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Brown College

1345 Mendota Heights Rd
Saint Paul, MN 55120
(855) 381-5574
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Brown College - Saint Paul, MN
Brown College - Saint Paul, MN
Brown College - Saint Paul, MN
Brown College - Saint Paul, MN
Brown College - Saint Paul, MN
Brown College - Saint Paul, MN
Brown College - Saint Paul, MN
Brown College - Saint Paul, MN
Brown College - Saint Paul, MN


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I hear and see bad reviews about Brown College too often. I am not really sure where this idea that Brown College is so bad came from. I personally assume that the individuals w...


YEARLY TUITION\r Hennepin Technical College $4,415\r Brown College $17,496\r Dunwoody Institute $15-16.5K\r Minnesota School of Business/Globe College $18787\r University of ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/29/2014

I think Jenna is high. This school is a complete waist of time and money. They prey on naive students promising all the jobs and promising credits to transfer and all. I graduated that school 8 years ago and I only had one paying part time radio job, which would not allow me to perform any on air tasks due to my accent and the pay was only 8.00 dollars an hr!!! I made more at Dominos. When I started the school, the recruiter told me I would be able to have land a job and he promised my credits would transfer. I live in California now, and I went back to community college and NONE of my credits transferred(Jenna is definitely high). I call Brown College the biggest most expensive mistake of my life. I am still paying my loans and I still owe 16000. I want my money back. I agree there should be lawsuit against the school. The most upsetting thing is that you don t need a degree to work for a radio station!!! I wish I spoke better English and was paying more attention to detail back then. I absolutely regret going to that school. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/17/2013

So I've seen and heard the ads. That's all this place has got. I've had my own business and have managed other businesses before. But I do not have a degree and today that's what most all look at. So I decided to look into some ""college"" possibilities just so I could have ""that"" title. I have known and do know people that attend Brown College and I have taken a couple visits. Besides the stories, it adds up to what I even seen and felt just on a walk through. Such a non-professional atmosphere for one. It's like a jail in a way. Locked doors every here and there. Unfriendly front people when walking in (not even a ""hello""). I've read some other reviews which has questioned me, but I felt I needed to see for myself because ""supposedly"" it's supposed to be an affordable college with great education. With what I was onto earlier, I am finding much so wrong! President being switched out. ""Teachers"" I hear have been really good. But now a lot have been fired and/or replaced. These good teachers were the key to this college as any should be. Bringing in these new people fresh off of their graduate degree isn't going to help a thing, especially for those that have been there for a while. These new teachers do not know what's going on and are not up to date with things. Tuition is charged to the people attending and the programs are set out and down the road it turns out to be just lies. You may get a majority of your classes that you are supposed to get, but many get dropped and there's no cover for those classes dropped. For which ""YOU"" end up paying for. People had a graduation date set, and all of a sudden because of all Brown College changes and BS, dates get pushed off until later. This is very much just a simplified explanation of why ""I WILL NOT ATTEND"" Brown College. Through all the stories and from what I've seen, I wish a law suit would be brought against them. It's obviously a hurting college community and it needs to be put to an end!!!!!!!!!! Please help!!!! DO NOT APPLY unless you want to spend more money on an education that you will NOT get fulfilled!!!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/8/2012

Do not go to this school. I decided that I wanted to pay for college in full which is exactly what I told my financial aid person every single time I talked to her. I finished school about 5 months ago and they are now sending me a bill for 2 grand cause they messed up. I don't anymore money. I barely made it when I was in school. What I was told the tuition would be when I started is not what I paid. I paid a lot more. \r \r Plus even though I finished school 5 months ago I just had my graduation ceremony. I wasn't given all my paper needed and half the people that were supposed to be graduating weren't told. They found out through Facebook. more

