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All Creatures Animal Hospital - 22 Reviews - 40165 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd L, Murrieta, CA - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (951) 600-0830

All Creatures Animal Hospital

40165 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd L
Murrieta, CA 92563
(951) 600-0830
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All Creatures Animal Hospital - Murrieta, CA
All Creatures Animal Hospital - Murrieta, CA
All Creatures Animal Hospital - Murrieta, CA
All Creatures Animal Hospital - Murrieta, CA
All Creatures Animal Hospital - Murrieta, CA
All Creatures Animal Hospital - Murrieta, CA
All Creatures Animal Hospital - Murrieta, CA
All Creatures Animal Hospital - Murrieta, CA
All Creatures Animal Hospital - Murrieta, CA
All Creatures Animal Hospital - Murrieta, CA


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when I trusted the doctor's advisement on the treatment for Bearded Dragon. He's eating much better now.


I brought two doggies to the vaccination clinic. The clinic was filthy. The doctor had NO bedside manner at all. He threw dirty muzzles on the counter and said to put them on o...


I've had five dogs treated here and never again. The clinics just pull customers in so he can rake more money out of them. Thank goodness for his staff because they begged him not to take away the discounts he promised me. Then, I found out the state charged him with 16 charges. Don't believe it? search the internet for \r \r ........California Veterinary Medical Board - State of California Number HSP 6141 to Nisar Ahmed.................. \r \r See for yourself. Read the horrible charges! HE KILLED ANIMALS ACCORDING TO THE STATE!!!!!\r \r I will NEVER go here ever again. None of his staff are licensed technicians. His cleaning people dose the medication for pets and assist with surgeries. The only consistent employees he has (because he's so mean and rude) is his kids. His 17 year old daughter runs the business while he sleeps in his office.\r \r A person would wonder how and why he's still in business. Here's a very well educated person who is more concerned with money than anything else in the world. Even according to the State, he knowingly overdosed patients, didn't keep notes of anything and forgot which medications were given. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/29/2014

Today we took our 6 year old dog to All Creatures Animal Hospital on Murrieta Hot Springs for their Wednesday Shot Clinic. We will NOT be going back! There were no other customers in there at the time. We were taken to a small exam room and our dog was weighed and had his temp taken by a male assistant. Next, he said he needed to take our dog to ""the back"" to see the doctor for shots, while we waited there in the exam room. I must have looked puzzled because he asked if I was ok with that. I told him no, not really. He said he would go back and ask the doctor (Nisar Ahmed, DVM) to come to the exam room to give the shots. I said thank you. After a few minutes, the door literally burst open with an angry looking Dr coming in who in one fast motion roughly grabbed our dog by the muzzle, barked out orders for me to ""Hold the head!"" squirted one vaccination into is nostril, stuck him twice in the back with two other vaccinations, and then stormed out of the room! The whole thing took about 30 seconds or maybe even less! He was rude, rough, unkind, and I don't trust this guy at all! I told the girl at the counter that we would not be back because the ""doctor"" is not gentle at all. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/11/2013

Thank you for your reviews. I will not bring my dog there. more

Check Out Our Facility! 12/12/2012


Our pets deserve better? 5/23/2012

I brought two doggies to the vaccination clinic. The clinic was filthy. The doctor had NO bedside manner at all. He threw dirty muzzles on the counter and said to put them on our pets and he would be back in. He did not even get to know our animals. He did the shot and left. I will never bring our babies to this facility again. The only thing good was Tiffany at the front desk. She was very polite. more

Dr Ahmad is a crook 4/11/2012

I really wish this man would have his license pulled from him. He takes advantage of knowing that people will do anything to keep their animals healthy and will continue to do test and perscribe pills but will never give you a answer as to what is causing my dog to be is so much pain. After two visits and $1,100 later all he says to me is ""your dog is allergic to something""...yea thanks...Thats why I took him here. If I would have seen the reviews on yelp and this site I would have never even entertained the idea of taking my dog here. The reason for me to go out of my way to write this is because I am a animal lover and would hate for someone to have to go through what I'm going through. The people at the front are very nice but Dr Ahmad is all about the MONEY...shouldnt be a vet. P.S. wish I could give this place Zero stars more

Was so worried but my fears were put to rest 1/20/2012

when I trusted the doctor's advisement on the treatment for Bearded Dragon. He's eating much better now. more

Love the doctor and his staff! 1/17/2012

Was so worried how the spay would go on my little kitten precious and she was relaxed and very comfortable afterwards. The staff was great with all my questions and I could call at any time for any reason with any questions (even stupid ones) and they made me feel really good. I'm so glad I went here instead of somewhere else! more

Could not be happier with them! 1/14/2012

I love the grooming and the boarding! I never have to worry when my cats are here! more

