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Management Group INC - 18 Reviews - 7710 Ne Vancouver Mall Dr Ste A, Vancouver, WA - Property Management Reviews - Phone (360) 892-4000
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Management Group INC

7710 Ne Vancouver Mall Dr Ste A
Vancouver, WA 98662
(360) 892-4000
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Management Group INC - Vancouver, WA
Management Group INC - Vancouver, WA
Management Group INC - Vancouver, WA
Management Group INC - Vancouver, WA


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As a property manager, I appreciate TMG always staying on top of the latest real estate law changes, and notifying owners of how the best way to stay in compliance with them are. ...


My house has this company as management company, and the staffs are not quite friendly to requests for documents and verification when I need to refinance my home.

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/17/2013

What a terrible experience. I was a tenant for 2 years. We just moved a little over a month ago. Our lease ends at the end of October so we paid for the full month upon leaving to honor our lease terms. They are now advertising our vacant house as ready to move in on October 25th which is illegal considering they have already collected rent for the entire month from us. They cannot legally collect rent on the same property during the same month from two separate parties. Furthermore, we just received our itemized 'damage' report in the mail. Not only did we not get our deposit back, they are claiming that we owe them almost $1100 on top of that! The non refundable pet fee is listed as a charge, they are claiming far more pet damage than there actually is (75% of the total area of the house) and they are charging twice the actual cost to replace the cheap mini blinds. They provided photos with their documentation, all of which depict issues that were already existent when we moved in such as large holes in almost every door, dirty windowsills, missing closet doors, missing fixtures on doors and lighting, broken and soiled cabinets with 20 year old lining in them, etc... \r At the time we moved in, we were in a rush to find a place and had to do it site unseen. There aren't even interior photos provided. The appliances are from the 70's...seriously, mustard yellow Hot Point refrigerator and metal stove with temperature knobs that are so scratched up, you can't read what they say. \r I have never experienced this kind of treatment anywhere I have ever lived and have always gotten at least 80% of my deposits back in the past. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be charge such an astronomical amount of money. I had heard rumors that they screw you out of your deposit, so I was prepared for that. Nothing could have prepared me for the list of bogus charges they sent to us. \r I do not recommend ever renting from these people. And I find it deplorable that they treat their tenants like common criminals once they move out. \r We were stellar tenants in perfect standing. We never once paid our rent late, we never had any negative feedback from our annual inspections, the last of which occurred two weeks prior to our move. If you see their name attached to any rental listings you might be interested in RUN.\r Very disappointed. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/29/2013

From the minute that I walked in to get the key to go and look at a home, to the moment they called me and helped me be approved for my home... the whole situation was amazing and wonderful! The staff is some of the friendliest people I have spoken with for a long time! They truly understand what customer service is! They even worked with me and helped locate an account that I could pay on my credit to help make sure that I do not have to pay an additional deposit amount. I am very pleased and crazy excited to move into the most beautiful place that I have ever lived.!!!\r \r Thank you for everything TMG!\r Carmela M more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/28/2013

I have worked with different management companies from the HOA side and they have been by far the most professional and personal. It is important to have a management company you trust and TMG is it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/14/2013

Keep doing what you do!! You all provide superior Customer Service...I felt very welcome!!! more

As a property manager, I appreciate TMG 2/3/2012

As a property manager, I appreciate TMG always staying on top of the latest real estate law changes, and notifying owners of how the best way to stay in compliance with them are. The staff is always responsive. more

EXCELLENT Service 11/21/2011

I rented an apartment from TMG and had a wonderful experience! Every request I made was promplty taken care of. I would recommend them to anyone needing a place to stay with a good management team. Thank You! more

Very Satisfied Renter 11/4/2011

We have been beyond impressed with the efficiency, courtesy, and professionalism at TMG. If there had been another property that suited our needs available with TMG (we wanted to downsize, but stay in the same area) we would have stayed with TMG. Honestly, they are, hands down, the best property management company we've ever had the pleasure of working with. We think they are fabulous! more

Love TMG! 10/17/2011

I want people to know that I am extremely pleased with the support I am getting from Jim Parker. I am a small investor with TMG - two single family units hopefully to expand to 4 total. TMG and Jim where recommended to me for property management during our first rental purchase. From day one Jim has provided outstanding service. His communication skills are excellent. Jim is quick to respond both in getting tasks accomplished and providing feedback. He has many times gone beyond my expectations in servicing our account. You don't find this type of attention with other companies with clients that are small investors. Both my wife and I feel we are always his first priority. We are not used to that level of attention. We are very appreciative of the high level of service we are receiving from Jim, Vancouver office support employees and TMG. Thank you. Lanny more

