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Buehler Affordable Homes

2531 Broad Ave
Memphis, TN 38112
(901) 324-9422
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I am currently renting from Buehler Enterprises, and I truly love my home. I moved into a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house that has a large front and backyard. The house is only 10 year...


This a sorry azz company!!!!!!

pissed off 8/12/2011

This a sorry azz company!!!!!! more

RUN 4 LIKE HELL!!!!!! 8/12/2011

If you have poor credit and buehler is ur last result then by all means do what u have 2 to put a roof over ur head. I worked for buehler for a short period of time and learned tht they really r slum lords whose maintenance is horrible and majority of the staff is full of demonic spirits which causes them to have bad customer service & impossible to work with. Thank God I found peaceful employment, sum1 who cares about their clients and employees well being. I'm not stressed anymore however, I feel sorry for Buster Homes tenants, particularly the section 8 ones who feel they have no other choice. People stop settling for less. If you don't stand for somethin u will fall for anything. Pray. Trust & believe in God and he will perform supernatural miracles for u, just as he did me. more

terrible at fixing things 7/13/2011

i've been renting my house for 4 years, every year its the same problem, no air in the summer and no heat in the winter. i've been waiting about a month for my air to get serviced, so they finally fix it and still no air, so i guess i have to wait another month for air. i've been waiting since october to get the seal around my tub to get fix. you call the office and they are no help. they are some of the unprofessional people i,ve ever seen. i refused to pay to get the air fixed. they send these mexicans out to patch up things because they're not fixing nothing. all they are is cheap labor. you have to constantly call a number and leave a message on an answering machine that gets ignored. all your property manager can say is keep calling, til someone comes out. my house is nice and spacious but there is no storage, little closet space. i'm not trying to discourage anyone from moving into one of there houses, but beware, if you have a maintenance problem, be prepared to wait. you will get no help from your property manager. Good luck more

I like my home! 12/13/2010

I am currently renting from Buehler Enterprises, and I truly love my home. I moved into a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house that has a large front and backyard. The house is only 10 years old, and it is in very good shape. It was clean and freshly painted through out the house. When I first moved in, they gave me a sheet of paper and told me to write down everything I wanted fixed. I wrote down several things such as the door knobs needed to be tightened, the hot water did not stay hot very long, the heater did not work, and ect.... I was suprised that everyghing was fixed within 2 weeks, and they even put in a new hot water tank. There were other times that I had called them to fix things, and they came right on and took care of it. The master bedroom was so large that I brought a King size bed, and I was still able to fit 2 chest, a TV stand, my daugther's crib, and 2 large clothes bins. The kitchen is large enough for a huge table plus some. I'm even considering upgrading to a 4 bedroom Buehler home pretty soon. At first, I didn't like the fact that none of Buehler's homes have windows or doors in the back of the house. But now, it doesn't matter, because I don't have to worry about no one coming through the back of the house to break in or rob me. Besides, it's not like I'm buying the house. Although, I did have to spend money out of pocket to build a shed for my lawn mower since we are responsible for cutting our own grass. Over all, I am pleased with everything, because I could be staying in an apartment paying much higher not having my own yard or personal space for my children to play. I think the rent very affordable, and it would be hard to find another 3 bedroom/2 bedroom house for under $600 a month. I thank God for leading me to my blessing! more

Rental Nightmare 6/22/2010

I rented a home from Buehler one year ago. We wanted the house because of the location, it was perfect for us. Nice area, affordable rent and it was close to everything we needed. I should have done a little bit of research before we rented. We looked at the house and on the property is a large barn/storage building. It was the selling point on this house. We are a merged household and have a lot of duplicate things and this barn was the perfect solution. After 2 weeks of jumping through hoops we finally go in to sign the lease. That's when we find out that the barn is not included, that it belongs to Buehlers son or grandson and that we will not have access to it. Oh yeah and the stove and fridge that were in the house when we looked at it were going to be removed. Angry does not even begin to cover it. We had to move, the people who were moving into my old house were sitting in the driveway with a uhaul. I had to pay their uhaul and hotel bill for 3 days because I couldn't get out of the house because Buehler kept giving me the run around. It was a nightmare. I have pets, I told her that. I had the pet deposit in hand. I was told ""don't worry about that unless you must want to pay another $150"". I really wanted to press the issue and now I am sorry I didn't. My lease says no pets and they know I have them. I had gone in to pay my rent and had Buelher himself grill me about them. ""Well, we would hate to lose a good tennant over something like this."" I got a letter in the mail reminding me of the no pet policy. For the past year I have been scared that they were going to kick me out over this. I have spent well over $500 fixing things in this house. I have replaced fixtures, repaired doors, replaced tiles, and painted all because I was scared to call them. I have had people in my house when I wasn't home and I have no idea why they were there because I didn't call for anything to be repaired. I have 2 dogs, both are friendly, sweet and loving. They are also protective. I have been scared to death someone was going to come in while I'm not home and get bitten and then there would be hell to pay. I put a padlock on my backyard to keep the neighbor's kids from letting my dog out and the padlock got cut off. I can't prove it but I think they cut the lock off to get to the barn. We were told that they were replacing the carpet and the tile throughout the house. They did put in new carpet, a horrible brown and no carpet pad. Their version of new linoleum in the kitchen was to glue down the mismatched and cracked tile that was already on there. It is awful, I refuse to let anybody in my kitchen because it is embarassing. They have done NOTHING they said they were going to, have lied to me repeatedly and tricked me into signing a lease so they could use it against me. They have never returned a phone call for any reason. The only bright spot is Leisia (?) who works the front. She is always friendly and even a year later still knows my name. She is wasted on them and I really hope she can find a job where she is appreciated. Pros: Everything Cons: Haven't found any more

