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C&F Finance Co

4660 S Laburnum Ave
Richmond, VA 23231
(804) 239-6960
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People that are complaining are all people that are behind on their payments. No one that is current and pays their bills are complaining. See the pattern? I have a loan with t...



Editorial review from Citysearch 6/18/2013

Be very careful, I just found out today that they CHARGED off my loan on my credit report and that loan was PAID IN FULL last year! I hate that fn company, they are the worst I have ever dealt with and if that Stacy sends me one more friend request on FB she's going to be seeing this persons fist in her face soon! I was late the first month when the military allotment didn't take effect but paid as soon as I learned. I have no idea how I got hooked up with them but everyone should run for the hills and don't sign into any agreement with them. I will be in contact with an attorney, the BBB, and hell even the damn state if I have to. Screwing my credit report for what paying off my loan on time!!! Up yours C and F! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/12/2012

RUN RUN RUN is right. DO NOT use this company. HORRIBLE. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/22/2012

Run and I mean far away from this business. I've only had my loan with them for 6 months. I have never had a late payment, yet they still call me every month for this, or to see when I'll be making my payment. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HARASSED! I HAVE YET TO MAKE EVEN A DAY LATE PAYMENT. What's even worse they sold my phone number to various marketing companies, so I may have to change my number to stop from being harassed. Their customer service is horrendous when you do call. I made a payment online once to ensure that the payment would be on time. I paid it 4 days before the due date, and they still called and told me that they manually process payments from the internet, and it can take an unspecified amount of time to process.....RUN RUN RUN more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/25/2012

I can relate to everyone, this sight should have a negative star rating...they don't even deserve a poor star!!!!.....I was diagnosed with cancer, had a hard time paying bills period...tried to work things out with this company...what did they do, repoed my car at 4am...the day I told them I had treatments scheduled. Tried contacting them after the repo, they wont return calls or emails... For anyone who is reading, spread the word...don't let anyone get financing from this company!!!!! more

THE WORST EVER - NO STARS, they Need a foot instead 3/14/2012

Everything you guys are saying is true. I've been in this loan with these jacka**es since 2006. They have gone as far as contacting ppl on my friends list on Facebook. People I haven't seen in 30 yrs and know nothing about, got inboxes from them. They called my job to the point my boss told me if they didn't stop, they would let me go. I have 2 payments left and I'm done or at least I thought. I called today to get a payoff amount, they say I still owe 4K??? How the hell is that I've make all the payments accept 2, march and april of ""this year"". What the hell? The straw that broke the camels back... I've been at my new address less than 1 year. I keep to myself and don't know my neighbors other than saying ""hi. Well yesterday, I came home and my neighbor says she got a call from C&F asking for me and asking her to put a note on my door??? WTF? I apologized to her for that. When she asked him how he got her number, he said he looked it up on the internet. There has to be a violation of some law here. more

Worst Company and Customer Service Ever! 2/9/2012

I didn't want to give the one star even - worse than 0!!\r \r I actually was two days late on my car payment and I called them and said I wanted to make my car payment on Friday when I got paid.\r \r The girl that I spoke with was the rudest, most abusive person I have ever spoke with and told me they could come repo my car right then and there and that I had to pay my car payment on time every month.\r \r I told her I had always made my payments on time, this was the first time I had ever been late and I was calling them to make a payment.\r \r After a bit more threats of repo she finally told me that she could take the payment. \r \r Right now I am looking to refinance through another company. more

Company is Ripoff artest 1/12/2012

I too recently fell on hard times with this company. I was a victim of a lost debit card/credit card and didn't know I had lost it. When I did found out my bank account had been cleaned. When I called C&F to let them know what happened and I was having to on the bank to clear this matter up. I get told well are you making a payment or not. Told her wait what I just told you someone had cleaned my account out and my payment will be late. She hung up on me but before she did she tells me well I am putting in the papers for reposession. Now these people are unsimpathetic and have no moral character. Finally told her keep pushing me and I will hire an attorney and I won't be owing anything on this car. You people are violating federal law and everything else u do by herrassing your customers. So do whatever you have too and you will be talking to my attorney. I finally hung up on her. If a dealer tells you they got you financed through them tell them thanks but no thanks. Rating for this company is 0 more

