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Bunya CitiSPA - 51 Reviews - 474 W Broadway, New York, NY - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (212) 388-1288

Bunya CitiSPA

474 W Broadway (at nr. W. Houston St.)
New York, NY 10012
(212) 388-1288
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Bunya CitiSPA - New York, NY
Bunya CitiSPA - New York, NY
Bunya CitiSPA - New York, NY
Bunya CitiSPA - New York, NY
Bunya CitiSPA - New York, NY
Bunya CitiSPA - New York, NY
Bunya CitiSPA - New York, NY



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My dear friends suprised me with a wonderful bridal shower in Bunya Citi Spa. We all had facials and manicures. The staff who did my facial was so professional and paid attentio...


Went for a pedicure and manicure. The place was great it had great ambiance and a stern intimidating asian lady at the front desk. I've heard a lot of great things from this spa, ...

Great Spa 4/14/2010

I booked a thai massage at this spa for spa week. I had never been to this spa before so I was crossing my fingers. First the place is located in the heart of Soho in a great spot on Prince and West Broadway. The spa is clean and they were very friendly when I walked in. The lady who did my massage was Sue and she was great. She was strong but gentle and knew what she was doing. I have had Thai massages before and thought this was excellent. They massage you with oils, and put hot pads of herbs on you and then also stretch you. I wish it was longer than 50 minutes but other than that no complaints. The spa has a sauna and steam room which was a pleasant surprise, and also a waiting area with tea, bananas, TVs, and magazines where you can lounge on these big chairs while you wait. After spending awhile relaxing, I took a shower and they have rainfall shower heads. They also have all the things you need to get ready too (soaps, lotions, etc) I liked the place so much, I bought a gift card for 3 more! Taking advantage of the spa week prices and they will honor it until August. I am counting the days until my next one. Pros: Location more

Client Be Aware 1/26/2010

Went for a pedicure and manicure. The place was great it had great ambiance and a stern intimidating asian lady at the front desk. I've heard a lot of great things from this spa, but I'm yet to see what the big deal is. Sat to get my pedicure done, pleased with the color and process, the young technician took me to get my toenails dry; she never came back. Noticed that the client sitting next to me had used a wet towel to rest her feet; her technician threw it into the sterilizer. My technician then went to the same sterilizing machine and took the towel out to begin to dry my feet and legs; I immediately stopped her and she looked scared knowing she had been caught. I shrugged it off and requested for her not to dry my legs and feet. Went to pay for my service and was forced to tip although I had intended to give a cash tip to the technician. The asian receptionist didn't have a great attitude but she served her purpose of cashing me out. Would I go back? yes the place looked sanitary enough- my recommendation would be to be really weary of how they treat you.. more

Wonderful Services 11/18/2009

My dear friends suprised me with a wonderful bridal shower in Bunya Citi Spa. We all had facials and manicures. The staff who did my facial was so professional and paid attention to every single detail. I have sensitive skins and hate dirty places. Bunya Citi is so clean and smells good everywhere I went during our service time. Me and my friends had such a good time in Bunya Citi Spa. Thank you for letting me feel like a Queen! Pros: Facial & Manicure more

AMAZING Massage 11/12/2009

I have been training for the marathon in the past months. I didnt not realized how tense my muscles are until I finished the run. I was recommended to Bunya Citi Spa by a friend of mine. I booked a two hours sports massage. A tiny asian lady did my massage and at first, I didnt expect much. Anyway, the massage was so good that I felt like I was walking on clouds during the massage and about 1 or 2 after the mssage. I will definitely go back soon as my muscles are calling Bunyaciti by request. Pros: Massage more

One of the Best in Town 10/28/2009

I love massage and have been getting massage all over the city. I have been searching for the perfect massage place where I can claim my loyalty. However, no luck until Bunya Citi Spa. I tried their spa month special, $50 for 50 minutes Thai Massage (it was $150 something value). OMG, it was so good I literally bought 10 packages after the massage. I finally found my top massage spa. Pros: Best Massage Ever Had more