Buehler Homes...continued 5/28/2010

The manager said my air was working just fine!! It took all I had not to cuss her out! Her maintenacnce man entered my home and I didn't even know that he was there!! I was undressed! My cat was acting weird, and that's how I knew someone was in my house (and when I saw the light coming in from the front door). He said he knocked, but it's hard to hear when your room is all the way in the back. That's why we have doorbells!!! The manager even had other tenants to come into my house to try to fix the air (UNPROFESSIONAL!!) I don't know these people!! Then she finally got a REAL professional. It took this guy less than 2 hours to fix everything these other guys screwed up!! Those other guys were in my house for 5 hours and made it worse!! My air was finally fixed (3 weeks after the request was put in). THEN, the day after my air finally got fixed, I found out that my refrigerator wasn't working because all of my food in the freezer was thawed out. It had the same symptoms as the A/C. It would turn on, but would NOT cool!! Manager told me that they don't fix refrigerators and that I would have to get my own. Mind you, I asked her if I needed to get my own fridge in the beginning... I don't know about you, but I don't have $300-$800 sticking out of the crack of my ass whenever I need it. I don't get government assistance, I don't get child support, I don't get any money that I didn't earn at my job. I'm not on section 8 like many of these people are. I'm a single parent and I pretty much do it all by myself. I told her that it would have to come out of the rent and she said she was going to evict me if I didn't have all of the rent. I called her boss, Mr. Buehler, but talked to his assistant. My manager had already spoken to her so I was up the creek without a paddle. They had no concern about me and my child not having any food or fridge. She agreed with my manager about the eviction. She came up with this bogus story about being in the same situation once and that I should go to AMVET for a fridge and to a food bank for food. I thought you had to APPLY to get food from banks. And even if I did go to AMVET for a fridge, were and I going to get the money to pay for it? Out of the rent, right?!! Only if the show were on the other foot! I asked my manager were in my lease did it say that I had to get my own fridge. She said ""I don't know what you're taling about!"" It was some BS, that's why!! I rented from this same manager at another complex. She was FIRED for embezzlement and letting her racist children live there without paying rent!! Go figure!! So how in the workd did she manage to get this job!!!?!!! Pros: 4 Bedrooms 2 bath Cons: When it's NOT working, you're on your own!!! more

Not Affordable 4/25/2008

I have been renting from this company for 6 months and I have had problems with them since the first day I moved in. Its like every month its a new problem. First, my sewage line was broke and I couldn't live here for about a month because the smell was so horrible. Secondly, I was having problems with my air conditioner, my heat was working, but my air wasn't it took about a week to come out and fix that. Now I have a really bad leak that leaks all over my floor and gets my clothes and things wet. When I called the office to tell them my problem, the resident manager was in the background saying she can't do anything about. They send you people who barely speaks and hardly even knows what they are doing. They have the worst customer service because you always have to leave a message you can't never speak to the person directly. This is a horrible place to live because they don't want to fix anything or they don't know what they are doing. I wouldn't recommend buehler homes to anyone because it will be a waste of time and money, so when you are looking for an affordable place to live let this be a BIG WARNING PLEASE let buehler home be your LAST option and I do mean LAST. Pros: I don't recommend anything. Cons: Eveything is messed up. more

Slumlord is the only name for this company 8/5/2007

I have been renting from this company for a while, trying to save some money to purchase a home for my family. When you need maintance they will send you none english speaking personS who do not finish their work. If you have major problems with your home like I do they will ignore you. I have had the same problem for over a year now and no resolution in site. You will be ignored by the so called ""property manager"" who will not be available to you once you sign the lease. Be prepared to have a horrible renting experiance from this company. I have been patient and understanding, but since I cant go anywhere I have no real choice. This company will take your money and provide you with poor customer service and a poor quality home. The sad part is the company was started by a man with good principles and a honest heart. Too bad he is no longer running the company. The man whos name is on the company I am sure would be disapointed to know that his children have only money on their minds and not the happines of their clients. So Don't rent from this company if you can help it. Rent At Your Own Risk!!!!!!!!!!!BEWARE!!!!!!!! HAVE YOUR HOME INSPECTED BEFORE YOU MOVE IN!!!!!! Pros: The rent is actually not bad for the amount of rooms Cons: They have below averag customer service and will not take care of there homes more
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