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Los Alisos Home Estates

5772 Garden Grove Blvd
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 892-7177
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I have lived here for 8 years. I have seen great improvements to this park! It is cleaner and nicer than it used to be! the people are nice, management really nice. I think the pe...



Editorial review from Citysearch 3/20/2013

My parents have lived here for over 12 years, it USED to be a great place to live. Now, the park is taking over more and more of the coaches and turning them into rentals. There are almost NO homes owed by people, it is like a great big apartment complex, with kids hanging on corners and loitering. Big diesel tow trucks skulking about all hours of the night for a chance to tow away a car not parked by ""the rules"". There is NO ""GUEST PARKING"" unless you get a parking pass...this is of coarse for the benefit of ""the Park"" (their wallet is more like).....unless you know someone that works here....then you can do what ever you want. A couple of years ago I stopped in front of my parents coach to bring over a TV for my father (who is disabled) and my brother and I parked just long enough to bring the TV in from my car (hatch open, and emergency lights on) no sooner set the TV down on the floor and walked out to move my car and a tow truck was there lining up and taking photos of my he was watching for the chance to tow my car..the park ""doesn't know anything about it"" but when I call the tow people, ""We are there at the park's request"" My folks are over 70 years old and stress out to even have family come by to visit because of the parking! I would Never move here....again, it USED to be a nice place ... now, it is all about how much money they can make off all the bizarre rules that change every time you turn around....not to mention water AND power being turned off ALL THE TIME with just a day or two notice...again my parents are OLD and being without water and power with little to not notice.....not a way to live. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/23/2013

I worked for Los Alisos for very many years and the changes they have made are good ones. If you are renting..............there are always rules you have to follow. Some residents prefer not to follow them and then when they don't......they are asked to move out ! I can only say that they do try there........I liked my Job and it's a nice clean place to live! more

IF you like random rules 7/3/2012

UPDATE MAY 28 2009: This place has not improved for the tenents. It has only improved on the outside for most of the park. Drive thru & notice just the main sts have gussied up. AND I agree the park management writes the ""wonderful place to live reviews"" You may see five stars on this page, but this is NOT A 5 STAR PLACE to live. It is basically a place that adds rules whenever the owner or managment gets bored. Just to scare the tenants into staying indoors. The most recent ones this year are. 1) The Westminster PD will be driving around to ticket anyone going over the speed limit (10mph) not stopping at stop signs etc. 2) There is a tow company driving around also looking for vehicles not parked correctly or to the standard of managment (whatever you do do not back into a parking place!) 3) Every one needs a parking permit to park anywhere except their driveway. This was not a rule widely known unless you went to the office in January to sign a paper you are now aware of it along with other rules I still know nothing about. Guess I'll find out about them when I violate one & get EVICTED. Along with a rule that limits how many times you can complain about repairs. It is a secret number but they will EVICT if you go over it! Also as for repairs they take at least 2 months & then hope they do it correctly because you don't want to complain again. The Number One thing they keep & spend countless hours on, is a file on tenants. To bring out when they want to EVICT you. You will notice in the morning & evening there is always someone driving around slowly & writing things down that gets turned in to the office for your daily file report. HONESTLY! I still live here but I know my file is large & they are getting ready to use it. I pay the old rent & that makes them upset. Now lets not forget the rent increases every year. Usually $75.00 to $150.00. We will get one this October I am sure. If you move in now for say $1,500.00 plus the monthly fee for landscape $22.50, expect to be paying around $1,622.50 by November for a 2 bdrm . If I could afford to move, I along with many others would , but we are the older ones with cheaper rent ,they pick on & make life miserable for with their scare tactics. Pros: there is a fire hydrant Cons: managment attitude more

LOVE THIS PLACE! 2/16/2012

I have lived here for 8 years. I have seen great improvements to this park! It is cleaner and nicer than it used to be! the people are nice, management really nice. I think the people that dont like it here are grumpy. more

OMG!!!! 2/11/2012

So far I've been here for about 9months. I cant believe what all theses people are saying. Ive only had GREAT experiences here with the staff... The park is doing the best they can by cleaninng and making new houses, Which by the way they are beautiful! more

