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Brooklyn Heights Bike Shoppe - 21 Reviews - 278 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY - Sporting Goods Reviews - Phone (718) 625-9633

Brooklyn Heights Bike Shoppe

278 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 625-9633
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Brooklyn Heights Bike Shoppe - Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Heights Bike Shoppe - Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Heights Bike Shoppe - Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Heights Bike Shoppe - Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Heights Bike Shoppe - Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Heights Bike Shoppe - Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Heights Bike Shoppe - Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Heights Bike Shoppe - Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Heights Bike Shoppe - Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Heights Bike Shoppe - Brooklyn, NY


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I have been going here occassional repairs on my old plug for a couple of years. They have always been quick and courteous and not too expensive and the work has been good too. ...


This bike shop is the worst! What was supposed to be a simple flat tire fix, turned out to be a $200 expense. Rather than call me for approval (like an auto mechanic would), they ...

Worst Bike Shop in the World! 4/14/2011

This bike shop is the worst! What was supposed to be a simple flat tire fix, turned out to be a $200 expense. Rather than call me for approval (like an auto mechanic would), they went ahead and fixed the very expensive issue for a bike that is almost 20 years old. If I had known, I wouldn't have approved the fix. Also, a regular tune up is way overpriced compared to the Queens shop I used to use before moving to Brooklyn, and other shops I?ve used throughout NYC (and the world!). I will definitely not be going back there. The staff is rude and flat out nasty people. They are still in business because they have a monopoly in the neighborhood. Anyone who recommends this place is either, a) employed/friends with them b) crack smokers or c) stupid people. more

Maybe Brooklyn Bike people should try to buy the place? 10/24/2010

I wonder with all these horrible reviews (even the good ones mention that the owner is ""gruff"" - euphemism for ""rude""), and the fact that Brooklyn Heights really needs a bike shop - that the New York Cycle Club, or the FIve Borough Bike Club should do some investigative research (a few members should try the place and then report to the membership), and maybe raise money to buy the place from the seemingly unhappy owner? I know I would contribute! more


I had such a bad experience with this place it compelled me to sign up to this site to warn other potential customers to avoid the Brooklyn Bike Shoppe. Having done business at this place a number of times (now my last), I do not doubt for a moment all the negative things written below or have experienced them first hand: -Rude and Aggressive Staff -Not open when they say they will be (which means, do not buy a bike from them expecting to get it serviced there.. they're never open when they say they will be and you'll waste an incredible amount of time trying to drop off or pick up.) -Over-priced. -You will feel like a jerk shopping there. How's that for customer service? Is that some kind of retail axiom I missed? 'The Customer should always feel like an idiot and a sucker when doing business with you?' Try the Bicycle Station in Ft. Greene. Much nicer people over there. more

Do Not Go Here 8/31/2010

This bike shop is the pits. They only make any $$ because there is no other shop in the area (a crying shame because there are tons of bikers around). They do not have high quality bikes or gear. Worse yet, they have ZERO charm or passion for biking. The owner recently yelled at my wife for asking to have a flat fixed about 15 minutes PRIOR to closing time. I would go to any of the nearby shops over this one (even R&A). Oh and don't be fooled by the ""old school Brooklyn feel' of the place. It really is a sign of their disinterest in making the place more hospitable to customers. more

Boo Hiss 8/31/2010

My bike has been in storage for a long time, and I'm super excited to get it back on the road. I've never been to this bike shop, but I already dislike it. It's less than a block away from my apartment, so it's really convenient. Or, it would be really convenient if they kept normal business hours. The posted hours say they open at 10:00 on Tuesday. I walked over at 10:20. Not open. I tried to call at 10:45 and the FAX machine (or some other electronic thing) answered. I went back at 11:15. Still not open. There are a few reviews that actually stick up for this place, but I can't imagine why. I've read really good things about Dixon's in Park Slope, so I'm thinking of going there, even though my bike is hosed and it's a lot further for me. more


I'm an idiot. I've gone to these guys about 5 times to buy little things like inner tubes. EVERY TIME THEY ARE THE WORST. TOTAL DOUCHERY. Go anywhere but here. There are 100 other independent bike shops that deserve your hard earned money. Pros: THERE ARE NO PROS Cons: WORST SERVICE EVER. more

Shady bike shop 6/20/2010

I brought my bike into the shop because my rear wheel was rubbing against one of the rear brakes. The gentleman behind the counter recommended I leave my bike at the shop over night while they accessed the problem. He informed me it would cost me $16.00 to inspect the wheel. He couldn't tell me how much the parts and labor would cost because he had yet to inspect the wheel. I thanked him for his time, and made my way to the door. He then proceeded to tell me I was making a big mistake by leaving. If my axel is cracked it won't be safe for me to ride, and the further damage the wheel sustains the more it would cost to repair. Something definitely smelled rotten. I then made my way to R&A cycles on 5th Ave & Sterling. With in minutes, one of the staff took my bike to a service repair area and began (truing) tightening and loosening the spokes. In a matter of seconds problem solved. When I asked how much the gentlemen said it was free. I've tried to give the Brooklyn height bike shop the benefit of the doubt, maybe he mistakenly gave me all that bad advice... but the more I think about it I'm totally convinced he was trying to rip me off. more

