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California Sun Center - 11 Reviews - 7903 Walerga Rd Ste 103, Antelope, CA - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (916) 789-1034

California Sun Center

7903 Walerga Rd Ste 103
Antelope, CA 95843
(916) 789-1034
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I have been a member over 7 years and have been thru many changes from the hours of operation to the change in hours now due to the season. I have always been treated with Respec...


I signed up for a temporary membership of 60 days to get a tan before going on a vacation. I paid $60 for unlimited tanning and thought I was done for the winter. That was last No...

Rip off! 3/6/2012

I signed up for a temporary membership of 60 days to get a tan before going on a vacation. I paid $60 for unlimited tanning and thought I was done for the winter. That was last November. All of a sudden in March I start noticing my card has been getting monthly debit charges for membership fees since January. When I called member services, they informed me that my membership rolled over at the beginning of the year and started again. So they started billing my card. I was furious. They only agreed to refund my current month charge and said it was my fault for not calling sooner and paying attention to the contract. This was not at all the conversation I had with the salesperson or the understanding I had of what I was signing up for. I believe they will say anything to get their sale for a membership and I will never return to their establishment! I also agree with the previous review about the 5 minute limits! Ridiculous. more

HORRIBLE 4/27/2011

This place was horrible. If you’re looking for a quality tan that provides good customer service and clean facilities, DO NOT GO TO ANY CALIFORNIA SUN CENTERS!! First off, I paid for one-week tan before I went on a cruise. The first girl who helped me wouldn't allow my first session to be over 5 min.! Hello, I know how long I can start at, and 5 min. in a 20 minute bed doesn't do squat, but she gave me no other option. I should have known at that point to turn around. Second, I went in to tan later in the week and the sales girl said that I had already tanned that day. I explained to her that I had not, but I knew my mother did tan earlier in the day at a nearby center, and that she has the same last name and initials as me, so I could understand the confusion. However, after I clearly proved to her that it was not me and it was an error on their part she looked at me and said smugly ""Sorry it’s the law, and I can't let you tan.” So, I made her call her boss who said the same $hit. I'm sorry, but if your company makes an error, your managers should have the ability to over-ride it!!! That’s the point of a manager. Anyway, sorry about the long rant, but I'd recommend you go anywhere other than CA Sun Centers. more

Great Tanning Salon 4/19/2011

I was a bit hesitant to sign up for a membership here after reading all the bad reviews, but I signed up anyway since it was the closest one to my house. I don't regret it one bit! The girls that work here are super friendly and helpful. They've never forced me to buy anything and always give me great advice on how to get the best tan. The salon is always very clean and neat and the beds work really well! I've only been a member for about 3 weeks but I'm already getting compliments on my color from friends and family. Don't listen to the bad reviews! I am so so glad I didn't! CSC is a great place to tan! more

Long Time Member 4/5/2011

I have been a member over 7 years and have been thru many changes from the hours of operation to the change in hours now due to the season. I have always been treated with Respect . \r We all may have a bad day no matter who you are and this is understandable.. I have actually witnessed Customers being extremely rude and trying to bend the rules that are instilled(ie: being under age to sign up with out a note from parent ; to wanting to use someone elses packages and more ). Each instance the employee consulted a manager / corporate as needed and handled accordingly to the law and rules of membership. I even witnessed a customer was using Extreme Foul Language towards an emloyee . As the customer did not get what they wanted (the issue had nothing to do with the employee at all but the customer needing to take care of business..).That was NO reason to take out on the CSC employee. \r I can't say more than major Kudos to the manager here at Antelope and how she treat's her customers I have never been forced to purchase lotions or anythingi have not wanted to buy. I have never been lied to. \r Remember all corporations and companies have policies that need to be followed no matter how large or small. Some even as posted have the right to refuse to serve you as well...\r \r Please remember that we all can not controll the actions of others but if we want to be treated with Respect we also must Give it as well. \r more

