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Cain Chiropractic, P.C.

1720 S Bellaire St # 1210
Denver, CO 80222
(303) 399-2447
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Cain Chiropractic, P.C. - Denver, CO
Cain Chiropractic, P.C. - Denver, CO
Cain Chiropractic, P.C. - Denver, CO
Cain Chiropractic, P.C. - Denver, CO
Cain Chiropractic, P.C. - Denver, CO


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I went to Dr. Cain for increased pain in my right leg and back. I had seen another chiropractic and experienced no lasting relief. Dr. Cain has been enormously helpful to me. She ...


she didn't listen to me. I had areas I didn't want to be adjusted due to trauma but she did. it really left me uneasy.

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/18/2012

All I can say is, I am so happy I have found Dr. Cain. After 25 years of Chiropractic care where it seemed like I was part of an assembly line, trying to get me in and out as soon as possible, I have finally found a chiropractor that is totally unique. Not only does she care about making me feel better, but she takes the time to find out how I got hurt in the first place, reducing the needed additional visits by prevention. Since I travel in from quite a distance this is a great thing. more

I went to Dr. Cain for increased pain 3/18/2012

I went to Dr. Cain for increased pain in my right leg and back. I had seen another chiropractic and experienced no lasting relief. Dr. Cain has been enormously helpful to me. She diagnosed my problem correctly and recommended that I seek help with prolotherapy. Between that and Dr. Cain I have been relieved of 90% of pain. I not only appreciate her enormous help,, I appreciate her recommendation for additional help. Some doctors will not do this because they want to keep the business for themselves. Dr. Cain is not such a doctor, and I am forever grateful. Susan Rutherford more

Response to ""Cookie202:"" Every patient 3/8/2012

Response to ""Cookie202:"" Every patient has a reason / symptom(s) for seeking a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). It may be pain, numbness, tightness, or discomfort of any kind, very commonly from a trauma such as a car accident. Every patient has a reason for seeking a new DC--either they weren't a good fit, or weren't addressing/ finding the problem, etc. If someone hasn't been adjusted in a long time (or perhaps the area has never been adjusted & has needed it all that time) it can be a bit painful when finally adjusted, & there can be muscle soreness after. In summary, soreness can be expected/ normal when a long-standing ""locked up"" area of the spine is adjusted & therefore suddenly moving again. I work neurologically, doing a lot of neurological myotome testing (testing & treating the motor portion of the nerves) & testing of muscles to see if they are ""firing"" correctly, or have been ""shut down"" by an injury. ""I will know more on the 2nd visit"" means I will retest all the positive findings from the 1st visit to see if the response will be fast (everything stayed working), average, or slow (I have to re-treat most every positive finding again). In my office, I do a lot of physical therapy (PT) modalities (ultrasound, flexion-distraction, electric muscle stimulation, intersegmental traction, hot/cold therapy, myofascial release, inversion). My office visits are very PT-intensive, because I like people to hold their adjustments as fast as possible, & to feel better faster. Further, the 1st visit is 1 hour with the doctor (rare in Chiropractic) & at least 30 minutes of PT (also rare in Chiropractic). Subsequent visits are 30 minutes with the doctor (again, rare in Chiropractic), and at least 30 minutes of PT modalities. If you have ever been to a PT center, they do less & charge a lot more for these same PT modalities. I report all Chiropractic & PT treatment that was done on every patient, & the insurance companies CHOOSE what they pay for/ apply to the patient's deductible. If the deductible is not met, patients are charged the ""at the time of service discount fee""--the charge that a patient without insurance coverage would pay--so as not to financially penalize the patient who has not met their insurance deductible. Whatever the insurance company does not pay for, my office writes that amount off--therefore, a LOT is written off. If an insurance company will only pay for certain PT modalities, all patients will still receive all the PT modalities, regardless--because it's about getting the patient better as fast as possible. I am sorry I did not see your post a lot sooner to be able to respond to it. If you were in spasms, we would have gotten you back into the office immediately to stop them & re-treat the issues / complaints you came in for. I am sorry it did not work out for you in this office, & wish you the best with your new doctor. more

Wow! How much for hurting me? 9/20/2011

I went to see Dr. Cain this winter at the recommendation of a friend. I have had to visit a chiropractor on and off throughout my life due to a car accident, so I'm familiar with how it works. There are some good ones and some bad ones--to send me away when I am hurting and something still needed adjusting, that's just plain wrong. By the way, I walked out of there in pain, but didn't walk in in pain!!!! more

Best for sports injuries! 5/16/2009

I've had more sports injuries than I can possibly count. Been to lots of different chiropractors too, & they helped keep me on the field for the most part that is. I thought I'd have lingering aches and pains all the time for the rest of my life--until going to this doctor. She looks for and treats injuries from head to foot & finds every pain you have. Because the other doc.s did not treat my nerve injuries, I was never as good as I could be. Dr. Cain has gotten rid of my constant shoulder pains, arm weakness, low back pain, rib pain, neck aches,headaches, leg nerve weakness, hip pain, knee pain, elbow pain, straightened my tailbone after knocking it out snowboarding, helped my wrists, and even got rid of my heartburn & indigestion. You can hardly believe it--this woman can treat everything. She also has more tools and fancy tables to adjust you with than I've ever seen, and all the physical therapy devices I used to get in PT sessions. It's like a one stop shop, when you include the massage. The MDs made me quit my most dangerous sports when i was 32, now 15 years later I feel better than ever and am tempted to play them all again--except I don't want to undo all of Dr. Cain's good work-she probably would not appreciate that! I still do all kinds of sports that I thought I might have to give up before, and I feel good doing them. I recommend this chiropractor over all others to everyone, ESPECIALLY if you are a sports fanatic. The laser nerve treatments make all the difference to healing injuries and getting rid of pain. So high tech you can hardly believe it. Whether you have insurance or not, this chiro is worth every penny. I've taken my whole family to be treated by her, and we feel she's worth her weight in gold to us. She treats my daughter's dance injuries, my son's skateboarding and snowboarding injuries, gotten rid of my wife's migraines and sciatica, and keeps me able to do physical labor & my sports. If you want the best female chiropractor-better even than all the guys I went to- around all of the Denver area, this one is it. Pros: Been to lots-best I've found! Cons: what's not to like? more

