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Brighton Veterinary Hospital Grooming

2615 Mississippi St,
Saint Paul, MN 55112
(651) 705-0213
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We have been going to Brighton Vet for 9 years. We started there based on possitive recommendations by coworkers and friends. \r We have had hundreds of possitive interactions ...


Brought my dog to be boarded there for the first time recently and it will be the last. Upon waiting at the desk for a solid 10 minutes before they brought him to me they gave me...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/26/2014

I highly recommend this place. Very professional yet not stuffy. They work with not only cats and dogs but exotics. I took my umbrella cockatoo in and was even able to get same day appointment. The vet tech to the doctor was well versed in aviculture. They have a lab right in the building so was able to get results quickly. They also trimmed my parrots nails and gave me sound advice on a game plan to keep my companion animal healthy. I was also told that this clinic takes after hours calls when they are able to. This offers peace of mind as most parrots seem to get ill when all the vets are closed. I left feeling all my questions were answered and I was not rushed out. The price for all was more than reasonable. I am going to use them again.\r A++++ more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/28/2013

Great place! One of my kitty roommates had a UTI and I brought her in. The staff was very friendly and explained every step they took for me. They also gave me choices due to the costs of different procedures. My cat and I were more than happy with the service and atmosphere. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/22/2012

I believe this is a wonderful clinic. 14 years ago I brought my cat in just after the birth of her one kitty, our T. We were treated great then and are now. When we moved back to the cities and T. started having issues, I first went somewhere else - that vet wanted to put T. to sleep because 'he's old', so I returned to Brighton. Dr. Hedges went out of his way to try to help T in a caring and an economical way. BTW: T. is 15 years old, his mommy is 18 and his dad is 23 :) more

We have been going to Brighton Vet for 5/24/2012

We have been going to Brighton Vet for 9 years. We started there based on possitive recommendations by coworkers and friends. \r We have had hundreds of possitive interactions there. They are far more reasonable in price that other vets I have gone to in the past. \r We have had some very dramatic issues with our dogs (allergies, blindness & tremors in one, and deafness and ear and tooth problems in the other(Rescue pups)) and the Brighton vet has been wonderful from the start. He has a host of wonderful, loving techs like Tanya who is also our housesitter and cares for the dogs and our parrot with no problems-again for a very reasonable price. They know our dogs and always give them positive attention when we come.\r We have boarded the dogs there multiple times and have had no issues with our special needs ""kids"", they always feed them the correct food and give us a ground level kennel so the blind dog doesn't have to do the stairs. \r Dr. Hedges has always been very caring, and he answers all of my extensive questions. I have never felt presured into anything procedures, and if I have financial concerns, they are always great about working with me and finding alternatives. \r We will be customers for life, I recommend them to all of my friends. more

Bad Boarding 3/21/2012

Brought my dog to be boarded there for the first time recently and it will be the last. Upon waiting at the desk for a solid 10 minutes before they brought him to me they gave me his urine drenched blanket (not like he peed on it once but it was peed on 100s of times) and other things. He then went outside and urinated like it was the first time he had done so in years. Before even going, i had to send in his vet records 3 times because they had apparently lost them or misplaced them. My dog has never pee'd in the house in the years I have had him and since staying there it has happened two times in two days. He has stayed at PetsHotel in the past and will bet taking him back there in the future. more

Response to ""My Pets Will GO ELSEWHERE"" 11/29/2011

My counter comments to the post written by capt:\r \r I don't generally make my own comments about posts, but when it comes to such derogatory, unsubstantiated charges and slanderous falsehoods, I can't remain silent. It would take pages to fully make a refutation but a few statements I think will suffice.\r If our hospital is actually such a tragic situation, why then, has this person (to be left anonymous) spent 20 years coming to us? However, even more perplexing, is why after writing such a scathing commentary and stating that they would never return to this hospital, did they bring their new puppy in for it's 3rd visit, 5 days after this other supposedly horrific experience. Something is very odd here.\r I had made numerous attempts (10 at least) to get a readable sample, all without success-this is unusual but, I explained that this is the way that it went. The accusation being made is that I lied, only to recommend a more expensive procedure (ah, what greed!). The crack in this stated scenario comes to light! If greed was my motive why would I make the suggestion to take the time to offer one more attempt......and bingo I got the perfect specimen and thus cut myself out of a more expensive procedure. Oh foolish me! You would think I would have been thanked for the extra effort, but not in this case.\r Time would only be wasted to continue refuting the complaints. I want to conclude by praising a wonderful staff, to which I have the deepest respect. Our technicians have compassion both toward our many clients and the patients we care for.\r Sincerely,\r Keith D. Hedges, DVM more

