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California Chiropractic Center - 44 Reviews - 300 Brannan St Ste 302, San Francisco, CA - Chiropractor Reviews - Phone (415) 979-9577

California Chiropractic Center

300 Brannan St Ste 302 (at Second Street)
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 979-9577
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California Chiropractic Center - San Francisco, CA



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Been going to this office for 5 years and if anything the care has gotten better with more on staff massage therapist, acupuncturist and 10-15 minute massage/stretch during each C...


Unfortunately, I found myself in a position where I couldn't visit my partner's trusted chiropractor...instead opting to try one relatively close to work and with good reviews on ...

Fantastic Care! 2/4/2011

Been going to this office for 5 years and if anything the care has gotten better with more on staff massage therapist, acupuncturist and 10-15 minute massage/stretch during each Chiro Visit. Dr. Alex is my go to with any neck or lowback pain and he usually can fit me same day. Great Location. I say the only downside is the office can get busy but I never have to Wait and if I do its 5 minutes. Thanks again and keep up the good work. more

Be aware of potential risks 3/22/2010

I am sure there are others who have better experience than I. But I am gonna stay off chiropractic for awhile. more

Thank you very much guys! 2/9/2010

I had to get my back fixed last week after doing a little too much exercise. My best friend recommended this place to me and I'm glad she did. They got me back into shape after just a few adjustments. Thank you very much guys! more

SOMA's Wellness Center 2/4/2010

Came here on Referral after my car Accident could not turn my neck and had lowback pain. This was place was great with everything, paper work, hours, scheduling, short wait times and care. They even take Veteran Insurance after my Case was over. Pros: Great Care Chiropractic & Massage more

Fantastic! 12/21/2009

I picked this location because of the Reviews online. Great location, great Doctor (Dr. Alex) and the fact it was a Wellness Center with massage and acupuncture. What also sold me is they are open late to 7 pm which no other office offers. Great Care, I never feel rushed and after my session the massage therapist comes in and stretches me out and shows me some muscle relaxing techniques. I came in with serious midback pain where I could not breath well and was in the worst pain where I could not sleep or work. The adjustments were painful but more because I was in pain but usually felt better after. Felt better after a week or so and I have to admit I was prepared to be hurt for 2-4 weeks better after a week or two. I also gave this 10 days to get better and it only got worse, so this just didn't get better on its own, it was the Excellent Care. So don't be like me and stay in pain! Pros: Great Location, Chiro, massage and Acupuncture Cons: Gets a little busy more

I Approve: Great Chiro and Massage, Fair Prices 11/12/2009

Dr. Alex is fantastic. Best office I have experienced. The Chiro Care combined with Massage is Excellent. Laurence comes in and stretches and massages me out for 10-15 minutes. I have had one massage every week for a month. By Far best combination for your pain and Laurence is probably the Best Massage Therapist I have experienced. Chiro and Massage is very affordable rather than going to a Spa and paying $90-$120 on a 50 minute massage I get a solid 60 minutes for $75 and I pre-paid for a pack of 5 for less than that. A Must go and you should also. Pros: Location, parking, Chiro and Massage more