Thank you Thank you! 6/6/2011

Hi there, I just wanted to express my experience with Suzanne and Victoria that this is my first time renting out my place and couldn't be more easier :) From the first day, everything was so quick and professional. I do thank you for both of them and I'm so happy pass their info to my clients. Thank you Burak :) more

Very Impressed Owner! 5/18/2011

I am very impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and service TMG has provided with my rental homes. Suzanne Dickson is very knowledgeable about the rental market. She is very prompt, accurate and clear. She explains everything relevant and makes things move very quickly. Victoria Lal is very helpful in arranging everything to go smoothly. It took only 1 week to rent my first home and 2 days to rent the second one at the exact prices that Suzanne recommended. I will likely buy more properties and have TMG manage it. I do not have time and knowledge to rent homes as an investment property. TMG makes it so easy for me and I appreciate it very much. I cannot think of a better investment with such a good return and safety, and this would not have happened without Suzanne's and Victoria's help. Thank you so, very much for everything, TMG. more

Clean and Very Reasonable Rentals 5/4/2011

My family was happy to be able to choose from a large selection of rentals through TMG. They were clean and the prices seemed reasonable for how well kept they were. The application process was really quick. They let me pay a deposit while I waited in the office for only a few minutes! more

My Rentals 4/29/2011

It?s a relief to have a professional company taking care of my rentals for me. When my mom passed away she left the triplexes for me to take care of and it was really hard. more

Pleasantly surprised! 4/21/2011

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that TMG allows you to check out keys to their rentals. It's nice to be able to look at the properties on my own time, without having to wait for an appointment. VERY user friendly. more

Doing a great job for us! 3/17/2011

As an out of state owner, it always a concern that your property will be managed well. I have never had such wonderful service on properties any where else. Everyone is conscientious, professional and always responsive. Their reports are the most complete I have ever seen and they are very quick to answer any questions. They have been amazingly successful in keeping our properties leased and our tenants happy. I just wish they had a branch in Colorado as I would hire them immediately!! It such peace of mind for me to know that my properties are well cared for! more

Maybe They've Made Changes For the Better! 3/17/2011

Hi, I'm sorry to hear that a lot of people have had bad experiences with this company. I've been working with them since last year and have loved it! The condo I am renting is great. It's quiet and well managed. Every time I've talked with someone from the office, they've always been really nice and super helpful. I especially like my property manager, George. He is funny and laid back but also professional. That's the way the whole office seems when I go in there to pay my rent. The girls at the front desk are really nice too. They always compliment me on my clothes and remember me each month. It's very flattering. Anyway, I don't know if maybe they've made staff changes or what but I really like everyone there and have really had a great experience. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to rent :) more

Horrible Customer Service and Exorbitant Fees 11/3/2009

My house has been managed through the Management Group for the past two years and I have been absolutely disappointed by their customer service and complete lack of communication. I have had three different property managers oversee my property and not once did they let me know this. I was wondering why my calls to my property manager went unreturned for weeks. Finally, I had to call THEM to find out what was going on only to learn that the person who was managing my property quit! I also had a plumbing issue at my property and no one let me know about this until a month later! The cost to make the repairs was in the thousands and not once did anyone notify me about what was going on. It was only when I received my monthly rent check along with the monthly balance sheet that I noticed there were several photocopies of bids that they had received. I again, had to call THEM to find out what happened. Of course, they did their standard deflect blame and not own up to anything. They also charge owners an arm and a leg during inspections and move-outs. $75.00 to change batteries in a smoke detector? Seriously? Their customer service and communication is terrible and I cannot tell you how unhappy I have been with them. If I didn't live in another state and if there were other options for management companies in Vancouver, I would have taken my business elsewhere in a heart beat. I have told everyone person that I know to avoid using the Mangement Group at all costs because they are so awful. Pros: Sorry, can't think of one Cons: Horrible customer service and communication with owners more

