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Sterling & King - 21 Reviews - 500 State Road 436 Ste 2074, Casselberry, FL - Collection Agency Services Reviews - Phone (407) 339-9033

Sterling & King

500 State Road 436 Ste 2074
Casselberry, FL 32707
(407) 339-9033
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Just submit an online report with the FBI on this company. The FBI knows these guys are scam artists and breaking the law so leave it to them to shut this sh** hole down.


They are collecting from our debtors and not sending us the money!!! They keep making excuses but we get nothing. DO NOT USE THIS company!!!! We are a professional office locat...

Do Not use Sterling & King!!! 3/29/2012

They are collecting from our debtors and not sending us the money!!! They keep making excuses but we get nothing. DO NOT USE THIS company!!!! We are a professional office located out of state and now we will be forced to have civil and criminal charges brought against them. more

These people are idiots 6/28/2011

Just submit an online report with the FBI on this company. The FBI knows these guys are scam artists and breaking the law so leave it to them to shut this sh** hole down. more

Wrong address, horrible customer service, AVOID! 6/22/2011

Their address as listed on here is not correct. (Either that or they reject any mail actually sent to this address.) I tried sending them proof that this supposed debt to them on my credit report is not mine, and when I called to get their address, the man on the other end was EXTREMELY rude and refused to give me their address. WTF? As a business, are you allowed to not have your mailing address public? Horrible people, I am lodging a complaint with the BBB. more

Friendly Staff and Excellent Debt Recovery Stats 2/3/2011

I have worked with the Sterling & King staff for over a year now and find all of them very friendly and good people, personally. more


He called the day before Christmas and my boyfriend picked up the phone. He then walked outside because we had a friend over. I was in the computer room and he handed me the phone saying that this guy was threatening him with coming to the house with the law and that they would video tape all of HIS remember we are not married, we only live together and we own nothing together....but back to what I was saying. I got on the phone with him and he then told me that my boyfriend is responsible because I live here and that he owns me and my children. I then hung up on him. Then a few minutes later, my boyfriend *69'd so we could get the number and he called it back to find out the name of the company. Taylor Jones then started slandering my boyfriend telling him he was trash and that he would not step foot in that piece of crap ( much stronger words used but can't post em here) trailor he lived in. He said he would fax us the court document but that my boyfriend probably cant read anyway so no good in that. I could go on and on but I think I have made my point. How do these people get away with such as this?? Who can I contact for help more

The worst collection agency / Person. 12/7/2009

I just got the phone with a John Mendez and i had the worst experience ever, he was baggering me really bad. more

SUE S&K 11/16/2009


unprofessional collection agency 11/6/2009

stering and king has a very rude person handling there collections . John Mendez . He has called and been rude and does not understand our financial situation. We lost our home and my husband work is slow . We are doing the best we can. He called my husband and scallywags. And said that we should have scarificed more then losing our home . I have deleted with collection agencies before and this is rude . He laughed and would not let us get a word in edge wise and was making my daughter upset . I have no problems paying my debts if people would work with us. it may take a longer time to pay but I am responsible enough to pay back what I owe. more

underdog using deceptive practices 11/5/2009

john mendez call my job told them i was under investigation my supv call me in his office for a discussion regarding the call john mendez did. you are a unproffesional debt collector you could have gotten me fired you haver no business calling my job about a debt you are suppose to write me a validation notice telling me how much i owe the company to which you represent within five days after you first contact me if you dont have a phone number you still is suppose to seen a written validation notice thaT THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION PROCEDURES. Cons: unprofessional more

Disrespectful 9/24/2009

I just got off the phone with one of their reps by the name of John Mendez 1-800-292-7856 and I was trying to find out what the call was about and trying to tell him my situation and he went on and called me a scallywag. I advised him that he did not have to call me out my name and that it was very unprofessional if he was trying to get something out of me he should not talk to me that way, I did not call him out of his name. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said that he was the supervisor and the person in charge. I also asked for the account number and his address and he would not give it out. Well, I am so glad that I know who Jesus Christ is and did not stoop to his level. Cons: Rude, disrespectful more

Unethical low lifes 9/14/2009

I just got off the phone with one of their reps and I was telling him my situation and he went on and called me a scallywag well I went online to check the meaning of this and found it very disrespectful for him to call me that. I'm a mother, daughter, aunt and sister and I believe he would hate for someone to call his mother, daughter, aunt or sister this but I guess class is not something he was born with huh. Well I will look into calling the Business Bureau and report this company. They are unethical and do not know how to run a business if they allow their reps behave in this manner. Cons: Very disrespectful more

