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Byers Chiropractic and Massage - 21 Reviews - 9003 Southeast Kent Kangley Road, Kent, WA - Doctors Reviews - Phone (253) 852-1250
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Byers Chiropractic and Massage

9003 Southeast Kent Kangley Road
Kent, WA 98031
(253) 852-1250
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Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA
Byers Chiropractic and Massage - Kent, WA


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I have had great relief and a great night's sleep after being adjusted. I am more aware of my posture and now know how to correct it. I couldn't wait to come back for another adju...


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I have had great relief! 7/22/2011

I have had great relief and a great night's sleep after being adjusted. I am more aware of my posture and now know how to correct it. I couldn't wait to come back for another adjustment! Chiropractic helps align your spine so it can function more properly. more

Adjustments Feel Great! 6/15/2011

My first adjustment was very good. It had been 3 months since my last adjustment so my initial adjustment relieved a lot of stress from my neck and shoulders. My head hasn't been hurting as much as I have much less headaches. more

My son is feeling much better after seeing Dr. Byers 5/21/2010

My sons health has improved alot since going to Byers Chiropractic. He use to wet his bed everynight and woke up very upset. Now, after seeing the doctor, he only does is maybe once every two weeks. My son is very happy and i thank Dr.Byers for making my son feel better. more

I noticed results just after the first couple visits 5/21/2010

I found out about Byers Chiropractic and Massage at a local fair here in kent. I had sore neck and middle back pain that always made me feel tired and irritable. I noticed results just after the first couple visits! Other than getting help with my neck and back pain, I generally felt better all around, had a lot more energy and felt less irratable. I would definitely recommend Byers Chiropractic to anyone who has problems with their neck and back. Pros: Fast results more

A lot of encouragement... 5/21/2010

I came to Dr.Byers with pain in my left leg. I was troublesome during the day and after, only relieved by walking. Sitting for long periods of time was most uncomfortable.I believe in alternative health care, not drug medication, and chiropractic has been totally effective. Since coming to Dr.Byers I have no further pain. My sleeping has improved greatly, I have no numbing in my toes and i feel more energy throughout my day. To be treated with out drugs is so rewarding for total body fitness. Thank you Dr.Byers for your encouragement. more

I would reconnend this place to everyone! 5/21/2010

I drove by Byers Chiropractic and Massage in kent one day and noticed how clean the outside of the building was, and decided to check it out. I was in a car accident some time before and because of it, had very bad neck and back pain. I couldn't sleep because of it. I was very moody and irratable, had headaches, loss of memory, couldn't spend time with my son and didn't want to do anything which caused a strain in my relationship and at work. After the very first adjustment, I noticed much improvement! I left the office in a very good mood and did all the things I would normally do with ease and didn't feel drained after. Overall, I have felt better physically and emotionally. Thank You, Dr. Byers more

I completely quit taking my medicine 5/21/2010

When I decided to see Dr.Byers, my lower back hurt and i was taking over the couter pain medicine for the head aches that i would get almost daily. Just after a few visits I completely quit taking the medicine, and overall, I felt much better. I felt I had more energy and much more aware of my posture. So I want to say a big "Thank You" to Dr.Byers for all his time and help he has provided me Cons: none more

God answered my prayer 5/21/2010

First of all, I want to give god the glory because he answered my prayer to find relief from the excruciating back pain I suffered due to being so "subjucated." I believe that is the designated work for someone who is out of balance. I prayed and I trust this intervention was the answer. When i began coming to the clinic, I had an x-ray to determie the condition of my spine; it was slightlyy curved, as i already knew. I also discovered on the x-ray that my lower spine area was compressed which was the reason for the pain. I've visited chiropractors in the past so this ecperience is not new. The difference, though, is Dr. Byers is very observant and noticed, due to the x-rays, that i was wearing a heel lift in the right shoe instead of the left shoe!! It was suggested by another doctor to wear a lift to balance my walking. The problem is it was in the wrong shoe since 2001! Soon, i began coming to the Byers clinic receiving adjustments and weekly treatments. After two weeks, all the lower back pain disappeared. I've stopped dropping things from my hands because the nerves are no longer being compressed in that area; my hand grip is much stronger. I am now able to sit and sleep without back pain and pain pills. 'Ive been educated on various exercises plus body and head posture advice. My experience at the Byers clinic has been very beneficial and I hope you will consider the care. Why?? ...Because it works and you deserve it!!!! more