heartless and greedy 7/11/2009

My husband and I have to move to a new place due to no fault of ours; we have excellent rental history and references, we make good money, but our credit is average. If our credit was better, we would be buying our own house, not renting! We looked at a house managed by The Mgmt. Group, and loved it! We went to apply, had all of the almost $1,400 they wanted as a deposit (greedy #1), and payed $100 for our credit check (greedy #2). The women told us someone else had applied, but did not pay a deposit, so if we passed, we could have it. (kind of heartless #1) We told the woman we really wanted the house and asked her what they base their credit policy on; what credit score would disqualify us. We were told they don't go by credit scores and that automatic disqualifiers are certain bankruptcies and evictions or owing money on past rentals or mortgages. WE HAD NONE OF THESE! Our credit is ok, not great, not horrible. So she ran our credit, we wait 15 min. She tells us we are not qualified due to poor credit but will not tell us why. Doesn't look at rental history or income. Then she just ignores us. (Heartless #3 and #4) We believe that she never planned on approving us; that she just wanted to make a few bucks on our applications. As much as we loved the house, and I was seriously heartbroken, we are probably better off moving into a house we don't love but hopefully will have better customer service from the manager of the property! Pros: had a nice house for rent. Cons: bad customer service, excessive deposits/fees, shady. more

inexorbitant front end fees, more money than people oriented 8/1/2008

Disclaimer: I haven't rented from this company, so perhaps once you're renting from them, then all is good. However I did want to register my experience somewhere. I'm helping a friend who's currently out of state but looking for an apt in the area. Responded to the Management Group ad and asked to see the place. They said no problem, call the current tenant. However the tenant had moved out of the area and even though she was ok to have them show the place, they could not because the property mgr didn't have time before their 14 day (?) cleaning/turnover time frame. Several phone calls later we realized that due to their clunky transitional system, the apt could not be viewed until the move in date. When asked about the wait I was told that ""there is a good chance someone will rent this sight unseen and we've had lots of calls and will have no problem renting the property"". No interest whatsoever in accommodating a showing to an interested party in a more timely manner. Pros: They own some nice rentals and are skilled at making top dollar for client and themselves Cons: Boasting of 'market share' is unsavory, non-refundable fees are above market average more

They have poor customer service and no conscience! 2/8/2008

I am also military, ordered away from my family for a year for training and deployment. My husband and five kids are trying to move back home to be near family for support. He found a few properties through TMG that matched what he's looking for. He told them up front that we just filed bankruptcy and checked their policy ahead of time. He was told it would just be points against his application on their scoring system. He applied that night and the next day, they rejected his app because of the bankruptcy and kept our $80. They did not process a complete application, no background check, no rental history check or anything and they learned about the bankruptcy from him, not a credit check. So what did they spend our money on?? When my husband called to ask for the money back, the rude response was ""Am I supposed to be a mindreader?"" Maybe they're not mindreaders, but they've sure got a scam going to get people's hard-earned money. How's that for customer service? Overall, we found them to be rude and impersonal, even before they rejected the application. And after reading other people's reviews here and elsewhere, maybe it's a blessing we didn't get trapped into a year lease with them as the landlords... Pros: Easy to contact Cons: Pushy, Unfriendly, Fee non-refundable, even if they didn't do the work! more

terrible customer service 11/3/2007

My husband is currently being deployed overseas for a minimum of 1 year. We reside in TX and he wants to move us back ""home"" so I can have support from our families while he is gone. We researched a house and even had my sister look at it to approve of the neiborhood. We liked it so we decided to rent it. We contacted the management company to get more details on renting the residence out. They instantly seemed overbearing and rude. They needed everything in minutes or overnighted. We are currently in TX, I'm due with our 3rd child any day, My husbands working feverishly on his deployment papers and still working full time as a pilot, and the house isn't even available till the 1st of Dec. OVER A MONTH AWAY! We repeatedly reminded them of our situation, and might I add, we were complying with all of their requests. They had a $1000 check in their hands called us at 7pm to convict us of not being serious about the property. They said that they needed our proof of income in 10 minutes. 10 minutes! Everything was I told my husband this is the last straw. We were involved with the company for less than a week and in that time we lost an $80 application fee....$40 per adult! They also want a $250 non refundable processing fee; I should have known better when I saw that fee. If we don't get that 250 back I will definately report it further. Pros: I didn't sign a lease Cons: Rude and degrading more
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  • Founded by Carmen Villarma in 1985, The Management Group, Inc. (TMG INC.) is the premier property management leader in the Pacific Northwest. We have more than 100 employees managing over 14,000 residential units and 500,000 square feet of commercial space in Washington and Oregon. As a private independent company, our portfolio includes community associations, commercial properties, single family homes and apartment communities.

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