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Bungalow 8 - 46 Reviews - 515 W 27th St, New York, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 629-3333

Bungalow 8

515 W 27th St (at nr. Tenth Ave.)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 629-3333
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Bungalow 8 - New York, NY
Bungalow 8 - New York, NY
Bungalow 8 - New York, NY
Bungalow 8 - New York, NY
Bungalow 8 - New York, NY
Bungalow 8 - New York, NY
Bungalow 8 - New York, NY
Bungalow 8 - New York, NY
Bungalow 8 - New York, NY


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I used to avoid this place (and all of the 27th street madness) because of the hype around the few celebrity appearances that drove masses of pretentious creepy wall street types ...


I don't know how they get away with it, a $9.00 bottle of wine that I have at home sells for $150 at Bungalow 8!!! The "snazzy" bartender was just too unhappy to be disturbed to s...

Bugalow8 on Behind the Burner 6/1/2010

I just read about the food at Bungalow8 on Behind the Burner. com - it looks delisshhh more

Awful For Private Events 6/12/2009

Organized a private event here for over 100 people. Manager lied about state of air conditioning and then disappeared, leaving someone just as incompetent in charge. She arrived late and did not know how to handle the situation properly. Had to cancel all the food for the dinner on the upper section and moved those guests next door. The doorman was helpful. Obviously they do not know how to handle anything if they can't get things fixed before major events. I do not recommend this place to anyone wanting to book a private event. Pros: Decent Music, ok doorman Cons: Non-working AC, bad management more

Great Thursday Night Out!! 3/5/2009

I used to avoid this place (and all of the 27th street madness) because of the hype around the few celebrity appearances that drove masses of pretentious creepy wall street types and wannabes to crowd this lounge. A friend and I were in the area after the Bridge Art Festival and someone she knew had gotten a table here - the crowd was fantastic! Friendly doormen, friendly staff, attractive crowd, the works! Stayed til 4am and had a blast! Hungover today but worth it! more

Great Place if you can get through the door! 8/25/2008

If you can get passed the doorman your experience here will be great. If you are ready to spend $350 or so on a $25 bottle of gray goose, then this is where you need to be. Be prepared to dress to the nine because you may run into a celebrity or two!! more

wannabe scenesters; pathetic and shallow 6/20/2008

the door guys are not the problem here; i found them charming, really. it's all the jersey and uptown euro-trash wannabe downtown scenesters that give this place a bad name. overall a good time is to be had, but prepare to be annoyed by guido over there. more

Different from the other meatpacking clubs 4/24/2008

I went here for the first time two weeks ago because a friend had a connection. This place is really cool, small, not crowded, very different scene from the other clubs in the area. The crowd is different too, hipsters, Euros, no ibankers that's for sure, didn't see any celebs. The inside is like a safari with palm trees and black and white pokadot seats. Good dancing, doesn't pick up until 2am. If you can get in, I would recommend checking this place out. Pros: Feels like you're in exotic jungle, not crowded Cons: Hard to get in more

aahhmaazzinggg AMAZING uh.may.zing :] 3/25/2008

i dont know what everyones talking about that its not a great place to go. i mean its not very big if thats the issue.. but it is decorated beauutifully, service is amazing, we got a table last time so we didnt have to stand. Annddd Lenny Kravitz came through for a little partying. Pretty expensive, yes. 3 shots were 50 bucks. but the service is amazing. we got hungry and they made a DELICIOUS 3 cheese pizza for us. im going back again this friday sooooo doo it uppp Pros: hot drinks, hot people, hot decor, dancinggg love it Cons: if ur not taking a limo then the walk from the parking garage is annoyingg more

Full of "celebutantes," whatever those are 2/9/2008

Bungalow is filled with people like "nightlifecelebutante," so all you really need to do is read her (his?) review to decide whether or not this is a place you want to be bothered with. As for "celebrity sightings," if that's your kink, go for it, but make sure that you have a sufficiently broad definition of the word "celebrity" (i.e., you should be satisfied with a sighting of the half-brother of the second cousin of someone who got booted in the second round of the second season of "American Idol" or Bai Ling) or you will go home sad and unfulfilled. That said, the drinks are good. Pros: Good drinks, relatively interesting decor Cons: packed with paris hilton-wannabes (which is about the saddest state of existence possible) more

It's a nightclub that over-hyped and a celeb magnet, big whoop. 8/15/2007

Don't listen to the rewiewer below me, I'd change the name Bungalow 8 to Bungle 8 because it's so lame. So what, you get past the doorman, it ain't that hard, just wear a dress and be young. Also, do not forget to tip the bathroom attendant or she will freak out at you and scream at you for being a 'cheap b%&#h'. Why must I pay everytime I use the loo, I already gave her $3 the first time?! Then, if you are not rich enough, you won't be able to sit down, because to nab a banquet you either have to have bottle service (and my paltry paycheck doesn't cover Cristal) or you can just sit at one and hide the 'Reserved' sign that's on the table. Their's plenty of eurotrash and empty headed bimbos to go around, and the two (horrible) times I've been there, I never saw any celebs or anyone who even looked like a model, not that I give two poops about that anyway. The only thing I liked about it was the decor of the banquets; I really dig the giant polka dot and striped look, very nice. Although I shouldn't be so harsh because a table did invite my friends and me to sit with them and share in their booze; whole bottles of Makers Mark and Stoli Vodka, etc, so that wasn't so bad. But really, if you're into Butter, Bungalow, Marquee, Gansevoort and all those other ridiculous, and dare I say trashy, nightclubby places, by all means, go for it. But if you have a brain, I would avoid at all costs. Pros: Cool Banquets Cons: boring, trashy lame crowd, overrated more

