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Buffalo Grove Theatre

120 McHenry Road
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
(847) 604-1393
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I like this theater. Family of 4, it's almost 100 bucks to go anywhere else. I understand it is not the best theater, but savings are HUGE. It may not be a place to impre...


To the previous reviewer-When reviewing your own business try not to be so obvious about it. I was at this ""estableshment"" on Saturday and I am sorry to say that this place need...

Buffalo Grove Theatre 3/2/2012

The theatre is a great value, clean, the staff if helpful, the sound is fine. To make it short and sweet, I like the theatre. more

Family Theater 3/2/2012

I like this theater. Family of 4, it's almost 100 bucks to go anywhere else. I understand it is not the best theater, but savings are HUGE. It may not be a place to impress your date but a great theater for family of 3+ My family has been going to this theater since my oldest was 3 yr old who is 13 now. I don't know why people say manager/owner has bad customer skill?? I never had any unpleasant dealing with any of her employees nor her. She even offered me a free cup of tea or coffee up on seeming me one night - just because. (Maybe i looked cold =) I like this theater and if it was remotely dirty has some reviewers commented, I'd not take my children, but it really isn't. more

horrible theater 9/10/2010

To the last person who wrote in, who I believe is the manager of this place, you are wrong! I was also there that night when a woman was being treated very rudely by YOU the manager. You wouldnt give the woman a refund even though the movie did not start yet. The women kindly explained that she wasnt happy with the condition of the place and her children didnt even want to see the movie in the theater because of the uncleanliness of the place and bad seating. YOU the manager VERY RUDELY told her that wasnt a good reason for a refund and that she should leave if she didnt like it there. if you had good customer service skills you would have POLITELY said im sorry but we cant give refunds. The women would have accepted that - i know this because not only was i there for the entire incident but i also spoke to the women afterwards. She honestly wasnt expecting a refund but could not believe the rude behavior of YOU the manager. YOU have poor customer service skills and choose to be very unprofessional. There was no reason for YOU to act this way - you obviously enjoy taking out your anger and frustrations on other people. After being treated so rudely by YOU the manager, the women was rude back - which was WELL deserved. You can dish out rudeness but cant handle it in return since you yelled to call the police on the woman. The womens child became upset and feared for their mother. The child was scared of you and wanted to get away. If the police came they would have arrested YOU the manager for the unsanitary conditions of this place . You are delusional if you think its a wonderful theater - its horrible AND SO ARE YOUR MANAGEMENT SKILLS! You are also a liar - your story is not true. I dont know how you live with yourself. more

Wonderful Theater 8/5/2010

To the last person who wrote in, you are incorrect. I was there that night when the manager was dealing with a women and she had children around the time of your post so I bet it was the same night. I was there for the entire incidenr which started in the theater and then after the movie outside. The women came into the theater and started going off and saying the F word in people face that worked there. She was asked to stop because it was not the way to act in front of other customers and children. SHe wouldn't stop and after watching her movie kept it up. I was outside for the end of it also and she got in the managers face swearing ect so she then asked her employee in the boxc office to call the police. Maybe you should not make comments if you didn't see the entire thing and the lady left with her kids which by the way the one said to the manager that he was sorry for how his mother acted. more

Despicable Theatre 7/12/2010

I was a witness to the theater manager who by the way, looks like a troll that escaped from a mental institution and needs her medication badly. She thinks the theatre is nice! It is a pig sty! Unsanitary. what I witnessed was a woman with her children had complained about the conditions and she was very professional about it but the manager was very, very rude and had an extremely bad attitutde so the woman got upset and gave a little attitude back. The manager actually threatened to call the police and the woman's children became upset and started crying. Ms. Troll, 911 is for true emergencies like a fire, robbery or a beating. The police don't come running because you can't handle a little complaint. Anyone who defends this theater needs to have their head examined. I'm sure IF the police would have been involved they would have seen how insane this manager is and sent her back to the looney bin where she escaped from. In additon, I would have been a witness and defended the woman and her children. STAY AWAY FROM THIS THEATER!!! IT IS A DANGEROUS PLACE FOR ANYONE ESPECIALLY CHILDREN!! Manager Troll is a despicable, evil beast who must have been abused in her life. the theater is so dirty, stinky and just gross. I can't warn you enough to stay away from this theater. Cons: EXTREMELY RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND A PIG STY more

Ridiculous 3/11/2009

To the last commenter: Just because someone has something nice to say about an establishment that you don't like, doesn't mean they work there. You're probably one of those lame people that come that complain about about everything to try and get free things. You don't like the place, don't come back. It's always busy on Saturdays every week I come, so I tend to doubt you had a short wait. The people there are friendly and the place is getting cleaned up. Very few people seem to be unhappy with the place as of now, including myself. Us true patrons don't like to be around people like you, so stay home or go somewhere else. Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Not the best 2/24/2009