Finally! 5/6/2009

I was referred to Dr. Cain one day when I was in so much pain I could barely move. The low back pain and spasms have been haunting me for the last twenty years. I have tried many different treatments which usually only made it worse. Dr. Cain discovered the problem within the first fifteen minutes and brought me immediate relief. She is hands down the best chiropractor I have ever been to. Thanks Dr. Cain, Laura, and Sarah! more

Karen is the Best! 5/5/2009

I had mild whip lash from a car accident last winter.............. and was referred to Dr. Karen Cain last winter, she was very patient and helpful I would recomend her to anyone who has been through any trama or car acccident. Pros: Very professional!! more

Excellence in motion 4/16/2009

The techniques that Karen uses are state of the art and works on your body on several levels. She is very gentle as well as persistent in finding out what is actually happening in your body and what she can do to adjust it. Pros: Very good honest care Cons: Kinda far from my house more

Talented, Caring and Competent! 4/11/2009

Dr. Cain knows the how to work with the spine in a way that is gentle yet effective. She is also the chiropractor I recommend to anyone who has not seen a chiropractor before, as she listens to what you need, and has never pushed the ""you must be here 3 times per week for the next 6 months in order to be better"" line, that I have experienced from many chiropractors in the past. She will adjust what needs to be adjusted, and if that fixes the issue, which it almost always does for me, that is that. I highly recommend this talented doctor. Pros: She listens to what you need more

Migraine Miracle worker! 4/9/2009

I had been put on every migraine prescription on the market & none of them helped. Finally a friend referred me to Dr. Cain because she ""practices differently"" than other chiropractic doctors. After the initial adjustments close together to get my headaches under control, now as long as I get my neck adjusted once a month by Dr. Cain, I am migraine free--which means I have my life back. Pros: Centrally located Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Fantastic Care! 4/9/2009

Dr. Cain is definitely dedicated to giving the best, most comprehensive care she can. In a regular visit, she spends 30 minutes with you. (Most other DC's I've been to spend anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes with you!) She does not just work on your skeleton, she works on your muscles & checks your nerve function as well. The office does a lot of therapies so you can get better as fast as possible. Massage is available as well--& is so very worth it! Great staff & 5-star care! Pros: Dr. Cain is Dedicated more


My entire family & I drive from Colorado springs to Denver just to see Dr. Karen Cain. She is the best doctor we've ever found, & worth every mile of the drive to see her. The neurologic testing she does makes all the difference in how quickly you feel better. She has a very kind, caring & helpful staff. Pros: Best Chiropractor Cons: Can't get her to re-locate to CO Springs : ) more

Best Chiropractor in Denver 4/6/2009

Dr. Cain is a terrific chiropractor. She is very caring and easy to deal with, as is her entire staff. She is also very effective. I have recommended her to a number of friends, always with great results. Highly recommended! Pros: Very effective, great to deal with, great staff. Cons: None. more

Highest Quality Chiropractor 4/4/2009

I've lived in many states & been to many different chiropractors, & I've never been to a better one than Dr Karen Cain. 5 star care for sure, & a great staff--I always recommend them. I love to have what we joke as a ""Spa Day"" there--an hour of chiro care with therapies & an hour massage! Pros: Top Notch Care more

Highest recommendation 4/4/2009

Dr Cain treats a lot of us in our dance community & we cannot recommend her enough. She's high tech & really thorough. Different & better than most chiropractors. Pros: Very Thorough more

Best Chiro I've ever found! 4/4/2009

I've been to Chiro's all my life & she is the best I've ever been to. Dr. C really listened to me, & treated me the most comprehensively of all. I've never had a Chiro test my nerves to see if they were working, & then she actually restored my nerve function with a ""cold laser"" (which is painless) & got my strength back! Pros: Very comprehensive treatment Cons: Allow at least an hour--not an assembly line more

If you need a chiropractor, she's the one! 4/3/2009

I love my appts with Dr. Cain. She's professional and actually listens to me where so many other doctors don't. I get ultrasound heat treatment, 15 minutes on roller tables for an awesome massage/heat/stretch yumminess, and 30 minutes with Dr. Cain. It was totally out of my experience to have so much pampering with a chiropractic appointment. Yeah, it's a good chunk of time, so she's not for those who are looking for a fast adjustment and a ""ok, you're done!"" But with her nutrition and sports medicine experience, she's wonderful. If you're looking for a good chiropractor in the DU/South Denver area, Dr. Cain is you woman. Pros: Amazingly attentive, lots of pampering and treatment Cons: Not a ""quick fix, 5 minute appt"" chiro more

great care 2/7/2007

very happy with care and chiroprator, would recommend to anyone. office was very professional and she had great referrals. more

cannot recommend 9/24/2006

she didn't listen to me. I had areas I didn't want to be adjusted due to trauma but she did. it really left me uneasy. more
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