We don't know what we would do without this clinic. 11/8/2011

My wife and I take in dogs who are going to be destroyed because of behavior issues brought on by abuse. Dr. Hedges and his group have cared for these dogs for over 15 years. Over that time, Dr. Hedges and his techs have been nothing but kind and professional. \r \r Our 13 year old lab is still with us because Dr. Hedges detected and removed a cancerous tumor from her side. \r \r Our St. Bernard, ""Champ"", lived an additional two years because Dr. Hedges removed Champ's ruptured spleen and a tumor the size of a cantaloupe. \r \r The story I will tell forever is the day our St. Bernard, Boomer, could barely walk because of a bulging disk in his spine. Dr. Hedges and his tech left a wedding party to administer two shots to this dog! Since moving the 200 pound Boomer was risky in this condition, they gave him his shots on a blanket we placed on the tar in the parking lot of his clinic. Boomer regained the use of his legs a short time later, his disk back to normal.\r \r We found this clinic when we left our previous clinic because we were told we would have to tape the mouth of our 246 pound St. Bernard shut before she would see him. Since this dog had been severely beaten on his nose, he suffered from fear-induced aggression and he could not be muzzled. Dr. Hedges and his group took MANY extra steps and precautions to care for Fred over the next 7 years. \r \r The most recent issue was last August. We were in the clinic at 2:00 AM on a Thursday, because our St. Bernard, Champ, was not breathing right. Dr. Hedges got his breathing better, but Champ's time was up. On Sunday, along with other issues, Champ lost use of his back legs. Once again, Dr. Hedges and his tech left what they were doing, on a Sunday afternoon, to care for Champ one last time. (Two of his techs actually got down on their knees to give Champ a hug good-bye.)\r \r I could go on and on about how this clinic has helped our dogs, answered our questions, saw us with no appointment many times and comforted us when we lost a dog, but I'll sum it up this way. If my plans for right, my wife and I will be moving with our dogs 125 miles from the Twin Cities. I've been to clinics in the town we'll be living and they treat the animals like nothing but a way to bring in more money. Without question we plan to make the 2.5 hour dirve to Dr. Hedges' clinic when our dogs need care. more

