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Kindred Hospital-Fort Worth

815 8th Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76104
(817) 332-4812
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I have been a patient at Kindred for almost a month and am excited but sad to be discharging today. I will miss so many staff members that are here because they were all so wonder...


All reviews seem positive

Excellent Care 6/16/2017

I have been a patient at Kindred for almost a month and am excited but sad to be discharging today. I will miss so many staff members that are here because they were all so wonderful to me. The work ethic here is astounding. They truly try to do whatever they can to make it easier for patients and it did not go unappreciated by me. Several staff members were very special to me including Linda Duckett who went out of her way to make a personal connection with me. She talked with me abou God and kept me motivated and encouraged when I was frustrated regarding my lack of progress. Story, Sonia, an Shannon all have such great attitudes. Their smiles would brighten my day and was so contagious that it would make me feel better! Kashunna, Yvette, Keke, and Jose were all amazing techs. Yvette was so kind of making sure that I was bathed. SHe was so kind and respectful and understood that being clean helps you to feel better too. She made sure to make sure that I was in the right frame of mind to get better. They're all such good employees and I will miss each one of them. more

Great place 6/9/2017

I have ben taken care of very well while I have been a patient here. The floor staff does an excellent job of giving me what I need and relaying that information over to the next shift which is nice so that I don't have to repeat myself. Everyone here has been very kind. Dr.Tiu was one the first doctor's that I saw here and she's been wonderful. She does a great job of following up with me and keeping me in the loop of what is going on. I don't have any complaints or anything negative to say about this hospital. I'm just very grateful for them and for working so hard to get me to feeling better. more

Five stars 6/1/2017

I have been more than pleased with the care that my mom has received at this hospital. Excellent staff from all angles of this facility from nursing, CNA's, case managers, administration, housekeeping, and everyone in between! I have been so moved by the compassion that they have shown my mother during her stay here. She has been here for a little less than a month and at first it was very nerve racking having her come to another hospital but since we've arrived the staff has made us feel comfortable and always kept our best interests in heart and did the absolute best that they could. This is a wonderful hospital and we couldn't have asked for a better stay. Thank you to all of the Kindred employees that worked with my mom! more

Wonderful hospital 4/27/2017

My wife has been a patient at Kindred Fort Worth for a little over a month and we give this hospital five stars all the way around! All of the staff has been great and maintained excellent professionalism with everything that they do. When we first arrived we were in the ICU, housekeeping does a great job of keeping up with everything on every unit but the ICU unit just makes you feel like there is hope because it is so well taken care of. Nannetzy in rehab stood out a lot to me. She was always positively pushing my wife in therapy and was a great motivator for her. There have been a few times when I have come into the room and found Nannetzy had my wife sitting up in a wheelchair which was just unbelievable. Being able to get into a wheelchair I feel is imperative because this makes it to where she isn't confined to her room. She was able to be pushed outside and enjoy the fresh air and I don't believe that that would have been possible without Nannetzy so I really appreciate her. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty for us. This is a wonderful hospital! more

Phenomenal service 3/24/2017

After being here for almost a month, I am discharging. My entire stay here I have been consistently impressed by this hospital. The service is phenomenal. When I asked anyone a question, I got an answer & never got left hanging. Staff always made sure to follow up with me which helped to put me at ease. All of the staff like the CNA's jump right onto whatever I need as soon as I have needed it. Nurses were great and always had a great attitude. I wish I could remember some of their names but unfortunately I cant. But really, they were all great. I highly recommend this facility. Thank you all for the care you provided! more

Amazing hospital 1/18/2017

I am currently a patient in this hospital and have been here for almost 3 weeks. I am giving this hospital five stars because the staff here is excellent. A few that have stood out to me because they go above and beyond are Stephanie Dunn, Michelle, Esmeralda, Nancy, Joyce, & Elizabeth. THese staff members are nurses and they were all amazing. Jared in radiology is really great. The staff member that did my PIC lines name is Larry and he was phenomenal. It was inserted painlessly and so quickly. Ola, Monique, T, Ethan, and nikki are all awesome techs. THe cafeteria does need some work but the care that I have received here has made up for it. Also, the staff members in physical therapy were great too. I cant name them all but they were awesome. more

Wonderful staff 1/10/2017

I am thankful that of all of the hospitals that I could have been brought to that I was brought here, I appreciate all of the kindness from all of the staff members. They take excellent care of me and always make sure that I am comfortable. I have been to other hospitals where I feel like I am bothering people when I ask for help or need something but that is not the case here. They do everything with such a positive attitude. My doctors were great and always spoke to me in terms that I could understand and I felt like I was always heard here. I definitely had a say so in my treatment here which again isn't always the case at some places. They really do a wonderful job here. more