God-awful service, and here's why: 8/24/2009

Ever wondered why the owner of this place is so angry and clenched all the time? Neighbors tell me he's been selling coke out of the back for years (so hey, maybe some folks would consider this a recommendation). Botched a simple brake repair and charged me exorbitantly, to boot. If someone else opened up nearby, this guy would be out of business in a heartbeat. more

Terrible Business Etiquette 4/21/2009

I just called to ask how late the shop was open and the store rudely informed me that they were open until 6, but not for repairs. So I asked, ""you aren't doing repairs?"" He said that they are ""full."" This is fine, I understand it's their busy season, but when I tried to politely ask when they would be able to do repairs again he was very rude and just kept telling me again that they couldn't do any more repairs. He clearly wasn't listening to my question and it took about four tries to finally get an answer that I could ""try"" again after a week or two. No thank you. If you can't even manage to politely answer a simple question I will find another repair shop that can. Pros: The only bike shop in the neighborhood. Cons: Rude, unprofessional more

Horrible business etiquette! 2/21/2009

I was told it would take 1 week for a tune up, which was fine, though it seemed a tad long. But then I was repeatedly told if I didn't pick up my bike on the day they said it would be ready I would have to pay an $80/day storage charge. The woman (Janis) who gave me my receipt said to call before coming in to make sure the bike is ready and that the store opens @ 9.30am on Saturdays. Well, I've been calling for 3 hrs and they are still not open. I didn't expect to waste my entire day trying to pick up my bike. I'm glad there is a new bike shop opening up in my neighborhood. Hopefully, they will offer better service. Cons: bad hours, unfriendly staff, didn't stick to time bike promised to be ready more

Exorbitantly expensive 9/30/2008

got a quote for $90 tune up plus extra for cost of brake cables. Picked up bike 2 days later and walked out paying $160. Must be cables made out of gold. Most bike shops do cable replacement and tune ups for under $80 Pros: in the neighborhood Cons: way too expensive more

Nice local bike stop 3/29/2008

I have been going here occassional repairs on my old plug for a couple of years. They have always been quick and courteous and not too expensive and the work has been good too. They've readjusted things for no charge a couple of times. The bike selection looks pretty good, maybe one day I will buy a new one. Pros: Nice local shoppe more

Great Shop! 9/3/2007

I was in the area this weekend and decided to pop by and have them look at my bike. I purchased it at the shopthe week before and it needed a bit of adjustment after riding the hell out of it every single day of the week. Pros: Bikes and Service Cons: It's so damn far from where I live but prices are so much better than the shop around the corner. more

Good service, fast, honest 9/3/2007

This is a great place for bike repair, service and advice. The owner doesn't try to sell you parts that you don't need, in fact will tell you in some cases that you can get parts elswhere cheaper! more

Horrible balding employee 5/5/2007

There is one worker there who is balding. He is a horrible Razist person. He would not give me any service and didn't even tell me to come back another time. It was clear he didn't want my business. All I wanted was a tune-up and he said 2 weeks, then I said okay...then he said...don't leave it here it will get all scratched up because it's busy. There were only two other people in the store. He told me he doesn't serve my kind. Pros: It was close by Cons: Horrible customer service more

Bike Shoppe 4/23/2007

This bike shoppe, is a great place to find out what is happening in the hood. and Manager has a lil attidude but he has a great personality otherwise, He knowledgable in every about the bike shop business and what good to drink and eat in the area. So don't let people fool you it a great lil shoppe with a Whole lot of personality. I give a great review. more

had quick service and inexpensive 9/8/2006

I was at the bike shop today and I received good service. I am not sure what the other members are referring to but I was treated well and my minor bike repair was turned around quickly. I would def go back to this place if I needed a minor repair for my bike which I purchased at Canal Street Bike shop. Pros: it is in the neighborhood, inexpensive Cons: it closes on 6 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday more

Attitude? Frick'n Aye! 11/7/2005

Warm, friendly staff? Fughedaboudit! This is the quintessential old school BROOKLYN bike shop. Despite the name, this isn't so much Brooklyn Heights as downtown Brooklyn. Now that the neighborhood has become all gentrified, I'm sure there are a lot of new residents moving in who need to be reminded that this ISN'T the UPPER EAST SIDE! The guys here are BLUNT but honest. The prices are reasonable and fair. If you need a good city bike, a new fork put in, or just your tire changed, this is the place. So those bellyaching about the gruff attitude, grow some thicker skin and get a sense of humor. Appreciate it for what it is: Authentic Brooklyn. Pros: Old School, Good prices, Open Sundays Cons: Rough Demeanor, Closed Mondays more

Good service, consistent, not fancy. 8/28/2005

I have taken my bike here for many years. They can be a bit gruff - but they are efficient and while it's hardly fancy, they don't charge much and there's zero hype. If you want slick, this isn't it. But they strike me as honest and efficient. Pros: Fast, Cheap, Funky Cons: Limited selection, Funky more

Thanks for nothing 8/19/2004

I brought in a bike for repair. I really liked my old bike and figured the repair would be very expensive. I was willing to pay. (I had the bike for 10 years and had an attachment to it) The second I bring it in to the shop, the guy says ""Take it out of its misery"", he didn't want to work on the bike. His perogative, but his demeanor was rude and indifferent. He had a point, but I was still willing to pay for the repairs. If he was more courteous MAYBE I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT A NEW BIKE FROM THEM ON THE SPOT, give me a little respect please. This bike shop probably doesn't care but, I bought a new bike from another quality bike shop. (I donated the old one) more
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