The worst ever.... 6/18/2009

In this time that we are facing, strange things tend to happen to people for strange reasons. How do the people sleep at night by all the lies and untruth they tell on a day to day basis. What do they actually think they actually protected by the phone they sit behind. Sterling and King did not contact me first, they starting calling relatives, old phone numbers that are not associated to me(straight harrasing). When I asked for hard copy proof they said that they have already sent it and why i dont open my mail!!! So Iasked them to fax or send me something to prove that Iowe this debt that i have no knowglede of. Why did I do that the rep went livid on me she verbally attacked me, hung up on me numerous time threating me by saying to jail and they were issuing a judgement on me(trying me as if I'm dumb). When you face it they are the dumb ones. How do they expect to ever collect from anyone. Tight as the economy is right now everyone is checking everything someone might be saying. STERLING AND KING IS A BIG SCAM AND FRAUD THEY ARE THE PHONE CALL FROM HELL!!! I LIVE IN FLORIDA NOT TO FAR FROM THEIR LOCATION, TRUST THEY HAVE TO SEE ME!!!! I WANT REST UNTIL JUSTICE IS SERVED!!! JUST LIKE THEY CALL ME I WILL CALL THEM EVERYDAY LIKE THEY OWE ME!!!!! I GONNA BEAT THEM AT THEIR GAME I WONT BE THE ONLY ONE WHO DAY WILL BE UPSET!!! I BETCHA WHATEVER REP ANSWER MY CALL WILL NEED TISSUE AND ADVILS AFTER I FINISH HARARSING THEM EVERYDAY I GET A BORED MOMENT BECAUSE I KNOW I DONT OWE THEM ANYTHING JUST WAIT I GOING TO BE THE DEBTOR FROM HELL:-) Pros: never will be pros Cons: illegal, distasteful, rude more

Worst company and has nothing to do with my family or a debt 1/14/2009

This company called my father-in-law about an individual that I know. I don't associate with the person they are looking for. He is not a true relation to me yet somehow they got my father-in-law's phone number and called him looking for this person. My husband called the company back to explain that we don't know this person other then he is a step of my wife in someway but we don't associate with him. They got rude with my husband. I called them back to explain to them not to call my family again and she hung up on me. I don't know how they got my number since our last names never cross paths but if anyone ever uses this company to collect a debt you are using the wrong company. If I ever had a debt and they called me I would NEVER pay the debt with as rude as they are. Cons: RUDE, MEAN, ILLEGAL more

Sterling & King: Horrific experience. Business don't use them as a collection agency, they will make your business look so bad 10/28/2008

I have a terrible, a horrific experience with Sterling & King Debt collection. They traumatized me, I feel so bad as a woman. Pros: nothing Cons: Rude, insulting, unprofessional. The ultimate in harrassment. more

worst experience 9/24/2008

I had been working with collection companies since 2000. I had never seen as trashy, rude, unethical like Sterling & KIng service. The rep was reminding me and my client with the last time we spoke with him. He was so excited and victorious and almost told us to f+++ off. I was so happy to hang up in his face while he was talking. more

Another horrible experience 6/10/2008

A disgusting example of abuse. If you are a company hiring a collection agency, this outfit will lower your reputation in the business community. Obviously, people have not paid their bills on time. The illegal actions and over the top rude behavior is something out of ""Gooddfella's"" or the ""Soprano's"". That kind of attack is not the way to try to settle an outstanding debt. On one occasion, they mailed a provocative postcard to my office insinuating another women was coming to town to meet with me. I could not recommend this company in any way, shape, or form. Cons: obvious abuse more


Steven Fisher of Sterling and King has harassed me and my fiance. He calls my phone (work, cell, and home) every day, several times a day. He either leaves rude messsages or just hangs up and calls right back. The 2 times that I did speak directly with him (briefly) he was rude, condescending, and a complete discgrace to the world of customer relations. He verbally attacked me, called me names, and told me that I'd be going to jail for this debt (which, by the way I have NO recollection of). He refused to send me any hard-copy proof of the debt he says I am responsible for; therefore, I refused to send any money until said proof was faxed or mailed to me. I have yet to see any. Cons: RUDE and INCONSIDERATE more

The Worst Company Ever 1/25/2008

The people at this company are very rude, nasty and just disgusting. They hung up the phone on me several times while i was trying to resolve the problem. Megan Watson told me to shut up and threaten to take me to jail. This debit could have been resovled so easy but because of her attitude it turned into a much bigger deal. Pros: nothing more

Offensive, Untruthful and Unprofessional Business 11/29/2007

This company and its staff of rude and lying individuals should not be permiited to operate. They placed a debt on my credit report that DOES NOT belong to my name or my social security number. It belongs to a civil court case filed in Miami-Dade County in 1998 against 2 companies and 2 individuals none of whom is my person. No matter how many times I have tried to correct this situation they do not accept any logic and respond rudely, threatening and full of lies. This matter has been referred to the Attorney General and a Law Firm . Be extremely careful before you hire this company. Cons: rude and untruthful behaviour more

Class Action Against Sterling & KIng 5/17/2007

This company has me so disgusted over their illegal business practices that I am in the process of mounting a tremendous class action legal effort. I, like many of you, have fallen victim to their harrassment & illegal torment. These people have treated me & abused my perfect credit rating in such a way that action is now necessary. If you have been violated & wronged by Sterling & King---PLEASE contact me & tell me your story. I can be reached at - merloorganization@juno.. I want to hear from each & every one of you & I know there are thousands. The Beter Business Bureau report from this company gives an accurate sampling of individuals trying to get help but getting NO SATISFACTION. I, along with my legal team, are now in contact with the Beter Business Bureau of Central Florida, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, The Federal Trade Commission, & the United States Department of Justice. more
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