To the previous reviewer-When reviewing your own business try not to be so obvious about it. I was at this ""estableshment"" on Saturday and I am sorry to say that this place needs a ton of help. There is to much wrong to list but if you are willing to wait a long time in a short line to get tickets (that I still have because there was nobody there to take them) and food and don't mind dirty nasty seats and bathrooms then you are gonna love this theater. I only paid 2 bucks a ticket and I got a 2 dollar experience in return. Pros: Cheap Cons: CHEAP more

Improving 2/20/2009

I don't know what the last ""two"" posters were talking about. The theater has improved leaps and bounds from what it was. They now take credit cards, they are painting and repairing the problems, and the staff-while they aren't always perfect-are hardly ever inappropriate anymore. They used to play with trash and mess around in front of the customers-they don't do that anymore. They started playing music in the lobby because some people thought it would be nice-they were not playing on their phones. They don't do that anymore either. People like healthy alternatives like apples and carrots and there is nothing wrong with the hot dogs. The pictures were up because most people that come the a theater don't actually read the menu board and it helped them to know new items that are being carried, but I suppose when they get Dip 'n Dots, they shouldn't hang a banner or anything as it may be deemed offensive and done by a 12 year old. New people are learning projection and problems will occur, but the important thing is that they were fixed. instead of fishing for attention and being over dramatic, take it for what it is. It was a dive that's now being fixed up to be a respectable theater. They even get movies faster and earlier. Don't harp on someone's business from one bad experience. All the managers and staff I've encountered have been nice and professional, and even at a Regal there have been sound problems and one time the movie I was supposed to see was nothing but a black screen with sound, but I don't boycott and bad mouth Regal for it because I understand mistakes happen. I like the theater and am looking forward to the improvements. Pros: Being fixed up. Nicer attitudes, discount shows with good movie selections. Credit Cards accepted. Cons: Takes time. more

If I could have rated a zero I would have! 1/30/2009

I totally should have read the other reviews before I went. That theater is a DISASTER! I went to see Quantum of Solace and part of the picture was off the screen and the sound was AWFUL. Nobody there knew what they were doing. It seemed like the employees have no clue they work at a theater and neither does the ""management"" the person who claimed to be in charge either does not care or is totally clueless. I was pretty amused by the employee antics. I just loved the game of tag being played in the main hallway. The popcorn was good and if I had watched the employees instead of the movie I might have had a better time. Bottom line is for so many reasons this place totally stinks! Pros: amusing employee games Cons: being open more

Hell Would Be Nicer! 1/29/2009

I unfortunately decided to take in a movie at this theater. What a nasty pit! The concession stand looks like a 12 year old designed it. There are printed paper signs all over in a desparate attempt to sell the most random s**t ever! When I say random I am talking about fruit and microwaved hotdogs. If fruit was a good idea to sell at a movie theater I would think the big chains would be doing it. The decor is not only tacky but totally grimey and sticky. I also really enjoyed the employees playing music on their ipods and holding personal conversations about tea bagging (If you don't know what it is just google it). The seats in the actual theaters are disgusting and most of them are stripped of pieces like a stolen car. There iare pretty much no lights lit on the aisles making for a pretty dangerous trip in and out of the theater when I went to complain that the movie was out of focus. The movie actually stayed out of focus for a good 10-15 mins because nobody there knew how to fix it and the guy who could decided to run an errand. Not worth the two bucks unless you enjoy random ipod music, dirty unsafe theaters, weird gross concession offerings, inappropriate conversation and out of focus movies. The place is a joke! Cons: Everything more

worst theater ever 10/13/2008

i recommend going to this place because of the horrible sounding and blurry pictures Cons: everything more

Not bad glad I went 7/30/2008

I got a call from a friend of mine who wanted to see Sara Marshall. I just wanted to stay home not spend money and go to bed. I tried to tell him I was broke and he got me with the $2.00 thing. I was totally entertained. I spent less than ten bucks and I saw a movie got a large Popcorn that came with a refill and drink. I thought I was in the twilight zone! The place is never going to be known for its decor but I don't care what is on the walls just the screen. The picture and sound were great. The seats are kind of old but that was not really a big deal. I have been back twice since and on one day the price was only a buck. That was a really busy night so I think I will spend more to be around fewer people. I had no idea this theater was discount. I don't mind the movies being older most of them are not worth seeing for 9 bucks anyway. I am telling all my broke like me friends about this place. Pros: Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!!!!! Cons: Old seats more