Worst Place to live 11/2/2011


Don't Live Here!!! You'll Hate It!!! 9/5/2011

Management sucks, leasing agents are idiots and maintenance are don't get things done!!! They let rude people live here who have no consideration for others, especially the tenants with kids and pets. more

who ever wrote those good reviews are lairs or the owners 11/6/2009

The rent a cops they hire harass the tenants constantly , we were just pulled over coming home at 1am from a movie by TWO $8 an hour rent a cops with their toy car and lights and sirens pulling into our own driveway. This is not uncommon. They also harass your guests as well. They have tow trucks towing your guests cars out of guest parking. People love to come and visit us here because hey they get to spend alot of money afterwards getting their cars out of impound when they go to leave. This place is a hell hole dump with plenty of opression to go along with it. stay away, and by the way they hate kids here too. Pros: has a gym Cons: everything else more

Run by the Gestapo 10/24/2009

I hope nobody is stupid enough to think that all those flowery reviews are for real. Not!!!!! The real deal is in the reviews with 1 star. Los Aliso is now owned and operated by the children of the original owners. You know how that goes, the founders care about what they created, but when they are gone thier children operate on greed. You can't have visitors because there is no where for them to park. Thier cars are towed away if they park in guest parking with out a permit. Park personel constantly snoop around our places to make sure we're not doing anything they don't want us to do. I'm an animal lover, and it breaks my heart to see them trapping resident's pets that are outside and then sending them to be destroyed. They just sent out a flyer to us all stating that if they see any unauthorized pets in anyone's windows that person would either be evicted or fined $500.00. \r I can't say this loud enough, If you are thinking of renting or buying in this, DON'T!!!! Cons: everything more

Happy to be here! 5/14/2009

I have lived at this location for now 5 yrs with my husband and 3 kids this park is the perfect place to grow up. The children have alot of friends to play with and the neighborhood is very friendly. For holidays (easter, 4th of July) they have events at the complex for the children to participate in. The prices are pretty reasonable. All around I think this place is great and would definately let people in on this place =) Pros: affortable, clean, quiet more

TREES 5/12/2009


Just Right 5/12/2009

My wife and i have been living in the park for about 5 yrs and are comfortable and very happy. The neighborhood is very peaceful and friendly. \r There are also some fresh faces at the rental office who are more than happy to help anyone who steps in. First impressions are always important and the staff are on top of their game. \r Pros: quiet, clean, affortable Cons: no cons more

I love this place is Great!!! 5/12/2009

it is so quiet hear I just Love It!!\r very clean, staff is verry nice,\r there are so many new staff members all very nice. \r family friendly, very understanding owners\r Pros: best nights sleep more

dreamer 5/12/2009

I have leave in Los Alisos for 15 years had no problem. I'm a single mom of 2 boys resently los my job and my land owner has been very understanding, I think I'm not alone in these. God Bless you!! Pros: It's always nice to know that people care more

What a Place =) 5/12/2009

Im looking at alot of these reviews and pretty shock that they had such negative things to say. I have lived in LA for 3 yrs and found that the employees especially front office are wonderful people. They are always helpful and polite. LA has rules and regulations but doesnt every rental property? Im pretty sure they are trying to make accommedations for the 700+ homes that are in this park. I strongly urge for people to take a look at this facility. Its a safe park, its very clean, has great employees, and they are always trying to make the park a better place to live in.\r \r Pros: quiet, clean, reasonable price more

Beautiful Park 5/12/2009

Ive been living here for the past 20 years and from the time i set foot into the front office the employees made me feel very welcomed. I believe first impressions are important and when i walked in each front office lady had a great big smile and were very welcoming. Not everything can be perfect and i understand that so when i do have specific issues like my appliances have problems or need help entering my home due to locking myself out they are prompt in helping or fixing the problem. The park has great security and i feel safe at home. Its a peaceful park and the neighbors are all very friendly. \r I would recommend anyone to take a tour of this wonderful park you will be amazed and will look at the rest of these reviews from bitter ppl to be false. Pros: close to freeways, children friendly, affortable, clean Cons: no cons more

