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Broadway Animal Hospital - 41 Reviews - 2300 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (520) 622-6485

Broadway Animal Hospital

2300 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85719
(520) 622-6485
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Broadway Animal Hospital - Tucson, AZ
Broadway Animal Hospital - Tucson, AZ
Broadway Animal Hospital - Tucson, AZ


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I would never hesitate to bring any of my animals to Dr Mueller. I have found her to always do the best for my animals.


I called for an appt due to my Vet being on vacation.

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/18/2015

I really don't understand all the horrible reviews.I Love this place.She gets right to the point.She is not there to doctor you but your fur babies.She has always been the best to my 2 fur kids.She does not over charge anyone.I can tell she is a pet lover as everyone who has fur kids.Yes i have feelings toward my babies but its good she tell its like it is.She talks to me just fine.I go there for all my babies needs.You people that complain must be stupid in the head.The staff is great there as well.Get with the program people.Love you all over there.She Loves pets!!!!!\r Kathy Morton more

Good care 7/3/2014

I have had my cats by Dr. Mueller and I can't complain. Sure, it isn't the nicest vet office in Tucson, but my cats received good care. I have witnessed kind acts by the staff when customers were in tough situations where they couldn't afford care or were very emotional. Some vets in town will recommend every treatment under the sun to keep an animal alive and get your money. I have found Dr. Mueller to be very realistic about an animal's expected quality of life. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/14/2014

We have been going to Dr Meuller for a couple of years. She is not very social but that did not bother me. Then yesterday I took my Cocker Spaniel (dogs nortorious for ear infections) to her for another ear infectionj. She gve me meds for her and asked how old she is now. I told her almost 15. At that point she stated that when she turned 15 she would no longer treat her for ear infections and that ""one day when I brought her in she would give her a shot that would make her sicker because it was time for her to go to Heaven"" Our dog eats, drinks is happy. She just gets ear infections! Obviously we will no longer take her or our other two dogs back!!!\r I would be afraid that she would put my dog to sleep with no warning or no OK. \r Hello Dr. Kavorkian Meuller!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/6/2013

I have been taking my dog to Broadway for over a year now. The only reason I knew about BAH was because my dog started as my foster and was getting care there through a rescue organization, and I just continued to keep going. I totally understand all the negative reviews, I really do. It's such a shame that my opinion has changed so much over the past year. When I first brought my dog in, she was very sick and Dr. Mueller properly diagnosed her with valley fever. During a course of about 4 months (as my dog was getting a little better) I would come in almost weekly for any small thing that seemed off, and the office wouldn't even charge me. I thought that was the most amazing thing ever, and I always expected to pay with no problem. I really raved about BAH after that, and recommended them to everyone. The last 3-4 times I've taken my dog there in the past year, I've been very disappointed with the service. I knew from day one that Dr. Mueller isn't all ""cuddly"" and isn't very personable with people, and I actually appreciated her 'get-to-the-point' technique because all I care about is proper care for my dog. However, last visit, I brought my dog in for an ear infection and possible allergies. I had a sheet of questions written down for her, since I know I only have about 5 seconds tops to get out any questions before she's gone. She came in, took her temp (then wiped it off with a tissue?), said she's fine, has allergies and to give her benadryl. The whole time I had my sheet of questions sitting on my purse ready to ask. Once we got the initial exam done, with me trying to fit in all my questions in 1 second, she left. I was sitting, waiting for her to come back, maybe have HER tell me ""you're all done"" and then I could say ""oh wait I have a few more questions"". Instead I waited for her to come back, 5 minutes passed, and the receptionist came in and told me I was done. Not even the vet, not even ""Ok so give her the benadryl twice a day, call us with questions, anything else I can help with?"" none of that. That's how it ALWAYS is and I guess this last time just really set me off. They also charged 80 dollars for a vet visit and exam. Vet visit of 3 minutes, exam of taking a temperature. Of COURSE I don't ever expect not to pay, but what's with the discrepancy of me not paying a dime multiple times in a row, and then 80 dollars for the shortest visit ever? This place is so inconsistent. I also called to have a prescription placed at a different store due to the price being much lower, and the woman at the front desk had no idea what to do. Her response, ""so... write it on a prescription pad?"" UH.. no. Call it in? Isn't that why every grocery store/cvs/walgreens has ""if you are a doctor calling to fill a prescription, press __"". I explained it multiple ways and still have no idea if she understood. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/30/2013

