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Bruce's Super Body Shops

2551 Homeview Dr
Richmond, VA 23294
(804) 527-2886
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In ten years, I have been a customer of Bruce's Super Body Shop on Homeview five times. Being involved in an automobile accident is very stressful, but the outcome of my repair i...


DON""T GO TO BRUCE""S My car went to Bruce's after an accident. After they had the car for two weeks they called to say it was ready. I went to pick up my car and a corner of...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/1/2013

I was involved in a accident and I looked up reviews for places to take my honda odyssey for repair since I had never needed the services before. I saw all the reviews for Bruces and was scared to commit but since the location was more convenient than any of the others I decided to go in for an estimate and make my decision based on that. I was treated with nothing but respect and I felt like I was appreciated as a customer. I actually had to go back and look at these reviews to make sure it was the right company with the bad reviews. Anyway I went ahead and scheduled my car to be fixed and everything was as expected no issues and I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of my van after the repair which was over $3000 in repairs. It looked brand new again. I was never told they would not work with me because of insurance, in fact they dealt with the insurance company more than I did. I dont know what kind of experience the other people had but I can say they must be the kind of person who cannot be satisfied. I did expect some issues but i had none. I will use Bruces if I ever need any body work in the future. Dont be scared off by the reviews,I am so glad I decided to check it out myself. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/15/2012

Bruces is a scam!! their quality of work is terrible..Lawsuits are in order with these crooks!!! they tell you they will do great work till u are satisfied!! a part of the car that was not wrecked was blended and they did a terible job and car was not fixed, now they are refuseing service...This place should be shut down!! no to the bbb i go!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/14/2012

DON""T GO TO BRUCE""S My car went to Bruce's after an accident. After they had the car for two weeks they called to say it was ready. I went to pick up my car and a corner of the piece under the trunk was missing. There wa a huge triangle shaped hole and you could see straight into the trunk! The rear bumper was sagging on the left and the right side near the muffler. One of the front headlights was behind the frame and the other in front of it. Also, the spacing from the left to the right side of the trunk was not symetrical. The only thing ""Rick"" said was, I don't know how we missed that hole in the trunk. Days later the only thing they fixed was the trunk that had part of it broken off before it was installed. Nothing else was fixed. After going to retrieve my car agian, nothing fixed. He actually told me that he wasn't fixing it, he'd already been paid! I took my car and called the insurance company. The next morning the insurance company told me Rick was happy to take my car back and fix it. Two more trips and still not compeltely satisfied. I also believe they scratched my car in numerous places because it was not there three times before when I went to pick up my car. Rick was extremely rude and they don't care about the work they do. The biggest mistake I made was taking my car there!!!!!!!!! BEWARE!!! Koontz is where I should have taken my car! more

Another very satisfied customer 3/1/2012

In ten years, I have been a customer of Bruce's Super Body Shop on Homeview five times. Being involved in an automobile accident is very stressful, but the outcome of my repair is something that I do not worry about with Bruce's. The customer service is outstanding and my vehicle is restored to pre accident condition.I highly recommend the courteous and skilled staff of Bruce's Super Body Shop. I am thankful for the great care that is provided by Kyle, Donna and the Bruce's team! more

POOR QUALITY 2/10/2012

Brought my car into Bruces Autobody and did find the help pretty uninterested in actually doing their job. That would be fine if the finished product was any good. I went to pick up my car and the finish was sub par. They tried to argue it was fine and 'just take it'. No way, fix it right or don't get paid. They definitely don't like customers to stand up to them. I am still waiting on the fix and if it's still bad, they will arbitrate with the insurance. I highly do NOT reccomend them at all! more

Excellent Experiences at Bruce's 6/14/2010

Just recently I took my Lexus to Bruce's on Homeview and had a minor bumper repair job. Kyle, the general manager, handled the estimate and scheduled the work. The car went in late Tuesday and was promised to me on Friday afternoon. The work was completely satisfactory and done on time. I have dealt with Kyle and Bruce's for close to 10 years and I have never had a problem. Over the years I have sent 6 to 7 people to Bruce's--family members included. Several other employees have always been helpful and professional--that being Donna and Kelly the receptionists. I highly recommend Bruce's on Homeview. Pros: Service and quality of work more