Literally the worst tanning salon on the planet 9/3/2010

This is quite possibly the worst tanning center that I have ever visited! The girls that work there act like mean sorority girls rather than employees of a tanning salon. The vast majority of them have little to no knowledge of the product or services that they are paid to sell and few maintain any shred of professionalism. Young girls behind a counter smacking their gum against their lips like cows mouthing off about this class, that homework, bitching about boys or issues at work, if a messy, unprofessional, lazy, ignorant rude sales staff is what you are looking for in a tanning salon then this is the right company for you, however if you want to give your business to a tanning salon that will actually earn it I suggest you go somewhere else! more

no good sun 7/5/2010

you give them all your information. They lie tell you what every to get you to sign up. you call them on it and they tell you that you must not have understood. no I was clear and so was the sells girl! Dont go here! they give you nothing in writing so what they told you is a he said she said thing Pros: some people try to help Cons: lie lie lie more

insight from a former employee! 4/5/2010

as a former employee of california sun, i can tell you first hand that they lie to you about your memberships! It is near impossible to cancel them and they make mistakes. Don't blame all the sales girls though, as we get the run around when we would call on your behalf and try to help you from the salon... the corporate girls are all prissy and SUPER rude! they will all tell you something different. as far as lotions go, we do get trained about all of the products and if you aren't an airhead (like myself) you will remember, but 80% of the girls that work there are, so don't trust them. our hours are based on sales and we make commission so the more we sold the more hours & money we would get so they would make us be pushy to sell if we wanted hours. their beds hardly ever get their bulbs changed! they wait until the very last minute when they are barely heating you up to change them which is why a lot of you say you don't get color. it is true that the upgrades work wonders, but if the bulbs are old, you are just wasting your money. don't let the multiple locations and clean interiors fool you... the Blore's are super shady and need to learn how to run a customer service based business correctly!! more

Worst ""tanning"" salon in the region 1/5/2010

Pure garbage, this place. There is an idiot with the screen name of ""kashgljsaf "" and other yahoos going around on these boards trying to pump up CSC with positive reviews, even going so far as to blame customers for not getting tan because they're not doing it right. Pfffft. How funny, because most of us had no problem getting tan at other places. I don't mean to impugn your Considerable Tanning Credentials (probably buttressed by an A.A. degree from Sierra College) but you people are shills for a ripoff business. CSC is a horrible place, the beds you get for ""unlimited"" don't work, and getting out of the 'contract"" is a nightmare. I think there were actual slaves in the South that had an easier time making the Underground Railroad (I know most CSG employees don't know what that is...but you can find it if you look it up on the interwebs.). This place is basically a scam to get hold of your debit/credit card and keep hitting you until you can get away. I love how the ""positive"" reviews on this talk about how the company needs a 30-day notice to cancel to ""inform"" your bank/credit card, as though no business in contemporary 21st-Century America could possibly conduct an instantaneous business transaction. That pretty much defines this place, and do not join here unless you like getting crappy service from teenaged/twentysomething ditzes, most of whom are one layoff away from ending up on the stripper pole, or a Myspace-induced kabuki. What makes this place awesome is the fact that both in person and in the online shill reviews they are clearly posting here (all the positives have ONE review...this place...a dead giveaway) is that these people are too beholden to their pithy commission to realize how stupid they look. I would rate CSG and its shills one step above a pedophile and one notch below an aluminum siding salesperson. Pros: Could be burned down if lit on fire Cons: Everything, up to and including customer rape more

Not a new member... 2/23/2009

I have been a member at this salon for at least a year now (it was a gift membership from my husband) and like the other users have also said, the $19.99 membership is for a basic membership. The bulbs always seem to be old, and to get a good tan you need to pay for upgrades. Not to mention, there have been numerous times that I have gone into the salon and there was a long wait time, and I have been told that they ""just need to clean beds"" and then I will sit down to wait for them to clean beds, just to see the staff behind the counters talking about their personal lives. Recently I went into the salon to pay my bill because I knew the credit card would not be going through because my husband had recently lost his wallet and all the credit cards had been cancelled. The bill was one day late, I explained the situation and the staff was not understanding in the least. I was slapped with a $10.00 late fee for my account!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!! Pros: Always clean Cons: Price, value, and staff more

Rip Off!! 1/15/2009

They look good on the outside, but they push you to pay via your bank card each month and all you get is weak tanning beds!! if you want a good tan you have to pay big $$$, just not worth it!! \r \r maybe someday they will make a real tanning salon in our area!! Cons: they will take your money and you get no tan. more

Customer Service - Terrible 8/14/2007

this was the worst place I have ever been tanning at, the girls were very rude. The customer service was bad. I have been to several cal suns and all of them have been the same way. The push you to buy a EFT for 19.99 then its only for the basic beds if want to use anything else you have to buy credits which cost a lot of money!!! I would rather go to a PLANET BEACH TANNING SALON AND PAY ONE PRICE -and everyone is friendly there Pros: terrible Cons: terrible more
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