What a wonderful place! I've been taking my animals (2-4 dogs, depending upon rescue population, and two cats) to Broadway Animal Hospital for over 5 years. Dr. Mueller is wonderful with animals, and they trust her. I have learned to trust her, also. There is a wonderful staff who always have a smile whether they're overwhelmed or not. Dr. gets a lot accomplished in a short period of time, but demonstrated her sympathy when I had to put my beautiful dog Murphy to sleep (cancer) by donating to a veterinary school in his name. I appreciate that. I believe that his suffering will benefit other animals. I also like her practice of calling in the early evening within one or two days of seeing my animal to check on its condition- she does that even if she has just given a shot at the Saturday clinic. I have boarded both cats and dogs there, and have never had a problem. The grooming service is wonderful. I cannot say enough positive about this veterinary hospital. There has never been a misdiagnosis or misstep in the treatment of any of my animals. Thank you, Broadway Animal Hospital and Dr. Mueller! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/1/2012

This is strange. I really don't understand all the horrible reviews. I am going to do my best to be objective. We have been going to Broadway Animal Hospital for several years. We have 3 dogs and have our regular shots, check ups here as well as any medical issues. I admit, Dr Mueller is not soft and cuddely, but it is so obvious that she cares about animals. She has several pets herself and always has at least one animal at the facility up for adoption. In fact, I adopted a cat from her, I say a cat because it was there since it was a kitten and she continued to take care of it even though it was obviously not being adopted. So I took it home and still go there to get his nails trimmed! I trust these people. She has never recommended anything that was not needed. The prices are VERY resonable and every visit (including shot visits), I have received a call like clockwork right between 7-8pm the very next night inquiring how ""Rocky"" or which ever of my pets it were, is doing. That means to me, that she is working that late just to do follow-up calls. I have NEVER received that from another vet. Concerning the office, Maybe it's just me, but I have never found it to be dirty or gross or smelly. Just the normal slight animal smell, nothing out of the ordinary. I mean the building is not fancy and new, but completley adequate for sure! Last but not least, in her handling of the animals, Let's just put it this way, she is the alpha! she handles animals like she is not afraid of them and in the process, I feel, she get's in and get's out. Not alot of handling which I appreciate, because I know the visit alone is stressful, particularly for one of my dogs. So she is actually perfect for him, but also the others are totally fine with her. So I just wanted to give people an honest, non-gushing review of the place. And so I did. I have recommended this vet before to friends who needed resonably priced care,and I would again. more

animal rescuer 10/12/2012

I would never hesitate to bring any of my animals to Dr Mueller. I have found her to always do the best for my animals. more

Poor care 4/28/2012

I brought a dog to Dr. Mueller from a shelter. I was told that he had kennel cough so brought him in for treatment. The clinic has continued to have a very strong urine smell when you walk in. Is very noticeable. They had no concern about if he has his immunizations or what was done at the shelter. I thought it was interesting that vet was able to get his respirations and pulse just by taking his temperature. Hmm that is amazing, since you need to have a stethescope to get respiration!!!!! Basically she picked him up put him on the table, took his temperature and said that he had kennel cough and what medications to give him, and to bring him back in a week if he is not better. She did not say anything about the green drainage in his nose, or his runny goopy eyes, did not listen to his lungs or his heart. The sad thing is that without 12 hours he was extremely sick and is now being treated in the ICU at another vet. I understand that animals can get sick quickly, but really question that this may have been noted early a basic even exam was done. Poor care that could have lead to a poor outcome..... more

You get vet care not therapy 2/24/2012

If you want no frills but quality care this is the place to go. If you wear your feelings on your sleeve and have more cash than you have common sense maybe not. The office staff are quite friendly. Dr Mueller is matter of fact but not cruel in any sense. After over 25 years in the medical profession myself I am quiet aware of how little good the sweet talk is when life is on the line. She provides services to several shelters in town. She has taken care of 3 of my dogs over the years and I have never been disappointed. All 3 dogs are alive and well and enter her front door with tails wagging and leave with them wagging. Her diagnosis though fast have always been accurate. I never leave there feeling as though my pocket book as been raped. I go here because I know she will tell it to me like it is. She has never tried to put a guilt trip on me to try to get more out of me than is needed. She will tell me what I can do for my dog myself at home and what it will cost if they do more