Continued Excellent Service 3/5/2010

I just had my windshield replaced at Bruce's. As usual, they met my schedule needs and performed the work to a high standard of quality. They ordered the glass, set an appointment time and were ready to go when I arrived. In little more than an hour I was able to drive away with a new windshield. The rear view mirror has electronics in it, and it is nice and tight on the new windshield without the wobble you sometimes get. This is about the fourth windshield they have done for me, and I will go back if I am unfortunate enough to experience another crack.\r \r Bruce's also does my body work. I have had paint and body work done on a Lincoln LS, Honda S2000, Toyota 4runner and Chevy Colorado pickup. All work has been very complete and professionally done. They stand behind the lifetime warranty, too. Some time after the bumper was replaced on the 4runner, I noticed an area where the paint was a bit thin. It was only noticeable in bright light. Kyle looked at it and insisted on taking it back in for repainting. Looks great! Kyle even did some free buffing on the Honda for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Bruce's to anyone. Pros: Always works to do their best. Cons: None. more

Clean, Fast, Protected my Rights 2/22/2010

Bruce's is an example of what every business should be. \r Besides being impeccably clean. The repair area is in viewable from the waiting room. It's white tile floors are gleaming..even as the repairmen are working.\r Because I use my car for work...being without just isn't a choice for me. Bruce's returned my car in less than a week.\r But what was even more incrediable was they made sure that Honda parts went back on my Honda. When the insurance company insisted on non Honda parts....Bruce's went to bat to me. Long story short. I got the Honda parts I should have had all along. Bruce's didn't take the easy way out...they looked out for my best interest. Pros: Stood up to the insurance company for me more

Excellent, effecient, courteous 2/18/2010

On a recent trip out of town trip, I found myself with a cracked windshield. I had a small crack that I just kept ""putting up with"". With the temperature changes the crack progressed to clear across my windshield. Not the time I wanted to deal with this problem while traveling, but it had become a danger. Taking a chance, not knowing the local businesses I went to Bruce's, they were aware that I was traveling and made every effort to get me in and out in a few hours, made arrangements to get me to a separate shopping area while my car was being worked on, and delivered it to me sparkling clean when the work was done. On top of this the cost was very reasonable. Pros: fast, effecient, affordable Cons: ? more

Run away fast!!! 10/23/2009

Like most people I was sucked in by the advertsement. I took my F-150 there after a crash. After I picked up my truck, I got a few miles down the road and all my dash lights came on...I pulled over and discovered most of my wiring harness was dragging on the road ( they forgot to hook it back up) The next morning I hit the brakes hard and most of my inside trim fell down because they left all the screws out....the front fender was out of line with the hood...I took it back and raised hell...they apologized and told me they would give me one of Bruce's personal vehical to drive....ha-ha, they gave me a 10 yr old Honda on it's last leg... Now a few years later I had to replace the alternator and the mechanic had a hard time getting the bolt out, it kept running out into the radiatior....upon further investigation he discovered the frame horns are still bent , he showed me how the radiator sits further back on the crashed side of the front end.....Bruces is a JOKE and the world biggest con man.....Go anywhere else!!!! Pros: Nice Looking Building Cons: Where do I start.... more

I wouldnt want your gas or time going here 9/26/2008

The minute i got there was a mess...i waited outside to speak with one of the employees who was speaking with another customer at the time, I was standing just next to him, yet far enough to offer some privacy for them to finish their conversation....the employee looked right at me and never once acknowledged after about 3 minutes of being ignored i walked inside to speak with the lady inside. I explained to her that i just was interested in an estimate...she asked me if the insurance was filed and if the insurance company totaled my car, I told her that point she stated, "" we're not interested in fixing your car because the insurance company always low-balls the amount they give and it wouldn't be enough to cover the repairs."" I said well I'm willing to pay cash for the remainder of what the insurance wont cover.....she said ""still, we are not interested in fixing your vehicle."" WOW!!! I thought that is what they do...FIX CARS!! So, the trip over there from the west end was a huge waste of time and gas....Their service is GROSS!!!! more

Worst Customer Service 9/5/2008

Like everyone else I saw Bruce's commercial on TV & took new car to their Broad St location. The place looked calm and I pulled into the bay next to a service attendant ""KYLE"". He had a disgusting look & voice & asked me ""what do you need""? I repeated ""what do I need?""... isn't this Bruce's body shop? He responded yes it is, what can I do for you? By now, I am wondering what kind of service is this & responded by ""you can help by fixing my car"". With a very annoying and rude voice, Kyle told me to back out & park the car & see the lady inside the office and that he had a customer ahead of me (who was not there at time). I went inside & asked to see a manager & was told Kyle was the manager. I asked to see him inside & that he was very rude & that I was very upset. The lady ""Donna"" was nice & asked me to wait. A few minutes later, Kyle walked in & they had a talk & he started walking back to service area when I said excuse me... ""Why would you treat customers this way?""... He turned around & said that he has no idea what I am talking about & that I was rude because when I pulled in, I was on cell phone. After a minute of disagreements, another lady ""Kelly"" jumped in & said Sir.. & Kyle held his hands towards her as he has the situation under control & told me ""either sit down & wait or leave and go somewhere else"". I said this is sad... & turned to Kelly & asked her ""did you want to say something to me?"". Kelly turned & said ""exactly what he just said... ""this is pointless conversation.. either sit down until they get to me or leave"". I left & called Bruce himself & got a call back in 5 minutes later. He was nice & reasonable & told me Kyle is his step son in law & normally very nice. He told me to go to southside & see his brother & he would talk to him & make sure to treat me good. I stopped by Southside & asked for Rick & right away knew Rick didn't want to talk to me. I got estimate & left. I stopped by new Priority Toyota in Petersburg which was awesome Pros: Nice store & clean Cons: Very poor customer service. The entire place is ran by family which could be disaster. more

