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Buena Animal Hospital

3986 E Main St
Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 666-2626
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Buena Animal Hospital - Ventura, CA


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Dr. Nicci Quinn and her staff were very kind and compassionate with my dog Natalie. I am now going to take all my pets here, because they were so wonderful. They are people who tr...


My dog was taken care of by them for a year or so. Overall the staff are very nice but I am not certain if this hospital was the right choice for my dog. They are very quick to gi...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/18/2014

Do not take your pets to Buena Animal Hospital. Seriously, they are incompetent and uncaring. They claimed my cat had a tumor that needed to be removed and when I made an apt for a second opinion at VMSG they actually called me and tried to bully me out of getting the second opinion! (shocking but true!) The second opinion came in that the tumor was just fat and did not need to be removed. They were only after the $500 fee for surgery and not interested in what was best for my cat. Do not use this vet. more

Kind and Compassionate 10/13/2011

Dr. Nicci Quinn and her staff were very kind and compassionate with my dog Natalie. I am now going to take all my pets here, because they were so wonderful. They are people who truly love animals. more

Always professional and compassionate 9/13/2011

I have taken my 3 cats to Buena Animal Hospital for a few years now for various issues. I have seen all three doctors and have been impressed with the knowledge and professionalism from all of them. I have been to a number of other vets in Ventura and I have inevitably been disappointed due to either lack of compassion or their inablilty and/or motivation to problem solve. The vets at BAH have always spent quality time with me and shown and interest in my pet and their issues. The staff ALWAYS calls to check up on the results of our visit and to follow up if needed. These vets are well versed in the latest research and are ALWAYS interested in alternative approaches if possible. I am so glad to have found them and no longer have anxiety about taking my cats to the vet!! more

They are doctors not gods 5/22/2011

I am here reading some reviews that have been given. I have taking all my pets there. I have 3 dogs and 1 cat. I have taking my pets to be seen by Dr. Nicci who saw my dog Droopy. I took him to Dr. Nicci cause i notice he had red spots on him after getting a hair cut. He is a cocker spaneil and when i brought him in noticing when he went to the bath room he had blood in his stool. They had ran a boold test on him and to know his blood was thin. Any cut could have my dog bleed out. Dr. Nicci and Dr. Jan have keep him under good watch , I know i had no worries. My dog after meds they have gave me my dog droopy was back to him self in no time. I am proude to have them as my vet and i tell alot of my friends and family about them. More than half of them take there pets there. I know Dr. Jan Dr. Jill Dr. Nicci all have great big herats. they are not about moeny. John and val who are tech are great. I know with them also behind there doctors i have no worries more


Concluding:\r \r Lucky, rest in peace! - We are both crying every day missing you, and we are asking for your forgiveness about our incapacity to make those incompetent humans giving you a much better health care despite all our truly disparate efforts to help you!\r \r Unfortunate Buena Animal Hospital DID NOT PUT Lucky on oxygen (despite they have two green tubes of oxygen right in the operating room); but they left him in a back cage where his was checked eventually form time to time, so he died alone and unsupervised while he supposed to receive oxygen from the very morning when was brought to the hospital.\r \r We loved him so much and he died alone in a back cage of the back yard of the hospital – they where caring more for the regular visits than for the ones in emergency life threatening situations – so sad! \r \r More: no resuscitation was performed or even tried when the cardio-respiratory stopped was finally first observed by a technician (who supposed to be in charge of Lucky) due to explained fact that Buena Animal hospital DOESN NOT HAVE A DEFIBRILATOR for when it is critically needed! - What a shame! \r \r But they did not sent him neither to other emergency services in the neighborhood who have a defibrillator & oxygen available since the life threatening situation was so obvious for the last 4.5 hours of his life at Buena Animal Hospital!\r \r Ultimately, if Lucky would have been made able to pass the maximum chemo (who topped Monday) through oxygen administration, defibrillator availability & pet CPR application by specialized personnel at Buena Animal Hospital (due to initially excessive radiation poisoning by VMSG Ventura, CA Oncology!), he would have lived today and several few months from now on after his premature death by medical incompetence of carelessness & straight indifference well paid by us for their professional (less) services!\r \r Future:\r We are dog lovers, so at some point in time sooner or later we will have to go again through the pet ownership experiences once more.\r \r In this idea, in the hope that Buena’s owner and personnel learn something and if we will learned that they bought a Defibrillator and that they learned to apply the protocols for emergency ASAP, than we may consider back dealing with Dr. Quinn & Dr. Jill that we both honestly admired for their displayed dedication!\r Pros: NONE LEFT – LUCKY IS DEAD! Cons: PLEASE READ ALL 4 POSTINGS – TOO MANY TO LIST IN ONE POSTING more