Left Disappointed by the poor service 10/15/2009

I love Thai massage. But what I got at Bunya, was a version of it, not the real thing. And my time was cut short. Not to mention that my wrist hurts from the poor techniques used. The receptionist was snappy and impatient on the phone and in person. I've been to so many great spas in Manhattan, this one is definitely the worst I've experienced. It wasn't even pretty to look at. Decor is pretty much non-existent. I've been to smaller spas that were so well decorated and this one left me cold on all aspects. There are so many great spas in the city and soho, seriously, pick another one. I will not be going back there. Cons: Rude front desk, inexperienced therapist, bad decor more

Only if you want to be permanently disfigured 8/25/2009

If eyes are the windows of the soul, that I am f&**ed. Thanks BunyaCiti! At the end of the procedure, I tried but could not open my eyes. She had glued the lashes and skin around my lids together!!!! For the next 45 minutes, I had to lie there as she applied ointments (I later found out was just contact solution) to q-tips and wiped my eye area to try to get the glue off. I lasted through the whole ordeal without screaming, yelling or profanity - but not without cringing and alot of tearing (my eyes started to sting and burn after 5 minutes of her efforts). Somewhere along the line, I also heard the snip snip of small scissors being used. I can't believe that she didn't even warn me - if I wasn't completely still or had decided to move alittle, I could have been blinded by her efforts. When my eyes were finally open, I saw that my eyes were puffy and bloodshot. The extensions were of different lengths (because she had cut them to get my eyes open) and my lower eyelashes were missing. Even though she had cut some extensions off, they were glued to other eyelashes, so there were lashes that were hanging around for the heck of it. Those lashes will get into my eye for the next few days and cause alot of irritation (but were impossible to remove because the woman had used so much glue!) As I was looking at myself, she says to me, "I am sorry, glue very strong!" I told the front desk that I was refusing to pay. So long story short, the manager was called, and I did not have to pay for the service. They apologized profusely and that was that. I felt that I shouldn't have asked to not have to pay. In addition, they should have offered to rectify their wrong. Ultimately, yes, the woman who administered the extensions was at fault, but the management team of Bunya Citi Spa had appointed her. They should have ensured that she had gone through enough training and should have been confident of her abilities before they allowed her to work on someone. Eyelash Extensions require one to work on the most sensitive skins. Pros: None Cons: eyelashes ruined, eyes glued shut, bloodshot eyes more

Best Massage Ever 2/20/2009

At the suggestion of a friend, I went to Bunya CitiSpa for my annual birthday massage. I had a Sweedish massage with Maggie and I have to say, it was the best I have ever had. I have since gone back and seen Maggie again and she is consistently great. She asks how much pressure you like and includes bending and stretching in her technique. A+++! Pros: Relaxing atmosphere, steam room, great massage Cons: Changing area is near main hallway more

My favorite spa in NYC! 10/14/2008

Bunya CitiSPA is my new go-to spa in NYC. About a year ago, I scheduled a spa week massage and facial and have continually gone back for services every few months. The staff is friendly, kind and very accommodating (they will try very hard to get you the treatment date/time you want, I have never run into a problem with schedule). I adore the waiting lounge with endless magazines, lounge chairs, tea, lemon/cucumber water, bananas, fruits&nuts--you can just relax in your robe before your treatments. Penny is the best for facials--she is friendly and makes you feel very comfortable and will really tailor your facial to your skin and your particular skin's issue on that visit. All the massage I've had are wonderful, they have the ability to use a lot of pressure to really get into the knots, so let the masseuse know the pressure you want. It is an all-around wonderful relaxing rejuvenating experience! Pros: Friendly expert staff in a welcoming relaxing atmosphere Cons: None more