Bruce's Body shop is a NIGHTMARE!!!! 7/17/2008

If you want to save yourself a HUGE headache, get your work done at another place, this company does not care about the customer at all, & staff is rude, RUDE< oh, did I say RUDE!!!??? Don't give them your hard earned money, they will do a crappy job & try to send you on your way. Pros: TERRIBLE , no PROS Cons: AWFUL all around: more


I bought a new car in April 2004. However, there were paint issues on the back bumper. The dealership outsourced the warranty work to ""Bruce's Body Shop."" ONE YEAR LATER (12/2005).........The paint on the bumper began to buckle. I took my car back to Bruces and had it painted again by Bruces. They gave me an old green Ford Taurus full of smoke and dirt to run errands. When I returned at the agreed upon time, the car was not ready. I waited, and waited and finally the gave me my car and had not even washed it. The manager said, it was because I was rushing him. But if somone tells me my car will be ready at a certain time, I expect it to be ready at that time. ONE YEAR LATER (07/2007)..........Same problem. I called to make an appt. to get the car looked at and the receptionist rushes me off the phone by saying, ""you don't need an appt., the manager is here everyday from 8-5. So one Monday morning I drop my car off, before the shop opens, and leave it to be looked at. I called the shop when they opened to insure they received the keys and to explain my problem. The receptionist acted as though it was a problem to leave the car and they said she couldn't find my keys. I called back. She had found the keys and put the manager on the phone. He was EXTREMELY RUDE AND SARCASTIC. His first words were ""The receptionist thought you need to talk to me."" I told him the issue and he said ""I can't get anybody to look at the car until tomorrow morning"" I said you can keep the car all week if you need to. He got smart and said ""I don't need it all week."" It is now Friday and they have just started working on my car. I picked the car up this evening and the problem still exists. I showed one of the workers and he said ""bring it back tuesday and we'll fix it"". WHY CAN'T THEY GET IT RIGHT? I'LL TELL YOU WHY...........INCOMPETENT!!!! Cons: CUSTOMER SERVICE, MANAGEMENT, POOR PAINT JOB more

Terrible customer service experience 2/16/2007

I was not satisfied with my experience at Bruce's. It began after I dropped my car off. The receptionist told me that she had made me a reservation for a rental car. Enterprise arrived to take me back to their office, only to find out when I had gotten there that she had not actually checked if they had a car for me. There was no reservation, and no car.\r \r Two days later, on Friday, I got a call saying that they found more damage, and the insurance adjuster had been called out. Fine. I called the shop, because now a tire needed to be replaced, and I wanted to select the tires they put on. But without my approval, they had already ordered a new tire. I was told that the manager would have to call me back, because he was currently handing out paychecks (apparently the employees are more important that the customers). Five hours later, he had not called back, so I called again. He told me that he would have to check with the parts department, and would call me back. He never did.\r \r I called the shop owner, Bruce, whose ""cell phone number"" (really just a voicemail box) is given to customers to voice my displeasure. Bruce never called me back. I called again on Monday, and spoke to the manager and, after some arguing, got him to agree to what I wanted. He told me that the car would be ready on Wednesday or Thursday. Thursday evening rolls around, and the car is not ready. Friday morning, I call, and am told that it will be ready at 5:30 p.m. (they close at 6). Good thing I didn't take the rental car back beforehand, because the car still was not ready. Finally, Saturday at 11 a.m., the car was ready.\r \r This was the worst customer experience service I've ever had with an auto repair shop. Bruce's claims to care about the customer and be a step above the other shops, but in reality it is just the opposite -- a franchise operation that could care less about the customer. I'll be taking my car elsewhere next time. Pros: Convenient, clean Cons: Staff doesn't return phone calls, repairs took forever more
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