I thought I knew Better, But Dr. Alex did! I am idiot! 4/23/2009

Ok came in with lowback pain and I saw Dr. Alex only twice he fixed me up and I thought I was all fixed and I really didn't listen to Dr. Alex's advice coming in a couple more times. Why? Because I knew better! Between you and I why do I need 2 or 3 weeks of adjustments? My last chiropractor just let me go after one visit but than I noticed I had to keep on coming back after very 2 visits because the pain kept on coming back. That could be work or he just he never fixed me. Anyway thinking I knew best I pretty much said I just want to be adjusted to Dr. Alex. Dr. Alex smiles and pretty much lets me think I am going to be adjusted. He than talks to me for 10 minutes and explained things which of course I didn't listen to. Got my two adjustments and left. Two weeks later the pain comes back really bad and I go back bc this guy was convienent, quick and he fixed me the last time. Ok so I hate to say it but Dr. Alex was right and I was wrong. There I said it. In the nicest way Dr. Alex kind of says I told you so but more elaborate with medical descriptions. He re-explains everything to me from the second visit while 2 people are waiting for him and I knew he didn't have the time to do talk to me but I am glad he did bc I Finally listened. Dr. Alex knows what he talking about, I went on a treatment plan for a month and I have been pain free for 3 years and I never get bad pain anymore just some mild tightness He fixed the alignment and the posture and he just didn't do a patch job which I was doing. This is what I needed and I now come in once a month to every other month for maintenance care. This guy takes the time to explain my problem and how to fix it, you just have to do what he says and you will be fine. Don't be like me and listen and stick with the treatment plan or your going to wasting your money, time and only end up in pain in the long run Pros: Great Location, Knowledgeable Doctor, Strtching Cons: Lobby is under Construction but looks like it will be great! more

Best place in SOMA to get your spine adjusted 4/6/2009

First things first, I've learned from experience that if your in pain you need to get it resolved before it becomes chronic. Dr. Alex can always get me squeezed into the schedule if I need an adjustment. Fast in and out, but at the same time totally relaxing and friendly. Of course the care is top notch, as effective as is should be; adjustments applied by knowing hands. As offices go it's an oasis away from that rat-race feeling the city can get, that is indeed a welcome experience. I've recommended my friends go here and they are just as happy as I am with the level of commitment to quality care and personal touch Pros: Great location, good people, relaxed atmoshpere Cons: None that I could see more

Wow! Felt Better before I left! 4/3/2009

I have to admit I am very happy with 3C, Dr. Alex and Staff from start to finish. Called made an appointment right away, they looked up my insurance, my insurance was explained to me. Exam was thorough, did not feel rushed, everything was explained as I was a little apprehensive about the neck treatment. Dr. Alex was knowledgeable and personable. He is always asking what I am up to and I feel he really knows me as a person rather than a patient. My pain was better before I left, feel even more better that night and was gone with in a week or rather 2 to 3 visits. Stretching and Muscle Work by their assistant really helps during every session. I now come in once a month for maintenance care. I give Dr. Alex and his office 5 stars for style points, his dogs, great care and I have to admit he is a pretty snazzy dresser with some great ties!!! Pros: Location, Dr. Alex, Treatment, Stretches Cons: I can't come in more often!! more

Great Doctor Cares that you get Better, Not Money!!! 1/26/2009

I only saw Dr. Alex once but I had a really good experience. I thought he was very personable and competent. Why I am really writing this review though is I work late in San Jose and Dr. Alex did tell me he is open to 7 pm. In all honesty he was the latest office I found open. After I told him that I usually come home after that he recommended that I get a Chiropractor where I work, to make it more convenient for myself. This really said alot about Dr. Alex in that he cared more about me getting regular treatment rather than trying to get me to come to his Office earlier for more business. I would love to keep on seeing him and I recommend that you do. The First Visit was extensive with paper work, a sit down where Dr. Alex asked me about my problem. Instead of just someone just adjusting me he took the time to ask me questions of not only about myself but extensively about the problem. I never felt rushed during his sit down or initial examination. He than spoke to me for a couple of minutes and explained everything to me to make me feel comfortable especially about the neck adjustment. He made me feel very comfortable. I have to admit I felt better before I left the office that day and felt great the next day Pros: Profesional, location, nice office, easy scheduling, late hours Cons: I can't get to the office in Time more

one word: AMAZING 1/22/2009

i had been in a car accident earlier into the year i had seen a chiropractor but once i moved into the bay area i stopped going, i quickly started to feel the reprocutions but as soon as i started going to dr. alex i felt the difference, i had everything from trouble breathing to sleepless nights all coming from the problems with my back, within a few visits my symptoms became a lot better amd now i am more mobile and in less pain, if i hadnt gone to dr. alex i probably would need to be on pain medication just to get through my days more

