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Brite Spot Family Restaurants - 21 Reviews - 1918 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA - Diners Reviews - Phone (213) 484-9800

Brite Spot Family Restaurants

1918 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 484-9800
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Brite Spot Family Restaurants - Los Angeles, CA
Brite Spot Family Restaurants - Los Angeles, CA
Brite Spot Family Restaurants - Los Angeles, CA
Brite Spot Family Restaurants - Los Angeles, CA
Brite Spot Family Restaurants - Los Angeles, CA
Brite Spot Family Restaurants - Los Angeles, CA
Brite Spot Family Restaurants - Los Angeles, CA
Brite Spot Family Restaurants - Los Angeles, CA
Brite Spot Family Restaurants - Los Angeles, CA
Brite Spot Family Restaurants - Los Angeles, CA
Brite Spot Family Restaurants - Los Angeles, CA
Brite Spot Family Restaurants - Los Angeles, CA
Brite Spot Family Restaurants - Los Angeles, CA
Brite Spot Family Restaurants - Los Angeles, CA


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Just what I have been looking for...great late night food infused with a dj spinnin live beats. Cheers to the staff! Margarette is our favorite. She's ever sweet as she dances ...


expect to wait during breakfast lunch or dinner. the food is diner food but not good diner food. it's just bland. the place gets so crowded during weekend brunch and sometimes ser...

Late night grub 12/1/2009

Cheery even if it's midnight, Brite Spot's breakfast anytime menu hits the spot! Pros: Satisfying diner open late more

Overpriced. Unless you already know the staff - you will NOT be happy. 7/27/2008

In fact, you will be miserable and unhappy. The food here is bad. Very bad. The place has a ""B"" grade posted on the door for a reason. This is literally a sign that you're in for inferior quality or just bad hygiene. Everyone says that this place used to be great, but I've never really seen it. I will however admit that the place has its charm and that this charm will make you come back a couple of times until you tire of it. EVERYONE grows tired of it eventually. I guess I was lucky. My girlfriend and I first went here with a friend who is somewhat of a hipster, so we had our ""in"" and the waitresses usually gave us free toast and refills and such. No issues with the service except that maybe they took forever once in a while. Or they ignored a major spill on the ground. Despite this I got hooked on it and wanted to go back to the cozy little place. But after 3 or 4 times you start to wonder why a breakfast for 2 comes out to $35 (with tip) and you're essentially eating vegetarian dog food. And I'm a pescetarian. My girlfriend is a vegetarian. We like that this place offers a lot of vegetarian options, but we HATE that they charge you an arm and a leg to get those options (seriously, substitutions here run around $4). more

A restaurant full of retarded hipsters 6/21/2008

My boyfriend and I used to eat at the Brite spot regularly however we finally got tired of their deal. Just so you know, if you are going to eat here you will get BAD RUDE service, you will be OVERCHARGED for average (at best) food, the waiters will NEVER get your order right, and you will be eating in a restaurant full of retarded hipsters who think they are cooler then you. That is the Brite Spot in summary. Pros: open late- (used to be 24 hrs) Cons: everything else more

not worth it unless it's 3am 2/1/2008

expect to wait during breakfast lunch or dinner. the food is diner food but not good diner food. it's just bland. the place gets so crowded during weekend brunch and sometimes service takes forever. it's a wee bit over priced, too. on the upside it's a good place to people watch cute hipsters. the wait staff are nice and it's open late so you can go after the bar closes and get some tiny fries. Pros: cute people and late hours, lots of choices Cons: long wait, bad parking, boring food more

Don't Go There for the Food or Service 1/1/2008

What happened to the Brite Spite? It was such a great place to eat with great food and nice servers. Not any more. Not worth the effort for the attitude. Pros: Crowd Cons: Food & Service more

Genuinely hideous food and clueless service 11/29/2007

I ate here for years, but my recent visit after a few years away, was like going into a reality show designed to showcase how awful a coffee shop can be: got there at about 9 A.M., and asked for one of the booths (two were occupied) and was quickly admonished that they were trying to keep people at the counter. Then he relented and seated me. I ordered a waffle, eggs, and bacon, along with coffee. The eggs, bacon, and waffle were cold: the butter on the waffle just stood there in a chilled lump and NEVER melted. The ""eggs"" were a milk-diluted, rubbery ""thing,"" and the bacon fat was coagulated and cold. The coffee was not quite up to Winchell's quality. The tab, with taxes? $14+. What was really ironic was that, at the adjacent table, a group of waiters and staffers were holding a meeting and discussing everything BUT how to improve the food and service: blah-blah has a new tattoo; ""x"" is a b; she didn't look like she should serve here (the requirement is apparently many tatoos, disinterest in the customers and what they're served, and ceasless '""we heard this band that was really...last night and I'm So hung over"" commentary at waaaay too many decibels: you get to hear all their opinions, loudly and endlessly, while the food sits there, cold). Look: this place fails the most rudimentary requirements for basic food and service and is simply a retro look and b-flat food for spoiled white ""hipster"" adults who really never should have left Orange County. This is NOT what coffee shops used to ""be like""; this is what people with too much money and little taste do in lieu of a life on Saturday mornings. (Strangely, the coffee shop next to my girlfriend's storage area in Lancaster is both cheap and has terrific food.) Cons: Little parking, indifferent staff, and cold waffles that won't melt butter: too hip! more

