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Cakes By Darcy Inc - Roswell, GA
Cakes By Darcy Inc - Roswell, GA
Cakes By Darcy Inc - Roswell, GA
Cakes By Darcy Inc - Roswell, GA
Cakes By Darcy Inc - Roswell, GA
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I usually don't have time to post reviews but I logged on my computer this morning after eating a slice of left over butterfly cake from my daughter's first birthday party..\r I ...


They have gorgeously decorated cakes, but beware the reality. The cake I bought didn't get made with any ""real"" ingredients I could taste, like butter or milk or eggs. The...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/31/2012

Complete and utter disgust! Horrible customer service and the owner could care less. Pests lurk here...BEWARE! more

Best cake in Atlanta. Really!!!!!!!! 11/1/2011

I usually don't have time to post reviews but I logged on my computer this morning after eating a slice of left over butterfly cake from my daughter's first birthday party..\r I have been in Georgia for over 3years and I have had lots of cakes, I can trully say THIS IS THE BEST CAKE THAT I HAVE HAD IN ATLANTA!\r Even the guest at the party were asking where We got the cake and I am still receiving text messages from guests asking where We got the cake..\r I am a very picky person and I can honestly say that every single cake that I have ever gotten from Darcy has been SUPER GOOD! \r Cakes are suppose to be super delicious and the two cakes that I bought for two of my kids this October exceeded my expectations..\r And I find some of the negative reviews to be suspicious simply because I don't thing the company can go from being so bad to being super great in just weeks..\r Cakes by darcy will always be my choice for my cakes.. more

Not understanding the good reviews 6/3/2011

I'm sorry, I really really am. Heres what I know. I know that most people's experience with cake outside of a bakery usually involves a cake mix from the store with canned icing. Its what I grew up on. Therefore, I know exactly what it tastes like. I can also tell you that about 3 years ago I began making homemade icing. Butter, vanilla, almond, cream, sugar. Once you have that, canned icing no longer tastes quite so good. We stopped in at Darcy's after walking through Trader Joe's. My daughter had seen the shop and wanted to go in to see the pretty cakes. Of course no one could miss the front counter filled with tasty looking treats. Cupcakes, Petit fours, yum. :) We each bought cupcakes, one for each of us. I was not only disappointed but disturbed. I had heard about Darcy's several times, and had even read an article that named the shop ""best in the biz"" The only thing I can conclude is they meant in decorating. The cupcakes were more than obviously boxed cake mix, not so awful, I know alot of bakeries that do this. But the icing? was unmistakably CANNED ICING. You could not deny the taste, even my 10 year old knew it..immediately. If its any proof at all? All of us, except for my 3 year old, threw the cupcakes out. The cupcakes were to be our weekly treat (diet time) and we simply did not think it would be worth the calories when I could make the same at home. I'm sorry, her cakes are beautiful, but canned icing is not acceptable to me for 2.00+ each cupcakes. more

RUDE - Don't Expect Southern Hospitality Here 2/2/2011

This was my first time as a customer, probably my last. There was some type of miscommunication in the ordering of the cake. I placed an order in the store for a baby shower one week in advance. I was quite surprised when I went to pick up the cake and was told the cake was never ""officially"" ordered and that it was not made. Darcy did offer to decorate a ready made cake while I waited, but the interaction was not pleasant. I had no option but to wait as I was en route to the shower. She made no apology and acted bothered. Was the cake good? Yes. Did it taste so much better than a Publix cake that is served with a smile? NO. Part of business is the customer. Give your hard earned money to someone who deserves it. \r \r more

Terrible Customer Service & Fraud!!! 11/5/2010

I have always used Cakes by Darcy for birthday cakes and have paid a pretty penny for them too. I called them to inquire about a cupcake order on a Wed and needed them for Sat. They were going to charge me over $100 for 3 dz cupcakes. They told me that they needed my credit card info to secure the date and that I had to pay a non-refundable deposit. I was not sure if I wanted to pay that much money so I gave her my cc# and told her ""if I want to secure this order I will call you back."" I did not make an ""official order"" and only talked vaguely about a design. In the end I did not want to pay that much money and did not call back to place my order. Today, 2 days later, they called me wondering what my deal was. I told her that I chose not to go with them and the girl on the phone was furious! She was so rude and told me that they were already made. What?! How could you fulfill a cupcake order without an actual order or design details/colors? She said they just were not decorated yet. Well, that's a dumb way to run a business if you ask me. That's their fault for ASSUMING that I wanted those cupcakes. Remember, I never actually placed an order. I was only inquiring and out of convenience gave her my cc# in case I did choose to go with them. They charged me for those cupcakes and I am having to dispute this with American Express. They charged me for product that I did not receive or want. If you are reading this please think twice before using them. You will be disappointed. There are much better bakers in this area than Cakes by Darcy. I chose Rhodes Bakery and there is also another place recommended to me, The Cake Shoppe. Good luck. NO MORE CAKES BY DARCY! more