To my family, freinds and co-workers... 5/21/2010

I found out about Chiropractic during "health talk" at work. I had sore neck and shoulders, headaches, trouble sleeping and had no energy, so i decided to stop by Byers Chiropractic and see if they could help. I was on the phone a lot at work, which caused the pain in my neck and I didnt have the energy to do a good days work. It only took two weeks until I noticed improvement. I also noticed that I didn't have as much problems with my digestion, my energy was back up and I slept all through the night, unlike before. I generally felt better. I would, and do, recommend this place to my family, friends and co-workers. more

Now sleeping the best I ever slept! 5/21/2010

I found out about Byers Chiropractic when I went to Kent Corn of Copia. I had muscle, joint, neck and lower back pain. These problems caused me chronic pain, limits in my energy and prevented me from doing everday tasks. I ended up giving Chiropractic a try and it wasn't until a week later that I notcied improvement! I had more energy because of it and I slept the best I have ever slept. I also had more movement in my neck. Thank you Dr. Byers. I would definitely reccommend this place!? Cons: None!! more

As a registered nurse... 5/21/2010

As a registered nurse specializing in Orthopedics, my health philosophies have been centered in the belief that surgery or pills were the only way to control spinal pain and promlems. I have been troubled with back, neck and headache pain for years. I had been told the only way to treat the neck pain and thus the heasache was to have a spinal fusion. I was taking prescription pain and anti-inflammatory medications, trying to cope with the daily pain. After a series of spinal adjustments by Dr. Paul Byers, I no longer need the prescription pain medications and my daily headaches have gone away. I have had an increase in my overall wellbeing, my posture has improved, my pain level is at 1-3 rather than 7-10 ( 10 being the worst possible pain,) all without drugs or surgery! Dr. Paul Byers has helped me to realize that spinal adjustment can play a very significant part in improving overall health, while relieving acute and chronic pain. more

Definitly reccomend Dr. Byers 5/21/2010

I have been seeing Dr.Byers for chiropractic services for several years now, after seeing the doctor in his location prior to to that. So basically, I have been getting maintenance adjustments regularly throughout my adult life, with the occasional extra visits following minor mishaps such as being rear-ended. Now, I can't really imagine not getting adjustments regularly, it is such a foundation for my physical health. By getting monthly adjustment (at my request,) I am able to head off problems and keep small issues from becoming bigger ones. I rarely have any neck or back pain because I take care of things early. Dr. Byers has always been able to help me. During the adjustments, I feel pressure but never pain. I hardly ever have to wait when I arrive for my appointment so I can be in and out promptly on my lunch hour. He is friendly and helpful. For example, He suggested I use a neck-support pillow which has definitely helped me sleep withough betting "neck crooks" or waking up with a stiff neck. Last year when I was rear-ended, Dr.Byers took and x-ray of my neck and back. We compared it to my initial x-ray from 18 years before when I started services at that office, and i was pleased to see how little different there was! I would definitely recomment chiropractic, and Dr.Byers especially. I've gotten my husband to go back to his chiropractor for his back problems, as he always feels much better when he keeps up with his chiropractic care. I even take my elderly dog to a vet that persorms chiropractic on pets, and she (my dog) has a visibly improved right from the first treatment. more

learned/learning a lot!!! 5/21/2010

I am in a program with DR.Byers where i recieve management, maintenance and prevention. And then I had an accident last April when i recieved a rear-end cllision. Dr, Byers has just begun using the Decompression treatment so this was one of the areas he took for the problem in my lower back. It was great to be able to see the progress by the scanner. THis accident really set me back a long way in nerve damage but with the extra care I reieved at Byer Chiropractic clinic, I am better now than when I started befor the accident. I am surely reccommending Chiropractic treatment to any one who will listen. Being a first hand testimony is the best way to be sure. Why should we suffer when it is not necessary? And why should we take medicine when not needed?? I sure don't!!! I have found that through time, I am feeling younger, not older as I am able to move with more freedom and it causes a wellness attitude for the mind. I am also reccommending good nutrition with wisdom. There are so many good foods out there but we have to determine to find, and use them for the sake of our better all around health. The combination of Chiropractic, good nutrition and a good mind set make the great bed fellows. Why don't we all spread the news!! I really appriciate the news letters from Dr.Byers with all the information and good advice concerning our bodies, inside and out. more