Wonderful experience 1/4/2017

I have been at Kindred going up on 3 weeks now. I have been more than pleased with the care that I have gotten here. The staff takes great care of me and has so much compassion for what they do. They all have wonderful attitudes and do everything with a smile on their face. I feel comfortable in this hospital because it is always kept clean, it smells good, and it is just such a nice environment. I can't thank this hospital and it's staff enough for everything that they do for me. more

Couldn't be any better 12/16/2016

I have been at Kindred for over a month and have had a great experience with the care that I have received as well as the staff that has taken care of me. I am on a vent and respiratory therapy does a great job of teaching me techniques to use at home and also tending to my trach as much as possible. I am amazed by the progress that I was able to make within a month of being here. I have done a complete 180. I am thankful that I was able to be brought to this hospital because I don't think I would have made as much progress had I have gone somewhere else. The nurses and techs here have so much passion for what they do, it is very inspiring. Their jobs are not easy by any means but they do it all with a smile on their face and a positive attitude. Wonderful hospital! more

Kindred family 11/30/2016

My son has been at this hospital for 3 months now. During his 3 months here, he has had to be transferred to JPS to undergo a few procedures. Throughout his transfers, everything has always ran smoothly which is just one less thing we had to worry about. He was admitted here on August 11th. The majority of our time here has been spent in the ICU. ICU nurse Lottie was phenomenal. EVERYTHING was good with her. She was so caring of my son and did an amazing job. Leslie is another nurse that stands out to me. As well as CHarles, Renee, Jason, and Tina. They were all awesome. All of his doctors have been great too. They all speak to me in a way that I can understand and I appreciate that. All of the techs are good. Yvette especially is so special. I go down to the cafeteria for lunch and the dietary staff is very friendly and the food is great. Danny in housekeeping is so nice and friendly and always smiling. I would recommend Kindred to anyone in need of a long term acute care hospital. more

Excellent care 11/30/2016

I was transferred here on Thanksgiving Day from John Peter Smith Hospital. Of all of the choices, I am glad that this facility was chosen. It isn't a good feeling being in a hospital on a holiday but Kindred really made the best of it for me. The food that they brought in was excellent. They brought me turkey,dressing, and an entire thanksgiving meal which was awesome and made me feel right at home. The staff has really spoiled me! Yvette has been my tech and she's great! She excellent at everything that she has helped me with. JJ and Tasha are two other staff members who really stood out to me for going above and beyond. My medicine always arrives on time, they always come in with a smile on their faces, and I can tell that they thouroughly enjoy what they do. They're all so friendly and respectful. They have helped me so much by making the best out of a bad situation and I am so thankful for that. If I ever have to come to a hospital again, I will be coming back here! more

Kindness and dignity 11/30/2016

I have been at Kindred for almost two weeks. I have been treated with kindness and dignity while staying here. I have enjoyed all of my nurses and techs. They don't treat me like I am a patient or like I am bothering them. They do whatever they possibly can to help me with anything that I need. I came from Plaza Medical Center and the transfer itself went really smoothly which was nice. When I arrived I was greeted with a warm welcome and felt very at ease. This is a really great hospital and I am so glad that I ended up coming here. more

Best experience possible 11/29/2016

I was referred to Kindred by the VA center in Dallas. I was a patient at this hospital back in 2009 and had a good experience then so I was ready to come back here. The first time I was here, I remember it being a really good hospital and was well taken care of but coming back totally exceeded my expectations and memories that I had of this hospital. I haven't had a single issue while staying here other than my own personal struggles with my health declining and that being frustrating. Everyone here has supported me 100% and helped motivate me to mentally feel better. They are all so sweet and supportive of me in my healing. I have been having some stomach issues and have never felt embarassed or like I was being judged for having accidents or making a mess. All of the staff here are all so kind and compassionate about what they do. I am doing respiratory therapy and really enjoy that because I know that it is helping me to heal. Respiratory staff is great. THe food here is excellent. I remember back in '09 that the food was okay but not near what it is now! Whatever they have changed as far as that goes has worked! Housekeeping is wonderful. My room and my bathroom are always kept clean . I have never had to ask for them to come and clean anything. They frequently check in and make sure that they room is kept in great condition. THe nurses and doctors have done an exceptional job of tending to my medical concerns. They're frequently adjusting medications to try and see if anything else can work and I really feel like I am HEARD by them. They've done a wonderful job of controlling my pain level and making sure I am as comfortable as possible. I would recommend this hospital to anyone. If you want to be taken care of, and get the best possible care then you need to come here. I am very thankful for all of the staff! more