DO RESEARCH 10/7/2011

YEARLY TUITION\r Hennepin Technical College $4,415\r Brown College $17,496\r Dunwoody Institute $15-16.5K\r Minnesota School of Business/Globe College $18787\r University of Minnesota, Twin Cities $11287\r \r What provoked me to sign up was the lack of research. Totally my fault. They feed off of people who don't look around because if you did then you wouldn't go here. Please do your research if you're looking. I went to MN School Of Business for one quarter and had to get out. MN School of Business made Brown look good. It's not a regional accredited school yet it cost over $17K per year. I had three good instructors out of my two years. Brown said they will always find you a job and should make about 25/hr out of school. The only jobs they pitched to me were HS diploma requirements. That was a joke. I am now over $50K in debt with an Associates. Finally found a job paying < 30K. Then a job at 31K. Then 3 yrs after Brown a job at 40K. You get no car loans. No home loans. No c more

LIARS 10/5/2011

This school is liars. I am attending right now as a junior and if I could transfer I would but not regionally accredited. They tell u the schedule will stay but they always change it making it impossible to work and go to school. They fire the good experienced teachers to hire part time fresh out of masters degree program teachers. They say they have a ""open door"" policy but you need to be escorted through a locked area of the building to even talk to anyone that is not in admissions. They cram project with no time to complete in a 5 week time limit. They lie and say you can get an associated degree in design online to attract you but no longer allow you to get it! They tell you it will cost x amount of dollars but you never get your overeage from financial aid. They say they listen to student concerns but write a letter to the presiident once. Unless your a medical student you dont matter. Dont go there unless your a medical student or you will be pushed to the crapper! more

NOT an Accredited college 9/22/2011

How about putting some negative stars up like minus 2 or 3 or maybe moons for REAL BAD!!\r EXPERIENCE: Went to this (certificate giving) ""school"" under a false assumption that I would have better luck getting hired on in the programming field. I was wrong, this is not an accredited college. NO degree, but a piece of paper stating ""DEGREE GIVING: CERTIFICATE"". I was dumb, assuming that my money was going to my education, instead it went to this ""schools"" pockets. The selling point was something like ""90% of our students get a job after graduating"". What they don't tell you is that the job could be flipping burgers at ""place name here"". Not in computer programming. If you want an education that counts go to a degreed college, here is the link from the US Department of Education\r Use it to find an actual ACCREDITED college. The instruction in the ""school, college"" whatever it's suppose to be is mind numbing. I came out even dumber then when I entered. DO NOT WASTE your money. \r HERE IS TO jena0782 THAT GAVE BROWN 5 STARS: \r A maximum of 16 semester (24 quarter) credit hours will generally be accepted in transfer from vocational or technical colleges that have the appropriate regional accreditation. Credits approved for transfer will be treated as elective credits and will not count toward general education or the major"" This is directly off their site. The 16 semester or 24 quarter hours are ONLY electives. You can get those a lot quicker through the Regionally accredited college and probably cost less. The issue people have with Brown College is that the selling point is ""Degreed"", your degrees from Brown may be just CERTIFICATES in the eyes of a REGIONALLY accredited college. Congratulations on getting your Bachelors and Masters, but the fact remains even if you didn more

Very suspicious 1/23/2011

I have to agree with the negative posters here, I have felt weird about this entire process of applying for Brown. Everyone seems like a used car salesperson and I have never really gotten the feeling that I'm important other than my potential for spending money. Jeana - the poster above oddly enough was my admission's rep, so it's absolutely no surprise that she's pumping up the Brown PR - she works there in admissions LOL. more