Buena Hospital Ventura DID NOT fallowed the Emergency Protocols for life threatening situations within the last 4.5 hours of Lucky’s by totally LACK of basic life support assistance in cardiopulmonary arrest & resuscitation as follows: \r \r 1) Buena Hospital did not provided when explicitly asked the feeding meaning that they practice after surgeries when dogs/cats cannot eat normally yet (special formulated food applied by syringe). Ultimately they did so 2 days before his death but were already too late to help feeding to flush his heavy radiation poisoned body system anymore …\r \r 2) Buena Animal Hospital personnel administered one dose containing two low blood pressure medications (regular otherwise) in the obvious weak conditions of low blood pressure symptoms, leading to life threatening BP Levels!\r \r 3) Buena Animal Hospital personnel did not compensate the lack of oxygen to his organs due to low blood pressure by simple administrating oxygen by breath available in two green tubs in the main operating room!\r \r 4) Buena Animal Hospital DID NOT put Lucky under the monitoring equipment available, but left Lucky in a cage from the hospital’s back yard where under the duty of a technician checking him eventually when he/she remembers from time to time, so this is how and where Lucky DIED ABSOLUTELY ALONE, not being on oxygen, not being electronically monitored, and then neither tried basic resuscitation at list!\r \r 5) Buena Animal Hospital personnel DID NOT tried to resuscitate Lucky due to invoked “statistics” along with the lack of a DEFIBRILATOR for when it is critically needed!\r \r We profoundly regret we brought Lucky to Buena Hospital instead of an emergency having the necessary equipment & trained personnel to respect the emergency protocols versus the regular visits as a primary source of money for them! – This is all they care about: our/your money, and not much else despite all appearances!\r Buena Animal Hospital will fiercely charge four times (4x) the price you could find online for some medication. \r \r Dr. Nicci brought personally Lucky outside Buena in a box with her own arms with eyes in tears (sincerely of guiltiness we hope) – We thanks Dr. Nicci for that gesture, and we truly hope that she & Buena hospital learned something usefully from now on to serve well other family friends that may be loved the same we have deeply and truthfully we loved our Lucky!\r Pros: NONE LEFT – LUCKY IS DEAD! Cons: PLEASE READ ALL 4 POSTINGS – TOO MANY TO LIST IN ONE POSTING more


So we brought him to his regular Buena Animal hospital where Dr. Nicci Quinn knew him from before and we trusted her for her best, so Lucky was putted under intravenous electrolytes transfusions to flash the system each separate day from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.\r \r While his stamina due to repeated electrolytes transfusions (but no nutrients like amino acids was given) was initially increased making him able to walk again Thursday night, Friday & Saturday the condition worsened as the chemotherapy drug was approaching the maximum release power into his body the upcoming Monday (half from the 21 days chemo cycle).\r \r Sunday the Buena hospital was closed, no one else called and Lucky was not able to stand refusing to eat or drink and during the night Sunday to Monday he was short breathing very powerful continuously (indicating v. low blood pressure which medical personnel next morning should have been recognized and act promptly on it –but they did not!).\r \r First thing Monday morning my wife brought Lucky back to Buena Animal hospital where despite his very obvious weakness and short of breath, they administer the same regular lowering blood pressure medications (that he was under for few months due to high blood pressure), but this time due to increased chemo his blood pressure was already very, very low!\r \r Ultimately someone checked his blood pressure discovering the life threatening very low BP of around 30-40 so they added some increased BP medication & antibiotic, which eventually increase his BP shown on the second & third BP measurements.\r \r Being in the hospital with very low BP Lucky should have been administered Oxygen immediately to compensate the lack of oxygen to organs due to low BP!\r \r Lessons to be learned by VMSG & Buena due their medical mistakes in chronological & importance order:\r \r A. Main cause of death of Lucky: Radiation poisoning with continuously increased doses of chemo “Lomustine” under Oncologist prescription from VMSG Ventura, CA\r \r B. Buena Hospital Ventura DID NOT fallowed the Emergency Protocols for life threatening situations within the last 4.5 hours of Lucky’s by totally LACK of basic life support assistance in cardiopulmonary arrest & resuscitation as follows in the next posting: \r \r TO BE CONTINUED DUE TO LACK OF SPACE Pros: NONE LEFT – LUCKY IS DEAD! Cons: PLEASE READ ALL 4 POSTINGS – TOO MANY TO LIST IN ONE POSTING more

