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Avas Flowers

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(877) 638-3303
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I contacted Avas flowers on the internet while trying to find a local florist to send my mother some birthday flowers that needed to be delivered the next day. In my search for my...


I got some flowers for my sister, ordered it for same day as they advertise. they called at 2:00 stating there was an inventory issue, I paid an up charge and was promised same ...

DO NOT ORDER 3/9/2017

I got some flowers for my sister, ordered it for same day as they advertise. they called at 2:00 stating there was an inventory issue, I paid an up charge and was promised same day delivery. No delivery, spoke to them again after 5:00 and was told the delivery would not happen(after I paid more to guarantee), Next day the order arrived completely wrong and missing items(all greens very little flowers). I was promised that that fix it and re delivery by end of day. 2 days later still not correct. So I called again 6'th time only to be put on hold AGAIN for 15-30 minutes and tranfered from one person to another and hung up on all 6 times....Finally called my credit card company to reverse charges. This is the WORST experience I have ever had with a company...... more

Not Worth It 2/7/2017

This company misrepresents their products: deluxe bouquets are marketed at small bouquet prices...the photo never changes despite the differences in price. She finally told me the small bouquet had only 2 roses...never pictured...apparently my premium bouquet had 4 roses...never pictured. My sister said the bouquet was certainly not worth the nearly $90 I paid! And to charge for a card and even a ribbon? I should have known better...will never buy from them again! more

the worse company ever 1/26/2017

I got some flowers for my wife's birthday, ordered it 3 days in advance and it never showed, so they offered an upgrade for the next week and PROMISED delivery before 3 and I couldn't believe it that it didn't show again. So I called again only to be put on hold AGAIN for 15-30 minutes and tranfered from one person to another, so instead of having me call back the next day I let them talk me into another chance, so now after the 3rd attempt at this it still never showed up, I don't get it, and my wife works at a large company not like it's hard to find or anything. So I called AGAIN and got the refund thing going, after holding twice for at least 10 minutes and am now waiting for them to call me back. What the hell is so hard about refunding money and delivering more

Avas Flowers do not deliver 1/4/2017

Can you give a company less than a star? First my fiance ordered my flowers a month in advance for my birthday only for them to claim my work was closed and they could not deliver!! I was at work all day. Then he was not notified of the delivery, had to ask me if I got any suprises. When he called to complain he noticed he was charged double for that order. They were nice enough to cancel that charge but when he requested it be resent the next day he was hit with an expediated order charge. What a crock!! The arrangement from the local florest (yes Avas outsources its flowers) was beautiful. But the cost to get it to me was not worth the hassle. If you are looking for a "local" florest - skip Avas as the middle man because they are not worth the hassle. more

Great Experience! 1/2/2017

I contacted Avas flowers on the internet while trying to find a local florist to send my mother some birthday flowers that needed to be delivered the next day. In my search for my mother's hometown, I was directed to Avas which made it seem like they were local (my only beef with them, my bad for not checking the address), I ordered a nice arrangement, a card, and a balloon and found the price reasonable. I became concerned because after I placed the order I read some of these reviews, so worried in fact, that I almost ordered more from another florist. To my surprise the order arrived in a timely manner and my brother said they were gorgeous. The card and balloon were delivered as well so I was very pleased and relieved. more

Embarrassing 12/23/2016

Paid $71 for a poinsettia that I could have bought at shoprite for $20! Highway robbery! more

First time shame on you second shame on me! 12/20/2016

Stay away from Ava's Flowers!! The first time we used this company they delivered a almost dead $180 flower arrangement to my grandfathers funeral. We called and asked for a replacement to be sent in time for the funeral and failed to do so. They wouldn't reimburse me the full amount, I got 50% will credit towards another purchase. I took it the credit after a long fight to try to get a full refund. I then waiting 6 months before I needed to use the credit and used it to send a flower/fruit basket to a family member so had a major surgery for cancer. The sent a fruit basket, with NO flowers and the fruit was old and rotten! I couldn't believe it, and was so embarrassed again! They are sending a replacement, we will see how that looks. Stay away from this company! more