They Killed my Boa!!!!! 12/16/2011

I have my red tail boa for almost 2 years, but these days she got some mites on her so i brought her to this hospital. After a few mines check on her, that Dr. used some spray on her, then sec day morning, she is DEAD!!! i brought the spray to another hospital, they said that is NOT for reptiles! is for dogs and cats. also that spray is selling around <$15 online, but he charged me 30 dollars! and $55 for meet him! i dont mind the money! but they took my 88 dollars and KILLED my Boa!!! more


Check out this place on other review sites like Yelp. Ask yourself, why would this place have ONLY 5 stars OR 1 star reviews and nothing in between? The Dr and his staff post positive reviews themselves. Also ask yourself, why would people bother to post so many negative reviews if they were not true? I have no agenda other than to protect your beloved pet/family member. DANGER - DO NOT TAKE YOUR BELOVED PETS TO THIS HORRIBLY RUN FACILITY! We needed to board our two cats for the weekend. One of our cats receives medicine once a day. When we picked up our cats after their stay at the All Creatures Animal Hospital, we discovered that, each day, our cat had been given a dosage 10 times the amount of what he is prescribed to receive! When the receptionist called the vet, who was not yet in the facility, to tell him that we would be waiting there to speak with him, he did not remember seeing our cats two and a half days earlier and giving them an exam. The receptionist reminded him several times that he just saw them on Friday (it was now Monday morning). When the vet arrived at the facility, he went into the back and had us continue to wait with our cats. He then appeared, had us come into an exam room and proceeded to talk about why he and his facility was not at fault for the overdose of medication. When he finally finished talking (i.e. trying to cover his behind), we told him that his first concern as a vet should have been the physical welfare of our cat. The fact that he did not immediately ask to examine our cat to see how he was doing indicated to us that this is not a compassionate vet or person on any level. Once we told him this, he then said that he would examine our cat at which point we told him to forget it and left. There are a lot more disturbing details to this situation about how poorly this facility handled everything, but THE BOTTOM LINE IS DO NOT TAKE YOUR BELOVED PETS TO THIS HORRIBLE FACILITY (And it is a shame because the physical facility itself is very nice. If a completely new staff took it over, it could be potentially be a great place.)If you have had a bad experience with this vet, Dr. Nisar Ahmed, currently working at the All Creatures Animal Hospital in Murrieta, CA, please go to this link and fill out a formal complaint with the California Department of Consumer Affairs. We need to protect the animals from harmful treatment and posting a negative review will not do as much as filing a formal complaint with this governing body for veterinarians. more

Best Animal Care 7/18/2011

All creatures in Murrieta have been the most compassionate people I have come across in the professional health care business. I felt like health care in general has become such an aggressive topic and doctors just don't take the time and effort to care and understand their patients. Dr. Ahmed is the most caring Veterinarian I have come across in years. The fact that the Dr. cares about the welfare of my pet and my family means a lot and merits attention. I would like to thank the Dr. and staff at All Creatures for caring for ""Suzzy"" my yorkie, and walking me through all medical procedures and taking time to explain and help my family and I understand doctor terminology, With our old vet, it was difficult to understand why I was being charged for such and such and why there were tests being done for this and that. Because she never took the time out to call with updates, and we were rarely allowed to visit Suzzy. I highly recommend All Creatures to those who genuinely care for their pets...he's been the greatest I've come across in the Inland Empire. more

All Creatures Animal Hospital 7/13/2011

I switched from another local vet to All Creatures because my other vet simply did not take out the time to 1) explain procedures that I was being charged for and 2) take out the time to help work out a payment option. The doctor at All Creatures called to update me after every procedure done on my lab and so I actually understood what was going on and what I was being charged for. Also, the staff took out the time to work out a payment plan and help me start a pet insurance plan. I think that this facility is the first to actually reach out and put my financial needs before their desire to pocket money like my other vet. Def. recommend! more


Took our 8 month old Lab for a simple spay operation. Worst decision I have ever made by not reading past postings. Ten hours after operation our dog had siezures and coughed up blood and died. My wife and son had to witness this. My dog did not deserve to suffer like this, My dogs incision was at least 6 inches long. Now I Know why they call him the BUTCHER. All DR. wanted was money money money! Gave me no explanation why my dog died. After my wife took our dog back to him he later told me, "" I was fortunate not to have been charged for her disposal"" Surprised DR. has liscense. Beware to all. Rest in peace Nahla.. more

Worst Vet Ever 3/10/2011

The worst Vet I have ever encountered. I just adopted a 10 week old Golden Doodle. Brought him in to have a complete physical as instructed by the breeder. The vet said ""he looks ok to me"" that was it, I was shocked at this Vets bedside manners. He did asked me If the puppy had been dewormed, I said that the breeder had it done twice. He said that breeders are never honest. I showed him the paper work, he just shook his head and left the room. Shots are inexpensive, but I will never be back! more