Great Value!!!! 7/30/2008

This theater has been around for a long time and easily fits any budget. I was there on Tuesday $1.00 ticket night and saw Narnia. My family and I enjoyed friendly service and great popcorn that did not break the bank. The theaters and seats are old but they are well maintained. The screens and sound is just as good as an expensive theater. I really enjoy seeing the same employee faces each time I go. I read the review before this one and I can say that I have never experiecnced what the previous reviewer stated. It sounds a little unreal or somebody is VERY, VERY picky/snooty. If it was so bad at the box office why go in? The theater is older and the decor is original but I don't think there is going to be any major remodeling done at 1 and 2 dollars a ticket. I can assure anybody that there is not garbage strewn about and the ""cloth things"" on the wall are called sound pannels. This theater is always busy and I hope nobody is turned off by the previous out of line review. Pros: Prices, popcorn and employees more

So BAD, it was kinda funny..... But not really. 7/18/2008

Pros: Ok sound quality. Cons: Poor service, dirty, gross bathrooms...ex.... ex.... ex.... more

Don't believe everything you read!!!! 1/28/2008

The review before this one is to say the least missing what actually happened. I was in line behind this woman and the real story goes like this....Her mother gave the age of the child as two, she didn't want to pay for a two year old and changed the age in front of the attendant. She also did not want to pay for an older sleeping child. The attendant told her they would all need a ticket and the woman very rudely asked for the manager and then called the addendant a not nice name. The attendant told her the manager was on a call and would be with her in a minute. The woman then refused to move from the window until I pointed out how rude SHE was being. I purchased my tickets and went to the lobby. The woman followed (she was not out in the rain, there is also a roof all the way around!). I was in line for popcorn when the manager appeared about a minute later, she was aware of the situation and informed the woman they would all need tickets, the woman went nuts and started screaming. She left and I was speaking to the manager about how difficult some people coud be when she reappeared screaming that she was rich and how much better she was than everybody there. She was never asked to leave and nobody stuck their tongue out at her. She was cheap and she lied and got caught. The building is old and could use some paint but, the popcorn is fresh and there are no critters. If you don't want to pay for your kids stay home!!!! more

Filthy Dirty, Rude Ignorant Employees & if Possible Even Worse Management....Who Owns This Place? 1/8/2008

We have Come here for MANY years and have seen this theather go ""down hill"". We have watched them go from brand new - to do not touch anything - it is filthy! Whether it is the GROSS bathroom, the stale food, critters and the now completely rude employees. Our tradition is now OVER! Today was our final and last experience. We brought our children to their weekly movie outting. My daughter now 28 months and son just under a year and a half. Upon arriving to the theater and purchasing our tickets. We were told we had to pay for them. We have, like I said come here every week since they were born and now there is a fuss? We were told, "" you HAVE to buy a ticket for everyone!"" ""Since when,"" we asked? ""SINCE ALWAYS!"" were were snapped at. My son when asked how old we stated, ""just under 1 1/2 years"". We were then told again we still had to pay for him. Then told the cut off is 18 months. How they possibly can figure a 16 month old as being 2 months older is beyond me. We stated we would pay for my daughter who was sleeping, but were told we still had to pay for my son who was 16 months. I exclaimed, ""he was born in JULY!"" We were then asked to leave by the manager. Who obviously had to show she was so powerful in front of her employees. I am not a young kid nor is my senior mother. I have NEVER been treated so poorly by ANYONE as the employees at this theater have treated us. The ticket seller actually stuck her tongue out at us after we asked to speak to her manager. Who we had to wait for 10 minutes in the pouring rain while she talked on the phone. It is NOT the money, we have plenty of that. It is however, the idea of spending our money at a company that has encourages and rewards customer abuse. Not wanting to end our tradition. We returned a 2nd time the manager had the audacity to argue with me over when MY children were born. Who does that? Why? It is obvious why their theaters are empty, the entire place is filthy and the place is painfully desperate. Cons: I cannot say enough about the poor customer service and serious lack of cleanliness here! more

Very Dirty 5/13/2007

We went there on a Saturday night around 9:30, and they did not clean up before our movie. The floors were very sticky, and there were pop and popcorn cups all over the place. The screen was fine and so was the sound, but they had better clean the place up or we will not be back. Pros: It was a good movie and the sound was fine Cons: The place was a pig sty more

cheap and funky 6/15/2002

Screens good...service is just barely absent enough to let you know you are paying less...but they have nachos with real cheese...not powdery...and great pretzels. Love the decor, very much cool college student designed. Clean and quite neighborhoody. more
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    All movies are presented in Dolby SR sound. The lobby and theaters are fairly new and well maintained. In addition to popcorn and candy, the concession counter sells nachos and...

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