Best Massages I gotten in a long time 8/12/2008

I've been coming here for about a year now and figured that I should do a review on the many services I've gotten at Bunya. Once you go in the receptionist are very nice, friendly & helpful. I normally get there early so i can go use the sauna. After I'm done I'll go & wait in the lounge area so I can relax & have myself some nuts, fruits & cucumber water (Very Healthy). while I wait for my Masseuse or Esthetician So far the Estheticians (Penny & Irene) have been wonderful. They have taken care of my acne problems as well as make my skin silky smooth. I love how they actually let me rest & relax instead of constantly talking to me while I get my facial. I love being able to go in for a mini facial while i'm on my lunch break so I can unwind after having a hectic morning. Massages are just great there. Depending on what you need there are a lot of great masseuses there. The Thai Massage I got there was as good as when I went to Bangkok. I recommend requesting / asking for S ue for that . Deep Tissue & Sports Massages are what I normally get. For those I would recommend Maggie, Esther, Michelle or Francise. Several of my co-workers have been down there with me and they've had several different masseuses & they love it. One of them mentioned that the pregnancy massage is great and she had several of her pregnant friends come down for it as well. I think the masseuse was Jenny. I've gotten several body treaments done as well. I love the Tropical Oasis & Papaya Polish. Every now and then I will spoil myself and get the Tranquility Hands & Feet done. Look for Cherry, Lilly or Mia. I would recommend that you arrive a little early even if you've made an appointment. There's been several occasions that I got there on time or a little late and had to wait. Even if you have to wait, the wait is worth it. Service = 5 Stars Atmosphere = 4.5 Stars Price = 4.5 Stars Cleanliness = 5 Stars Pros: Great Service Cons: None more

Worst massage EVER...Seriously DON'T GO 7/25/2008

I thought I'd struck the jackpot after I had a pretty great facial for just 90 bucks last week by a sweet girl named Penny. But when I went back for a couples massage yesterday, I realized I was sorely (pun intended) mistaken. Not only did the masseuse (Frances? Francine?) rush through the massage and dig her fingers into my tendons (hello, that's NOT a knot. I need those), but she doesn't even have a grasp of basic human anatomy. She rubbed my armpits, for godssakes. I don't know about you, but I don't carry my tension in my armpits. It even got to a point where I literally had to tell her "Stop it!". When it was finally over, I asked to speak to the manager who reluctantly offered to have someone work on the 'spots she missed' for 20 mins. Really? Because after all that, you think I want to go BACK in? Not only did NO ONE apologize for the cr*p massage, but they even acted like I was the one who was being high maintenance. Save your money. You can get the same level of service at a tug and rub. Pros: Penny the facialist is great. Cons: Everything else was AWFUL!!! more

Inexperience workers and very rude service 7/23/2008

My friends and I booked a 60 message for 5 PM. We arrived at the SPA around 4:45 PM; however, we had to wait until a room freed up, which took over 30 minutes. Our message begun 20 minutes after our original scheduled time due to them not having a room for us even though we made the reservation in advance. My friend and I were in the same room and before we started, the masseuse asked my friend what time our appointment was and my friend answered her 5 PM. The message was horrible. They were untrained and did not know what they were doing. All the knots that was not touched and they did not know where to message. It felt like they were groping me as pose to messaging me. If felt like the message ended quick so I asked them was that 60 minutes, and they yes. Therefore, we took a shower quickly and as I was putting on my watch, I noticed that the time was little pass 6 PM. How is it possible that we started a 60 minutes message at 5:30 something, I took a shower, and the time was not even 6:30. They cheated us out of 20-30 minutes of message time. I went back downstairs and told them that we paid for a 60 minutes, not a 45 minutes. They pretend that they don?t speak English; therefore, I went back upstairs. The front desk said that I was on time and she asked the masseuse and they are indicating we got our 60 minutes. I told her that we were waiting upstairs and then downstairs to wait for a room to free up for more than 30 minutes. She said she did not know. There English is really bad and they pretend that they did not understand. But the time shows that we did not get our 60 minutes. The changing clothes, message, and shower all took less than 60 minutes, so obviously we did not get our 60 minutes message. They were laughing at me and speaking in Chinese while I was talking to them. I highly DO NOT recommend this place. Not only is the services bad, their customer service bad as well. Pros: None Cons: Staff are not trained, they do not speak English well (or pretends they do not speak it), rude and bad services more