Satisfaction depends on what is important to you 2/28/2010

The folks here are lovely to work with as they took so much time to make sure they understood precisely what design we wanted for our 3 tier cake. The craftsmanship was perfect and the cake looked impressive. The effect was exactly what we wanted. Unfortunately the quality did end there. The three different cake tiers (flavors we chose of chocolate, french vanilla and lemon) were extremely dry and tasted blah. Even the buttercream frosting was quite dull. Teens actually turned down all the leftovers! The wow factor is definitely there at a decent price but it ends where the fork begins. Remember that their chocolate cake has a hint of salt on purpose to cut the sweetness. I usually like that, but not here. Perhaps our cakes just fell through the cracks taste-wise this time. I plan on giving them another try because they were so professional and easy to work with though. Pros: Beautifully decorated to our specifications, Fantastic staff Cons: Taste more

What I do know 12/20/2009

My family and I love Cakes by Darcy and shop there all the time. I just saw the review by ""What You Don't Know"" and had to respond. I happened to be in the shop to pick up an order when she was there to get her cake. She was so off her rocker I was afraid to leave the store and leave those two ladies alone with her. Her cake was lovely. I would have been proud to have it at my wedding. If the cake would ""just about ruin"" her wedding day, she needs to examine the really important part of the day.... the wedding vows. I hope all you brides out there don't let one true bridezilla keep you from at least going into Cakes by Darcy for a tasting and see her beautiful cakes. I have never been disappointed with her cakes and she's made my children's birthday cakes since they were born. One is in middle school now. Pros: Lemon bars to die for! more

Beautiful to behold but tasteless treats 11/17/2009

They have gorgeously decorated cakes, but beware the reality. The cake I bought didn't get made with any ""real"" ingredients I could taste, like butter or milk or eggs. The frosting was white vegetable shortening with some sugar added, the cake was dry, tasteless and not worth the $40 I spent on it. However, if you want something to ooh and aah over, this is your place to go. Plus, If you work, as I do, it's very hard to get there when the shop is actually open for business. If you want a real cake, go to Whole Foods instead. There's butter in the frosting, eggs and milk in the cake and is a true delight to serve to your guests. more

I think it was the best cake I ever had, and I have had a lot of cake in 54 years. 1/5/2009

Ordered two dessert cake from them for the holidays. I think it was the best cake I have ever had. One was French Vanilla with almond icing adn the other was Chocolate with strawberries on top. Both were excellent but I preferred the white cake better. I generally don't eat much of cake icings. I know it is bad for me and usually I don't care for the taste but this time I couldn't get enough of it. Very addictive. As I waited for them to box my cakes I watched as perfectly decorated cakes came out of the back one by one for other customers. I will definately use them the next time I need a decorated cake!!!!! AAAAA++++++ rating from me. Pros: great service. wonderful cake. great decoration Cons: Small customer service area too small when busy. more

Overpriced and Pretty; Not Tasty 1/4/2009

I ordered a cake from this bakery for my graduation celebration in December 2008. I chose this bakery because I was impressed with the samples I saw on the website, and I thought ""surely they would be able to make something that was both aesthetically appealing as well as tasty"". I selected the ""uga"" mascot cake, and when I received it, I was surprised to see that it looked EXACTLY like the picture. It was beautiful!!! While I was at the bakery to pick up the cake, I tasted some samples, and I was not impressed, but strangely, I thought my cake would be different. The cake was terrible. The buttercream was incredibly sweet and grainy and the yellow cake was spongy and dry. The strawberry filling was a very thin layer of bland preserves that helped to magnify the dryness of the cake. I should have asked for a sample before ordering, but I guess that was a lesson learned. On top of all of that, the cake was $90 for a half sheet of the worst tasting confection. I would have been able to justify the price if the cake tasted good. I will not be ordering from this establishment again!\r The customer service was fantastic!\r \r REVISION:\r I think it would be robbery not to mention that I received a voicemail message from Darcy yesterday. She read my review and was very willing to correct my experience with her bakery. I think that speaks volumes for the level of customer service that you can expect to receive from this establishment. Many times, when we have less than positive experiences with a business, we charge it to experience and spread a bad word. I stick to what I said in my original review; however, after listening to the message, I am more than willing to give this bakery another try. Thank you, Darcy, for caring enough about your customers to reach out and try to make things right!\r I will definitely try again! Pros: The best customer service I have ever received! Cons: Parking more