Great, No Frills Pet Care 2/24/2012

I have been going here for several years with my 3 dogs. She is direct and matter of fact, which I appreciate. Sweet talk and baby talk is a pretense and a way someone tries to gain access to your trust. And I certainly do not want to pay extra for someone to spend unneeded time holding my hand or petting the pooch. Her diagnosis, though quick, have been accurate. She always does a follow up call to check up on the pet. I have a chihuahua, a basenji and a boxer. She treats them all the same, professionally. I have never seen any of the behavior as described by the reviewr ?StatsJunkie? on July 30, 2009. Reviewer ?purplesax? from 6/4/11 did a review on google under name ?Dee? I am glad to see that google reviewer ?Grover Lover? felt strong enough about the poor review of friend Dee that he/she made her own entry. Dr Mueller provides services for several of the animal shelters in town. This is why I initially went here. I wanted to provided patronage to someone who provided services to the community. And I assume someone who would do that would be more interested in the animal than the income as the shelters can't afford much. Elsewhere I have had bad and seen bad situations where the vet staff will use guilt to get as much out of you as possible and then when the money runs out (several thousand later) charge more for the euthanization. So if you want no frills pet care this is the place for you. If you have money to throw away on frills and false presentations go somewhere else or seek counseling. I was compelled to write this review because I felt all these bad reviews were so off the mark as compared to my experience. more

This veterinarian is cold and heartless. 6/4/2011

We had to euthanize our little dog. They couldn't find our records. We sat weeping in the waiting room for 15 minutes while they searched. Then we went into an exam room. Dr. Mueller came in. No greeting. No condolence. No little pat on the head. She just said, ""Hold him. I have to shave his leg to find a vein."" She put the needle in, stuck her stethoscope against our little sweetie's chest, said, ""He's gone,"" and walked out. If you cherish your pets, go somewhere else. This woman is stunningly insensitive. more

Dr. Mueller is one cold-hearted woman. 6/3/2011

We had to take our little dog in to be euthanized. First, they couldn't find the computer records and made us wait 15 minutes while we sat weeping in the waiting room. Then they sent us in to an exam room. Dr. Mueller came in and said, "Hold his leg, I have to shave it to find a vein." No condolence. No little pat on the head. Dr. Mueller stuck the needle in, put her stethoscope to our little sweetie's chest, said, "He's gone," and walked out. She is the most callous and insensitive veterinarian I have ever encountered. If you cherish your pets, find a vet who is considerate and caring. Dr. Mueller is one cold-hearted woman. more

Excellent and Caring Vet 2/25/2011

I've rescued dogs for 6 years and I've gone to Dr. Mueller for just as long. She does most of the rescue work in town, and she is very experienced with some of the worst dog & cat diseases out there. She sees dogs and cats no other Vet will even look at.\r She's honest, and fair, and reasonably priced. Her staff is wonderful. She runs a no frills clinic, and she doesn't have much time for chit chat.\r If you want a vet that will hold your hand, and take advantage of your grief to bilk you out of money for unnecessary treatments, go elsewhere.\r If you want one who will look you in the eye and tell you the truth, then you'll be very happy with Dr. Mueller.\r There is a reason that almost all of the rescue groups in town use her.\r By the way, she treats my own animals as well as my fosters. I drive 40 minutes each way to see her.\r She's also open on Saturdays, and she follows up on all of her patients. \r If only all the Vets in Tucson were so honest and caring. more

Wow, what was that? 12/18/2010

I really wish that I had read the reviews before taking my dog in. I took him in to get shots and to check out a small growth that my dog had in his armpit. Our impression was that Dr. Meuller was not interested in listening to my concerns about the growth, or any other issues we had. It was impossible to speak to her without being talked over. We asked about having our dog's nails trimmed. (Other vets and even Pet Smart had done that, with no problem.) But she insisted if she cut his nails now, that she would make them bleed. She would trim his nails when he came back for surgery and teeth cleaning. We had never even asked about teeth cleaning. She didn't even look at my dog's teeth. \r \r After taking our dog's temperature, she wiped the thermometer off with a tissue? I sure hope it was cleaned with alcohol before and after we were there.\r \r She gave the shots and walked out of the room, leaving us to go to the front desk and ask about the surgery routine, which we schedule more