It's Bungalow... enough said 4/24/2007

Bungalow 8 is one of my favorite places in the city. Not for dancing, eating, or drinking. It is truly a place to relax and figure out where your friends are and how you're going to get home. It's pointless to go there before 2am because anyone worth seeing is somewhere else until that point. The private room is nice but I don't see why everyone is in love with the bathrooms, the ones at the Hotel Gansevoort are much nicer. Monday night is the best night to go there, after Butter of course. Tuesday nights are also good. I haven't been there on a weekend yet and I don't plan on it. Is it hard to get in, yes. Once the doorman knows your face and trusts you well then it's easy. All you have to do is get in once and it's a cake walk after that. But whatever you do DO NOT take pictures of the celebs inside. It will get you kicked out. I know. I've seen it. Go for the scene, go to say you've been there. But don't expect the secrets of the universe to unlock. It's just like every other club on 27th street. Except it's impossible to get in to. But then again so is Cain. Pros: celebs, models, great social crowd Cons: silly people on the sidewalk trying to get in block your path to the door. more

PM 4/13/2007

all these clubs are leaving that area and moving downtown or to the meatpacking. i heard PM is opening a new spot....i read it on some blog public-accessblog.blogspot more

Listen to me 3/9/2007

Guys, The bungalow now its a classic.... its not the bungalow of 3 years ago, but its still a classic... some weeks ago i have had a good time at the bar with eva mendez.. so respect for a place that is survived and still great! Naturally difficult to get in if the doorman (he is the best) dont like you its better that you leave. more

From the shores of the French Riviera to the US East Coast 2/28/2007

I gotta tell you, Bungalow 8 is a junior reincarnation of Jimmyz or Les Caves Du Roy at peak summer party time - but in a slightly more condensed format obviously. Money is being thrown all directions, like paper earmarked for moneyed party goers. Having said that, Bungalow 8 is still a name in NYC and the ladies are hot - yes, NYC girls, you rule big time. C est la vie au Monte Carlo! I will be back.... more

Just don't go 9/3/2006

Of course we were excited to get into Bungalow 8. The service was excellent and the people, for the most part, were beautiful. However, we were extremely confused about the music, which ended up ruining an otherwise great night. Almost every song was from the B-list bin that Banana Republic refuses to play in their stores. Imagine going to one of the best clubs in NYC and trying to get excited when Roy Orbison's music steals the show. We waited until 2 AM, but nothing happened then either. By 2:30, some motown was jamming and the level of our confusion reached new heights. We abandoned 1/2 a bottle at the table at a prime location in the club and were left to believe that we should reconsider drinking in the future. We are currently pondering leaving New York altogether. We were envious of the "losers" that got rejected at the door and were forced to go elsewhere. Cons: Horrible Music more

Overrated 5/14/2006

Yea, you pretty much go there to say you've been, but to be honest it's fun inside, but nothing amazing. It's completely overrated and mostly populated by people who need to be able to tell people they were there to make themselves feel viable. I wouldn't advise going unless you are already thoroughly intoxicated Pros: Smoking OK, Mostly OK crowd, Style points Cons: Not all that fun more

scene 2/6/2006

in traditional NY style, the bouncers are truly on and off. one day they are buying you champagne and acting like you are family, the next they won't look at you. if you can suck it up and deal with the inconsistent weirdness, great. music is sometimes really good. lots of celeb sightings if that's what you want. gets old fast, though. lots of judgemental industry people who feel no one else should be in there. more

fun for night-owls 1/11/2006

Never a disappointing night-even if empty! bungalow is small, and bouncers regulate clientele--great bc the result is that you're more likely to run into friends vs. "that drunken weirdo"-type that inhabits all the other cheesy clubs on 27th st. good decor, excellent music, great scene. fashionable. more

ah, the infamous Bungalow 8! 11/17/2005

Has Planet Hollywood branched into a club? This must be the place. Oh yeah, you'll be be jamming among beautiful types and celebrities, but the decor is still too cheesy for words and there's really nothing special to say.. oh except to tell your friends.. "hay! I got into Bungalow 8 so I'm hot stuff now, eh?". Like any club, the bouncers egos are bursting and it's difficult to get into. Dress hot, roll up in something nice (if coming in by car or limo), and gentlemen ~ bring girls. (yes, that's right, the plural). Oh, and don't forget your wallet. Better. Don't be so thirsty, let alone hungry. Some of the drinks can really rack up the tab, and some of them even require a password, so you can't order them.. HA! Pros: beautiful types Cons: cheesy decor, $$$$ more

More Like Bung-Hole 8 11/15/2005

Crap scene and crap music with crap attitude and crap idol worship. Not worth it. Much more better out there. Pros: Leaving Quickly. Cons: Star passe cache., Wannabees., Quasi-Trendy more

depends what you're looking for 7/16/2005

If you're looking for a place to party on the weekend this is not the place! It's tiny and the biggest mission to get into. Once you get inside you kind of wonder what the fuss was all about. Music is not so bad though. If you're into the get-noticed, superficial scene and like small places you'll have a good time. If you're not famous though or know someone famous you'll feel very out of place. Pros: music, drinks Cons: staff attitude, space, people more
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