My Pets Will GO ELSEWHERE 10/17/2011

I have been going to Brighton Vet Clinic for almost 20 yrs now and I have never felt the need to badmouth anyone but I really now need to make the public aware of my experience as this was the visit that broke the camels back. First off, I think the clinic really needs to get ""real"" vet techs to work there... I have only found a couple that I felt at ease with and that I trusted their knowledge and information. Some have been plain rude, making smart azz comments to me, some have failed to give meds or directions on how to administer the meds, I have been lied to and misled by the techs many times. What put me over the edge, over the years I have never had any pet problems to speak of, just typical yearly shots etc until now.. My dog has cancer, I noticed a change in him over the last 3 days and made an appt right away.. When I get there, Dr. Hedges tells me the dog looks fine, theres nothing to worry about blah blah.. I finally had to demand he look the dogs glands over because I had felt them and they seemed large. finally after several attempts he says now hes concerned and wanted to do a needle aspiration and that I should leave my dog there.. and to call around 7 if I havent heard from them.. I call at 7 and was told to come in at 9:15 to talk.. When I get there I was told that Hedges could not get a sample that he liked and he felt it would be best to do a biopsy ( the most expensive procedure available mind you) When questioned on why he couldnt get what he wanted and what he was getting etc, he changes his tune and says ""let me try again"" he grabs a needle and boom, works fine this time.. Personally I do not believe he had the time or did anything to my dog for the previous 6 hours except run up my bill with plans to hit me even harder... When a pet is in distress, its a very emotional time for a person and to have a professional take advantage of that should be against the law... Only reason he couldnt screw me more then he did was I have a medical background and knew his fancy words and have learned over the years to over look his constant second guessing himself. So he now gets the slide stain he likes and wants to send it off to cytology for a second opinion, Im fine with that I asked earlier about the fees for all this.. Earlier I was told it would cost $35 for the needle aspiration and if it needed to be sent out another $100 but they would delete the $35 for their services... I agreed believing I would have a bill of aprox $110.. The joke was on me when I got the bill of $192.50.. This clinic will take advantage of you, they will not take the straight line to your pets care, only zigzag to find ways to dig deeper into your wallet.. I agree wholeheartedly with another review that the Dr constantly second guesses himself and now that hes gotta be retirement age, he is losing it.. He couldnt keep track of the stain slides he had of my dog, he was barking at the tech (its no wonder why he cant get decent techs) and she just rolled her eyes at me and whispered that ""dont worry, I already went back and changed the slides so he will label them correctly.. If this is sposed to give me a warm fuzzy feeling it didnt... He talks almost like hes talking to himself, and yes, he does answer himself... I have seen him make many mistakes over the years with misplacing samples, giving wrong diagnosis and wrong care procedures... I am disabled and really cannot afford to deal with this and when I need honesty and compassion. I did not find it at Brighton Vet Hospital... Think what you want about the complaints here.. I have read over all of them and will say that every one has merit, I have either witnessed or experienced every negative statement provided.. Do I think Dr Hedges is a bad man... NO, but he just isnt a great vet and his clinic is very chaotic at times and his help is less then what I consider ""trained professionals"" Now after all these years, I will find another place to take my animals.. its a very sad day more

LOVE THIS VET 9/21/2011

I have been taking my animals here for 15 years. The staff is always pleasant and very thorough. My animals have great care and are always treated well. Great hours, great prices, great everything! more

Easily Best Twin Cities Vet 6/20/2011

I too had to reply after seeing AustinSteve's review. Dr. Hedges is the gentlest vet I have ever seen. Somehow he can get our cats to sit still when he is working with them, and that's something even we can't do. He always clearly explains what he is doing, and why, and one time even called us shortly after our appointment because he was worried he hadn't explained something well enough during the appointment. If you are able, I wholeheartedly recommend taking your pets to Dr. Hedges. more

Love this vet 6/17/2011

I brought my cat in because he's been peeing on the carpet and wanted to rule out any medical problems. I went to Brighton because of their evening appointments and will continue to go there in the future. The vet and vet tech were extremely thorough, explaining several options and solutions to our problem. Definitely not one of those vets that give you a medication and rush you out the door. I could tell all the staff genuinely cared to help me and my cat. I absolutely love this place!! more

Would never go back 3/27/2011

Went to Brighton with two cats when regular vet was out of town. Watched vet injuring one cat and had to resort to yelling at him to STOP IMMEDIATELY his behavior. Walked into a back room to see other staff roughly and poorly handling other cat who was clearly terrified and struggling. Other staff standing around witnessing both incidents acted like all of this was normal. My personal opinion: something is wrong at this place. I would never go back there. more

Best Vet I Have Ever Known 3/7/2011

I am very happy that I ran across Dr. Hedges 9+ years ago. After growing up on a cattle farm, earning my degree in Animal Science and having several good friends who are Veterinarians, I can easily say that Dr. Hedges is the best I have ever know. There is no other vet I would trust to take care of my Siberian Huskies. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I challenge anyone reading this to find a small animal vet in the metro area that is on call 24 hours a day for his patients. With Dr. Hedges help, one Siberian Husky lived to be over 14 years, one is still living at 15.5 years of age and the young pup is 6 now. I dread the day he retires ... if such a day exists. ;) more

Best vet visit ever 3/2/2011

I have been going to a different vet for 4 years now and have not been satisfied, so I tried Brighton Vet Hospital. I absolutely loved it! My dog was unafraid, even licked the vet, and had the most thorough physical ever. The vet I saw was not the main vet there, but she was amazing. The main vet I hear is great as well. The vet tech was friendly and very thorough, even complimentary to us. I will never go anywhere else! more