Those are pretty brutal 4/28/2009

I've read some pretty brutal reviews. This one is a little more pleasant.\r \r I myself have been living here for two years now -- one of the newer duplexes. Though I would love to be closer to work, it's a very affordable place to live for my lifestyle.\r \r With maintenance, My garbage disposal was acting up and I needed to make a call to have them take a look/possibly repair and not only was it a Saturday, but they literally showed up five minutes after I called and it was replaced just like that.\r \r As for parking, I haven't come across a real problem yet, however, I do live alone and have two spots right outside. My boyfriend stays over on the weekends and they never told him or me that he needed a pass. He's always welcome to park in my extra spot.\r \r As far as kids go, there are a few around the corner from me that are always riding their bikes, scooters, etc. My nephew lives on the other side of the complex, and he too is always outside with his friends. If they are getting yelled at by management, I've definitely yet to witness it and my nephew has never made mention of it.\r \r I guess my only complaints are that the duplex apartments don't have washer/dryer hookups nor air conditioning. With the metal framing of these places, the summer days get pretty unbearable. I have skylights and ended up hanging shades in them. \r \r Also, some of the neighbors are ""pack r*ts."" (They wouldn't let me use that term for some reason!) A family behind me tends to forget that their ""back yard"" can be seen from my ""front yard,"" and they are always storing their kids' old toys, strollers, etc. It hasn't become enough of a burden for me to complain though.\r \r I hope this review was helpful! And for those of you who hate it here so much, please do yourselves a favor and move.. Rent is too expensive to not at least enjoy where you are living.. more

BEWARE!!!!!!!!! 4/23/2009

I gave it 1 star since this wont let me give a zero. Please please please DO NOT buy a home in here. These people are rude, and constantly harass residents. The park looks nice and has great community stuff. (gym, hot tub, pool) However they do their best to swindle residents. I myself have been accused of not paying rent several times, even though rent HAD already been payed (it was even payed early). Another owner who tried to sell their home was told that ALL applicants would be denied until the home had a brick skirting added. Well of course the park bought the home (minus a brick skirting that they later added) since the man was not allowed potential buyers. The park essentially forced him to sell to them at a price WAY under market value. I know of at least 3 such cases. PLEASE BEWARE!! Pros: Looks nice Cons: PARK IS RUN BY JERKS!!!!!! more

Don't Believe the 5 Star Rating 2/16/2009

This will never be a 5 star park no matter what they do to it. We live between two carcinogenic freeways. There is NO location, location, location! Written 09/11. Cons: Everything more

Children Unwelcome in Los Alisos! 8/25/2008

WARNING!!! DO NOT MOVE HERE!! Especially if you have children or are planning to have children. I have lived here for more than 7 years, and the past year has turned into my own personal hell. My daughter used to play happily outside our home, with us closely watching since the only ""yard"" available to play in is the streets running along the front of the homes. However, now the park management is constantly yelling at us, saying that children are not to be outside. We are told to take them to the local park to play now...every day! No bike riding, no scooter riding, no skateboarding, no sidewalk chalk in our OWN driveway!! When I take her to the pool at the office, we are harassed about something different every time. Do we live here? Are we owners or renters? When my daughter was 6 months old they would NOT let me use a flotation device for her, they classified it as a ""toy"". For 6 years I have pulled her along in a plastic wagon to and from the pool, last month because they wanted a clean pool area to show a potential resident, I was told that I am no longer allowed to bring the wagon to the pool. The staff makes up rules as it pleases them, and sadly, as we only own our home and not the land it sits on, we are at their mercy. The new owner seems to believe that he is going to turn this into a 5 star park by building a grand banquet hall, slurrying the streets EVERY year, re-signing the streets, (hence the annual increase in rent for the past 5 years) and making the children disappear! Years ago this was a senior park, and now it seems that is the goal of the management once again. My family is DESPERATE to get out of here, yet feel trapped in that we own our mobile and have the older rent rate. We are looking at all our options to get out of our personal hell. If we can save one other family from moving into LOS ALISOS, our harassment hasn't been completely worthless. PLEASE believe what you read here, and find another place to call HOME! Pros: Near freeways and schools Cons: Constant changing of rules by management, double standard in treatment of tenants more
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