vet! more

HORRIBLE 4/17/2009

My 5 week old kitten has been on IV for 2 days and cannot move her back legs because of these incompetent vets. I am so glad the new vet is caring and professional. Callahan is money-hungry and could care less about your pet. DO NOT take your animals there if you love them. more

Very happy customer 11/7/2007

Callhan Drive A.H. is my favorite animal clinic out of the 8 or so I have used in different cities because I have been so consistently satisfied with the pet care, staff, and prices. The surfaces (and staff) always seem very clean, which is important to me. Dr. Hilla remembers the animals he has seen before, and my cat that usually scorns men likes him. I have never been pressured into getting services I did not want or need. I would very highly recommend this clinic. more

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Nice place to take a sick pet 7/14/2005

Callahan Drive Animal Hospital is a very, and I do mean very, good place to take pets in an emergency. After my cat had eaten something he was not supposed to, he was throwing up all day. I got nervous, and took him to Callahan Drive Animal Hospital just to be safe. They were able to see him right when I got there. They were friendly, the price was right, and they fixed my cat! more
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