Very pleased with this Vet! 2/24/2011

I've never done a review, but I had to when I saw a negative post on this Veternarian. I couldn't believe it. I've had dogs for 40 years and I've been to many, many vets in the metro (and New Brighton) area, but after starting to doubt the sincerity of my previous Vet, I went to Brighton Vets on the referral of a friend. What a world of difference! Dr. Hedges is great..He will spell things out for you as far as what care is needed and I get the feeling he is truly concerned about the dogs welfare more than the other Vets I've had. On top of that, the cost for spaying and cyst surgery on my little redhead dog was about 20 % lower than the estimate I had gotten just before I left my previous vet . Anyway - just want to say I agree with the previous writer who said She'd bring her kids to see him if she could. Russ more

Tender, Kind, and Serving 2/15/2011

We brought in our new puppy (Koda), and immediately I felt the kindness of the staff. Koda was sniffing everything and everyone. The entire staff came out to see him. I was sure Koda was not the first puppy they had seen that week, but Koda would not know the truth. \r When we were in the exam room Scott the vet asked about both our history with dogs and Koda's history. They were interested in fine detail and gave detailed information on Koda's veterinarian needs. It felt more like a family doctor, then the cold list of shots and treatments I got at our previous vet.\r Then it was time for the bill. It was less than last copay for my children. I was pleasantly shocked!!\r You do not find kind, tender, and serving people much without a hugh bill these days. I would bring my children there if I could, but for now just the dog.\r more

Find Another Vet Clinic 11/23/2010

I highly recommend not bringing your animals to this veterinary clinic. Recently, I brought my dog to the clinic for ear problems that she was experiencing and both myself and my dog were treated disrespectfully by the medical staff. When I bring my animals to a trained professional, I expect my answers to answered. Instead, I walked away from the appointment confused about how I was to treat my dog with the prescribed medications that she was given. From the previous reviews on this site, I was expecting a bit more from this clinic. Needless to say, my dog will not be coming back to this clinic and I highly recommend that you keep your animals from this place as well. more

New Brighton Veterinary Hospital 10/23/2010

I bring all my animals to Dr. Hedges who is a wonderful caring Vet. His staff is also terrific. I have had many late night scares with my dogs and have had Robert hold my hand through the process of resolving the problem. A month ago I found an injured raccoon and Robert was able to give me the right contacts and help me get the injured animal to the Roseville Rehab center. Thanks Dr. Hedges and staff. We appreciate your care!!! more

Horrible Experience 6/20/2010

Horrible! First of all, the vet seconded guessed himself all the time. Then after trying to sell us many things, he finally decided what what it could be. Then while checking out, they forgot to give us the prescription and we didn't noticed until after our 30 minute car ride home. Then after the ride back, they didn't even apologize. And then we were reading the information on the medication out of boredom I discovered it was expired. Who gives out expire medication? And forgets to give then to people. Pros: Nothing Cons: Everything more

We love Dr. Hedges 1/25/2009

We have known Dr. Hedges for 8 years and we can't sing his praises enough! We started taking our furry friends there because we heard he was great with pocket pets. He was. We loved the clinic so much that we switched our cats to him as well. Since then, the rodents and cats have passed on (and each time the staff was so caring and sensitive about our loss) but we now have adopted a dog and continue to recommend Dr. Hedges to everyone we know. The scheduling and rates are very reasonable and the techs and front desk staff are the icing on the cake! I look forward to every visit with Dr. Hedges. Not only is he genuine and knowledgable, but his smile lights up the room. What more could you ask for? Pros: Flexible hours, friendly staff, caring, knowledgable people. Cons: Hmmm...they are located on my street?... more
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  • Conveniently located in New Brighton, Brighton Veterinary Hospital offers grooming services for all of your pet's needs. We welcome all breeds of dogs and cats, and our services include:

    *Flea & Tick Baths
    *Nail Trimming
    *Teeth Brushing
    *Ear Cleaning
    *Specialty Cuts & Styling
    *Sedation (if needed)

    Our professional groomers have over 15 years experience helping pets of the Twin Cities look and feel their very best. Whether your pet just needs to be bathed and cleaned up or needs a specialty cut, you can feel confident that your pet will get the very best treatment at Brighton Veterinary Hospital.

    For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today!

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