Friendly and efficient but too quick to medicate n vaccinate 3/11/2010

My dog was taken care of by them for a year or so. Overall the staff are very nice but I am not certain if this hospital was the right choice for my dog. They are very quick to give you meds before trying more holistic approaches if a dog is sick. They are very quick to recommend meds as preventive measures. So to our dog we gave all the vaccinations, heart worm meds, flee control meds as they recommended. My dog suffered her first seizure within the week in which she got four vaccinations including rabies, was fed a heartworm pill, and was given a flee treatment.\r \r My dog now suffers from epileptic seizures on and off. Obviously I don't know for sure that her condition was entirely caused by this practice but I have found out that it did not help for sure. These meds could be poisonous to your dog. So please research before you agree to everything they recommend. Even if you want to get them all, try to space them out so that your dog's system doesn't get overloaded with chemicals. My two cents. Pros: Easy to schedule, Responsive, Friendly Cons: Overmedication, Non-Holistic more

Buena Animal Hospital is highly recommended 11/28/2009

They were wonderful. Our dog was having seizures on the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and they let us bring him right over. I would highly recommend this clinic. We would like to acknowledge Dr. Nicci Quinn for outstanding emergency professional service delivered with the upmost of compassion to our pet. Robyn and Dan Popescu more

The Best Veterinarian in Ventura 10/22/2009

Dr. Nicci and her staff gave my 12-year-old Golden Retriever, Molly, the most excellent and compassionate care during her last year and especially, in her last few weeks. Dr. Nicci called me personally when Molly was in distress, as was I. Sadly, Molly had lymphoma and the difficult decision had to be made - and Dr. Nicci sat on the floor with me and cried with me, as Molly, this great soul who had given so much, passed away. Thank you! Pros: Dignity, Compassion and Love more

THANKS MUCH Dr. Nicci Quinn & Nurse Valerie all Buena Hospital 10/3/2009

RE: THANK YOU SO MUCH Dr. Nicci Quinn & Nurse Valerie, along with all personnel of Buena Animal Hospital?!\r \r \r My wife and I would like to publicly express our deep gratitude to Dr. Nicci Quinn and Nurse Valerie for the very top professional medical care to our much loved 12+ years old American Cocker Spaniel.\r \r Dr. Nicci Quinn along with Nurse Valerie where the VERY BEST PROFESSIONAL surgery team that our Lucky ever got in his 12+ years of international life (born in Toronto, Canada)\r \r We also truly appreciate Buena Hospital cleanliness, staff professional attitude and that they even gave us ANTIBIOTICS FREE from donations from owners with pets that passed away ? This was a very first! Thank you so very much Buena Hospital and especially to Dr. Nicci Quinn with her nurse Valerie!\r \r Ironically ? because Lucky has Cushioning disease ? after several years paying the animal insurance health-plan with Banfield Animal Hospital in Ventura they refuse to perform the same surgery! more


It’s our sacred duty now in memoriam of our much beloved Lucky to post our opinions so to prevent other incompetent killings; by addressing the VMSG & Buena’s Hospital medical incompetence despite we paid lots & lots of money all the time for their ineptitudes & lack of skills as shown below.\r \r We are posting this with a TERIBLE, INSUPPORTABLE AND INSUFFERABLE GUILT that we may have killed with our own hands our beloved dog family friend by repeatedly forcing him to swallow what VMSG’s Dr. Rodney Ayl continue increased radiation pills had prescribed trusting him that he extend his life (up to 20 months by his saying), but instead he killed him without even call to ever check on him but taking big money for his killing instead! – YOU All POTENTIAL FUTURE PATIENCES/VICTIMS, BE VERY AWARE of heartless MONEY HUNTING practices of VMSG & Buena Hospital in Ventura, CA!\r \r We are writing these with the Harshest Broken heart we have Ever Had after loosing our much beloved family friend, Lucky – a loving American Cocker Spaniel who died alone in a backyard cage due to severe radiation poisonous from continuous increased chemotherapy which supposed to extend his life instead, but having no oxygen administered to compensate his extremely low blood pressure findings, neither surveillance vital functions applied nor CPR resuscitation applied!\r \r He died miserable in pain alone despite a life of being much loved we could not be near him trusting Buena Hospital and the doctor in charge that she knew him very well from long before after tens of visits!\r \r Let us be CRYSTAL CLEAR: \r Lucky DID NOT died of Cancer or other complications like already improved Congestive Heart Failure or Cushioning, but due to INCOMPETENCE & CARELESS of VMSG & Buena Animal Hospital!\r \r When we visited Buena Animal Hospital, his regular hospital and asked them what we can do to make him eat! They did not gave us anything until just two days before his death the solution that they apply after surgery with feeding from syringe with a special A/D3 formulated food – why? Why the doctor from Buena Animal Hospital did not gave us this feeding solution when we asked, while you knew precisely his stage?\r \r Our answer is: \r Your carelessness & straight indifference, but you are young and we hope you will learn from Lucky’s death not to do what you did not done to save Lucky as also further described below.\r \r TO BE CONTINUED DUE TO LACK OF SPACE Pros: NONE LEFT – LUCKY IS DEAD! Cons: PLEASE READ ALL 4 POSTINGS – TOO MANY TO LIST IN ONE POSTING more