You get what you pay for.... 11/29/2010

This vet's negligence and lack of care for animals led to an early death of my kitty. She was just starting renal failure (without any symptoms) when I took her to Broadway for teeth cleaning. They ran blood work which showed the signs of early renal failure - elevated BUN and Creatinine levels. My cat was still put under anesthesia, no fluids, despite the bloodwork. No one called me to tell me about the bloodwork, nor did they tell me when I picked my cat up. A few months later I took her to another vet because she had started vomitting. We rean bloodwork and she had VERY elevated BUN and Creatinine. The vet had asked me when I had last run bloodwork - I told her that they ran it at Boradway but no one ever mentioned any problems. The vet called mutliple times to try and get the lab work from Broadway when it was finally faxed over the vet was appalled. She told me she would have NEVER done the dental procedure with my cats labwork as the anesthetic can harm the kidneys even further. I now work in the vet field and have asked numerous vets at three different clinics about this situation. NONE of them would have performed a dental on my cat WITHOUT first hospitalizing with fluids to try and get the kidney values down to a safe level. more

First experiance, NEVER AGAIN!!!!! 10/27/2010

I called for an appt due to my Vet being on vacation. more

""BEST"" Animal service 9/28/2010

I have taken my chihuahua Pepe to Dr. Muller more then once and think she is absolutely wonderful !!! She is firm and straight forward which I appreciate because she is not wasting my time or money. Dr. Muller is very compassionate in my opinion. Her staff is awesome, extremely compassionate, caring, respectful, and knows what customer service is. Pricing was VERY reasonable! I would recommend this place to anyone. Dr. Muller even called me for a follow up to see how Pepe was doing and with the medicine she prescribed, as well as after he had surgery a year ago. I think that shows a lot of compassion. A+++++ ...... to Dr. Muller and her staff... Thank you more

Recommended to Military!! 5/30/2010

My first experience there was wow, I felt like I was at Basic Training again..haha! Not a bad thing though, Dr. Mueller knows her stuff and is old school. She cares a lot about the animals and gives you follow up phone calls to see how your pets are doing after they've been treated. I have six border collie puppies right now and she treated all of them with care. BAH is not over priced either. Some of the chain Vets such as VCA and others are too over priced like a vet tech friend of mine that used to work for VCA commented on..."VCA is too in it for the money". For me, I like old school! Give it to me straight, don't waste my time, just give my pets the attention they need and take care of their needs. Being active duty military, they give us a 15% discount as well! Truly among the best! more

hmm 3/24/2010

Dr. Mueller has taken care of all my dogs since the 80's and she is a busy, no nonsense woman. She is caring and always follows up even for routine shot visits. She is quick to recommend specialty vets if need be. She doesn't sugar coat or mislead. I've boarded my airedale there several times. All my dogs have loved going there, they can't wait to get inside when we go. ALL those SNIFFS!!! \r I'll keep going there until she retires. more

Quick, Straight Forward, and Cheap! 3/23/2010

I would first like to point out that all the bad reviews are from 08, so with that said I would also like to point out, that owners have emotions tied into their pets - vets don't. And they shouldn't so don't get that confused with being mean or harsh, when they deal with worse cases then the average check up. Plus as far I am aware their staff has changed since then. Got my Shelties looked at, and even got medicine the same day. Prices were very reasonable. The vet was very matter of fact, however I'm used to this, so It may catch someone off guard if they are not. So if you like to be handled like a baby then you should probably prepare to suck it up if you want cheap prices and good doctors. The building is not modern, but it wasn't filthy. They do have resident animals there, so it was nice to meet some new kitties and doggies. The staff was very polite. And to the person who let their animals die, It was you, not the vet, why didn't you take them to another doctor or the emergency vet center a stones throw away? Maybe you should look in the mirror and realize who the murderer is. Mmmm. Or maybe you were just to cheap to take care of them in the first place, god I hope you don't have kids. Pros: Quick, good follow up, and straight forward pricing Cons: Vet can seem stern. more
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Broadway Animal Hospital

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  • Broadway Animal Hospital has been open since 1935 and is one of the oldest veterinary hospitals in Tucson.  We are one of the more reasonably priced hospitals around and are proud to serve low income individuals and rescue groups.  We are not fancy and our facility does show it’s age.  We do the best that we can with it.  We apologize for any odors that may linger after 75+ years of patient care.  We will gladly saturate the air with air freshener upon request.  Some people may find that we are not people friendly.  Some days, due to our low prices and work with rescue groups, we see lots of people and as an unfortunate result we may not have time to hold hands or talk shop.  However, please do not mistake a quick visit as a rushed and sloppy job.  We do our best to provide quality services for reasonable prices.  If you think we are not people friendly, we understand.  What we want you, the valued client, to understand is that we are definitely pet/patient oriented.  Dr. Mueller even goes as far as calling almost every patient she has seen during the week to ensure that your pet is doing well after their visit.  We look forward to seeing you and your pets at Broadway Animal Hospital.

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    Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, Sat 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Sun Closed
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