overpriced crappy food 9/21/2007

i don't know why people are so into this place. everything is overpriced, and is bad quality food. they can't even get their freaking milkshakes right. $6 and no metal cup full of extra shake? and you can tell it's all milk. the service isn't that great either. it's just where all the hipsters hang and think it's cool. Pros: location, hours Cons: bad food, high prices, so-so service more

The Brite Spot has a Dim Spot 7/16/2007

I've curiously passed this corner 'spot' every morning since starting my new job downtown. I've noticed the constant heads occupying the window seats and a general rule of thumb regarding the quality of a restaurant is...without a word of mouth review on a place you've never tried, seeing asses in seats is a good sign. My lunch partner (we'll call her R) and I are always up for trying new places that fulfill a definite criteria: GOOD FOOD, GOOD PRICES, GOOD SHAPE & GOOD SERVICE. 100 is perfect (25pts each), I score Brite Spot a 55. Pros: Good variety, good quality food Cons: BAD SERVICE more

Dont bother...Go to Masa instead...unless you like bland food and rude servers. 4/20/2007

I grew up in this neighborhood and I remember when this was a GREAT neighborhood spot. Over the last 3 years its been going down in a dismal death spiral. I used to eat here at least once a week or more. Now I visit about once every six months or so. I just got back from breakfast and as usual, very disappointed. It was pretty dead, maybe 15 people in the entire room. Three servers were there but i sat at the counter for 30 mins before anyone even offered me water. The whole time one waitress and the ""host"" sat in the corner and talked between the two of them. The food was again, bland and kinda creepy looking. Half of the omelete was burned, and when i brought it up the host asked me what she was supposed to do. This is really the last time i will ever go here. Check out Masa, or Elf Cafe. Both within a few blocks and MUCH friendlier and amazing food. Pros: its cheap. Cons: everything else more

Great breakfast, good weekend morning coffee, open late nite 1/31/2007

okay so it's not the cleanest or the best run place in town, but lets cut them a break. After being shifted around with management it is finally starting to come back into it's own. The wait staff not only wait the tables, but act as host, phone operator, and busboy more than half the time. It's lucky they get to the tables at all some shifts. Pros: weekend waitresses, breakfast, coffee, parking Cons: waiting list, late nite crowd more

Will someone who cares buy this restaurant! 1/8/2007

I live near this restaurant and used to go here all the time. I don't know who quit or who the manager is but it has gone from my favorite place that I would take EVERYONE I knew to to the ONLY place I avoid. Service is the worst. Even if you get the cute old lady she screws up your order. The kitchen cant even make an omelette and every server looks, smells and acts like they stayed up all night at the same party. Pros: can get better Cons: just about everything more

Horrible Food, Horrible Service 11/23/2006

Went for breakfast the other day. The wait staff were extremely rude, and it took over an hour for our food to arrive. When we asked whether our order had been placed, the waitress just shrugged her shoulders, left, and didn't come back until our food was ready (about half an hour later). She sort of half-dropped our plates on the table and mumbled something as she walked away. My pancakes were half-raw on the inside, and my friend's french fries were over-salted and inedible. When we left, the host asked if everything was okay. We said no, but he just sort of smirked, and we heard him and the waitress saying something to each other and cackling as we walked out the door. We will never go to this dump again. Avoid. Also: the bathrooms are disgusting. Pros: nothing Cons: everything more

Decent coffeeshop 10/13/2006

This is a good place to go if you are looking for a quick, no-frills bite. I applaud the owners for not changing things around too much. All the charming old coffeeshops are disappearing in Los Angeles, which I think is tragic. This place appeals to both old-timers and hipsters. That said, if your waiter here is an old-timer, you'll be alright (The older woman with the curly hair is amazing). Some of the newer staff, however, really need to take Customer Service 101. One waitress we had recently was surly in a ""I hate my job and my life in general"" kinda way. Note to staffmembers under the age of 30: you are a server, start acting like it!! It doesn't mean that you have to kiss my a**, but don't act like you're doing me a favor by being my waiter and giving bad service. Waiting tables is more than taking orders, dropping off food, and never approaching the table again, not even to drop a check. That's the level of service here from many of the waiters. Foodwise, I always order the cheeseburger and it is alright. For breakfast, I always get the chilaquiles, which are great. I like the biscuits and gravy, too. Pros: Great old-school coffeeshop Cons: Bad service if you don't get the right waiter more