Stay away! 12/18/2016

My kids ordered a small arrangement of baby orchids to be delivered to me on my birthday. Because my birthday fell on a Saturday this year, they paid extra for weekend delivery. My birthday was on a Saturday--when nothing was delivered, my kids called Avas to follow up. They apologized and said they would send a teddy bear with the arrangement as an "apology". Three days after my birthday, a sad-looking, half-dead arrangement arrived at my door, sans teddy bear. Instead of being happily surprised, I was in tears. That my kids, all students, spent so much money thinking that they would surprise me on my birthday with beautiful flowers, but instead ended up sending me a pathetic arrangement three days after my birthday, saddened me no end. To make matters worse, when my son and I both tried calling their customer service to address the situation, we both got put on hold endlessly, and then were victims of a never-ending run-around. To date, we have been unable to get a resolution to this problem. I believe the company was just trying to wear us down so that we would finally just go away. Never use this company--they are dishonest and thieves!! more

The web site looks like a local company, but the roses like like they came from China. 12/10/2016

I ordered well in advance, the delivery was on a regular week day - no holiday or peak season issues, and they didn't deliver the roses/chocolates/card until the day after my 25th wedding anniversary. They try to make it look like it will be local when you order, but the flowers come in a box that looks like it's toner for a copy machine coming from China. But hey, they included the invoice with a breakdown of all the prices - very romantic! The only response I got from complaining to Avas was an offer for 10% off on the next order. Now that's funny. more

This Cannot Possibly be a Legitimate Company 11/23/2016

I misunderstood the false online advertising that this was a "LOCAL" company. When you call them they even claim to be a local company stating they are in your town which is 100% false advertising. What I know now is not only is this not a local company but this cannot be a real flower distributor. The customer service is nothing but continuous prompts to nowhere, fake customer service that keeps transferring, ringing in to lines no one is at, and false promises that they need to call you back to refund and someone will be in touch. No one is ever in touch. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. IT IS 100% a scam. THIS IS NOT A REAL SERVICE, THIS IS A SCAM. more

Don't Use This Company it's a Rip Off 10/31/2016

I called Avas Flowers to order flowers for a friend in the hospital. I was informed the flowers I wanted could not be delivered until the next day, although the suggested another type of arrangement that could be delivered that day before 4:00 P.M. Wanting the flowers to arrive that day, I changed my order to the other flowers, and was assured (5) times they would be delivered that day, before 4:00 P.M. Bottom line, I was Lied to, the flowers were not delivered, I received an email saying the flowers were scheduled for next day delivery. I change my order to something I didn't really care for, so they would deliver that day. I was promised, lied to, over charge for the product, and was met with nothing but resistance after (8) phone calls. I asked since it was going to be next day delivery, could I go ahead and get the flowers I originally wanted to order. I was informed if I change my order, it would take an additional day for delivery, and I would have to pay the price again !! This company shouldn't be allowed to operate. Too high price, very poor service, and will not work with the customer to resolve an issue, that was all their fault !! Philip E. Harmon, Clifton, Texas more

hurt by horrible service 10/28/2016

Ava Florist doesn't even deserve 1 star I am writing because I am very disappointed in the way my order request was handled and not carried out. I ordered flowers for my uncles service in Oklahoma. Spoke with 3 different people promising and confirming my request can and would be taken care of. "Not to worry". Well imagine my surprise and disappointment when I arrived for my uncles service and there were NO flowers. After I was promised I would be satisfied. This is something that can not be fixed. I would NEVER order flowers from this company again and I hope this NEVER happens to another person. Now I hope I get my full refund of over $300. The customer service (orders) need to be addressed and trained to take orders correctly and never make promises the company can't keep. Remember this is already a difficult time and then to have to deal with mess ups like this only adds to the pain and hurt. Thank you for making a bad day even worse with your incompetence more

Total BUST 10/25/2016

Wish I would have found this site before I ordered! Placed an order on Thursday for a Saturday delivery. On Saturday I got a message to call immediately. I did and was informed they needed another $15 to process my order. BASICALLY I WAS HELD HOSTAGE! Too late to go elsewhere, I paid it. The card looked like a first grader wrote it and the arrangement wasn't what I ordered. They don't follow their own policy if you read through it. They sent a review that "they are concerned about customer satisfaction"...that's a joke. No response to that or an additional e-mail I sent. Apparently the reviews on their site are all made up based on independent site reviews. This was one regrettable transaction. more

Never Do Business With These People 10/18/2016

Not only were my flowers not delivered but they made it almost impossible to get a refund. I truly believe they are running a scam! I am telling everyone about my terrible experience with this company. I have been put on hold for two days now trying to get a refund issued. more