Best vet In Ventura county 10/3/2009

Lets start with the front, very courteous, enjoyable, friendly, for awhile you saw a lot of different people up there, but i think it's improving. That is where the heart of the staff begins..Then the nurses, always very friendly, loving, gentle. Last but not the least, the Dr.s they are amazing!! All with their own personalities...If you want thorough, a lot of information, almost more then you can handle, then see Dr. Nicci. If you want straight to the point, like to be told how it is, no beating around the bush, then see Dr. Jan, and if you want in between, thorough, yet to the point, very kind, courteous, see Dr. Jill. They are all great Dr.s Highly reccommend this place to all!!! I once had a akward experience with the manager but you hardly have to deal with her... otherwise, great place! Pros: reception, nurses, dr.s Cons: finches...i think they are... more


Even before I adopted my cat they were her vet. They really know how to treat your pet. My cat has to have surgery and right away they took action in helping her. I love the animal hospital! Pros: They have been my cat's vet for all her life. Cons: They have annoying birds in the lobby. more

Buena Animal Hospital is the BEST! 3/22/2009

I can't say enough about Buena Animal Hospital. I have been bringing my pets here since the 80's. Dr. Cherry, the original vet and owner was the best vet in Ventura and when he retired, I was sad. I tried some other vets, but came back to Buena and once again, I can say that this is the BEST ANIMAL HOSPITAL with the greatest vets and the nicest staff you'll meet anywhere! Pros: Excellent Vets, Super Staff, Compassionate, Caring, Clean more

Great!!! Need i say more 11/19/2008

I just started going to Buena and the people there are wonderful, from the front desk to the Dr.s! they are all very nice,caring people. I have been to many other vets and they always seem to be too busy for me, no matter when I call, In fact, they have sent me to buena when they are too busy,I just finally took them up on that recommendation, bad choice on them...(won't mention the other hosp.) I am grateful that i did go to them and will never change vets. Buena Animal Hospital is AWESOME!!! T.S. more

I'm wondering 10/13/2008

Though the veterinarians at this site are excellent, I've gotten the impression there is a big push to sell product at this facility. A simple visit turns into a "wellness exam." In fact, any visit can be upgraded to a "wellness exam". This is a busy place and the focus is for any business to be thriving and successful. I believe this facility and personnel need to slow down on the "product sell" and "wellness exams" and the fast talking at the front desk to sell product. It's not about "poor sweetums" - it's about the money. Slow down! \r \r I connect with clients all day long in my business - and I honestly care. And I don't have to "sell" anything. And eventually, that caring and consistent attitude brings that person back. Best to do a reality check. more

the best vet i've found in ventura 9/22/2008

i am very happy to have found buena animal hospital. \r

living in ventura with a dog for 11 years, i have never found a vet in this area as caring and compassionate as dr jill @ buena.


i am happy with the service and specific procedures that have been suggested for my dog.


I know that the attention the doctor pays to the details do give my dog the very best care and to resolve her problem as quickly and effectively as possible.


i am grateful to have found a vet who is caring and sensitive to my dog who genuinely cares about her comfort and well being.


four paws up and a happy wagging tail for dr jill!


thanks for helping us! from dr rona and kehli the dog Pros: friendly staff, awesome, compassionate, kind, smart vet, excellent vet techs, easy access and parking. Cons: none. more

buena animal hospital 8/23/2008

This animal hospital has the perfect balance between professional and personal response These docs (and their predecessor) ) have a long standing reputation for high standard care and personal attention to the needs of the animal (and the owner, too!). The entire team is helpful and reassuring. For 20 years we have sent our animals here with total confidence. more

Best Vets in Town! 8/12/2008

I have been taking my Rat Terrier to see Dr. Nikki and I can not say enough good about this place and their Doctor's! My Dog has severe allergies, and Dr. Nikki has made every effort to help sustain itching and pain to my dog. Dr. Nikki is patient and great with the animals, she even talks to them at their level!! She make phone calls to me to check up on my dog, and not only that but helps me with whatever I need for my dog. Their Office is professional and I would recommend this office and that says a lot coming from a picky doggy mom! \r \r The only con I would say would be the price, but my husband and I agree that quality pet care is more important!!! more
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  • We are a small animal hospital that specializes in dogs, cats, rabbits, and rodents. We offer wellness exams, vaccinations, radiography, labwork, surgeries. We are able to offer orthopedic procedures such as patellar luxation, fracture, and ACL repair. Come to us for all your pet's health needs!

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