Tiffany is Amazing!!! 6/8/2008

I have gone to many spas around the world, and had massage from many different masseuses. If you are looking for a spa with fantastic facilites, this is definitely not for you. It has the basic Roman showers and dry steam rooms, but it does not have a whirlpool or scented baths, and space is very limited. In addition, one of the most discomforting aspects is the lack of air-conditioning in the spa. However, the deep tissue massage with Tiffany was absolutely amazing. She is definitely one of the best masseuses i have ever had, and truly knows how to really massage the body. While the spa itself is not fantastic, I keep going back becuase Tiffany is truly amazing! Pros: great deep tissue massages; great spa package (6 massages for the price of 5) Cons: does not have a whirpool; does not have adequate air conditioning more

Great Pre-Natal Massage 3/11/2008

I've had such a great experience here. I liked my massage so much, I bought a series of 5 massages. In addition, all my pregnant friends are coming too and also bought the series. Ask for Jenny. She is so gentle and caring. I thought pre-natal massages might be uncomfortable for 60 minutes, but it's been such a dream. The price is right too! Pros: great pre-natal massage Cons: none more

Utter disapointment 11/27/2007

Altogether awful. Took a client. First they wanted me to pay BEFORE treatment. Then, the place was NOT clean - the treatment rooms do not have walls to the ceiling so I heard a couples massage the whole time (painful). The rooms were FREEZING and for a $300 treatment of body scrub, massage etc, it was not nice to be cold. Speaking of the treatments, they were awful. This was one of the worst spa experiences I ever had and my client felt the same way, Very sad. more

great steam room, good massage 10/14/2007

very nice place, courteous staff, great steam room and relaxation area, many snacks. more

usually good but lately massage getting worse - massage was cut short! 10/10/2007

i had purchased a spa week gift card which i used now and the service was bad... i was taken 15 min earlier which is fine since i arrived early but massage was cut short by 15 min! i thought that was so unprofessional and just wrong..... do not recommend, if you extend spa week offers, honor them Pros: best steam room, great relaxation area, skill Cons: expensive, massage cut 15 short more

Don't go! 8/26/2007

Horrible massage. Dirty facility. They made us pay much more than the prices listed on their website. This is a Chinese "back rub" facility with much higher prices. more

Enjoy a peace of moment in NYC spa 7/11/2007

Great place to go for a couple package. We had a 90min Thai herbal massage in a couple room, its was so great. Just perfect for my paste. After the massage, I felt so energetic and flexible. I guess after all the pulling and stretching. I always worry of going to a public shower room,somehow its surprise me. Its was so clean!! The shower place made me felt like back to Asia. I miss that feeling. Then we had a spa pedicure, its was wonderful. Cons: parking more

A Outstanding Spa 6/12/2007

I am not a frequent spa goer because I am pretty picky about cleanness and level of services. In the past, I only willing to go to destination spas and that sometimes disappoint me. However, my girlfriend invited me to this spa for couple's massage for my birthday. We had four hands massage in a nicely decorated couple's room. Four hands massage means we have total 4 massage therapists to serve us. I have to say, all of them have magic hands. After the massage, I seriously feel 10 years younger and better. In addition, this place is very clean and the staffs are definitely highly trained. This will be a frequent place for me to visit from now on for sure. Pros: Clean, Friendly & Nicely Trained Staffs Cons: Parking more
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  • Based in one of the most hectic and stressful cities in the world, Bunya CitiSpa is the ideal getaway for anyone needing an escape. How often does one get to truly relax? We understand the needs of our clients and our facility provides them flawlessly.

    At Bunya we help soothe away life's hardships, focusing on our clients individual needs, providing them with a new sense of self and well-being. Our elegant setting, matched with our knowledgeable and caring staff will leave you enlightened and in awe of the beauty of rejuvenation.

    Now open late! Call for an appoinment today!


  • Sparkling mosaic tiles and a trickling floor-to-ceiling waterfall induce Southeast Asian relaxation upon entering. A mint green and sandstone color scheme gives way to 13 muraled treatment rooms, where exotic birds are painted perched in banyan trees. To further transport, natural ingredients including Thai herbs, sesame oil, honey and organic ginger are incorporated into the luxuriously long services, from massages and mud wraps to fruit-infused facials. A teak sauna and steam room seal this soothing experience.

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