more than I thought possible 5/21/2010

Before I started seeing Dr.Byers I had been in pain from my lower back for about two years. It has been one month since my first visit, and my health has improved much more than I thought possible. I sleep better, I am more alert, have more energy, take less medication and have very little pain in my back. Thank you, Dr.Byers for making my quality of life better.? Pros: making life better more

I noticed improvement just after the first day 5/21/2010

I found out about Byers Chiropractor through my girlfriend. I had neck and back pain which made it so I couldn't sleep, it was hard to get out of bed, and I could not function through the day. So my girlfriend recommended that I go see Dr.Byers. I noticed improvement just after the first day!! Shortly after, my health got better, as well as my attitude. Would I recommend this place to others? Oh yeah!? Pros: Satisfaction Cons: none more

Brought me back to life! 5/21/2010

When I came to see Dr.Byers, I was getting real bad migraines!! They were so bad, I couldn't sleep at night. Plus, my attitude was so bad I couldn't stand myself. Let alone try and have friends hang around me. Now I feel I can be myself again and not have attitude plus, friends and family are nice to have around. Dr.Byers has saved me from all that pain I was in, my migraines are gone and I feel so much better about myself. I can smile with out trying to fake it! I recommend Dr.Byers to who ever is in pain or feels hurt in any way at all. Dr.Byers is a good chiropractor. He brought me back to life! Thank you.? Pros: You will feel so much better more

Change in my health 5/21/2010

I have been receiving chiropractic care for quite some time now. I started going because I had bad headaches, backaches, and I was always tired. It made it very hard to work. I didn't start noticing improvement until a month later and it took a year for full improvement. I definitely noticed changed in my health. I have recommended chiropractic care before and I will continue to. If you come in, you will set better health and energy.? Cons: None! more

.. It Felt Fantastic 5/21/2010

It seems logical to me that strengthening and straightening the spine would relieve pressure on the spinal cord, which is quite litorally, connected to every body part. One could say that the spine protects the very core of one's body. Keeping it healthy seems to be a key factor in overall health and well-being. My first adjustment with Dr. Byers was certainly unusual, being my first adjustment ever, but it felt fantastic!!! I was intense for weeks and it only took several visits to Br. Byers clinic before my pain diminished. I feel so much better now! I am now sleepings beter and my mood has improved. I have delveloped some new habits to improve my spine health!? Pros: it works! Cons: None more

Feels like home 10/27/2008

I really have enjoyed my time with Byers Chiropractic & Massage. They have a nice office and it is comforting but professional. There are a few good SURPRISES when you come and make a free consultation with the Dr. It is worth finding a natural doctor that looks for YOUR best interest. Pros: Good Location, Nice Setting, Comforting Atmosphere Cons: It takes a person who wants natural health and results more

Awesome Experience! 12/19/2007

The way a Dr is suppose to be is a teacher and friend. Today it seems you have shuffled through a medical office like you are cattle. I know this was not for me, so I decided to search around for "alternative" care. I found Byers Family Chiropractic Center through a church member who had been going to them for years and told me to give them a call. I did and I haven't stopped going since April of 1999. I don't keep going because I am sick or ill, I do it for WELLNESS. I understand that you have to give your body a certain amount of maintenenace in order to keep it well, just like a car tune up or oil change. I feel so good and vibrant, that I know Chiropractic is the answer. And I don't take any "medications" and I don't visit the MD anymore, unless for a yearly physical. But the point to be made is that Chiropractic care is worth the time to investigate and even if you don't stay with wellness care, why not get feeling better and get more educated...this is YOU we are talking about, are you worth the time and money? Pros: UpFront, Honest, Up to Date Technology, Education Based Center Cons: Peak Hours Can Have Limited Parking more
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