Convenient location at best.... 8/31/2006

I used to go here a lot. It was super close to my apartment, walkable. The first few times I was there, I'd get the vegetarian breakfast burrito. Or the breakfast quesadilla. But after awhile, the meals got worse and worse. The service was never that good to begin with. Sometimes, like in the other bad review, the waiters would avoid eye contact. Other times after seating us, would clearly just take their time to take our orders. My breakfast burritos got smaller with no sour cream or salsa. Sometimes not even rice. Just a small, half sized burrito. The waiter we always seemed to get was rude everytime. The very last time I was there a few months back, I was horrified to find a rather large ""something"" crawling up the wall besides me. When we pointed this out to the waiter, yeah, the jerky one, he simply said it must have been a stragler from the kitchen when they bombed it two weeks earlier. I'm sad that the place went downhill. It was great. There was one hostess that was super awesome. I don't remember his name, but I only saw him once. Pros: Convenient location, parking isn't bad Cons: service, food more

Its Margaret or forget it, this place is slipping fast. 7/27/2006

I used to eat here ALL the time, but now I find myself heading there less and less. Last time I dropped in for lunch (2:30 pm or so) we parked by the huge overflowing dumpster in back and walked across the sticky parking lot and the grime smeared exterior of the restaurant. Really filthy and its always filthy. Guess that adds to the street/grung/hipster vibe... more

Great balance of diner food and Silverlake Hip 3/11/2006

This vintage spot was taken over a few years ago and tweaked just enough to draw in the Echo Lake/Silverlake hipster crowd, while not alienating the rest of the neighborhood. You'll think you were having coffee and omelettes in The East Village, not Echo Park, Los Angeles.... The practicals: Food was good, solid diner fare, reasonably priced. Decor is fun without being kitschy. Service was somewhat slow at times, but friendly and genuine. A great 24hr. spot for those who can't deal with the ""Orange County in a Limo"" sect that is now frequenting Hollywood. Pros: Ambience, Food, Hours Cons: parking, sometimes, a wait more

Good Food Variety with Decent Crowd 10/4/2005

Favorite is consistently delicious BBQ Baby Back's a special on Wed and Sat. The hamburgers are quite good, many options. Thai Beef Salad can't be missed. Crowd is quite varied with enough old-time local regulars that thankfully dilute current ""starbuck coffee wannabe set"". I recall at one time desserts were excellent, but for some unknown reason its been substandard lately...(searching for new supplier?). I agree with other reviewers that you'll likely find your favorite server(s). There are a few excellent ones, however the late-late-night shift could be kept awake a little better...the loud music doesn't seem to help their alertness. Thankfully for the few excellent waitresses, the prices are reasonable enough to get you to return. I applaud breakfast, lunch staff...that's a serious service team. Evening staff is good thanks to a few. Late, late-shift staff needs some attention...perhaps it better matches the type of customers after 11pm. Pros: Daily Specials, Old-time diner feel Cons: Parking not easy, late-night riff-raff more

Nostalgic gem 9/21/2005

This grease spot has been around for a long time and maintains a unique ambiance, especially at late night hours. Daytime regulars and staff are completely different than the late-night crowd. Although there has been great improvements in the quality and choices in the menu, the real reason I always return is the great service from a few select waitresses. Be sure to ask for Margaret because she will spoil you like your own mom and she makes all other staff seem like they're moving at a snail's pace...all while cracking funny truthisms. For a diner, you can only expect decent food, not gourmet, at reasonable prices, but it's the service that will stick in your mind to return. Pros: Margaret, Ida, Brandi Cons: Inadequate Parking more

Easy Greasy Spoon 5/26/2005

Just what I have been looking for...great late night food infused with a dj spinnin live beats. Cheers to the staff! Margarette is our favorite. She's ever sweet as she dances while she works, truly wonderful! My daughter loves your brownies and I love the KISS symphonies and veggie dishes. Thanks. Pros: great staff, big menu, great music more

Yummy! 3/21/2005

This is my favorite breakfast place to stroll to! There's usually not too long of a wait and theres a huge menu with everything from Huevos rancheros to patty melts. It's got a wonderful diner feel to it. You'll be sure to run into a few Echo park and Silver Lake locals while drinking bottomless coffee. Pros: atmosphere, quick seating, quality breakfast more
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    From Mexican to Greek, hamburgers to homestyle favorites, the massive menu at this bright and casual eatery offers meals perfect for groups of people who just can't agree on...

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