Five star all the way around 11/15/2016

This is my second time to be admitted into Kindred hospital. I was last here almost a year ago and I am pleased with my decision to return. For my stay now, I have been here for about a month. I have had excellent care while being treated here. The staff are very friendly and do their jobs very well. When I do need to press my call button, I get a prompt response which is rare for some hospitals. My room is well taken care of by housekeeping. Jose has been very kind and you can tell that he really does like his job. It isn't an easy job to have but his passion radiates. Terra who was my nurse for a while was so sweet! She truly made my day when she was my nurse. Always had a great attitude and always smiling. It was so refreshing to see her every morning. Dr.Unini does a great job of following up with me and my needs and providing me with whatever he thinks will help. I would come back here again if I had to (but I hope I don't) and I would recommend this facility to anyone in need! more

Wonderful Experience 11/8/2016

I have been at Kindred for 3 weeks and will be discharging today. Although I am ready to finally be at home, I will honestly miss everyone here! I've gone through some tough times while being here like not being able to swallow, now being able to eat, having to be put in a neck collar, feeling discombobulated at times. Medically, my stay here has been a rollercoaster to say the least. However, despite those issues the one thing that remained consistent was my care here. They took such great care of me. Yvette was usually my tech and she always went above and beyond for me. I really enjoyed her. more

Wonderful hospital 10/18/2016

I was transferred to Kindred from Baylor hospital. At Baylor I was forced to be on a respirator for 19 days after taking a turn for the worst following surgery. When I arrived I was unable to stand or move on my own at all. After being here for a few weeks and working through PT daily, I am now able to stand on my own, get into a wheelchair, and even walk a little bit on my own for a short amount of time. My progress since arriving here as been a miracle. THe rehab department pushed me harder every single day and I am so thankful for each of them. All of the staff here is very professional and each one is willing to help in any way that they can. When my children found out that I was recommended to be transferred to a long term acute care hospital, they did some heavy research online. This hospital had the best reviews which is why we chose to come here and now I can see why. I also know someone who has previously been a patient here and their recommendation was enough to convince me. I understand now why this hospital is spoken so highly of. Everything you hear about this hospital is true! more

Five stars all the way around 10/14/2016

My husband is currently a patient at Kindred hospital in downtown Fort Worth and he has been here for almost a month. He was transferred to this hospital from Plaza. While we were in Plaza his doctor told me that there was no hope for my husband and to start considering hospice because he would not be able to get any better. Thankfully, I followed my own intuition and refused to give up. He was sent over to Kindred and I have been very happy with the care that he has recieved here. Not only does the staff do an excellent job of caring for him but, when I am here (which is often) they care for me as well. They truly do care about their patients and their family members. THis hospital is five stars all the way around. Such sweet staff and kind hearted people. We need more hospitals like this one! more

Bittersweet 10/7/2016

Discharging from this hospital is a very bittersweet feeling. When I first was brought here I was extremely confused as to why I was here and I had no idea of the extent of my health issues. I was placed on a respirator and in the ICU. I was a firm believer of not needing any physical therapy because I had no idea how I could benefit from it. The staff talked through everything with me which led me to give it a try. Now I am walking around, showering by myself, and taking care of myself. They not only healed my physically. They healed me mentally. They pushed me so hard through my own mental anguish and never gave up on me. Thank you Kindred! more

Amazing transformation 9/27/2016

MY father in law was transferred to Kindred from Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth. Within the first day that he was admitted into this hospital you could see a difference in him. He said that he feels so much more comfortable here which then made him more cooperative with the staff. He is doing so well here and we are loving this place for him! All of the staff here are so helpful and nice. more

Amazing hospital 9/20/2016

My husband has been at Kindred twice now and both times have been wonderful. His last stay there we were there for about a month. His progress in such a short amount of time has been amazing. I can't remember the last time that he was able to respond to me but after about two weeks he has been able to not only respond with physical indicators but SPEAKING to me. The staff works really hard and treat my husband like he is a normal person and when he was unresponsive they would still talk to him and wouldn't treat him like he didn't know what was going on around him. Our case manager, Janet has really advocated for my husband with our insurance company. I am so thankful for her perseverance. This is a great place to bring any of your loved ones! more
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