AVA's Flowers Rip you Off! 10/12/2016

I spent $78.00 on a flower delivery. Fine, but you'd better deliver what I ordered and it had better be nice. They charge hidden fees. They even charge extra for the little card on the stick that reads "Get Well Soon" or "Happy B-Day". That is standard with flowers! They ask "What color bow do you want" then CHARGE YOU $5.00 for it but don't tell you. Sneaky. AND worse yet, what you order is not what they deliver. Then, Ava's REFUSES to refund any $. They only offer $8 on your next order. Whaaat?! I paid $78.00 for a nice arrangement, they delivered a $15 looking carnations, and small. I like carnations, but they are the CHEAPEST flowers out there! If you're going to deliver that, it had better be a big, beautiful bunch of carnations. It was far from that. NOTHING I specified for the order was delivered. Then they basically told me to go pound sand when I called. They take advantage of people: They know you will probably not see what they deliver, right? The person who gets your flowers is not going to tell you "Thanks for the flowers, I hope you didn't spend much because they look cheap, small and tacky." AVA's, if you are going to charge $78.00 you'd better deliver what is requested, not a little bouquet that looks like something you spent $11.99 on for grandma at the grocery store! They have a contract which is all about protecting them. So, they've got you, and who reads a contract when they're busy and just want some nice flowers delivered?! * Buyer beware, and P.S. I think all those 5 star ratings are Fake.* more

customer 9/28/2016

I paid for a same day delivery for my mom's birthday. The order was 2 days late after her birthday. The order of flowers I ordered were to have orange lillies with a orange bow (that I paid extra for) in addition to the flowers in the arrangement. The arrangement came with no bow of any color. I ordered a fallish arrangement that had a light green square vase. The flowers were in a clear round vase. When I called to complain and get some the representatives were rude and did not help me. They falsely advertise same day delivery, do not give you what you order. and the money was taking out of my account before the flowers were delivered. I would not recommend this company . This is the worst company I have ever done to do business with. more

The Worst Customer Service EVER!!!!!!! 9/26/2016

I ordered flowers to be delivered to my wife's office. I was told they would be delivered before 4:00pm which is when she leaves. The flowers arrived at 6:30pm after she had left for the weekend. In addition, they weren't even the right flowers. I called the so called "customer service" number and this is what happened : first call made me go thru a bunch of automated press this if this bs and then eventually hung up on me, call 2 I sat on hold for 45 minutes, call 3 I pressed the option to order flowers and they picked right up, after telling them why I was calling back on hold for 25 minutes, finally a person picks up and is zero help, transfers me to a "supervisor", after holding for another 15 minutes they pick up and then after hearing what I'm calling about hangs up on me. Call 4, again the same on hold for at least 30 minutes, guy tells me all the supervisors are out of the building and he can not make a decision. call 5, finally get a hold of a supervisor that is back in the building, they tell me that they will have the flowers picked up and will refund my money on Monday. Monday has come, the wrong flowers are still in the same place they delivered them and I have not received a call or email from this horrible company. I have made 4 calls today, over 2 hours of dealing with this and still no resolution. Every time I speak to someone new I have to start from the beginning. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. BELIEVE THE REVIEWS. THEY ARE AS BAD AS IT GETS. more

The worst service I have ever experienced 9/9/2016

Not only did this company fail deliver the flowers I ordered for a family funeral, they made it so difficult to request a simple refund. I would highly recommend NOT TO USE Avas Flowers. more

Smell like cigarettes 8/24/2016

I paid extra for early delivery and the flowers were 3 hours late. When they arrived the vase was hot and the flowers looked droopy. Turns out the so called "local" flowers were from a florist and hour and a half away. They smelled so badly of cigarette smoke you couldn't keep them in the same room with you. Don't order from these people! more


Every bit of this experience was an awful one. I have never dealt with such an unprofessional company, from the customer service operators all the way up to executives. I placed an order of a boquet for same day delivery, and not only was my order downgraded to a smaller arrangement that I paid $52 dollars for, but it wasn't received until the next day, and it HAD to be delivered same day. When I called the next morning to cancel the order, a manager told me she'd cancel it and I'd receive a refund, Then I got a notification saying it was delivered against my wishes. I called back for 3 DAYS and kept getting the run around from every manager I spoke to, who never called me back and left me on hold for over 30 minutes before our calls were disconnected. I finally spoke to Orlando today, who informed me there was nothing they could do even though they messed up. But don't worry, because they can offer me a $20 store credit, because I'll definitely want to do more business with this company....entirely disappointed and I'm recommending to everyone NEVER to use this company. more
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