HORRIBLE!! 2/16/2011

We took our dog to All Creatures Animal Hospital to get neutered on Wednesday 1/26, 2 days later he developed kennel cough. We didn't know what it was, my wife took him in to see Dr. Ahmed. He told her that dog needed 2 shots and 4 medications totaling $248 plus tax. Vet tech told her it would be $299, when wife says that the Dr. told her $248, the response was ""tell the Dr. to get a calculator"" from the vet tech! She got it straightened out, then questioned the need for all the meds, the response was ""if he doesn't do them all, he will get pneumonia"" I called our regular vet, and also a friend who breeds dogs and did internet research on kennel cough. All sources state that kennel cough goes away by itself. While waiting for the meds, my wife overheard a conversation taking place in the next room with explicit sexual references. The male voice had the Dr.s accent. By this time, my wife just wanted out of this place. I went back the next day to return meds and tell Dr about what my wife heard. We spoke on the phone and he agreed to take back meds with 15% restocking fee, then he came into office and agreed again to taking them back. We spoke of the conversation for a while. Then we went to counter to do the refund. He suddenly says that he will only give me a refund if I sign a paper saying I am happy with his service. I refused, since I was still not pleased with all this. He turned and walked away, hiding in an office. This man is a liar, a pervert and not a good business owner. more

All Creatures Animal Hospital is the Best 2/5/2011

As a business, All Creatures Animal Hospital does not endorse any of the reviews posted on this website, either positive, neutral, or negative. The clinic and its staff have a high public profile, being the largest veterinary clinic in the Inland Empire, caring for domestic, livestock, and exotic pets. The clinic has seen and treated puppies to seahorses, lions to bearded dragons, from kittens to emus. Our genuine interest in the best health care for your pet, distinguishes and defines us as a veterinary clinic. Because of this, All Creatures has a significant following of patients, fans and detractors, some of whom have never been patients at this facility, whether they claim to have been or not. If you take the time to click on any of the 1 or 2-star reviews here you'll see that every reviewer has given the same single competing business a 5-star review. That is because those reviews are false and were written by employees of that business who have never been inside or have had pets treated at All Creatures This is a fairly amateurish and transparent tactic, but there is little we can do to prevent spam like this from cluttering up our profile and getting in the way of real reviews from actual patients. It is All Creatures policy to write neither positive or negative reviews on either its profile or any other business's profile. We are a professional clinic and do not endorse verbal abuse toward any other professional or animal caregiver. However we do not have control of what our patients, fans, or detractors may post. For this reason, we encourage all potential patients of All Creatures to decide for themselves whether or not our services at our clinic are right for their pets. For specific information on the services we offer including pricing, procedures, treatments, boarding, and much more, please visit us online at or call 951-600-0830. You can also book an appointment at our clinic. Look for clinic deals in the Pennysaver! Our reputation is our most important asset. The quality of the services that we provide is evident by the fact that we have provided quality pet care in the Inland Empire for over a decade; not only to our domestic friends, but to our exotic and live stock friends as well. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have, and we look forward to seeing you and your adorable furry loved ones at All Creatures Animal hospital soon! more

All Creatures Animal Hospital Is Amazing 2/5/2011

I had recently brought my baby puppy here, because she had been coughing. The staff was WAY more welcoming than any other animal hospital I had been to. I had to wait approximately two minutes before the doctor came in. The doctor explained thoroughly what he would have to do (unlike other veterinarians)! Dr. Ahmed was extremely nice, and I do not understand how people even have the courage to write lies and create negative reviews! All Creatures Animal Hospital's prices are AMAZING! Especially with this economy! I would like to thank Dr. Ahmed and his staff for providing Inland Valley with this kind of care! I truly recommend All Creatures Animal Hospital. If you do not believe me, please go and visit All Creatures yourself. more

Not for the birds!! 10/2/2010

I took my conure there to have his stitches removed and the vet could not handle him properly, causing his sutures to break open and bleed. He had to be re-stitched and stay in the hospital overnight due to his carelessness and then he told me I had to pay for it!! This after I paid $700 for the first surgery!! I will never bring any of my 6 animals there again!! more

Not for Cavies (Guinea Pigs) 9/21/2010

All Creatures represents itself as having a vet that is an expert on Guinea Pigs. Unfortunate, and too late for my daughter's guinea pig. Our guinea pig was listless, no appetite, with crusty eyes. Dr Akins diagnosis was "" pet has presented with signs of being slightly underweight. Although thin, your pet is overall at a healthy weight with conjunctivitis in the eye."" The next day we took him to another vet as he was increasingly listless. Diagnosis: dangerously underweight and dehydrated due to severe overgrowth of teeth. Eye dryness from dehydration. Immediate critical care food and clipping of upper teeth were prescribed. We had to force feed and supply water with a syringe for several days in an attempt to nurse or pig back to health. He died 2 days later in my daughter's arms. Dr Akins looked at the teeth during the exam and never commented on the overgrowth. Expert? Not on guinea pigs. Not a big deal because it's a guinea pig... Not to my daughter. more
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