PREDITORS 1/12/2012

I was taught as a child to be kind and respectful to everyone......that was how I attempted to speak with these VULTURES! Harrassment is putting in kindly. The treatment you receive is more like that of a loan shark threatening to break your knee caps if you don't come up with the impossible. Think I'd rather be indebted to ""Nicky Knuckles"" than deal with these ignorant fools. They say after 10 days late that they can come and take your vehicle. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T LET THESE BOTTOM FEEDERS INTO YOUR POCKETBOOK!!!! more

jerks 12/13/2011

i was doing good paying my car note for a year and a half then i had in acident i lost my left thumb so it put me out of work. When i got back to work. the work got slow and everyone knows unenployment tdont pay that good so i got behind in my payment. they keep calling me every day i got mad i told them come get the car I relly do want the car but they dont want to work with me on it now xmas is just 2 week away and i dont know what to do i hope they are reading this so they know what i planning to do its called bankruptcy more

THE WORST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11/29/2011

I have been sitting here reading all the reviews about this company and I agree with you all. I did not know this company was like this. They are theives!!!! I'm usually 3-5 days late and there is fees attached each day you're late. That is so Ridiculous! I even have tried to ask can the payment be added to the end of the loan and was told No! Why because this is not that type of loan. Well, what kind of loan is it? It's a simple interest loan. Oh so my thoughts are I need to get out of this f---- car, because I also found out that all the money I have paid over 18-20 months it has been paid toward the interest and not on the car. Got to get out of it or they can have it back because I will never pay the car off. When anyone sees this company RUN FAST as hell!!!! more

Horrible 11/25/2011

I agree they are so rude and pushy ...They have even stalked me on facebook ..Can't wait till I get out more

HORRIBLE! 10/14/2011

C&F finance is rude and pushy. I got a car loan with them three years ago and I regret it. Every month they call me constantly even though I paid my car payment before it is due. The customer reps keep telling me they have not recieved my payment yet, but the money was already taken out of my checking account. I would tell the rep that and they were rude and said their records did not reflect that payment. Last month I was two weeks late paying my car payment. They call my house, cell phone, work, and actually came to my house. That is down right harrassment! I finally got rude with them and said ""Have I ever been reposed or even thirty days late"" and he said no then I told him if you ever call me this much again or show up at my home I will hire an attorney and sue the company for harrassment. I count down the months until my car is paid off. more

No problems with them, so far... 8/28/2011

As long as I've had my loan,I haven't had any problems with customer service. I wouldn't get another loan with them due to the high interest, but when I buy another vehicle I will be a better spot. more

Worst company that has English speaking customer service 7/21/2011

This is the worst company I've ever had to deal with. It's bad when their managers are just as dumb as 90% of their customer service reps. I just had the exact same experience as kay75 but luckily my bank cancelled the payment but I'm stuck with a returned check fee. C and F refuses to pay the fee saying my account was in negative before they tried to take the second which is a lie. Their managers don't know how to read a bank statement, if the negative bank balance is lower than the amount which you attempted to withdraw, then there was money in the account before you tried to withdraw it. These people are total dumb asses, please stay away from them. more

Headache 7/19/2011

I have no words to describe the idoits that they have working here .my husband called in to make a payment instead of waiting for the automated payment . I knew it was a bad idea cause these people are so far behind in there customer service . Well after we called to make the payment , we noticed there was a withdraw for a 2nd payment so my husband called to ask why are they taking another payment for this month .She turns around and ask if my husband TOLD them to cancel the automated payment ? Of course not , most company have it setup that if u make a payment earlier then due date it cancels it .Like the words ,""I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE THIS MONTHS PAYMENT NOW ""wasnt a clue. We probably called once a month in the past 5 months to get a statement sent to us ,til this day we still have not seen one .This wasnt the first time we called in to make a payment ,the othe girl was a bit brighter she canceled the auto payments . We're on a tight budget ,now cause of this our account is full of red balances .STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY , taking the bus is way better then having to deal with them . more