Great chiro experience 1/19/2009

After reading some great reviews about California Chiropractic Center, I went to check it out myself. Really nice office, great doctors, scheduling was a breeze (really flexible hours) and they really put me at ease with all my insurance questions. I went in for neck pain and now I have none. Check them out. Pros: Doctors, location, hours more

Dr. Alex helped my neck and lowback pain in 2 Visits!!! 1/8/2009

I came in after a car accident and my neck and lowback pain were very debilitating. I couldn't walk, when I did I was bent over, no position was comfortable, sitting or laying down. The fact that I couldn't turn my neck was even more awful as I could not drive to work or pick up my kid. I thought because of my pain and how I was moving (or lack there of) I was not going to feel better for about 2 to 3 weeks. After two adjustments with Dr. Alex I was feeling a million times better, I was able to walk, move my neck and go back to work in less than a week. I thought the treatments were going to be painful but rather a huge relief than anything else especially for my neck. Dr. Alex spent additional time with me, answered my questions, was quite thorough with his intake and physical exam which made me more than comfortable. Dr. Alex was very informative with treatment plan and there staff was great with walking me through my benefits and insurance claim. The office was central to the SOMA neighborhood and very nicely decorated and I felt I was sitting in someone's living room with great magazines and music. \r Pros: Hardly wait, Great Treatment, Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist more

Great Chiropractor, Great personality, Great Service 11/25/2008

I have to admit I was quite skeptical about chiropractic but Dr. Alex put me at ease. He took his time and answered all my questions during the case history and physical. My last chiro spent maybe 5 to 10 minutes on that all together. One of my first questions which I am embarrased that I asked was ""Can you help chronic low back pain?"". Dr. Alex smiles with a laugh and states ""I really hope so or I would be out of business!"" He is not full of himself, down to earth, talks fast and always asks me how my week end was or what am I doing this week end. I highly resommend his services. Pros: Location, Doctor and Staff more

Great hours, Great Chiro (Dr. Alex who I have been seeing for 5 years) & Great Massage Therapist 11/20/2008

I have been seeing Gina Abrescey their massage therapist for two years and I think she is great. One of the best massages I have ever had. I have been seeing Dr. Alex for maintenance care for 5 years so I think that speaks for itself. This is a great office, great location ( I walk to the office) and great service as Iris is very professional and always fits me in even when I call the same day. The late hours to 7 pm Monday thru Friday are perfect for my work schedule as my last office was closed certain days and only do a half day on Fridays. I also see their acupuncturist which I think is pretty good. Its great to get all services in one location which saves me alot of time. Pros: Location, parking, getting all services at one place, Dr. Alex more

Great office, location, parking and esp care 11/19/2008

I thought gorgeous office when I first walked in. I?ve been under chiropractic care for since I was young and seen many different Doctors. Dr. Alex is definitely up there in my top 3. First visit seemed a bit long but when is it not? He utilized the time by getting to know my lifestyle and habits, which he now references it to the health and back issues I have. During the time, he also gave me a lot of information and insight of ways to prevent the pain and soreness I was having. Thereafter, the visits go by quick (which is great for you other busy people) and the adjustments always hold until my next visit. Oh & for you dog lovers, Cleo is a doll. She?s not always in but when she is, it makes my visit 10x more pleasant. I highly recommend Dr. Alex!!!!! Pros: quick, Cleo, parking, office more

Saved my life 11/11/2008

When I started seeing Dr. Alex at California Chiropractic Center, I had a lot of back pain and was slolwy getting over a fractured foot. I was on a lot of pain killers, but thanks to Dr. Alex Franceschi I'm out of pain and off the pills. Sometimes I just sit and think where is the pain? I've been in it for so long. Thanks Dr. Alex. He has adjusted my back, feet and even my hands. When I leave his office I feel like new. Pros: great parking more