Great cake!! 7/28/2008

Gave them broad idea of what I was looking for and told them to be creative. They exceeded my expectation, a work of art! Tasted fantastic too. I've tried other bakeries and Cakes by Darcy is second to none. Bob Pros: decoration incredible Cons: pricey but worth it! more

Not Vey impressed 6/14/2008

I was very disappointed with the cake. I have heard nothing but good things about their desserts. I expected it to taste different than a normal grocery store cake but it did not. For the cost, I could have bought one at Publix and had thirty dollars left over. \r \r I also sent a picture expecting to receive what I sent, but it looked as if they only used it as a marker. They freelanced and made what they wanted. Pros: People were very nice Cons: overpriced, average taste more

Cakes by Darcy, they don't like their customers!! 6/10/2008

First of all, let me give credit where credit is due, their cakes are delicious. However, their customer service is terrible. I have only encountered rude people that work here. They are so very unpleasant and seem so arrogant that I dread going in there. But their cakes are so great and get such rave reviews when served that I get up my nerve and go in, always to regret it. Now I have said no more!! I am going to stick with the very sweet and friendly folks at Henri's. They have been around forever, their cakes are really good too, and they are so sweet and kind there. I love it at Henri's. You feel like they appreciate your business, and at the end of the day, I don't care if your cake is the best in the world, if you are snobby, arrogant, and unappreciative of your customers, the fate of your business will eventually suffer!! NO MORE CAKES BY DARCY!! Pros: good cake Cons: no cake is worth their very rude customer ""no"" service more

I LOVE DARCYS 12/20/2007

I dont know what the user's problem is but Darcy has did me right EVERY time Ive been in her store. Its always absolutely PRECIOUS and the treats are FRESH and CUTE! I think I have gained about a gazillion pounds from visiting every other week. YUMMY! \r \r You must make a commitment when you preorder but what kind of reputable place wouldnt need advance notice and an assurance of your commitment before they do business with you??!!! This place is always hopping and its easy to see why.\r \r The window is chocked full of fun and entertaining cakes. It smells divine in the store. \r \r Do you remember the bakerys from when you were small? I do. We visited one once in my preschool. I have yet to find one that I could walk inside and treat myself to a freshly decorated cupcake! ENTER DARCY! I turn 5 every time I open the door. Its nothing short of sugary heaven. TAKE ME HOME!!!!!\r \r I LOVE YOU DARCY AND I LOVE YOUR STORE!!!!! Pros: Superior atmosphere. Presentation is above par!!!! Cons: You will gain weight. more

Exceeded all expectations! 10/20/2007

We had a 3-D Haunted House cake this weekend that was absolutely amazing! It was the coolest cake I have ever had, and the flavors were incredible! I will definitely order from them again. more

Great experience with our wedding cake 10/6/07. Highly recommended. 10/19/2007

Cakes by Darcy did a fantastic job on our wedding cake. It was decorated just like I wanted it!! The french vanilla cake was incredible too. I had proably 30 of our guests comment that it was the best wedding cake they had ever had. Darcy herself helped us create the keyboard custom design we had in mind for the grooms cake. Highly recommend!! more

Poor Quality/Service. DO NOT GO WITH THEM!!!!! 8/14/2007

What poor service, they just about ruined my wedding day. The cake was nothing I had asked for it was hideous, looked like a child made it. Pam the lady that took my order wrote my request wrong, and latter refused to take the responsibility. I told them I was not satisfied with my cake as it was not what I had requested they told me to take it or live it, I asked for them to remake/fix it, and they refused, I had to fight them on getting a refund and all I got was 75% of $300 back. Not to leave out When I complained about my cake to Darcy, she told me to get out of her store, or she was going to call the cops. I would strongly advice to look for another cake baker before you think of using Cakes by Darcy, there is no satisfaction guarantee, and your request is not guaranteed. They showed no care as to how they just about ruined one of my most important days of my life. Cons: If you are not happy they don?t care, and good luck getting your money back, you might get cops called on you if you complain to the owner more

Beautiful cakes 8/3/2007

Her cakes are like little works of art. The had a cake that looked like Chanel and Luis Vitton bag! I have only eaten her cake once, and it was very yummy. Even if it wasn't, I would still use her by the way her cakes look. Pros: Beautiful!! more

Best bakery in town! 4/24/2007

We have ordered several cakes here recently, and every one has been fantastic! Both beautiful and delicious! They do the most amazing shaped and tiered cakes! A friend of mine is using Darcy for her wedding cake, and I know we'll be back for a graduation cake! Oh, and try their brownies!!! Pros: great cake, and beautiful too more

Beautiful 4/23/2007

I bought my daughter's baptism cake here. She made it look exactly like the invitation! It was so beautiful and delicious! I was very happy! Plus Darcy was so nice and easy to work with! more
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