Only applied and still having problems with Brown 11/17/2010

I applied to Brown College for the Visual Communications degree. First, the admissions rep I visited with didn't know the current status of the % of people graduating with the major who got jobs after school. We went to the other building to look at the classrooms to find all of the classrooms were locked so we could only walk around the hallways (and the there were no windows so I couldn't seen in at all). You'd think to plan ahead a little more with a prospective student. Got back to his room and we were talking a little more and he was incredible pushy about putting in an application and setting up an financial aid meeting. I wanted to take some more time to think (and was touring another school in a few days) and asked about applying online. Turns out you can but it has to be finished with an admissions rep (which I thought was weird). He assured me if I applied that day and paid the application fee if I changed my mind in 5 business days my application fee would be returned no problems. Well, after touring the other school I liked that one much better, and had a much better feeling at the school. So, I emailed the admissions rep at Brown and said I was going elsewhere and would like my application fee back like he said I could. Of course he had to call me and asked why I was going elsewhere, but then said he had sent my refund to student accounts. It's a month later and I still do not have my refund, and even got a statement from Brown College showing I paid the application fee which to me seems to mean I'm still considered a 'student'. I've emailed my admissions rep a few times and don't get a reply, and even called there and he didn't remember me at all and said he forwarded my email to student accounts, and when I called student accounts the voice mail said he was out of the office for a week. Overall, not happy at all with the service I received, I feel I was pushed into applying (and I shouldn't have, that was my fault) and now have to keep calling and emailing to get my refund. Plus, I found out Brown College is only Nationally Accredited while most major colleges (like U of M, Augsburg, etc) are Regionally Accredited and usually Regionally Accredited colleges do not accept Nationally Accredited credits. That is something to think about when considering colleges. more

I wish I had never wasted my money 8/16/2010

As a current student at Brown I would recommend you spend your time and money elsewhere. I really wish I had. This school has been nothing but a joke. They do not make their decisions based on what is right for the students or education. Instead, their intent is to squeeze every penny they can out of you. They are not willing to work with you at all. They are constantly changing schedules and getting rid teachers who have experince withing the field. It has gotten so bad myself and others I know have had to resort to legal action. For the money you spend you could go to an actual provate college and get treated with respect AND learn something. more

DId you not do the work? Brown was a good school for me :) 8/16/2010

I hear and see bad reviews about Brown College too often. I am not really sure where this idea that Brown College is so bad came from. I personally assume that the individuals writing the bad reviews were unsatisfied for some poorly thought reason such as, bad grades or personal differences with an instructor. However, you also have to realize that this is college and if you don't put in the work you won't get the grade and if you don't get along with the instructor, you get over it and move on. This is college and you are never going to agree with everything 100% of the time.\r \r I had a good experience with Brown College and received both an AAS in Visual Communications and a BS in Communications from Brown. Most of the instructors that I had back in 2002 are all still at Brown and I received some incredible letters of recommendation from them when I applied to Graduate school.\r \r YES - I did get accepted into all of the graduate programs that I applied to. I have heard comments from people and seen reviews stating that the school is not accredited and you can't go on for any higher level education with a degree from Brown College. Mum, NOT TRUE! If it was I wouldn't have done a year of grad school at Mankato State and I wouldn't be finishing my Masters in Organizational Leadership from Northwestern College in April of 2011. \r \r My words of wisdom to everyone, don't always believe what you hear from others or see. If that was the case, wouldn't have checked out Brown and wouldn't be doing as well as I am today.\r \r Check it out for yourself and THEN make a decision, on your own :)\r \r \r My words of wisdom to everyone, don't always believe what you hear from others or see. If that was the case, wouldn't have checked out Brown and wouldn't be doing as well as I am today.\r \r Check it out for yourself and THEN make a decision, on your own :)\r more

Horse Pucky 9/29/2007

Spent close to 30 grand going to school for a year and a half and haven't used the degree since. No one will hire . i have been told many time that brown college is not accredited (although it may be now). and that my degree is nothing by prospective employers. Pros: huh? Cons: too many to list. most important... UNACCREDITED more
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    Our career-focused programs, industry-current facilities and professional, dedicated faculty can provide the knowledge—and the confidence-building support—you need to pursue your goals.

    Brown College offers Bachelor’s degree programs in Business Management, Criminal Justice, Information Technology, Visual Communications/Graphic Design, Multimedia and Photography. Our Associate degree programs include Radio Broadcasting, Criminal Justice, Health Information Technician, Medical Assistant, Pharmacy-Technician, Network Development and Software Development.

    Classes start at multiple times throughout the year!

    Take a step beyond the ordinary to follow a future you can truly love. Let us help turn your dreams into reality.

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