Thank you, thank you, thank you 11/1/2008

Thank you Dr. Alex and the California Chiropractic Center staff!!!\r \r I was in town for business trip and I woke up Thursday morning with one of the worst low back pains I have ever experienced. My flight was at 7 pm that night back to LA and I was about to cancel my flight, as I didn't think I would be able to fly. \r \r I called California Chiropractic Center at 9:30 am and they were able to fit me in at 11 am that same day. They looked up my benefits before I reached the office, which made my life so much easier. The office was busy and they still didn't make me wait more than 10 minutes even though there were 5 other clients in the office. I thought I was going to have to wait an hour since I just called that day, they were busy and I was being fit in. \r \r I have to say after seeing Dr. Alex I felt much better before I even left. Dr. Alex was professional, knowledgeable, thorough and he did not rush me even though I was moving slow. He was always telling me to take my time and he spent 45 minutes or more with me I have seen a couple of chiropractors before and I have to say he has to be one of the best. I highly recommend Dr. Alex. The office was central with parking, well-decorated, clean and great staff. \r \r I can't say enough, I felt better later that night for my flight and almost back to normal the next day and that?s after one adjustment. I just wish I can go back tomorrow and I will next time I am back in San Francisco. Thank you Dr. Alex!!!\r \r Pros: Staff, not rushed, wait time was minimal, Dr. Alex, well decorated Cons: Not being able to go back more

Top notch treatment and convenient hours 9/29/2008

I'm a long distance runner (5 miles is my short run), so aches and pains are inevitable. Determined to change that, I started seeing Dr. Alex earlier this month to see what he could do for me - specifically, for my lower back and knees - and his deft touch has me feeling VERY significantly better after 5 adjustments. My running feels more balanced than it has in years. Thus I plan to keep seeing Dr. Alex for regular maintence.\r \r A couple other notes:\r 1. The office is open early evenings... which is HUGE.\r 2. If you're allergic to dogs take note: Dr. Alex's pooch Cleo is in some days. As a dog person I like this... but I've seen others who were less positive about it. more

EXCELLENT Chiropractor - Gentle, Caring, Listens 8/12/2008

I sought the professional advice and treatment of Dr. Wayne for neck and back pain about 1 year ago. I am an active and competitive tennis player and have had problems with my back on/off for long time. I've tried many types of treatment such as massage, physical therapy, massage, pain medications and many more. Then a friend of mine suggested that I try a Chiropractor. I asked numerous people I know and did some of my own research for someone in the SOMA area and Dr. Wayne's name came up several times. I was still skeptical at first but after receiving just a few sessions from him, I felt tremendous improvement. My pain has decreased greatly and occurs less frequently than before. I feel more flexible and I definitely notice improvement with my tennis game! I now get a check up and an spinal adjustment twice a month which seem to keep my back in good health and feeling almost pain free. Thank you Dr. Wayne!\r \r Dr. Wayne educated me about proper spinal care and the importance of chiropractic adjustments for a healthy back. He is very knowlegeable and patient when he evaluated and treated my problem. I highly recommend giving Dr. Wayne a try if you have any neck or back problems.\r Pros: Patient, Caring Attitude, Gentle, Easy Manners Cons: Parking more
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Uses the latest in Chiropractic techniques in conjunction with massage therapy and acupuncture when appropriate.

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  • Welcome to California Chiropractic Center, committed to restoring optimum spinal health and fitness. Our office provides the highest quality of health care to our community. Our staff of Doctors utilize the latest in chiropractic technique in conjunction with massage therapy and acupuncture to ensure optimum healing and recovery. In addition to the in-office therapies, our physicians also encourage and emphasize the importance of being proactive. This includes functional exercises, extensive stretching, postural changes, and ergonomic alterations in the work place. From our warm, spa-like atmosphere to our comprehensive treatments, you'll find the experience at our clinic not only therapeutic but comfortable as well. At California Chiropractic Center we believe in listening to each and every patient, addressing their needs and getting the results they desire.


  • Uses the latest in Chiropractic techniques in conjunction with massage therapy and acupuncture when appropriate.

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