Worst finance company - EVER 6/29/2011

Granted all of us had credit problems in the past and we are trying to get back on our feet. When I bought my car, the Dealer got my loan done and he said C & F gave the best rate. Yeah right. I had my car for over a year, and had nothing but problems. I have not been late one month, but every month I get phone calls , my payment is not in. And they call the day it is due. Not very nice either. There was 6 month where I did not have a payment book, supposedly it was sent, twice . Still I never missed or where late with a payment.A joke. After throwing a fit, I finally reeived it , of course those month where missing, imagine that. Theire address has changed twice so far, makes you wonder why! Customer Service is absolutely horrible. My last conversation ended with her smirking at me , ""well we do not control the postyal service and you welcome to refinance with anybody else"", ""of ciurse there are charges to be payed "". I have yet to talk to anybody helpful or even half way respectful. I have to agree with all other complaints. They are crooked to the bone. But for now I guuess I am stuck. I send my payment in 10 - 14 days before its due and still they call because they cant seem to find it in their mail stack . Funny, every time after I complaint about their phone calls they seem to find the payment and its processed within a day. Hm, I wonder. I am afraid to find out how much longer I have with them, they said they charge for that too, and does even anybody be able to figure it out ? If you need a car loan and you see C & F Finance on the paperwork, deny it , its not worth it. more

C&F Finance-Worst Company Ever 6/23/2011

I would have never thought that it would have to come this. We recently fell on some hard times and was not able to pay our care note when it was due. So I called to get a deferment for a month so that we could make ends meet. Well the woman I spoke with had responded with a smirk in her voice. She stated that the only way I was getting a deferment was by providing them a copy of my current bills and then it had to go in front of a committee which could take about 7 to 10 days before they would respond back and that still did not guarantee that we would get the extension. We had never missed a payment and we are down to our last 6 months and we have had more drama with this company. I called to make a payment over the phone and the customer service rep transferred to me to lady name (I cannot speak it). The most rudiest person ever. How do you hang up on a person who is trying to make a payment. When she got to the phone the first thing she said was if you are not paying the amount past due we have nothing to talk about. I said what a minute lets start this conversation over I am calling to you to make a payment and you did't even give me a chance to say what I was paying. She asked was I paying the amount past due I said no and before I could say another word she hung up. Foolishly I called back and they said she was the only one I could talk to because she had my account. They would not let me talk with a manager, just her. Needless to say they put her back on the phone and she was yelling the entire time telling me I was not going to dictate the conversation. I said to her I am trying to talk with civility and you start being nasty. Her exact words were I am not customer service and I don't have to be nice. I was tired of talking and I asked what did she need from me to make this payment over the phone. She was still nasty while taking information. People if someone ever mentions C&F Finance just run, run as far away as you can. We cannot wait till this is over. 6 months left unless we hit the lottery somewhere then they would be the first person we pay off. more

C&F Finance = horrible customer service 6/1/2011

Sadly I decided to read all the reviews AFTER we had bought our new car that sadly is financed with C & F Finance....but like most people are saying their customer service is the worst I have ever seen. My husband and I always make our payments on time and anytime we call to get our payoff balance (because they don't ever send out statements) they act like we are being such a bother. I can not wait until we pay off our car which will be awhile and the next time we buy a car I will finance with anyone BUT C&F Finance even if it means a higer interest rate! more

C&F Finance is the worst 5/16/2011

I've read other people reviews and pretty much I have to agree. They want to repo my car for being a month late. Just got off the phone with them and told them, I can make a payment for April and I could pay for May next friday. They said if I don't have April and May payment by 5p, they are coming to take my car. They talk to you very rudely and don't give you the information you requested. I ask them, can you send me something in the mail saying I'm late and what will occur if I don't pay. The rude lady responded by saying they don't mail out bill statements and I need to read my contract and hung up on me. So I've called back and she hung up on me again. So I've called back again and then she had the nerve to say I'm harassing her. I said, you call when I'm a day late all day every day but I'm harassing you because I want information on my account and documentation that says you can and will repo my car after only being a month late. Every other car company I had been fairly decent and works with you...C&F Finance just sucks and do very bad business especially with those who were paying and falling on hard times because of the economy more


so i went to a dealership bought a car through the 16 months i have been a customer i have paid monthly...recently called them to get a statement on how much the payoff amount find out i have paid about $6500 in the 16 months with them...guess how much my blalance has only gone down? $3000!!!!! they are outright crooks!!! you recieve no statement in the mail nor are you able to access your account activity online?? two words for you...RUN FAST!!! if you become a customer they will call you morning, lunch and dinner time every day if you are late a couple days not to mention there high interest for every day you are late!! Folks they will rob you blind...i have a 17 500 dollar loan in 16 months its only come down $3000!!! wtf?? i have paid off over $6500 ???? more
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